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as if we don’t have enough to worry about

Hi all.
This is a quick post to say there is another new virus going round.
It is not targeted at the pc market, we are the target in fact.
I refer to articles that have been going round, you can search for this but aparently some joker has it in his head or maybe his non head to make a video saying you can “put a new 3.5 inch jack in your iphone by drilling one”
This is obviously a prank but it fooled many people into destroying their devices.
Youtube is a good source of entertainment but now we have to worry about the fake youtube videos.
The fake vid plays on users wanting something badly in this case the phone jack.
It then gives a solution.
And then it says it works.
Instructions are made simple and straight foreward and then executed.
The payload a dead phone results from this.
What scares me is this is exactly how a scam or any malware or virus works.
There is not any security software for our minds, some of us shouldn’t be that gullable.
If you do fall victum to this malware video you will have to replace your phone, attempting to comment will not garner sympathy from the origional prankster either just more sarchasm.
While most of us were wised up to this obvious joke a lot were not.over 8 million listened to this.
If we fall for this destructive video then no security software or protection will help us if we are that dumb!
Maybe there are just more dumb people than we will ever know.
It saddens me that this even happens.
On the other side, while there were troubles with office yesterday, a download of a new update package and subsiquent program reconfig on the particular workstation has resulted in no destruction of any files.

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From RAR to JavaScript: Ransomware Figures in the Fluctuations of Email Attachments

On Friday, I saw this article entitled and it talks about what I’ve been saying for awhile now. Ransomware is starting to come in with E-mail attachments from places you might expect shipping notifications from. You know what gets me about this? I know when I’m expecting a package, and usually I will either ask it to E-mail or text me, and it is from trhe site I’m expecting it to come from. These say something like UPS, and it’ll tell you that it couldn’t be delivered. The actor wants you to open the attachment for details. If there was a problem, it would be logged with the shipping company so when you called by phone, they could tell you what happened and you can reschedule it, or have it directed somewhere else. This reminds me of this article I talked about entitled Why Some Phishing Emails Will Always Get Through Your Spam Filter and these are some that will get through because it looks credible.

Why does it look credible?

  • You may at the time of the E-mail be expecting a package.
  • When you look at the E-mail, it might sound plausable seeing that it has been several days since you got a notice if you’ve requested one.
  • The from says UPS/Fedex/DHL or other shipping company.
  • The E-mail is signed by a supposed manager.

In the tech blogs post of phishing being a problem by coming in to your inbox, I posted such an E-mail i got saying the exact thing. I was not expecting any type of delivery, I looked at the E-mail address and it didn’t match any type of shipping company address.

Each shipping company has a typical pattern of shipping confirmation and tracking number. For example, the E-mail will greet you a certain way, UPS for example has shipping confirmations starting with 1z, and other characteristics that you need to be aware of if you receive packages in a regular basis.

While I’m not sure about other carriors, I know that Amazon will use their own, which an app like Delivered will not track.

If you have thoughts, please feel free to share them, we’re continuing to track this as a problem, and I at least, want to pass my experience on. I hope this helps.

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office updates

Hi all.
A quick note to say that I recieved some updates to office this week.
Found them by accident on windows update twitter feed.
There are more accessibility improvements now so that works.
The only thing to tell all of you is continue what you are doing.
On a security note, I recieved messages from a friend that got ransomware.
I do think we need a refresher course.
There are several reasons you get ransomware.
1. you click links on dodgy websites, click links in fishing email, or spam or visit dodgy sites.
2. you download pirated software or fake software and don’t check it, antimalware stuff should pick some of this up but don’t tempt it man.
3. answer one of those automated or otherwise cold spam calls, don’t do that.
You shouldn’t click links you don’t know either.
If your friend sends you something to share scan it before you use.

You could be unlucky, but its almost impossible to get ransomware unless you are that unlucky.
But what happens if you have got some.
If you have been reading the blog or the net you will know how much dammage both physically and finantialy this thing effects everything else.
So what do you do.
1. reformat all your computers, and restore from backup.
Reupload all your files you want to your cloud accounts, change all your passwords and bank accounts and other things if you think they could be effected especially with scam calls.
Tell your friends about your loss and get them to make sure all their stuff is ok and give them a heads up.
Thats if you are lucky.
If not, in addition you will need to reformat your computer, your family’s computers, your friends computers, delete all your cloud accounts or clear them out and change passwords, destroy your backups, smash your computers and replace them, and probably not use the net.
I can’t stress this enough, there is no cure for ransomware bar to ditch everything and start fresh and hope you don’t screw up again.
Or you could pay the bad guys if you want.
Security stats show they tend to go away after you pay them and leave your stuff alone to.
The message to this scarey article is don’t catch this thing.
If you do you are screwed and so is evrything you own and everything your friends and family own if they have shared with you in the past.
There is supposed to be antiransomware software in the works from companies like malwarebytes but its not out just yet.

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Tech podcast 250 is now out

On the RSS feed, tech 250 is finally released after a month.

Hello folks, welcome to the podcast, its been awhile. We’ve been busy making sure we’re following the Childrens Online Protection Privacy Act (FTC) and making sure MENVI’s web site is efficiently covered. I talked briefly about this, and the link here will give you more information. We also had some other issues with a few sites which I needed to be involved in as well. We have an interesting talk in this podcast about security and other odds and ends in regards to workflow, and we have a 2nd part dealing with the Lastpass authenticator. I hope you’ll enjoy the podcast as much as I have putting it together for you.


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DDoS Mitigation Firm Has History of Hijacks

OK, this article was interesting. It talks about this company who apparently operated on both sides, protecting people, as well as being a part of the problem. DDoS Mitigation Firm Has History of Hijacks is the name of the article. and its a great read. I think we should all read it. Check it out.

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updates for this week

Firstly fully agree with the photos article just posted.
We humans need to realise that when we store something online its hard to kill.
So posting stupidly weather it be a prank, picture, or stupid video with you in the nood is probably not the best thing to post if you don’t want it in your face later on.
We know that courts can use as evedence our online profiles so as I have been saying for ages, we should treat the internet to as much as we can as if its an offline thing.
I know thats hard text brings up a lot of things, you decide from a person’s name who he or she, it is and in fact it is an it.
Gender is not the net’s middle name.
We are all its, we don’t have any names, no identities, we aren’t even human at least on the serfice.
Its only after you audio with someone or chat and know them that you can identify them etc.
When you use text you set a profile and most of the time what you think isn’t the real truth it almost never is.

Now on to this load of updates.
The first is a timezone update for windows.
Next are 2 updates, a role up for windows 7 itself, and another one to fix what it broke with system file checker.
Next is a dotnet reliability update.
Last on the list will please users that havn’t jumped to 10 yet.
Microsoft! is! fucking! leaving us alone!!!
Thats right, one of the updates is instructed to clear the windows 10 gwx program and all gwx related updates and spyware off our systems.
I assume therefor that the gwx app and all other updates are now no longer part of microsoft.
At least we know ms stuck to their guns.
For those of us getting nagged that stopps.
For me even with gwx removed I have noticed the system drives processing a lot of data somewhere, this has stopped.
If we want win10 we can get it.
If we want it for free and you have a screen reader go get it that way.
If you want the upgrade, then install nvda which is free and upgrade, you can probably kill that later once you are upgraded if you so wish.
I don’t suggest normals get it but ms has not restricted it your access tech needs to be install does not need to be running maybe it does.
Ms took a year and a month with several modifications to the gwx to try to get us to go to 10 and they have now given up on those that don’t want to go.
The only thing you will have to download after you restart is a stack update to windows for stability that is not on the update list but will appear.
My suspician is that its probably to replace some dammaged files or something.
While the updates are mostly fixing what was broken its good to see ms releasing features again.
In the last few weeks even before ms shut down xp and even after doing so for a while features were output to the os.

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Congressional Report Slams OPM on Data Breach

I’ve been going back and I remember reading this article entitled Congressional Report Slams OPM on Data Breach from Brian. I don’t think I posted this, but OPM should be ashamed of its actions that lead to the biggest breach I’ve ever witnessed besides the Target one of course. I do not think that it is going to get better, and this is going to just absolutely not be good. If the company knew about someone for example, getting in to their network, and it took awhile to get them out, and they leave someone else alone, then you’re going to get owned. I just don’t know what the solution is, but the article will talk more about this. Enjoy!

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Alleged vDOS Proprietors Arrested in Israel

OK, some days ago, I read this article entitled Alleged vDOS Proprietors Arrested in Israel which got paid based on the amount of damage they could do to various networks. Brian covers this well, in fact, I was going through to see what else I have missed that should be covered here and this one is it. They would not target their own country, but they would target the rest of the world. According to the article, this company made $600,000 and there was no financial data or if it was provided, several years were deleted. Brian thinks it was in the millions, and it was around from 2012 from what I remember of this article? I think this one should be read, glad these guys are caught, and may they think about how to be in a legit business.

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Linux Security: A Closer Look at the Latest Linux Threats

Wow, here we go. I was not aware Linux was effected as much as macs or PC’s but here is an article entitled Linux Security: A Closer Look at the Latest Linux Threats and its from Trend Micro. I don’t know if I’m on this particular blog, but if I am not, I need to be. As I check, I’m not, and I should. I’ll see if I can get an RSS to this particular blog because it would be more in my security bag I can share and possibly talk about. I’ll be sure to look this up as if this gets big, we really need to harden defenses. Your thoughts on this Linux article are welcome.

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The Darker Side of Posting Your Baby’s Pics on #SocialMedia

OK folks, I read an interesting article which is a tech related article. Someone whom I follow talks and writes and shares about protecting children and cyberbullying and other topics. This time, we learn about The Darker Side of Posting Your Baby’s Pics on #SocialMedia and it is something to think about.

The article talks about an 18-year-old suing their parents about their pictures online when they were young. These types of pictures can be anything from sleeping, to anything else. These photos apparently are on facebookk, or other social media.

“They knew no shame and no limits,” the anonymous woman said to the Austrian newspaper
The Local
. “They didn’t care if I was sitting on the toilet or lying naked in the cot, every moment was photographed and made public.” The case will be taken to court in November, and will likely stir up a dialogue: When is it — and isn’t it — appropriate to post photos of your kids on Facebook?”

There are links within this and it is something to talk about. Since I don’t care much about pictures, I know i would not be taking pictures of my kids, no matter what they were doing.

I think now a days, we are needing to think about whether our kids should have their pictures taken, no matter what. In today’s world, anything can be published, so maybe I’d think twice about having pictures taken, even in the yearbook, unless I had a talk to the school about privacy and their intent with the pictures.

When we grew up, digital media was not around, even saving pictures on the phone was large files that couldn’t easily be put somewhere else. Now, it can be done, and this should be the topic. Thoughts?

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Google Moves To Protect Online Credit Card Users

Hello folks,

In the better security department, i came across this article entitled Google Moves To Protect Online Credit Card Users and I’m not really sure what to think. Part of me thinks its a good idea, only because change needs to happen somehow, and Google has a good way of forcing change. As I told Steve Gibson, who plans to talk about it at some point, Google has the mustard to make change. While Most users use Chrome according to the article, I know it isn’t accessible in Windows, unless that has changed.

I have played with it on a mac, and I’ve gotten it to work, but never personally tried chrome on the PC side.

I find that it is a good idea to be under SSL/TLS when sending credit cards, and I don’t ask for that via E-mail anyway.

Your thoughts are welcome in the comments.

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Comments on the latest posts

Jared, every system can get infected.
Windows is the target, the mac can get infected so can linux.
Anything with access to the net can get violated.
Fishing, yeah if we used less security software that caused so much issues and used our brains the majority of viruses etc wouldn’t be a problem but we seldom do.
Even if we do we can get caught out.
A lot of updates for the last year are for people running infected code or email attachments and its a race betweene the hackers, the manufacturers and the stupid users.
Google protecting peoples stuff online yeah that is a good move though by using something like paypal for logins, pluss whatever site you have login access with plus if you need to your google site is quite secure in itself.

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Google Moves To Protect Online Credit Card Users

Hi folks,

Just read this article I think people using Chrome should see. Google Moves To Protect Online Credit Card Users I’m not sure about firefox, think we get warnings already about insecure content. Your thoughts on this article are welcome.

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Yelp not liable for allegedly defamatory customer reviews blog.internetcases.com/2016/09/14/yel

On the 14th of this month, I read an article by Internet Cases Even Brown who used to be on This Week in Law. I still read his blog because I find it interesting. It talks about a court case where someone sued Yelp, the company that gets reviews about places around the world, in regards to some type of issue that someone had. The article is entitled Yelp not liable for allegedly defamatory customer reviews blog.internetcases.com/2016/09/14/yel and it was a good one. A good reason why yelp won because the person didn’t have much ground according to this. I find stuff like this interesting. What are your thoughts?

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Why Some Phishing Emails Will Always Get Through Your Spam Filter

I read a few days ago an article entitled Why Some Phishing Emails Will Always Get Through Your Spam Filter and I can see how we need to be more proactive. This is very important now a days where it comes down to securing our identities or other business transactions unlike how it was before. This does not matter what type of operating system you use. This is a full on problem humans can solve by understanding what they’re reading. For example, I got the following in my inbox just today:

Dear Jared,

Your parcel has arrived at September 17. Courier was unable to deliver the parcel to you.
Delivery Label is attached to this email.

Warm regards,
Willie Bradshaw,
FedEx Delivery Agent.

I knew this was a form of phishing, although it contains an attachment, and I’m not expecting any attachments at all. Here are my thoughts on the above E-mail.

First of all, Fed-ex or any place that sends deliveries to you will not E-mail you with a problem, it’ll be tracked, and you’ll be notified by the company doing the delivery. I’m sure they will not send a zip file such as 00000231244.zip and when you look at the zip file, you’ll find it has an executable instead of an invoice. Also, I just looked at the E-mail address, and I’m sure it won’t ever come from “FedEx 2Day A.M.” <willie.bradshaw@getaquote.com.sg telling me that its from fed-ex.

I aught to know when I’m receiving a package, and it takes the human mind to know whether you are receiving a package, and what web site it may come from. When I received my amazon package, I knew my tracking app delivered wouldn’t track it, so Amazon tracked it for me, and i relied on it for updates, not some E-mail like this.

Fed-ex, UPS, and a bunch of other services uses delivered which is an app that accepts its tracking number and I can track it through it instead of getting E-mail or texts from the site directly. There are other tracking apps around, but that is just one of them.

When I received the E-mail, I was on teamtalk asking what this is about, as I’m not receiving any packages, and none are on the way.

Does this make sense on why this E-mail, although it isn’t phishing, would trigger someone to open its attachment?

Phishing works a little bit different, where someone targets the person by claiming some sort of winnings, or some sort of reason to click on a link in most cases, not attachments. They still can be very harmful, and this is something you need to be aware of.

Lets all stay safe, check out the article, and be prepared to use the human mind.

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This months security patches

Hi all,

I know its a bit on the late side for me to post about this months patches from the various companies, but it has been very busy around here, which is why I’ve also not posted my series of what I’ve been reading lately.

I find this article September Patch Tuesday: Browser, Exchange, Office Bugs Dominate more comprehensive, although I can’t knock Adobe, Microsoft Push Critical Updates down on coverage either. Both articles have their points on whats up, one goes in to more detail than the other, and I’ll publish both of them so you can decide which article you’d like to read. Lets be as safe as we can.

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Is the Mac as safe as people think?

A few days ago, Trend Micro wrote an interesting article which came across my RSS feed talking about the Mac and its recent virus issues as of late. Windows is still the target, but the Mac does have some targets that this article talks about. The targets are the form of ransomware. The article is entitled: Ransomware is a growing risk on Macs and this is just as dangerous as the PC. With the recent articles dealing with Ransomware that I’ve been reading such as Businesses beware: New open source ransomware threatens the enterprise community it wouldn’t surprise me if Macs are being braught in to the workplace because people think they are safer.

In a future podcast, I am going to go ahead and write about my experience learning a mac, as I needed to, because the agency I’m with was using macs and we were needing to use them. Now, I don’t know how I’m going to hold that knowledge, however, I’m glad I learned it. It was eye opening.

Do you have any thoughts on this article as it relates to the mac? Sound off in the comments.

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flash dieing

Hi all.
Distribution of flash goes away at the end of this month.
You can still get flash with all its spyware and badness on get.adobe.com
However adobe aparently according to some news sources is actually closing down flash due to its insecure nature and that its not the best technology anymore.
html5 seems to be the thing out, I am not sure about flash based games, but I guess they will have to eventually go html5 to.

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this week’s load of updates

Hi all.
The following updates are released.
adobe, flash 23.
piriform ccleaner 5.2.3
microsoft windows and office.
of note are the pdf library update and the ole vb script remote update.
Otherwise its the same fucked up bullshit that microsofts criptoblocked logic releases.
I swear to god that everything from edge, ie, graphics, and kernal as well as office have said the same month after fucking month!
Ok the only difference is where the update just says windows, no component, just windows we have to assume the shell.
smb server, exchange and a few other things.
Apple itunes 12.51 update for windows.
Apple ios 10 is out.
However its recomended you update via your pc at this time.
If you want to update over the air, go ahead but maybe do it later on, a lot of articles are out stating that basically apple’s servers got overwhelmed and overloaded causing phones to be effected with an incomplete install.
If you were lucky, connection to the computer was needed to complete it.
If not, you either got it completed but at the wrong version or it simply didn’t work and you lost all your data.
Either that or you have to buy a new phone because its junk now.
morral, probably not the best to immediately jump on in the first 5 hours of release.
I know I did that with ms manual for win10 and it worked but even so.
If you want to update try over the wire that may work.
Over the air it should work to.
I forgot to add that dispite what ms says about us guys on 7 being old they have just updated the minni service pack roleup from july last year for all windows pre 10 systems servers, etc.
That may not seem like much and it probably isn’t.
It however does mean even in a small way now that microsoft is still improving the os fixing some issues with it.
These don’t happen often but the fact these happen means that at least for now we the users actually have the ability to well have a repreeve from the end of 7.
I do remember that even with the end of windows xp, ie, and a few other things were still updated for a while.
Even when they stopped, things like silverlite and bits of office were still updated.
Dotnet 4.0 still exists and in fact I do know that from time to time that is updated.
Weather that means its updated for xp to is anyone’s guess.
However with all the newer and some of the older software previders switching from xp, eventually when its to hard to support, the os is basically dead.
I doubt that will happen to 7 as quickly.
Even if it does, there are enough software programs and enough hardware that that will never happen.
I do know that after 5th generation i series cpus that we will not be able to use win7 on those.
but we have only 4th gen here, and they still work.
Our systems are fast enough that we don’t need to go faster.
I doubt ms will be able to kill 7 like they did xp.
Even when support ends, the fact is you can just use firefox and not ie, ie is bad anyway.
Next you will have to use other security than msse, but that can be done to.
Actually for email you are covered, you can use things like virustotal to check files, and over that, as long as you are carefull it should be ok.
The end will probably be not when support ends or even if newer hardware stopps supporting it, but the end of 32 bit systems and a system with 4gb ram by default.
For the standard user I am all for going with a referbished pc with 7 on it.
I have little need for the latest i7, I need an i7 quad or i5 quad and the 4th generation my dad has is fast enough.
The 4th gen my uncle has is over speed.
Even if I do go the windows 10 rout, microsoft will be sorely dissapointed.
Though I rage against this, at least on my workstation I will be sevenising as much of 10 as I can.
I will probably get rid of as many of the ms apps as I can.
And I will not be using universal apps at all.
Microsoft will have to make me use them if I am going to do so.
I have not as yet thought about if I will use a legal version of 7 or not, it just depends on how screwed microsoft leave users in the next 5 years.

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Is Assistive Technology going to be dead?

Over the last few days, discussion on 986’s roger group surfaced around talk that Microsoft is going to make a full fledged screen reader and they don’t care what happens to companies like AI Squared and freedom Scientific. One of my good friends, Herbie Allen, indicated to me and others that this type of talk has been going on for years since Windows 7 came about.

I sent a draft of this article to someone who is a tech trainer on apple and android devices who had a training session. Someone had mentioned that Microsoft indicated that they didn’t care, and discussion indicates that they could take out things that the assistive tech companies need to hook in to so that we can have the access. I personally can’t confirm this, but if it has been discussed for years, only time will tell what Microsoft decides to do in the long run.

The Jared Rimer Network has not seen anything in reports from twitter sources indicating anything either way.

With the announcement in August of Microsoft allowing people with assistive technology to continue to have the free offer to upgrade to Windows 10 if they have the technology and this support article entitled: All keyboard commands and touch gestures supported by Narrator in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update you’d think that they are not giving up on the assistive tech players quite yet.

I know there are continuing issues being reported about Windows 10 and its potential privacy issues including Cortana and its sharing data, as well as the inability to turn off settings to limit such data, but an interesting thought was mentioned in the group. The same thing is done with IOS and Siri where it shares and has access to data to carry out tasks like whats up on your calendar, calling people, and other things that siri can do including math and other basic functions.

I don’t want to jump to conclusions to say that Microsoft is or is not going to cut out access to what our screen reader can do, but I will be watching this particular development with interest.

I don’t think the assistive tech companies will go down quietly, not without a fight. The big companies will fight anyway, don’t know about the smaller companies or the startups.

If you would like to be reminded about the Microsoft continuing windows 10 upgrade for assistive tech users after July 2016, please go to this articcle from blind bargains called: After Closing the Free Upgrade to Windows 10 for Mainstream Users, Microsoft Delivers on Promise to AT Users which was posted on August 2, 2016. Also, on the 4th of August, the same source posted You, too can Live on the Edge With the Anniversary Update to Windows 10 where it has a link to a spot where you can learn if things you can do would need work arounds or other information to get tasks done.

I would like to hear from you, if you’ve read things confirming or denying this recent news which has been going around for years. We all need to be informed as to what is up so we can decide at that time whether to jump windows ship, or whether we should give this a try and see what Microsoft has up its sleve.

To contact me, you may roger me at jaredrimer or you may go to my main web site for other contact information. Thanks for reading!

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