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backlog 1 of 2

Hello all and welcome to the blog.
Please note that things may be a bit late this week and for the next while.
Firstly meating with sonnar has been resheduled till next tuesday due to next monday being a public holiday and also that they are not ready yet.
I managed to get upgrade to slow but slightly faster vdsl due to poor lines but still a step up.
Due to a dammaged cable in the package I have been offline for the last 3 days and am only just getting into my backlog now.
Things that I have done so far have included, replacing the cable, connecting the phone with new cable, replacing my old phone cable with new cable because it wouldn’t work with the new system.
Changing the wireless network and password so it doesn’t totally suck and then setting the printer to automatic so it works because the other router I had needed spaciffic addressing and this one does not.
I need to get an wireless extender for the kitchen and down stairs as the re1000 linksys decided it does not like the router and in fact it won’t work according to forums.
After trying to update its firmware and it not working it doesn’t even search with software and I am unsure how to set it up via the web so I will get another one.
The last thing on the pipe is reformatting and resetting the ipad with new accounts and such because it also has issues with the network.
Dad is retired, if you have read the blog on my end you will note that things are looking up for everyone including me.
Don’t worry I will be putting tech up when I can but life is changing for me.
On the tech front, if you havn’t turned off recomended updates on your win7 or 8 machine, reports from twitter indicate that ms are now trying to automate the infection with the windows 10 virus on all machines.
Now if you are ready to go, then thats fine, I am not ready yet and to be honest I am unsure if I will ever go now.
The big upgrade end for all of us will happen at the end of july anyway and redstone is released on july.
For obvious reasons unless I get through all the articles on things, in the next day or so there mayy not be a crashletter article weekly roleup this or next weeks.
One thing new I need to do is actually retrain myself on my new 2gb recorder as I go away and do things.
During that time, due to security, atmosphere and other things, I am ditching all technology.
I will have a cell but it costs a lot to use so won’t be doing that that much.
I will have a field recorder and batteries.
I will have a full set of ears and I will not have any net access at all.
The laptop is to bulky to take to a hot place and anyway it would be antisocial to talk and work while talking, there is also security for where I go and so I won’t bother.
At any rate, routeens be damned.
I will be active till friday night and then I will be no more.
Friday next week that is.
See you later, read the other blog for more news.

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FaceTime, iMessages hang in the balance after Apple loss to patent troll

Well, here we go again with patent trolls. This time FaceTime, iMessages hang in the balance after Apple loss to patent troll is the article in question, and I don’t think there is anything to this. Facetime is used on most IOS devices, and I say most, because you can turn it off if you don’t want to use it. Imessage is automatic though, but I think that can be turned off by turning off cellular data when the phone is off of airplane mode. According to the article, this company plans to use the technology but hasn’t done anything, and leases an office. Seems to me, they’re sitting around, not doing much, and trying to make money. Sounds like the comment boards will be open for comments.

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update on audiogame hub

Hi all.
Well, not much to say on this post but that the score servers and databases now work and the website review is done.
I have a couple suggestions but yeah its working as it should.
In other news, ccleaner, klite codecs are updated.
As well as this there is a new gwx update.
For those that have it and well get it, this one seems to be one of those that doesn’t need removal.
Ie if you have removed it just restart as soon as update is done and it will go awayy but do it as soon as you can after the update.

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some links for you all

Hi all you guys out there.
I have some links for you all.
firstly, look at this from bandcamp
Seems the industry is going to the digital age, vinal, tape, cds etc seem to be doing well.
Downloadable music to, not so much subscription based services.
Well it appears though it may bitch and scream, and sue, the industry is being pushed forward.
Bandcamp, Downloads, Streaming, and the Inescapably Bright Future

Next, submitted from my dad, I get this.
Security in android look at said audio.

Finally, submitted by our outgoing moderator of nvda list and head rep of win10 list, leader of the last nvda con international among other titles, joseph lee has submitted a tutorial cast on win10 redstone which has just entered discussion phase on the lists and who’s official release number will be 16007.

In other news on the hub and sonnar since this is tech related, A few more bugs fixed and another version of the hub is out for all devices, should be.
1.3.16 latest build released on the site.
Amazing support from our playerbase so far as we move to bigger and better things.
Things still being worked on include but are not limited to.
1. general website review/ implimentation including highscore and donation subsystems and databases.
2. Setting up for a pr marketing tv event which is still being worked on as far as to get people to handle it all.
3. New testers, yes this is still vary much open you just need to email me and tell me what you have and your experience I have already added one person from applevis that has the hardware.
4. as well as a issue on my wrig submitted I have a meeting with the boss and others next week for some more game tests, pluss the beginnings of some new audio content of which I don’t even know about.
Work on future plans is expected to be discussed at this meeting.
As of now I can be certain we are 99.9% stable.
No issue on iphone or droid, my pc issue not withstanding no issue there either.
Most of the work is to be continued on the donation portals, website and score database.
For the first round we are going well.
Its great to get a quick turn around especially when we are a new company, though while we have been working on several things its really cool to know things are going well.
Ofcause it can be disconcerting to not have that many issues, and only 8 off the apple side, 2 of which are online but still.
And now a few notes.
While things have been going on we have recieved a few queries on bits of the games.
1. audio tutorial, its made to be easy to understand.
Some may not like it but its the way it is.
2. Voice speed, can’t put it up and down as its a recorded voice.
We need funds to add a few more voices.
3. platform spaciffics.
Its been asked if we can have this feature or that mostly from the apple community.
Answer is no gamecentre, no voice over, in fact no platform spaciffic features of any os, its a tradeoff for being cross platform and why we have recorded speech in the first place.
Score intergration again working on it, will eventually happen.
From the comments or lack of them I can only presume everyone is happy with the current arrangement and that in itself is good though I would really like more feedback on what we are doing.
Its fine if its working but fact is while what we have had is good, vary little has actually been recieved, ie not much has been recieved.
So more is always good.
A reminder to all that I will be on vacation in 3 weeks time.
No net no computer nothing.
I will be traveling round singapoor and bali for 2 weeks so fuck you winter! and helo scorching heat and the beaches and a nice cold drink or strong coffee!!
This will be the second longhall trip I have done in almost 4 years.

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podcast dump

I don’t know what the last show notes were i posted besides 244, so I want to take the opportunity to put the show notes up here for the last several podcasts.

Podcast 243 2016/05/13
On this edition, podcast 243 continues Freshbooks, and then John and I talk about incidents I thought were becoming a problem, but it has been round for years.

Podcast 242 2016/05/07

On this podcast, we talk about All About Fraud: How Crooks Get the CVV which is one of many different articles I’ve read within the past while. Just a note, the K7 service is not active so the 206-222-3143 number is disabled because I didn’t transfer it over. I give my mytelespace number out, for feedback by phone. Hope you enjoy the podcast!

Technology podcast 2016/04/25

Virtual Audio Cable,, AAC and the transit app, and more.

Technology podcast 240 2016/04/16

Welcome to podcast 240 for the technology podcast. One new piece of software for me, talk on the iphone S.E. and also a game. Enjoy!

Tech podcast 239 2016/04/07

Hello everyone, on this podcast, we talk about Rosen Credit Card Breach May Affect Attendees of Recent NFB Conventions and Ubber. Hope you enjoy it.

Tech 238: 2016/03/20

On this podcast, we have several articles of discussion, and we even have other topics covered too.

Its 2 and a half hours. Enjoy!

I think I’ve posted since, so there are the show notes. Go to our audio page to pick up these and other casts up there.

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Tech podcast 244’s show notes

Hello everyone, we’re here better late than never in the podcast release department. I’ve got podcast 244 on the RSS feed. The show notes includes links to articles in which I am going to share, although the initial release missed one link.

Hi folks, we have a lot of stuff on the podcast, make sure you check out the links we are pointing out which will be in the show notes. K7 and laser, breach talk, ransomware, criminals getting caught, and a whole lot more.

Podcast 244:

Hope you enjoy the show!

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New tech support scams mimic ransomware, lock users’ computers

I just read this articile entitled New tech support scams mimic ransomware, lock users’ computers and this is just sad. The article title is longer than the link I’m giving you which is also the blog post title. I just can’t see myself trying to pay $250 to unlok my PC after I reboot to clear up memory or whatever else I need to reboot for. We as people with disabilities understand that money can be a problem, howevber, the people behind these tactics don’t have any idea who they’re targeting in this particular instance, and we need to be prepared by doing everything we can to be as safe as possible. Your thoughts are welcome.

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Noodle shop potential breach, Wendies confirms breach, and more

Hi folks,
Several interesting things for this time. Apparently, a noodle shop has been breached according to Noodles & Company Probes Breach Claims (May 19, 2016) and this is just another in a big series of groups of things being breached. In this article, Wendies was also mentioned, as well as others. In the upcoming podcast 244, I record a segmemnt after reading this one, and I’m just wondering really what we can do. Speaking of Wendies, Wendy’s: Breach Affected 5% of Restaurants (May 16, 2016) is an update on this story. It is just sad, but 5 percent is nothing to laugh at. If you’re not subscribed to Krebs, there’s plenty to read, too much I am not blogging about each and every single one. Check out Krebs on Security for more. Let me know your thoughts.

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another update dump

Well it looks like a few things are not going well.
1. itunes latest has access issues again.
2. updates out, for windows below 10.
An unknown update, update to the upgrade to windows 10 thingy and update to fix windows installer repair not working if you just happen to be on a server.
Also thunder bird 45.10.
Due to having no ports, broadband didn’t happen
Also due to general badness having coms techs that can’t do things right for a friend has me conciddering not even bothering to upgrade at all.
The only tech thing of note this week is that audiogamehub a thing I discussed a while ago has an update and online scoring, there is going to be some pr event next monday which I am going to so lets see, another step in the right direction I hope.
Its for local tv but a podcast will be made and it will be easy enough to handle.

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Hi all.
Ok flash has finally been updated, and so we have opera and google, firefox and netscape, and ie pre win8.1 versions on the same page.
Not much technical happened over the last while.
windows10 on one workstation, that station has also an office 2016 upgrade and setup and a bing to google search shunt blocker.
Tuesday will see me take off all machines for the wiring techs and then start upgrading the primary coms array lets hope there are no horror stories like the one that happened to my friend last week where bits do not work and her house is dammaged.

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patch tuesday this month

Hi all.
No crashletter this week because nothing to report at all.
Firstly before we get into the updates for this week, I just would like to say, hackers/whistleblowers need to check their data before releasing.
By now you will know about the panama disaster where a hacker dumped a whole lot of data online about alegal law companies and forign trusts online with names, addresses, and other info.
Just about everyone that is everyone is named in this.
Investigations or denials have been launched depending on what country and plans to bann anything forign from trusts to forigners coming in to said countries.
Now it has been revealed that out of the 2 databases released, researchers think that half of them may be as a result of spam and scam attacks.
What is worse, is that it may just be a data dump and most info can’t be varified.
Blowing the whistle is fine but come foreward and own up like a man.
This guy is not even identifying himself which itself means he is not confident in himself or the info he is dumping.
And while over the last 2 weeks I was ready to concidder it hmmm now I wander if it can’t be traced what good is it.
It maybe that this dumper is trying to destabelise the world if so he has achieved the objective.
On one hand he may be improving the situation in making people aware of the issues, but he is also catching things like charities in the middle.
I don’t usually bring my political opinions to the net per say especially with the new antiterror laws but I do think that this guy’s fame is waring thin, I wouldn’t discredit all this yet but if it can’t be varified its like bombing the house of parliment or an airport.
It makes no sence and this makes no sence.
I do agree we may have some issues to solve, the bad guys will find another loophole I am sure.
However if it can not be varified I actually think this guy needs to be found and shut up for causing all this drama before someone gets hurt if not allready.
This slander must stop and it may as well be if there is no proof.
This guy has locked up the news for the last 2 weeks and may in fact lock up things for longer, changing laws, etc.
If it can not be proven I think the best way is to silence this thing and continue as if nothing had happened.
The second best way would be to sort it but do we really want to go with a large trash dump especially when there is so much of it allready in our news?

And now on to the updates
adobe dc has an update for this month, as well as dropbox.
Due to dropbox not releasing release notes, I am not going to release a version number.
I feel that if they are not willing to release an update properly I won’t release one either.
windows10 updates.
Yes, now I have a win10 machine out and online I am going to release updates.
Win10 strategy is to release all updates for the month in a cumulitive build update.
The number is technical and long, several updates to dotnet and such are mentioned as well as flash.
On that note adobe has yet to release a flash update this month.
The only change with this update is that errors I have been having with icloud yesterday are gone.\

Firstly we have the brouser updates, you guys know what the ms ones are for now.
And you know what they are for to its been the same for the last year or more its not even worth mentioning remote execution.
The same updates are released every month along with the malware removal tool.
the same reason above applies to the java and visual basic scripters.
And surprise, surprise applies to office to.
The next update is the same but for ms graphics engine.
Next is the same but for journal viewer who uses that now anyway.
Next is for the shell, ofcause it can only be a problem for those that click links in emails for dodgy websites the same remote execution.
The next is for iis.
All I can say is don’t let a untrusted person access your server, simple really.
Next the same thing but for windowsmedia centre which is not in 10 and well scan your files people and don’t click links.
In fact just don’t use media centre.
Next update is for the kernal, again this is not a problem unless you let someone access your system locally ie they have to break into your office.
Shared computer users should be aware with some of these though I don’t recomend it but I know some friends that still do this.
Next is a remote access violation.
If you don’t need to remote, turn it off.
If you do though by all means keep your remote updated.
We then have a kernal drivers update, another of the be carefull of who you trust to access your stash cases.
Need I say more.
Next we actually have a security update to stop an actual man in the middle attack for dotnet, you need this one.
Next we have an update to get past secure mode.
I can actually think of several reasons to get past windows secure mode myself.
Its one of the reasons I am probably staying with 7.
The final update has to do with a usb drive incorectly configured over a remote session this can be bad.
To be honest though avoid this by not having any usb devices connected that don’t need to be.
I don’t now have my drives connected unless they need to be used, you shouldn’t have these connected anyway.
Out of all those 16-20 for 7 and office depending what you have.
only 6 for windows 10 and up.
Out of that cut out mrt and flash, the 2 updates for dotnet and you have 2 actual updates.
In other windows, cut out all the office updates as well and its acutally quite good.
I was able to get all updates at a reasonable fast clip though I got up really early to handle the updates.
In terms of updates it wasn’t that bad.
The next thing to say is that I did a half win10 review.
That is that I upgraded dad’s pc with win10 and have done a desktop runthrough.
After configuring task manager, finding out how to enter admin mode on various programs, and how to set some settings I think I know what I am doing.
I have not as yet tried the online cloud version of the system.
I am unsure weather I will go the whole hog to try to sevenise win10 for myself.
I do know that it is possible at least for me as a pro user to get rid of the stupid lock screen without having to edit the registry.
I have also been able to effectively remove the quickaccess by putting it to the current pc and to actually remove any info from ever being displayed in there in the first place.
I am unsure if I want to remove the ribbons and set the start menu to a more traditional menu but I may just do that we will see.
Things I havn’t touched are the cloud half of the os, I want to for example to signin to the apps using ms account without conversion of my account to ms account.
I want to be able to use universal apps and go shopping for stuff like that.
While I am able to use the pc as it is I also want to see what cortana can do.
For my dad I won’t need the other half of the thing but win10’s strength relys on linking lots of devices together via the cloud.
For myself I have started the quoting process for the new supernova screen reader as I use this for a few things still.
Dad also wants me to upgrade his office instal to the next version which I will do tomorrow.

The following further updates have been released today of note is klite codec pack 12.13
windows 7 users have a configuration update to the diagnostics, aparently this is to fix some inacurate info.

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moving on up

Hi all.
Well, looking at the network most users want to go to 10 so I am seriously looking at moving to that system.
There are a few systems that are still quite old but maybe that will run 10 fine enough.
I have to update one of my access packs before I can actually upgrade but we will see.
My dad is a streight upgrade he will need some modules updated but these are free.
Sometimes I wander what I could achieve with 10, especially on the bad days where 7 can be a bit of a bitch.
However today I turn on the system and remember why it is that I still have 7, its stable and today it ran nicely.
Speaking of 10, gwx was updated yet again with some other updates over the last few days not named, gwx tasks and triggers folder have been replaced so you need to turn off use sharing wizzard, and get full control on gwx triggers and then kill both folders again
With the end of upgrade offer looming I am in a bit of a bind now.
While upgrading would be the next thing, its been easy enough to remove the annoying gwx upgrade enough that its not a problem for me.
Then there is the fact that bar one system we have 3-6 year old boxes due to eventually get replaced so whats the point.
Then again, win7 may become the next xp, the only thing I may need is a better malware module all said and done and this may still be easier than upgrading.
While people have said they will upgrade for free not otherwise and 7 has met their needs.
A few interesting articles did come up at any rate.
Its no secret but an official looking mail from ms has stated that windows live mail is going to be no longer at least for ms accounts due to sync protocal and that all their hotmail, msn, live and outlook addresses are going to the new outlook system online or offline and that their mail app will handle this stuff.
I think the easier way will be for those of you that use windows live to 1. change to thunderbird and not use it and 2, get a gmail and shut down your live email address.
This week coming its update week which means I will be sitting round waiting for updates to download yet again.

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team talk gets an update

In case anyone missed it, I was made aware yesterday that team talk has had a PC and phone update/. This blog post from bearware.dk blog post from Sunday talks about the release, and instructs you where you can get the associated files. I thought people who use this software should know about it, and I hope you enjoy your new software update!

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Hi all
For the past little bit I have been testing with a small company called sonnar.
They have released the first project audiogamehub
it can be got at www.audiogamehub.com
While it is at the moment free they want to put a donation button and maybe a funding compaigne as they need extra cash.
Right now highscores and review posting and viewing is not active.
my review of this game software is at
The streaming link for the imbedded player should be
If you want to know more about this then go to this here forum posting.
And thats it, short and sweet.
Sorry about the volume and echo as I was using a getto setup.
A splitter linked my logitech z100 2.1 speakers to my sat c850 win7 laptop.
I also had a pair of senheiser hd201s connected to the splitter.
Volume was up.
I was playing a couple tunes from the nentendo ds tetris album I had on one of my share groups.
The recorder was an old but serviceable soni icd ux60 slimline recorder in mp3 stereo internal microphones.
The only editing was joining 2 files in audacity 2.01 as I had a call to answer during the recording.
I apologise for the wait during recording because I had to deal with the bain of all techs, that being cabling getting the way of other cabling and then not being able to find the splitter units.
Anyway enjoy this for what this is worth.

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review of the amazon fire tablet

Hi all.
This is a repost from andre louis @freakyfwoof account on twitter.

if this does not work, go to www.tbrn.net/archives/louis and get the archive for 30 april 2016.
I have this archive but I havn’t listened to it as of yet.

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vibraters and froad

Ok, wow is all I can say to both the articles.
Your cvv is actually quite scary.
The only way I can see you get some safety is that you use something like paypal to handle everything.
Technically you should be secure.
You need 2 passwords, one for the store you are getting things from and your paypal password.
You are submitting your email address really only and paypal knows what its doing.
Ok well like spotify, paypal has been and is still a potential tempting target as is every popular service and product online.
Next, the vibrater thing.
I have no idea why we should be concerned.
Breeches happen every day yet we still shop online.
I am shopping online more and more than I shop off it even if off it can be cheaper.
Local delivery, post by mail, no looking at shops even if its costing more than I would pay off it.
Do I know I am playing with fire? fuck yeah!
But then I am playing with it if I do or don’t.
Our bank details are online, our medical and other personal info is stored by someone online.
Even if we don’t use it directly we are still going online or some part of ourselves is.
Do we know that things can be controled online sure.
Now we need to actually be sensible on things we put control on.
Heaters, etc.
I don’t know it could be usefull.
Then again where did the traditional timer go?
My grandpa has a heater with a timer, it goes on at night and off and at times his heatpump will do as it does.
Ovens, well I don’t know I guess it could be usefull, but why would you leave food all day in an oven or turn it on to heat up anyway, they heat up quite fast anyway which gives me time to have a wash.
If I need to be out in a hurry I either have a meal out or use a slow cooker and that can be left on all day.
Granted I would like to have that turn on but well whats wrong with a timer.
Lights, same as above.
Tv, if its on and you are in front of it I see no issue if you want to securely stream it then ok fine.
Security camera, this is probably the only thing I would see advantage of using online.
My uncle has had his house robbed in the past and its good to see what everything and every one is up to down to his wife and others.
He can also use it to talk to people in the house and them back as well as remote with some of his kit as if he was in front of it.
The rest I don’t know.
The fridge etc, unless we want to be fat veges we should do it the old fashioned way.
Every week or a few days I keep track of stuff I need.
Sometimes it may be more but mostly its the basics, food, drink, cleaning products, sometimes cooking.
Its not that hard.
I fear we are getting to automated, some stuff like our ovens, and fridges should not even be online neither should our heaters and lights.
My family have used timers for all these things and its really the only reliable thing in existance to be honest.
I used timers before the net and they work.
The only thing I would want to have extra would be a way to turn the lights off when they see its actually not dark like if its sunny or if its daylight as people often leave the house and do not turn them off and if its light my perseption is not likely to detect if a light is active unless I look at it.
I can go through the day and if I am busy enough I can forget my blinds are closed, or the lights are on etc.
If you want something online you should have a secure connection to your house and control it all from one online source if you can.
Then you have one connection to secure.
I do think we are being stupid with putting online into everything including things that don’t need onlineness.
Heaters and thermostats, clocks, and things that need to be active at a certain time should not be online, timers do that.
We have motion censors for security lights etc.
There are ways round that.
Now I do think I would like a way for my printer to tell me if its out of paper or ink without me having a problem and having to check its ip.
That would be good.
I’d like something that spyed on every system I ever maintained and then report every big or small error to me so I could check it if it was big enough.
Maybe not everything but I’d like to be proactive especially when I handle systems I have not touched for a while.
I do have some remote units that while far away I don’t touch physically at all and only once a year if that.
And while they are reported to be problem free, earlier this year both units that were replaced were on the verge of death.
One of them actually had a large issue while I was getting ready to send all its data to another newer system.
As a result though both systems were intergrated into the network, the data was not sent.
I sent the first dieing system to dump its 8gb of data into the then good old second system.
It died even before I was able to get the data off of it.
And while most of the data was in the cloud and on another hard drive I lost a major mail database.
That system was to be taken to someone for salvage for bits to put to the other system
Its been taken for salvage and recovery.
But the client has no cash to pay for recovery and so its in a long cue.
The system had been causing greef but I was not able to schedual things till christmas last year.
If I had known, I would have immediately transfer everything off that system.
Though sadly shortly after that my own backup sollutions both died and I scrambled to get everything off of the drives.
I think the simple message is that everything online can be a hacked thing.
Our identities can be stolen, our lives wrecked, our children wraped or killed and our cash stolen.
There are people that click on things they shouldn’t etc.
At the end of the way we actually need to decide why we continue to use the net, go online, etc.
The reason we are getting our stuff targeted is that its popular.
There are several ways to avoid things.
1. always sign out when not using.
Sadly with all these cloud services and ms accounts its recommended we stay active even to get updates on our twitter accounts.
2. log off or better turn off our systems if we know we will not be using them for ages.
Sadly with fast shutdown ms doesn’t eally want you to turn off your computer.
Use linux.
To be honest windows is really full of security issues, linux is a thing a lot use, I have used windows for ages and like it but thats where you need to go.
Keeping things updated will help to.
Having up to date malware and antivirus protection may or may not help.
I can’t really condone so called malware protection that could stop malware but could also get it wrong.
I have heard some horror stories from friends and even had issues my self.
In all cases they spelt doom and reformat for everything under the sun.
On the other end of the spectrum, I know people that don’t update or security their systems because of the potential dammage said updates can cause.
And I can see why, one thing us humans need to get round our little brains is that the more complex it is the more failiers can happen.
Sure the more complex things are and automated things are, the cheaper they get, or in fact the more stable they get.
But if they break we will know next to nothing about them.
When dos broke I was able to fix it.
When windows breaks the only thing I know is that a reformat will fix it.
I don’t know in most cases what is broken, why it broke or why I would use the broken part in the first place.
Anything I can fix is a program error, or something but the more complex things get the more powerless the general human will be because only those that make things will be able to fix if they can do it at all.
So many things are the throw away type we won’t know what breaks or runs.
Another thing to note, is that the words privacy and security are changing.
Nothing is secure and nothing is private.
Everyone from governments to your best friend can or has access to some or all your information including passwords.
And information is sold and misused.
I think we will need to shift from who has access to what its used for.
If its for good things, fine.
If its for bad or those that have our info are themselves insecure then they need to fix their issue.
I think part of the current issue we have is if I a user register my id say with the government, they or another one with access is hacked, someone does what ever with my id, say murders someone, its suddenly my problem not the guy that was insecure or stupid in the first place.
If a car driving down the road stops and opens his door, and a cyclist is coming down the road, and that cyclist tries to avoid the open car door, and is hit and killed by a truck that is just going on his way that person is charged for killing the guy.
Fine but the person that started it should also get some punnishment to.
I do think that when something goes wrong with anything legal and there is a chain of events those that actually do whatever it is to start whatever never get punnished.
I think we are going over security and privacy all wrong.
With so many breeches, and with governments wanting access to our info to get past these things like terrorism its grinding to a hault.
Meanwhile for the rest of us the world stumbles on
No shop on or offline will be completely secure.
Online is emulating the real world with real world dangers.
The world outside never sleeps or at least some of it doesn’t and the net does not sleep either.
I think all laws applying to offline should apply to online to.
It won’t make us safer but it makes thing a lot easier to handle.
Another thing is that we we are relying on the net for to much.
There are a lot of things that shouldn’
‘t be there in the first place.
You can’t hack a clock, I suppose you could but why.
Why hack an oven unless you wanted to cause a fire I guess.
A heater, the same maybe kill someone if it got hot enough.
A light, if you wanted to rob someone maybe.
But why a vibrater bar scaring someone out of their witts unless you wanted to make and sell a porno movie from hell hmmm may have answered that but I don’t know the world is just to daft for me to even think about.
I read today in a twitter post that windows10 and its upgrades are getting to become a pain.
And that as things automate its harder and harder to test hardware and things without windows installing its own things.
Its a pitty windows does not have a test mode.
You almost need to leave your test systems off the net to test offline but everything is online.
A lot of my major pc diagnostics are onlin affairs.
And while a lot of my stuff is offline without online I wouldn’t be able to function properly.

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Penetration testing: Researchers successfully hack a vibrator

Two days ago, I read an article entitled: Penetration testing: Researchers successfully hack a vibrator and I found it facinating but scary at the same time. Now, a long time ago, I found articles dealing with sex and technology, but this is completely different. I can’t imagine a toy, that a woman would use, could get hacked and controled by someone. I can’t imagine something like this ever being on the Internet to begin with. I’m aware of what a vibrator is, but what to do with it, I have no idea. But that should be between the person using it, and itself. It should never be on the Internet. Here’s the clear message, taken from one of the paragraphs on this thing.

An explicitly clear message

During the CeBIT technology fair in Hanover, Trend Micro researchers placed “a large, neon-pink vibrator” on a desk facing the audience. Then, simply by typing a few lines of code into a laptop, one of the researchers was actually able to
remotely control the device . According to Reuters, the demonstration elicited giggles from those on hand. However, the fun quickly came to a sobering climax when those in attendance realized the implications of the farcical exhibition: Anything and everything that is connected to the Internet can be hacked.

I can understand thermostats, and other gadgets that might aid us in cooling off, or maybe an oven if you want to preheat it at a certain time to cook, or maybe a fridge if it is made to keep stock of your stuff and it lets you know when you’re running low, but a vibrator? This has gone too far, and I’m interested in your feedback. Thanks for reading!

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All About Fraud: How Crooks Get the CVV

On Tuesday, April 26, 2016: Krebs on Security posted this article entitled All About Fraud: How Crooks Get the CVV and I found it facinating. I’ve been always wondering how criminals get the CVV in these major breaches, and this opens our eyes. This goes to prove that keeping your PC as up to date as possible will help, as well as not installing every little thing. I really think people should give this article a read, and leave your comments.

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crashletter issue 7

Hi all.
Welcome to this weeks crashletter.
2 articles of note to go.
1. if you have dropbox, and you are on xp, you may want to concidder using an upgraded os, dropbox will be shelving client downloads in june, and ending desktop access for xp support at the end of august this year.
Straight away after it came out on the list I got it on a lot of hold outs using the insecure and unsupported rampaged at ms for pulling support in the first place to xp and other things.

  1. It had to happen eventually but I hoped not in my lifetime please.

    Spotify was breached, change your passwords

    Spotify, one of the largest music online stores up with itunes etc is hacked according to its users, the company is denying its ever happened.
    over 100000 profiles stolen and posted online.
    Just about everyone this time is effected.
    I don’t use it but my brother uses it and others in my family.
    Even if you are not notified you should get those passwords changed asap.
    It appears the hackers are after user emails.

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Technology podcast 241

Tech podcast 241 is out. VAC, AAC, and more will be your topics. Freshbooks will make a return soon, with a review from the beginning now that VAC is installed. This should be interesting.

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