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Experian Lapse Allowed ID Theft Service Access to 200 Million Consumer Records

OK, isn’t experian responsible for gathering data on credit card purchases so that we can get credit? If so, this article Experian Lapse Allowed ID Theft Service Access to 200 Million Consumer Records is troubling. We are always advised to call them and two other groups if we have an issue, but what do we do if something like this occurs? This is outright screwed up. Don’t remember if I saw coverage of this last year, but Brian links to other coverage within this facinating article. Holy crap.

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Technology podcast 187 is now available!

Hi all, the technology podcast, podcast 187 is now available. It covers various topics from the tech find, to cyberbullying, and a serious copyright issue we came across. We hope you enjoy the cast!Find the cast on our RSS feed

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do not install todays little notification

Hi all.
Do not under any circumstance install the windows notification for end of life cycle on xp.
This update will nag you every day at startup and every munth.
You don’t want this.
if you can find it before it installs hide it quick.
if its installed, uninstall it in the usual way quickly then hide it.
This is just rood.
we know that support ends.
we don’t need it in our face.

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Sally Beauty Hit By Credit Card Breach

Well, here’s the next one. Sally Beauty Hit By Credit Card Breach is hit online, and it is not looking good. We don’t know much, they say they are not the target of a breach, but yet, banks did their work and determine they are. Maybe it isn’t bad, or it is, and we just don’t know. I’ve never heard of this outfit, so only time will tell on what happens. I’m thinking that the more Brian comes out with stuff, the more we’ll know. He says he’s got a big one where most people won’t care, but I seem to care, and I’ve been there and done this already. This is why I’m sharing the news with everyone, because I don’t want to see others hit like I was.

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> Phone Phishing, Data Breaches, and Banking Scams

Just read an article entitled > Phone Phishing, Data Breaches, and Banking Scams which talks about Jon Oliver (Senior Architect) at the company who got a phone call which seemed to be a real phone call. I don’t know if I have talked about phone calls and scams on the blog, but this is a real reminder. Criminals are still using the old fassion telephone as well as the new technology. Be on guard. If you don’t have an account with the supposed company, than don’t respond. I’d do what John did and say that he doesn’t have an active account. I’d also tell them I’d call the bank myself to confirm. If there’s real fraud, your card issuing company should be in touch.

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This weeks security now

Hi folks,
On this weeks security now, it lasts 1 hour 45 minutes. Its a question and answer format, and an interesting revolation on why Steve thinks he doesn’t have to worry about not upgrading to a later version of Windows from his XP box. For a limited time, download Security Now 445 from Sendspace and enjoy the program!

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Credit card processors are next to be targeted

Well, its happening

Illinois Bank: Use Cash for Chicago Taxis talks about whats happening in Illinois. Apparently, a bank there is advising customers not to buy the cab fare with your card as the taxi company may have been breached when it comes to processing your credit card. Whats going to happen? My thoughts on the security breaches where I talk about what you could do. Its starting. Its not looking pretty. Stay safe, as this will only get worse. Thoughts are welcome.

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‘Talking’ ATMs for the visually impaired – The Malta Independent

This article is interesting. I know there are talking atm’s around, I’ve never used one, but from demos I’ve heard they are cool. Check this article out.

‘Talking’ ATMs for the visually impaired – The Malta Independent.

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editorial: we will control all you do and boot

I have been meaning to do this stuff for like ages but never got round to it.
Today being sunday and the fact there is little to do today online, I
thought I’d post this up.
Yesterday I checked ms update site notifications.
A lot of detections changes etc came up.
Now not a big issue.
However FOr all the new eufi bioses that are in secure boot ms has
put out an update last year to fix some noncomplient modules or
modules their authors wanted to have removed.
At the time I never giave it a second thought.
I don’t need secure boot though I can do that.
Standard is fine.
But with all the security and other stuff going on in the us, its
starting to scare me.
The update was updated to revalidate its signature for some stuff
that did not detect the update.
I am not sure if I could cheer or geer microsoft.
On one hand if there was an noncomplient module that posed a danger
then sure I’d like it stopped.
However we are given little information on what those modules are or
in fact in the case of the new bios what a module means.
So I can only assume it has to do with devices or drivers for a
device or both its probably not as dire but still.
The part of the article on windows update twitter which states “the
modules are not released to the public” gives me a bad feeling.
What are they not telling us.
Though ms doesn’t well can not certify everything several devices I
have are not ms or are not passing ms driver certification.
This brings a scary picture.
You turn on your system and windows does not load.
Or loads strangely.
You get a message, your system can not boot because it contains non
microsoft critified devices.
Please consult your system manufacturer.
Since just about everything is not ms bar ms devices, you will have a problem.
I have several realtech intel devices, printers, and the like.
vary few devices are actually ms labeled.
Could ms modify the bios to stop anything bar devices that say
microsoft or that are certified by microsoft from starting.
Now with manufacturers most should be aware and comply with whatever
so maybe external devices, etc.
though a few devices on my laptops and other systems are not
certified and you are warned when installing.
I realise the security risks but it scares me that the public are
given little information on what is being blocked and given a vague
info set to what is not loaded.
Lets hope that this only ever effects secure boot and not standard.
I will never securely boot my system or secure my system with
anything bar a local account.
It may be a bit dangerous but what is the of a system that will only
start because of microsoft bits not being there.
Oh well win7 and earlier has not this issue so in the short term I’ll use that.
If it ever becomes a problem I may have to get away from microsoft completely.

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