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a solution to cold calls

Look at that and see what you think.
I personally am devided by this.
With my caller display pyhone I know when something is private I may or may not answer and almost know immediately that it may be rubbish.
However bar the actual spam calls I get, 50% of what I get are actuall lagit companies, real estate and other things like charities calling and they usually answer for themselves.
The rest are poling and research and they also answer themselves.
The actual calls I get that may be nusance are not to many in that reguard, though the same company tends to call multiple times trying to see if we have changed our mind.
If any change needs to be made to the laws here in new zealand it should actually include not ringing at meal times like dinner.
As for companies displaying their number My only issue is that it could extend to people.
I know friends and such who want a private number, there are also legal reasons why you may want to be anonymous to.
The other way to handle it is to leave your phone off the hook which is quite acceptible with some friends and family though not my main ones but my grandpa and uncle both leave their phones off the hook during dinner and other times of the night.
I don’t get to many marketing calls as such, though not enough to be really dammaged by them.

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a solution to cold calls was released on April 24, 2016 at 11:25 am by crashmaster in general-updates-and-announcements.
Last modified: April 24, 2016.

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