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adendum to yesterdays post

Hi all.
just thought I’d quickly add some extra info to yesterday’s post as I was so tired when I put it out, that I just couldn’t be bothered.
when you update you will find on checking for updates again 2 office updates that will not go away.
as far as I can figure out from the logs on xp and my 7 boxes they are installed.
and after downloading and running all files directly they definately are installed.
so why they are being reported as not is just bogus.
hide them to stop them coming up all the time.
Most likely this is some sort of bug so expect a rerelease or adjustments.
if you are not subscribed to ms update notifications via mail it may be a good idea to do so.
and also the www.twitter.com/windowsupdate fead always has mostly updated info.
a reminder for the power users among you that the revisions tab is the last header on the update article page and should be your first port of call when loading updates or if anything goes wrong.

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