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ashes to ashes, dust to dust

Hi all.
Yesterday I decided to test 2 things.
1 mushclient and mush z I havn’t worked out mush client fully yet though I played with the alterian system using mush z which was what that build was written for.
I also played with the mess emulator in apple2e mode downloaded a load of disks but descovered that only those that come with the emulator speak so wasted some time.
in the middle of all this, my systems crashed, and then I lost my way bigtime.
such that I just stopped recording.
I could go on about how to handle stuff, though most of it is just coppying stuff round folders for the most part.
in the case of mush-z download and install.
then download mushclient use 7zip to extract it or something and then cut and paste the folders and programs over mush-z to update the client engine.
otherwise as long as you run the update script every so often it won’t matter to much.
with the emulator, its on the audiogames.net general board.
the only thing I can say about mess is that for ease of use you should download the frontend for the disk selector else you will have issues you are supposed to be able to load 2 disks at once but I never got it to work.
I did load a disk and play with it but the fact is most disks unless they talk or are developed with echolink synth for the 2e or have text talker.
on the disk.
I have confirmed it will run in xp and 7 though.
I have tried only 32 bit, but 64 bit should work to.
the only disadvantage I can see with the game menu frontend is that if you have loads of disks in it you will start getting to many items.
maybe eventually we will get a better catogry view of things or something but right now there are not that many images.
the package is being updated all the time so is worth a look
www.gammon.com.au/files/mushclient is where you should find everything you need get the last version of the installer for mush you can see right now that 4.90.
www.allinaccess.com/mc has the extra plugins and gammon has extra plugins to.
one thing to note is the mush-z packages have not allways been updated so you will get things like extra libs for jaws to be loaded and such.
you will also have to associate the mcl extention with mush -z
I was going to write a really long article on programming the system but I am behind as it is and really I never was able to handle it all that well.

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