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More CSUN coverage of interest

We thought Blind Bargains was done with the CSUN coverage, but on the 1st or so, they uploaded 9 more files for us to check out. Some things did catch my attention from this batch, and I thought I’d write about it here.

  • Accessible Braille Emergency Alerts from NPR I think this is he biggest thing. This looks to be an app if I remember right, that would work with your braille display on your phone. I should listen to this one again, I’m not remembering it well enough, but I thought this would be a cool idea.
  • Tactalis Presents Visual Information Magnetically This is quite interesting. Presenting visual things is always hard, so I thought this might just be a cool idea. It sounds pretty cool, anyway.
  • Chat Online with the Job Accommodation Network This one might be interesting to some. Services are free, and it might be a start somewhere. The presentation was well done.
  • WordPress Accessibility Making Big Gains I think this should get a look. The blogs along my network like this and the books are running word press. This is an interesting idea of getting some kind of label so we know what will work or not. We’ll have to see what happens.
  • Finally, something for the deaf blind I would think, Bones Turns a Milestone into a Vibrating Clock where you get a pillow which would vibrate to wake you up when the alarm goes off and if I remember this right, it would work similar in telling time where it vibrates differently for hours and minutes.

To read and listen to anything on the blind bargains network go to the audio section of blindbargains.com and take a look at anything else that might interest you.

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