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Things I’ve read within the last month

Here are some of what we talked about and what I’ve read within the past month.

Here is some of what I’ve read through the past month.

Hyatt Card Breach Hit 250 Hotels in 50 Nations This is another big deal, story still developing, bu worth the read. Sad things like this are only another reason to see how better we can secure our stuff especially payment info.
Ransomware a Threat to Cloud Services, Too A story talking about how ransomeware is not just for users of PC’s, and how it could cause a big time problem across a network. True and real.
A Look Inside Cybercriminal Call Centers This one was an interesting eye opener on how these types of schemes are run. Worth the read.
Account Takeovers Fueling ‘Warranty Fraud’ We had an issue I know of dealing with an account takeover, but it was mellow comparative to this story. Big time stuff here.

Find something you want to talk about? Feel free to submit your own audio to us.

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Apple Releases iOS 9.2.1 With Bug Fixes and Security Improvements

Hi folks,
Apple recently released 9.2.1 for IOS. I updated on my way out this morning and don’t notice any show stopping things. This article from apple vis might shed more light if you want to read it. Thought I’d pass it along.

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AppleVis Revamps Podcast, Discontinues Open Submissions

AppleVis Revamps Podcast, Discontinues Open Submissions is an article from Apple Vis. While I’ve submitted content, we must remember they are only one site out of many who will take submissions. What I’ve heard has been great content from users. I’ve not submitted anything since Magnatune, cause I take an app from the first time, and learn along the way. They want us to master everything, which is fine, but first time users may want to learn along with you. What do you think?

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Not so Breaking: Vector Capital Combines Freedom Scientific and Optelec to create Assistive Technology Juggernaut: news or not?

Hi folks, I’ve had this around for awhile sitting here since November. I’ve not posted this, nor have I commented on this because I was not sure what to think on this one. I was just asking about this to someone if any news came out of Breaking: Vector Capital Combines Freedom Scientific and Optelec to create Assistive Technology Juggernaut which links to an official press release from Freedom Scientific. The reason why I’m finally posting this is to find out if anyone has any updates on what is going on. I have not heard a single word, and you think twitter would buzz with news of this. All I saw was this post back in November, and I have not heard anymore on this. if anyone has heard something, please comment or send me an E-mail. I would love to hear what is going on.

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Fraudsters Automate Russian Dating Scams

Krebs on security recently came out with this article entitled: Fraudsters Automate Russian Dating Scams which I found of interest. It does not surprise me that things like this would happen, especially since most things can in some way be automated. I wish some of my job could, but sadly, I would need to learn to build a script which would extract people’s names with their E-mail address and then programmed to be added to certain lists hosted on my server. That hasn’t happened, so humans must do it. Humans are also behind this one, even though it is a scam, but it can be automated because E-mails as we know can already do that already. Thoughts are welcome on this one.

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comments for the last week

First apologies for not posting last week but its still busy, and will probably be that way till next week as the majority of people are still off work maybe a little freer later on we will see.
Firstly, well jared I think you have covered philmore and its issues, seems like they and whoever they are battling this times are going down the tubes won’t even try to pick over that can of worms.
I have never had issue with paypal though to be honest, the way I have my passwords set is strange.
I pair passwords for different things in some cases where it doesn’t matter then I don’t bother.
my bank has a password, my paypal has a password that is different.
My twitter has a password.
The router has a slightly different password.
My wireless has a password, one of the computers has a password.
And thats where it stops.
All free sites pre 2010 use basically the same password especially since if they get hacked its not going to effect me greatly.
Others have a password and a pin.
The only place that has a multistep security is the government login system which stores all info for public and government use.
1. its got a password and its also linked with several services which have a complex reg code to get them to be linked.
2. Its got a pin via mobile.
In some case services have voice.
In theory the system will have as many security measures as needed.
Lastly right now its got expiring photo id so every few years I need to show up to a varification place to get sorted out and re ided.
It may have extra stuff to eventually dna and fingerprints may be added and this is only the front end there will be the general security checks followed and other things ofcaused, spying and the other junk I guess all my stuff read.
On the other hand the interface has been made simple for the user and there are no capchas anywhere and info is via cell and email and if you have a problem support can be available.
I have never had any issue with paypal however I have got the odd bogus paypal email.
I have paypal and have used it a lot lately and never had a problem.
I do have a debit card, my main thing is if ever I get hacked or I become an impulsive shopper they can only spend what is in my backup checking account, that account doesn’t have everything.
As well as that, my dad uses a card with limited funds on it for added security.
I know you and some will really hate my guts for this, but I believe that malware, viruses, and even the breaches are not the problem we should worry about.
The theft is not anything to worry about the pron, spam, scams identity theft or the data lost, that is nothing.
What we need to worry about are 2 things.
1. sadly the news and media coverage generated about some of this stuff and the hype generated on this.
2. the rumors and scareware generated by this and I don’t mean the scareware and ransomware thus generated but the scareware/malware we generate.
2 examples.
1. windows is spying on you.
Straight away a lot of so called antispy apps were released.
Some with malware and some needing our cash.
2. y2k, the world is going to end and so a bunch of y2k apps are released.
Fact of the matter is us humans are capible of generating our own home made malware in our heads, we are curious bastards and like clicking links.
The old are especially vonrable as well as those not tech savi.
Even people like me can get overwhelmed with stuff.
I don’t mean disreguard all this stuff but we should take it all in context not just at face value.
Yes I know it goes on every day the evil but it doesn’t stop me.
I have a religious family uncle and aunt and cousins who for ages didn’t watch tv because of the evil, didn’t use the net because of the evil didn’t even use a mobile phone.
Now they do, most of them are fine a few though spend the entire day watching tv, or going round the net and getting into so much trouble I have had to stop servicing their systems as whenever I have they are in such a bad state I have had to reformat.
And I barely get it back and its broken again.
I think we shouldn’t shy away from this.
The word privacy has changed a lot.
Privacy is an offline word online all your info should be treated as public and that everyone can access your account and get and sell your identity online.
In other words we should treat our online and offline lives the same.
Not be stupid online and not think we can get away with murder either.
I know its hard to do, I mean its text I can do anything I want with text.
There you go.

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Podcast 234 is out

Just to let you know our RSS feed has podcast 234 up to start the new year. Here are the show notes.

Welcome to podcast 234 and happy new year. On this podcast, we have something of big interest in regards to a small business. This can’t be good. We also have a tlk about viruses and other history as well. The podcast is 1 hour 51 minutes. Read Philmore is at it, again for a text representation of what the first segment is about.

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Twitter updates cyberbullying restrictions

Just read an article on New Years day about twitter and their policies on cyberbullying. Twitter updates cyberbullying restrictions and we’ll see how this works. I’m curious on why people just don’t use the tools they already have which include blocking and reporting as spam. Lets see how this roles.

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Philmore is at it, again

Well, it seems as though Philmore Productions, the makers of Philmore Voice mail, and the depleted Net by phone are at it again.  Apparently, on December 29, 2015: the company apparently put out personal information about a customer which included how many messages in one box, billing dates, when they paid, and who knows what else.  While billing dates and messages in ones box may not be considered personal information, add it all up, and you have something you can use to harm someone by reminding them they don't do this timely, or that timely, and make them miserable.  We've talked about this often on our blog and podcast on keeping information private.  

We already know that Philmore  productions can't seem to  keep their database in control of their network.  Now, the revelation of the company now giving out information about things most companies wouldn't talk about is coming to light.  You think by now that Philmore Productions would not want to be part of the problem, and the JRN was looking to get a box to put our podcast up specifically, but now, we won't be doing any such thing.  

Whatever happened to the customers Philmore was going to get after he saw that mytelespace was offline?  Did they not go over there? Why? Because mytelespace administration does not divulge anyone's personal information.  One admin may do a show and do what he wants on his show, but he does not give out personal information on his show since taking this role.  This is the last straw, and people should wonder what other info this company may put out about people.  

You'll ask "I didn't hear anything, so why should i care?"  You have a great question.  You should care because the info may be yours, because he holds on to info long after you have left as a customer.  Philmore Productions does not recycle data like most companies do when customers leave.  When I signed up for a box some years ago, he still had my credit card info, and i haden't been there for years.  Now, it'll be some more years before i ever decide to go back. 

A user did confirm to the network that this took place and it was a couple of Philmore Productions customers.  We are not going to divulge who, but it is now confirmed as of the late evening of the 31st.  The Jared Rimer network is saddened by this and was hooping for a turnaround.  Philmore has a lot to say for themselves, and we are not picking sides.  This is not right, and needs to change immediately.  What other security issues are there we don't know about?   What should we expect out of this small company in the accompanying year?  I expect users are going to get breached big time this year over there, and the company will have to pay.  They will pay big time this next year.  

Do you have any thoughts?  Feel free to comment here.  

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2015 Year in Review

Hi folks,
As 2016 has gotten started, I read before the new year an article entitled year in review and it is quite interesting. I am wondering what you think will be the big issues of 2016. Here is mine in no particular order.

  • We will see more targeted breaches where people will have to do something to have something done. E-mail will be sent, and phishers may just send them to their own bank page to enter the info with the web site of the bank compromised. The bank doesn’t know this, and everyone who uses the web may be compromised. It’ll start slow, but I think phishers know they can probably pull this off.
  • We’ll see lots more spam than we ever have before. We’ll get so much spam with stuff we didn’t ask for, even trying to get ourselves removed from said lists will be a bigger problem. These spam messages may ask for info to get us removed more than an E-mail address.
  • As blog posts across the blog have said, I think we will be hit with more apps we can’t trust. I don’t download every app I see, and if I don’t go looking for it, I definitely don’t download it. You just don’t know what you’re going to get.
  • SMS is going to pick up. Recently, got a message through e-mail to SMS saying something about money to paypal or other bank, and it was laced with HTML code to make it look like it would be displayed in a browser. I didnt respond, but we’ll be inidated with those and claiming to click on links which could infect our phones.
  • I continue to watch the breach aspect, and small businesses will be targeted this year as indicated by other predictions. We will be asked for more personal info to do basic tasks in the coming years, and people will hand it over.

Maybe my predictions are way out there, but I’m basing it off of what I read, and my thoughts. Maybe the major breaches will be all, and nothing else, but I will put it out there so people can comment on them and let me know their thoughts. Please use the comment system if you can, so we can have a dialogue. You can also E-mail me, and who knows, we may talk about your comments on the podcast. Thoughts?

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2016 Reality: Lazy Authentication Still the Norm

2016 Reality: Lazy Authentication Still the Norm is an article written by Brian Krebs in mid December talking about his experience with Paypal not doing what they should in protecting his account from being taken over. While I’ve not had any issues with Paypal this is not acceptable, and in 2016, I predict it is just going to get worse. In our upcoming podcast 234 in our security segment with John, we talk about a potential breach and I think I’ve got a solution which may not be easy to implement, but we did discuss it. How about a voice recognition component which we do with the automated system which logs the attempt as successful or failed based on a recording we do lets say with a representative who must set it up. This could prevent something like this if done right, but I just don’t know how we can do this and may never be done. This could be something to discuss, don’t you think?

Please leave your comments, and let me know your thoughts!

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Podcast 233’s show notes

I don’t know if I have put out the show notes for podcast 233 of the tech podcast. If I have, please excuse the double posting. I don’t think I ever did. This show goes into breach coverage and is mainly thoughts, feelings, and opinions of various things breach wise. Its a little over 3 hours long. Here are those show notes, and remember to go to our RSS feed to pick up your copy.

Hi folks, on this extended edition of the technology podcast, Jared Rimer has several topics including Go Metro’s update, credit card handling, and a discussion on the continuing breaches. Here are the links you might want to read.

The file is 185mb. We hope you enjoy!

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Live365 suffers a collision of misfortunes, lays off most employees and vacates office

I just read an article entitled Live365 suffers a collision of misfortunes, lays off most employees and vacates office and this does not surprise me. Live 365 became inaccessible many years ago, and several of us blind broadcasters left for a platform where we could use accessible software such as station playlist or other comercially available software with shoutcast or icecast servers. Someone asked me some time ago if live365 was accessible and as far as I knew it wasn’t. To see this news isn’t a big loss, as most internet radio a lot of us listen to include Pandora, tune in, or radium among others including DI, sky, and other networks which offer mp3 streams through platforms such as ultrahost, streamguys, and others. I don’t think a lot will much care except those who were listnening to those stations. If the artists are independant and not with the major record labels, I started an independant artist chanel, I’m sure I can give your music a spin on my show on 98.6 the mix and play your music on the Magnatune and independant artist server which I run. May the boards await any commenters. I did enjoy my time at live365 when I was there way back when.

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Techno 233 now up

I did get the pages section back up and running, but it doesn’t seem to include the donations button I put on it. Maybe it got deleted. We mention it because in the show, we talk about a pronject I’m involved in, and give some info about it. Here is the rest of the show notes. Find the podcast on the RSS feed.

Hi folks, on this extended edition of the technology podcast, Jared Rimer has several topics including Go Metro’s update, credit card handling, and a discussion on the continuing breaches. Here are the links you might want to read.

The file is 185mb. We hope you enjoy!

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Kim.com not sure

Hi jared.
Wow, yeah this .com guy aint giving up.
I am not sure on this one to be honest.
Being a former pirate I hate the system, so fuck all of those us corrupt corperate bastards.
On the other side he did try to get some sort of internet party in government and it failed so as far as I give which is fuck all they can have him.
Any a pirate should know when he is caught, go to jail and become something else.
Being a pirate there is one thing in the code if there is one.
Don’t get caught.
If you are, your reputation the currency of all of us is dead, no currency no job, you are finnished.
Utterly and fully.
Time to find other work.
In my case the torrent laws pluss the free and opensource industry and some lowcost software ended some of the reasons for my rage against the system as a whole.
Especially because that software is a lot faster and better quality though I have purchaced a few good games and the like.
Yes I still do have a few things not my own but I am not actively seeking anymore unless I can’t get it anywhere else.
And with the torrent law, its impossible to torrent, torrenting is not alegal per say but its watched, some isps here actually restrict speed.
So I go for compilation albums now days or use bandcamp and other things.
The digital industry is taking over the cd industry to a level they seem to exist the vinal industry is coming back as well as streaming, payed and not so much its different and things are going along easily enough.
Now if they sort out this next treaty the blind should be free to get books accessably without having to jump hoops.
So my stance on the fight has changed.
Especially where cloud storage is free or low cost now.
The cost of a 500-1tb hard drive is just over 100 bucks and for another 50-70 dollars you can get a 2tb drive its more if you want bigger such as wireless or nas but still it looks good.
Low costing things like flash drives have cut down especially with imports from places.
On the things we shouldn’t be doing, I disagree with credit cards, debit cards are good because they stop us spending beyond our limits and thats the main thing.
I have an eftpos card for general use, its on another account not my debit card which is online only.
On the note about breaches/ fishing/ scams yeah its a bastard but its just life now.
If there is one thing we can do and I will state this in no uncertain terms for next year is this.
Stop! fucking! clicking!!
We click to many spam and suspicious links, we open a lot of stuff we should kill without doing so.
Now os updates reflect this and malware software at least an average to good one has cloud protection, but your brain is the first line of defence not some bit of software.
We don’t use our heads half of the time.
I for example have budget/low security but my brain is my defence.
I have got the odd bit of malware no one is freehold but I don’t click and its half the problem to be honest.
If we didn’t click there would be no need to secure our systems from malware that could come in only if we clicked or if someone locally logged into our systems somewhere.
Seriously doing your banking on a net caffe or searching the net on an open connection or something bad ie with passwords aint probably the smartest thing to do.
Most of this is what we should know.
Also do simple things like don’t fill your purse to bursting, you drop things, cards, etc.
Oh or you do what I did and split my purse wide open dropping everything.
For starters there is the cost of a good purse.
Get a card wallet seperate from your purse it helps.
A good one shouldn’t cost to much.
With software go for lifetime updates or low cost, there is no good to come from paying for that expensive video converter suite with extra offers if you then have to keep buying it again and again every version.
Its why I pirated winzip, 30 dollars for a version and upgrades, fuck that!
Sadly a few bits of opensource software use opencandy, for those that don’t and even if you insist using software that does have it and like it please subscribe or buy the software or donate or send a comment and say how much you like their shit.
thats it

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Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom loses fight to avoid extradition to the US – Telegraph

I don’t know exactly what to say in regards to this. Guess we’ll have to see. Check this article out.

New Zealand court rules German entrepreneur will have to face trial in the United States

Source: Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom loses fight to avoid extradition to the US – Telegraph

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lets play catchup

Lets play catchup

OK, lets play catchup since I’ve last written, and one I did want to write.

Some of the posts may have been posted, but I’m trying to catch up. Have you missed something? Do you think I need to read something I’ve missed? Send an E-mail and lets chat.

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Podcasts released

I’ve neglected to post show notes or details of the last several podcasts.

podcast 229

Lots of various things including an update on My Telespace VS Philmore stuff. Sipmeeting VS Philmore … is what you need to read. We talk about some security and tech stuff, and also we talk about scams.

What to read

The podcast is 2 hours and 18 minutes. Enjoy!

Podcast 230

Welcome to podcast 230. On this podcast, we finish up Go Metro version 3.x and its demonstrations. Then, our largest segment lasting an hour and 43 minutes, is dealing with identity protection and thoughts on what we should do to try to get companies to understand why they need to do something to keep our personal information as safe as possible. We’ve got plenty of links to stories and Wikipedia that will be of interest to read. Take your time, don’t rush, but make sure that you comprehend what we’re talking about so you can participate in the discussion. Here are those links. As a side note, I don’t expect you to understand everything, its a lot to digest.

Podcast 230

Podcast lasts about 2 and a half hours. Thanks again for listening!
Office of Personnel Management data breach (wikipedia)

podcast 231

On this podcast, Honeywell, IOS with SIRI, and Lastpass.

Podcast 232

We just released podcast 232 today, and here are those show notes.

On this cast, my thoughts on breaches, hospital security, UEB, and a discussion on the most recent breach which we tried to do from 230 which failed miserably. Two videos play, and we’ll see what you think. Hope you enjoy. Links will be in these show notes.

Links from 232

Other links that might be of interest from 230 which may be of use:
Podcast 230

We’re sorry for not posting these show notes sooner, its just been busy. We are continuing the fight for understanding these breaches, and I’ll continue to mention the big ones around. See you all later.

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eWindow-Eyes 9.3 is released

Get Built-in Optical Character Recognition and a Faster User Experience with Window-Eyes 9.3

Window-Eyes 9.3 is now available providing customers with the ability to recognize text from files or the screen with built in Optical Character Recognition. This version also offers a more reliable and stable user experience that will help maximize your productivity at work, home, and school.

Keep reading to learn more about the features and enhancements in Window-Eyes 9.3:

Extract Text from Files, Images and the Screen Quickly and Easily

· Recognize text in inaccessible scanned PDF files.

· Recognize text from images in .bmp, .jpg, .png, and .tiff formats.

· Choose from several different kinds of file types to recognize, including .txt, .html, .xml, and .zip.

· If Office is installed, you can also OCR documents ending in .docx, .pptx, and .xlsx.

· Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files can be recognized, including text found in WordArt to ensure readability.

All-New Read to End

· Read-to-end has been completely rewritten to provide the most responsive and accurate reading experience.

· When read-to-end is stopped, it will start again from the word that was last spoken to help save time and increase efficiency.

· If a Braille display is connected, Braille output will remain in sync with speech as documents are read aloud.

· Hot keys used to increase or decrease speech are much more responsive, enabling users to more easily read documents in the manner they prefer.

Microsoft Office

· Improved reading of all spell check dialogs in Office 2010, 2013, and 2016.

· Responsiveness of the Outlook 2010, 2013, and 2016 inbox under Windows 10 has been improved to make reading email faster.

· Outlook’s conversation view in 2010, 2013, and 2016 is now supported so that users can group messages with the same subject enabling reading of all messages within a thread quickly and easily.

· If Window-Eyes was restarted while Outlook was open, message virtualization would stop functioning until Outlook was restarted. This issue has been fixed.

· When a PowerPoint slideshow started, and Window-Eyes was set to automatically read the entire document, only the content of the first slide would be spoken. This has been fixed.

· If the version of Window-Eyes for users of Microsoft Office was in use, and the Office 365 sign-in window was closed without first entering any text, Window-Eyes would crash. This has been resolved.

· Other miscellaneous fixes.

Mouse Improvements

· The physical mouse now reads UIA and IA2 programs, which improves the reading experience in programs such as web browsers and modern Windows apps.

· A hot key to continue a mouse search in reverse has been added.

· Window-Eyes can now read an entire line or only a word under the pointer as the physical mouse moves across the screen.

· The mouse can now be set to read instant, hover, or no echo when moving the mouse around the screen. If the user sets it to hover, the amount of time can be adjusted before the information under the mouse is spoken. This allows low vision users better control over what they hear when the mouse moves around the screen.

· Other miscellaneous fixes.

Other Fixes

· Responsiveness in the Windows 10 File Explorer has been improved.

· Quickly check the status of wireless network connections with a single hot key.

· Responsiveness for Eloquence, eSpeak, RealSpeak, Vocalizer, and Vocalizer Expressive synthesizers has been significantly improved.

· The WE cursor (which allows you to explore the screen without moving the mouse pointer) has been renamed to the invisible cursor to better reflect its functionality.

· The QuickStart Wizard has been replaced with a new app called Setup Wizard providing a new visual interface and more options to help users get started using Window-Eyes.

· The app update notification options that are displayed when updates are available have been expanded to include a tone, dialog box, tooltip, or any combination of the three. This enables users to select how they want to be notified of app updates.

· Support has been added for the Handy Tech Active Star, Handy Tech Modular, and BAUM VarioUltra displays.

· Numerous stability fixes and performance enhancements have been added.

For a complete list of Window-Eyes 9.3 new features, improvements and changes, please refer to the Window-Eyes 9.3 Read Me.

Download your upgrade

If you have purchased a Window-Eyes 9.2 upgrade or have an active Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA), you can download the upgrade for free at http://www.gwmicro.com/upgrade or activate the Check for Updates option in the Help menu.

Try Window-Eyes

If you don’t currently own Window-Eyes, you can get it for free! For anyone who has a valid license of Microsoft Office 2010 or higher, Window-Eyes can be downloaded for free at www.WindowEyesForOffice.com. If you don’t have Office 2010 or newer installed on your PC, you can obtain a free 60-day evaluation of Window-Eyes here: http://www.gwmicro.com/Window-Eyes/Demo/. If you haven’t tried Window-Eyes in a while, give Window-Eyes 9.3 a try for free today!

If you already own Window-Eyes 9.2, you will be able to download Window-Eyes 9.3 absolutely free! It will not count against your SMA. Window-Eyes 9.3 will be available for you to download, but SMA customers will not receive an installation DVD. You may order a DVD by contacting Ai Squared.

Order your upgrade or SMA today!

Call us today at (802) 362-3612 or email us at sales@aisquared.com to place your order.

Non-English versions are released after the English version, so please check with your local dealer for availability in your language. For those outside of the U.S., contact your local dealer.

Aaron Smith

Web Development * App Development * Product Support Specialist

Ai Squared * 725 Airport North Office Park, Fort Wayne, IN 46825

260-489-3671 * www.aisquared.com

To insure that you receive proper support, please include all past correspondence (where applicable), and any relevant information pertinent to your situation when submitting a problem report to the Ai Squared Technical Support Team.

For membership options, visit http://lists.window-eyes.com/options.cgi/news-window-eyes.com/jrimer2002%40sbcglobal.net.
For subscription options, visit http://lists.window-eyes.com/listinfo.cgi/news-window-eyes.com
List archives can be found at http://lists.window-eyes.com/private.cgi/news-window-eyes.com

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and we want to trust that?

It must be the christmas silly season but once again I want to comment on a post with another post.
Though that could be because I am part admin here and its easier to post.
So the lie detection issue.
I don’t know if I would trust weather I am telling the truth to a computer.
Computers are good at many things including following programmed info.
They also are good at miss reading info if something fails and getting it completely wrong.
Oh and they can be hacked.
I have on many occasions had things fail or not show right and the system still thinks they work when in fact they don’t.
Ie you are guilty because the system says you are except right at that moment its frozen because its hard drive or some sensor has failed and in fact says something else.
There are some things a human needs to do.
Machines may be smarter than humans but they are not full proof, in fact when something fails it may try to get round it and produce what the program says, programs can fail to.
I don’t know about this one and I am a tech.
Secondly I was looking at the top posts on here to see what was top.
So my old hack router post is still popular eh?
Actually I got last year a dlink dsl 2700b sadly after I updated that I couldn’t put much more on that.
I also got a sisco re1000 but due to hardware version I could only update with a v1 firmware.
I also have had a tp link chinese v3 router with v3 firmware.
Updating firmware is quite easy and same procedure.
Its worth mentioning that the addresses seem only older dlink spaciffic.
the standard is now and everything from routers to wireless devices uses it now no matter who makes them.
even my old ups devices use them.
so maybe it was for a limited number of older dlink devices only.
The only firmware I upgrade now is my keyboard and my printer.
With the board, you download the firmware, run it, hit factory, hit load and it loads, then you restart, hit update when you rerun the updater and then restart again.
The printer I have an hp laserjet, has the same procedure as my asus keyboard.
Select the printer, hit update, wait, hit ok and it is done.
if you want to check it you can open to your printer’s web page and you will actually see the state change from ready to programming, initialising, updating, rebooting then ready again which is nice.
A lot of things is click and run no interaction now.
Some drivers like my hp need some work to install though but even then well.
anyway back to work

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