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Technology podcast 219 is now available!

OK folks,
The tech podcas is now available.

Welcome to podcast 219 for August 29, 2015. On this edition of the podcast, we talk about the Kindle for IOS app, the death of Jim Kitchen, and we also talk about some of the books I’ve read including: Paranoia and Spam Nation. I link to the books blog for these since I always tend to write what I’m reading about in case people want to take a look and comment. Contact information is at the end, and I hope you enjoy the podcast!

Get a copy through our RSS feed and I hope you’ll enjoy!

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Accessible Apps releases version 3 of Chicken Nugget

Hi folks,
Today, word got out that version 3 of a popular client called Chicken Nugget was released. There is overwelming response on twitter on how great this update is. It boasts some fixes including the ability of taking advantage of the longer direct messaging that Twitter announced some weeks ago. You can also quote tweets, and Windows 10 support. Herbie went to Windows 10, and I suggested he try out the nugget which worked under the prior version. Go to the accessible apps web site to learn more and download a copy. There is a 30 day trial, $15 to buy. The Qube from what I understand, doesn’t work under windows 10 at all. Other twitter clients are also being updated to accomodate the twitter changes. One other notable client for the blind is TW Blue which will release 0.8 at the end of the Month according to retweets I’ve seen. One other thing that the Nugget has is the ability of having different sound packs for different accounts. The Qube has had that for awhile now, so its nice to see in the Nugget. Any updates I’ve missed, feel free to post them as comments. Happy twittering!

Further reading:

Chicken Nugget Twitter Client Updated with a Mouthful of New Features Blind Bargains

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Windows 10 churning through data, blowing up usage caps | ZDNet

We should check this out. I’m not upgraded to windows 10 yet, and I’ve seen retweets of this story, so had to check this out. You should too.

Data caps on internet bandwidth might make some users think twice about downloading patches, which often include security updates.

Source: Windows 10 churning through data, blowing up usage caps | ZDNet

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NV access releases 2015 version 3 of NVDA

This blog post from NV access talks about their release of 2015’s third release. Window-Eyes and JFW support version 10 of Windows, at least Window-Eyes does. If you’re an NVDA user, please check out the blog post as it links to important information you should read before you chose to upgrade your Windows to version 10. Enjoy!

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Amazon Kindle app is being tested

Hi folks,
On podcast 219, I decided to do a test run of an app called Kindle – Read Books, eBooks, Magazines, Newspapers … and while I’m impressed with its ability to allow me to read from that and the Kindle for PC app I do find something that I do talk about and want to find out if others have tried this to see if we’re the only ones here at my location experiencing this or not. As a side note, if you are blind, just install Kindle for PC with Accessibility Plugin and it’ll give you the same app but with accessibility built in. With this app, it works with NVDA, JFW, and SAPI.

Here is what we’ve done, using the IOS app.

  • Look for a book using the built in bookshelf whether you search for the book, or pick one from the list that comes up.
  • If the book sounds interesting, download the sample so you can see if you can find the book worth buying.
  • If you’ve done this, you’ll get a screen telling you that you can add the book to your wish list.

There is no way to buy the book unless you have the unlimited subscription, and the book falls in that category. I’ve reported this to Amazon when I called them on the 22nd to have them help me with something else. If you have the same trouble, feel free to call them or send them a note so that more people are giving them feedback so this can be fixed. The representative says this should not be the case, but two of us here at home can reproduce this, and the only way to buy it and have it delivered is through the PC.

I think if you don’t have a PC, you’re screwed, and this is why I braught it up. Not everyone is going to have help, or want a PC to begin with. While I told them I was in a shared account for the two books i recently read, I wanted to move over to my account as I am not going to read that much I’ve got other sources as well between ibooks, BARD, and Kindle just gives me another avenue if I can’t find the book elsewhere. I should be able to buy via the app if I’m there. Let me know your thoughts and report it to Amazon so this can get fixed if this is a bug.

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Apple Vis is seeking guest bloggers

Hi folks, I thought people might want to know if they haven’t seen it that Apple Vis, a site that gives information on accessible apps, apps that aren’t accessible, and other IOS and mac topics is looking for guest bloggers. This Apple Vis post goes in to detail on what they’re looking for. I thought about applying, but I am not versed enough to write about IOS or Mac. I know very little about a mac, and I’m learning every day on IOS, but not enough to write full time. I have had articles published with my name, but they were published elsewhere, although my MENVI articles I’ve written have been cross-posted. I want to pass the word along in case people haven’t seen the post, and maybe I’ll see someone from here posting over there if they wish. Hope this finds you well.

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Ai Squared’s Commitment to Screen Reader Technology

Recently, it has come to our attention that there are unfounded rumors that Window-Eyes is a dead-end product. There is no basis for these rumors. Ai Squared is committed to our continued development of screen reading technology. This applies to both our full version of Window-Eyes, as well as Microsoft’s free Window-Eyes offer for users of Microsoft Office. We continue to invest in screen reading innovation and will continue to offer a smooth upgrade path to all existing Window-Eyes users. This commitment has been clearly evidenced in the recent release of Window-Eyes 9.2 that supports Windows 10, even before Windows 10 shipped to the public. All of our customers, whether low vision or totally blind, are extremely important to Ai Squared. Many of our customers have been with us for decades, and we want to reassure you that we plan to continue to provide great products for all of our customers.

If you have not yet upgraded to Window-Eyes 9.2, we encourage you to upgrade or consider purchasing a Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) that will give you access to:

• Windows 10 and Preliminary Support for Office 2016
• Innovative access to Facebook and other popular web applications
• New auto-recovery support for Internet Explorer
• Adobe Reader DC support

Check out all of the details about the great benefits of 9.2 at the following link: http://www.gwmicro.com/Window-Eyes/Latest_Features/

We want to express our sincere gratitude for our loyal customers, and we look forward to continuing to serve you with the best technology on the planet for people who are blind or visually impaired.

The Ai Squared Team

Jeremy Curry
Director of Product Management
Ai Squared, Inc.
Phone: (802) 362-3612
Email: jcurry@aisquared.com
Web: www.aisquared.com

Jeremy Curry
Director of Product Management
Ai Squared, Inc.
Phone: (802) 362-3612
Email: jcurry@aisquared.com
Web: www.aisquared.com

————– next part ————–
An HTML attachment was scrubbed…
Any views or opinions presented in this email are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Ai Squared.

For membership options, visit http://lists.window-eyes.com/options.cgi/apps-window-eyes.com/jared%40lists.jaredrimer.net.
For subscription options, visit http://lists.window-eyes.com/listinfo.cgi/apps-window-eyes.com
List archives can be found at http://lists.window-eyes.com/private.cgi/apps-window-eyes.com

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Apple Releases iOS 8.4.1 with VoiceOver Improvements for Apple Music

I’m a bit late, but Apple vis posted a notice about 8.4.1 of IOS. It fixes some accessibility issues in regards to Apple Music, among other stuff. I also saw a post somewhere about some security fixes as well. Apple Releases iOS 8.4.1 with VoiceOver Improvements for Apple Music (apple vis)

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The death of Jim Kitchen

Hi folks,
I don’t know how many of you are familiar with Jim Kitchen’s games. On his web site there is a nice message talking about how he has passed away, and an E-mail address to family. The web site will be kept up as long as possible according to family, and his games live on. I saw tweets about it, so went up to Blind Bargains to take a look. Popular Game Developer Jim Kitchen Dies at 58 was the post being tweeted about. While writing this story, I found Jim Kitchen Mega Games Pack Released, Works with Windows 10 which is good news for people moving to Windows 10. I’m sure the people who enjoyed his games will miss him. I had sent an E-mail to him some days prior in regards to the baseball game and putting nnew features such as a pitch count in to the baseball game. He had mentioned he would give it some thought. I’ve talked to him a few times, and he was a very nice man. The first article links to his obituary notice. I hope this finds you all well.

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technology podcast 218 for August 16, 2015

Here are the show notes for podcast 218.

Podcast 218 talks about an article entitled: The Wheels of Justice Turn Slowly as well as covering a Dice World update, and moving apps around on the phone. The cast is about 1 hr 29 minutes.

RSS feed for download is here. Enjoy!

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An expresso machine run fully by app

John from Magnatune is interested in making an android application accessible to those who are blind if people are interested in an expreso machine which has no buttons but has an app which would be used to run it. Here is an E-mail he asked me to share with you.

Hi Jared, I’m working on a new project (while still keeping up with Magnatune), it’s the design and manufacture of a tablet-controlled espresso machine.

You can see it at http://decentespresso.com

The reason I’m writing you is that I’m thinking about sight impaired use of this machine.

There are two interesting aspects to this machine for sight impaired use:
1) I’m trying hard to not have any hot-enough-to-burn surfaces, something which isn’t the case for traditional espresso machines
2) it’s entirely controlled by an android tablet. This means it can speak to you, and (if there isn’t too much ambient noise) could be controlled by speaking
3) possibly… other android sight-impaired approaches ?

Can I ask you:
1) do you know, or could you find out, if there’s any interest from the sight impaired world, in a proper espresso machine?
2) any suggestions you’d have for making the android tablet sight-impaired friendly? I’m the programmer of the tablet (and the web site) and you know I take these issues seriously, and can deliver!


To give him feedback, he has asked me to pass along the E-mail address of john@decentespresso.com so please contact him directly if this is of interest to you. Thanks for reading!

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BMW wants you to know when traffic lights change

ok, should drivers be paying attention to the lights in the first place? I am confused. We as disabled people don’t get that luxery, but I guess we’ll see what happens.

Traffic lights are supposed to help keep driving orderly, but they often create more tension than they resolve. How do you know that the green light won

Source: BMW wants you to know when traffic lights change

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Tech podcast 217 is now available!

Our RSS feed has the latest podcast dealing with Pandora, Youtube, Bard, and more. Enjoy!

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Window-Eyes 9.2 is now available!

Here’s the press release from AI Squared about 9.2.

Access the Latest Technology with Window-Eyes 9.2

Window-Eyes 9.2 is now available providing full support for the brand new Windows 10 operating system, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, and Office 2016. Window-Eyes 9.2 makes it possible to use the latest technology, includes innovative new ways to access the web, and provides a more reliable and responsive screen reading experience. Window-Eyes 9.2 offers access to the latest tools and technologies to make you more effective and productive at work, at school, and at home.

Keep reading to learn about all of the new features and enhancements in Window-Eyes 9.2:

Windows 10 and Office 2016 Support

· Comprehensive support for Windows 10 includes:

o Windows 10 Start menu

o Action Center

o Virtual Desktops

o Quick Access view in File Explorer

· Preliminary Support for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook in the Microsoft Office 2016 Preview.

Innovative Access to Facebook and other Popular Web Applications

· New functionality called Web Application Mode has been added that makes interacting with dynamic web applications even easier.

· On web sites, such as Facebook and Google Docs which implement their own hot keys, Web Application Mode enables you to use these site-specific commands without having to turn Browse Mode off. This leads to a more intuitive and efficient web browsing experience.

New Addition to Auto Recovery

· Window-Eyes 9.0 introduced the Auto-Recovery tool which enables you to restart Window-Eyes if another application you are using becomes unresponsive. We have continued to improve this feature in Window-Eyes 9.2. If Internet Explorer stops responding, it would often keep Window-Eyes from speaking. Now, if Internet Explorer stops responding, Window-Eyes will continue speaking automatically without requiring the user to do anything.

Support for Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

· Adobe recently released a new version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, called Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. Window-Eyes 9.2 includes support for Adobe Reader DC, enabling users to take advantage of all of the benefits offered by the free PDF viewer.

Bug Fixes

· Window-Eyes 9.2 has numerous bug fixes and performance enhancements, including improved speech responsiveness and stability.

· For a complete list of new features, improvements and changes in Window-Eyes 9.2, please refer to the Window-Eyes 9.2 Read Me.

Download your upgrade

Window-Eyes customers will be notified automatically that a new update is available. If you have purchased a Window-Eyes 9.2 upgrade or have an active Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA), you can download it when notified, get it at www.gwmicro.com/upgrade or activate the Check for Updates option in the Help menu.

Try Window-Eyes

If you don’t currently own Window-Eyes, you can get it for free! Anyone who has a valid license of Microsoft Office 2010 or higher can download Window-Eyes for free at www.windoweyesforoffice.com. If you haven’t tried Window-Eyes in a while, now is the time to give Window-Eyes 9.2 a try!

Window-Eyes 9.2 is free if you have a Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA)!

If you invested in a SMA, you will receive Window-Eyes 9.2 absolutely free! It will not count against your SMA. Window-Eyes 9.2 will be available for you to download, but SMA customers will not receive a CD. You may order a CD by contacting Ai Squared.

Order your upgrade or SMA today!

You can now purchase your upgrade or SMA. Customers are highly encouraged to purchase a SMA to receive the 9.2 update for free. Call us today at (802) 362-3612 or email us at sales@aisquared.com to place your order.

Non-English versions are released after the English version, so please check with your local dealer for availability in your language. For those outside of the U.S., contact your local dealer.

Best Regards,

The Ai Squared Team

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technology podcast 216 for July 17, 2015

Hi folks,
As I write, I am currently uploading technology podcast 216 to the the RSS feed where it lives. It is mainly an IOS based podcast, with a podcast segment on articles with a theme. If the show notes did not appear in the RSS when you went to the feed, we are providing the notes below.

Welcome to Podcast 216 for July 17, 2015. On this podcast, we have quite a bit of IOS discussion. We have an updated Capital One update since podcast 197’s running of the demo. Listten to podcast 197’s demo of the app by using this link. We talk about some articles that have a theme, and they are good ones. We also have a comparison between The Transit App and go metro version 3. listen to go metro version 2.x by listening to this file as we talk briefly about that as well. Here are the articles and apps we talk about within this podcast.



We hope you enjoy the 1 hour and 58 minute podcast, and we’ll see you on another edition very soon! Thanks for listening!

It is now available, so we hope you enjoy!

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Interviews: Brian Krebs Answers Your Questions – Slashdot

Here is something I think readers should read. I know it was posted a week ago on twitter, but its a nice question and answer with Brian Krebs. Comments are welcome.

Source: Interviews: Brian Krebs Answers Your Questions – Slashdot

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Technology podcast 215 is now up!

Hi folks, welcome to the technology podcast, podcast 215. On this podcast, we have several IOS things for you. First, I will take you through updating your applications you have on your phone. Then, i take you through Pandora which is a new app for me, not new to the general public. Finally, privacy and security in a different light. Podcast is an hour and a half. Hope you enjoy the show!

To get the podcast, go to our RSS feed.

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Don’t Be Fooled By Phony Online Reviews

Here’s something I read this morning from Brian Krebs. Don’t Be Fooled By Phony Online Reviews talks about a guy who seriously used a company he couldn’t really check on to have his stuff moved and he has not gotten his stuff yet and its been months. I know I’d use a site like Yelp or Yellow Pages or their apps since people tend to leave honest reviews whether they are nice or not. It links to other types of information about the companies involved, and it may be of use to you guys. I found it of interest, hopefully you will.

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Technology podcast 214 is now available on our RSS feed!

Our RSS feed now has our latest podcast up. We have links to the various articles and things we are talking about. If the RSS doesn’t show it, you’ll find the show notes below.

Welcome to the technology podcast series, this is podcast 214. On this podcast, we talk about security, an IOS app demo, and more. Links to stuff mentioned are below. We hope you enjoy the 2 hour podcast, and we’ll be back next time.

Articles dealing with Security and privacy

Accessibility news

App reviews

If you have any comments, comment through the blog, or you may give us a call. Information is on our blog as well as at the end of the podcast. We hope you enjoy the podcast!

Thanks for listening, and make it a great day!

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Scammers Turn To Caller ID ‘Spoofing’ To Pose As Police : NPR

Check this article out. Its worth the read, and Herbie sent this to me in mid June.

There’s a new kind of phone scam on the rise: fraudsters using fake numbers to pretend they’re calling from the local police department. And there’s little the real police can do about it.

Source: Scammers Turn To Caller ID ‘Spoofing’ To Pose As Police : NPR

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