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Technology podcast 199 has been available

Podcast 199 has been available for awhile now, so lets catch up.

Welcome to podcast 199 of the technology blog and podcast. On this edition of the cast, we have something special for you. After some accessible tech news, we have a review of the Magnatune music application for the i/device. There is a separate Magnatune app which is not as feature rich of this one, and its just called Magnatune in the itunes store. We hope you enjoy the cast!

Those are the show notes. The RSS feed has a copy of the file. Hope you enjoy it.

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Technology podcast 198 is now available!

It looks as though the show notes won’t be put up, even though it is a small file. So, I’ll put the show notes here for everyone to see. There’s nothing I can do about this one.

Hi there. Welcome to the technology podcast, podcast 198. On this edition of the podcast, we have a few things for you. The main segment of the program is going to review a program called Dice World which has 4 games in one. In our security segment, Sandwich Chain Jimmy John’s Investigating Breach Claims is the biggest thing I think you need to read. ‘White Label’ Money Laundering Services, Q and A on the Reported Theft of 1.2B Email Accounts, and New Site Recovers Files Locked by Cryptolocker Ransomware are mentioned as well. One blog post which was posted days before this release which is a critical mention is this blog post entitled Something of interest in regards to cybercrime which means a lot to me. Please take a look at that blog post as well. If you would like to challenge me on dice world, my username is Jared9607.

We hope you enjoy the podcast, and you can get it off our RSS feed for your convenience.

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Technology Podcast 197 is now available!

Technology podcast 197 is now available!

The Link for the RSS is right here. I am going to give you the show notes I hope you will enjoy the show.

Welcome to podcast 197. On this edition of the podcast, Jared Rimer reviews the Capital One Mobile app including Sure Swipe. We also have credit card talk, GW Micro news, and an extra podcast from Radio New Zealand This Way Up which talks about Cybercrime. This segment is our longest segment. All of our contact information is at the end of the podcast. Please check the blog for contact info under our heading 3 called pages, if you wish. This podcast is 1 hour and 49 minutes in length. We hope you enjoy the program, and I’ll be back soon with another one!

We hope you enjoy the show as much as I have putting it together.

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GW Connect and skype kit

Here is some news I saw on Friday.

Dear fans and supporters of GWConnect.

We were notified by Microsoft earlier today that support for SkypeKit, the heart of GWConnect, ended yesterday, July 31, 2014 and no further updates will be available. In addition, on Monday August 4, 2014 SkypeKit will stop working which means GWConnect will also stop working. We were hoping for a different outcome but this is beyond our control. We also hoped for a greater warning but again, we just became aware today.

Everyone who purchased a 12-month license for GWConnect will receive a prorated refund. In other words, if 11 months ago you purchased the 12-month license, your refund will be much smaller than the person who purchased it today. There are no 1 month licenses that ran for less than 1 month so those are not affected. We will contact everyone who is receiving a refund as quickly as possible.

We sincerely wished for a different ending but we truly thank all of you who supported this fine product. Please stay in touch with us as we continue to provide new and better products in the future.

Best Regards,

Your AI Squared team

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Something of interest in regards to cybercrime

Edited to make some slight corrections and added and E-mail address.

Hi folks,
I saw something on twitter about a project in regards to cybercrime so I reached out. I got a call this morning from an Alicia Good. If you’re in the Georgia area, they would like to hear from you. Here’s a snippit of the E-mail which will tell you more.

A major cable TV network series will be taping in SAVANNAH, GEORGIA this fall. The show seeks to help VICTIMS of all types of online crimes, big and small such as stalking, identity theft, hacking, bullying, harassment and revenge get justice they deserve. While doing research on cybercrime experts,I discovered your Twitter handle and wanted to see if you could help us get the word out to the community and victims of these crimes and injustices. I’ve attached a flyer for your review and would LOVE to hear any suggestions you might have on finding these stories.

Attached was a flyer, but since I mainly target a blind audience, I’ve asked for some other ways for you guys to check this out. If you want to call, please call (310) 954-5892 which is a call to Los Angeles. You’ll ask for a guy by the name of Phil. This is their facebook page where you can read more and like their page. I did talk to them about my stories of cybercrime, but right now, they are only interested in a small subset in Georgia. To E-mail, please contact them at castinglaw at gmail.com replace spaces where appropriate and remember to put the at symbol. They hope to branch out if this takes off. If interested, please get in touch within the next two weeks. Thanks.

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technology podcast 196 is now available!`

Hi folks,
Podcast 196 is now available on our RSS feed. Here are the show notes.

Podcast 196 has technology news in the Security Aspect that might be of interest. Banks: Card Breach at Goodwill Industries is one article, and Card Wash: Card Breaches at Car Washes is the other. I demo how to turn on do not disturb and how to change the time when it comes on. The contact information is at the end. The entire podcast is an hour and 4 minutes.

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An open letter from FreshBooks founder Mike McDerment

Hi folks,
I received the following in my E-mail. Its An open letter from FreshBooks founder Mike McDerment which talks about raising funding to make the service better. In earlier podcasts, I’ve talked at length about how when i started with Freshbooks, they weren’t accessible, but yet, things have improved and the app they have is even accessible. Here is the freshbooks segments from my podcasts which are archived on Sendspace so that if they wish, they can listen to them. I want you all to go over to the Freshbooks folder and download the segments for yourself if you don’t believe me This is a great company, and this company is really doing the best they can. They even helped me understand the app in which i downloaded and had some questions. My support ticket with them even proves that they are knowledgable about accessibility, and will do the best they can. They passed along my feedback, and I bet that they will update the app with my suggestions. One of the updates on freshbooks itself delbt with accessibility, and I praised them on it. If you don’t have an account, you may sign up for one. If you want to give me credit, please use my referal link which will give you instructions. If you wish, and you have trouble, give them my name, Jared Rimer, and I’m sure someone will help you sign up over the phone. This is great news, I hope they continue to get the money they need to make this service the best it can be.

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windows update silverlite new build

Hi all.
this is a small note, Microsoft has released a new build of silverlite in a critical release.
No idea why all the article says is that a new build was schedualed to come out today, why it was not released within the next montths updates is strange, but I guess since its cross platform its the way it is

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technology podcast 195 is now available!

Our RSS feed now how has podcast 195. We have phones, and a conference I’ve promised for some time now. Enjoy!

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Security Now for this week

I’ve really neglected the blog, but I want to come in and let you know that podcast 463 of Security Now is a Q and A as well as news and commentary. Leo is out again this week, only 5 questions this week, but lots of news and discussion. We hope you enjoy the show.

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Security Now podcast 462 is now available

Hi folks,
Security Now is now available. On this podcast, they talk about different things dealing with storage solutions. Click on this link to download it thanks to sendspace. They talk about news as well. One of the things was something Bryan Krebs posted entitled Microsoft Kills Security Emails, Blames Canada and they cover this. Leo is not there, but one of their people do the podcast. Feel free to check this podcast out. Its an hour and 42 minutes in length.

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tech podcast 194 is now available

Tech podcast 194 is now available on the RSS feed. Phone decision made, article of interest, and an interesting talk dealing with the Internet of things. See you soon.

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2014: The Year Extortion Went Mainstream

Hi folks,
I’ve been meaning to write about this. On the heals of my next podcast release, I want to talk about 2014: The Year Extortion Went Mainstream which will be segment 3 of our next upcoming podcast. I talk about this article because it effects all businesses whether you are disabled or not. I’m concerned about this because if you are disabled, you’ll have a hard time with reading the letters, and if you don’t have readers, you will want to find one. The reason is that this is real. The demands in the letters Brian found, give an August 1 due date, and what they will due may harm your business.

This may become a big problem, as the talk is very damaging such as reporting you to the BBB, bomb threats, and maybe other things not mentioned here. I can’t understand how people can get away with this. Now a days, you’ll find they will use a service called bit coin. We’ve talked about it, and GRC’s Security Now podcast also talked about it. We want to try and pass the word along, and thats what I’m going to do with this article. Thoughts are welcome.

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Security now podcast 461 is a question and answer and news cast

This link will let you download 461 of Security Now. On it, they cover the news, and they also cover some questions and answers. The program will last you two hours long. We hope you enjoy the podcast.

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Podcast 193 is now available

I just released on our RSS feed podcast 193 dealing with phones. On a related note, SN461 is q and a as well as news. Wonder if anything in there will be on our next podcast. Only time will tell. See you on another edtion of the podcast.

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Articles for this week

decided to post my comments.
First the breech, thats bad you would have thought these people
learned how not to repeat the same mistakes especially with the
widely done thing with target and how it was broadcast.
2. the pandora thing I am undecided, if it was true that person will
be delt with though on another note, I know pandora for windows uses
adobe air and adobe air is not accessable.
So if they are stuck to adobe air its just possible that its
inaccessable because air is inaccessable.
Cyber bullying is still a bad thing it continues to be people have
killed themselves over it!
The swatting thing.
Good on the caughts on putting this rat bag in jail won’t stop
hackers though just like the current wars won’t stop exteremists.
What I find bad is this guy is blind.
He is in jail but now we have the added stigama and stereo type of
being poor, helpless, stupid, now bad and should be aborted at birth
or put in jail.
I personally am concerned of what people will now think of us after
this article.
Never mind that this guy is in jail.
I once was fixing a school system well teaching someone how to use it
when I mistakenly accessed an secure system with no access.
I was promptly accused of hacking and fired.
To be honest the system was so restricted bar one part i couldn’t
stand to work on things, but to be honest I am worried now.
Its hard enough for us to get a job now.
And while we are not poor blind stupid and helpless anymore or at
least thats in the back ground people are going to get the wrong
impression of us off the bat.
We will just have to do what we are told and hopefully act helpless
enough so they don’t notice us.
I may be over exagerating but I am lagitimitly scared at this point.
Its hard enough to be blind but to have this bad guy heaped on us as
a minority really does not help.
Next is the fire phone from amazon.
Its all for shopping


that link says amazon will use all personal info stored on its system
for its own use.
They tried to back track a bit, not that its going to be accessable,
sertainly not buying it.

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We’ve got an update on P.F. Chang’s breach, it doesn’t look good

Yesterday, June 18, 2014: I read an article P.F. Chang’s Breach Likely Began in Sept. 2013 and it does not look good. We can’t fault them for not knowing about the breach, but another set of millions of cards needing to be watched because of it. I’m curious on whether this breach was similar to target, where someone, somewhere infiltrated the network with a worm or som=e type of software which captured the data and stored it off site in another country. I could see why they didn’t know about it for this long, unless, they didn’t have good security to begin with, and we’ll never know. Only time will tell. I’ll be watching this develope.

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podcast 192 is now available of tech

Well, in the better late than never department, our RSS feed The 19-Year-Old Blind “Little Hacker” Gets 135 Months in Federal Prison For “Swatting” talks about a case and links to an article as well as text from a book that I read. This is great news in my opinion. download the tech podcast 62 (157mb) for original coverage of the case I’m talking about in this podcast. In other news on this podcast, pandora being rude to the blind looks to be a hoax, but we are not sure how it got started, or what actually took place. Contact information is made available at the end, including for those who may listen to this podcast via a line that has other podcasts on it and may include this one. Thanks for listening, and enjoy the cast!

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Adobe, Microsoft Push Critical Security Fixes

Adobe, Microsoft Push Critical Security Fixes is the latest in the security patching posts from Brian. Haven’t done one of these in awhile, been neglecting the blog. You should read this one.

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More security breaches again, this time from a restaurant chain

Updated at 9 PM to fix some broken code. Woopse.

Within the last several days, Krebs on Security has posted a couple of articles dealing with a huge breach at a restaurant chain. Banks: Credit Card Breach at P.F. Chang’s is the first article, and P.F. Chang’s Confirms Credit Card Breach Confirms Credit Card Breach updates with the fact they confirmed a breach. There is one on Oxonard street just past a movie theater and mall nearby. There’s also one on Ventura just east of where I live. They have several other locations in Los Angeles according to Google. I walked in there not knowing what it was, and told them I was curious on what it was. I always like looking for new places to eat when I go bowling, and Oxonard is all right by me. It is close by, and I can always get a bus home. They mention something I find of interest. They say they’re doing manual billing of credit cards. How do they do manual billing of credit cards? Is it like when I dialed a phone number back in the day and entered the credit card number and associated info and waited for the approval code? From what I read, it is a bit similar,, but it is sad they have to use dialup now to process everything. Hopefully it is temporary. Sounds like they have a lot of locations across the U.S., and it also sounds like California wasn’t hit. We don’t know this for sure. I’m sure we’re going to hear more about this in the coming days. Thoughts? The blog awaits you.

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