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good bye, good bye, I’m leaving

Hi all.
There is no news this week as such but I thought while I had a little time before the madness which marks the end of week pack that I’d update you on what has been going on this week.
Sonnar news.
Well a userbility meeting was conducted yesterday.
We talked about the direction of the company.
On the subject of audiogame hub there is no news, nothing new has come out of the meeting as such.
Other than the fact that some new game prototypes have been delayed because of them being substandard to company guidelines.
Most of what was discussed was involving business mainly.
One thing that was discussed was our strategy within the markets.
Most audiogames devs seem to come from europe, with hubs in aisia, japan and the us with smaller local points through the western world and a smattering out of the east.
So I am trying to get the direction of the company to go in that direction.
We have 6000 downloads from last month alone.
Also was discussed more representation online as its not fully been handled, as we have handled most stuff on a local level up to now.
I want such things as video/skype/teamtalk conferences, a presence on social networks and more on forums as well as support networks.
Fact is I am not only the tester, I am the first and only tester in the local new zealand branch and that needs to change.
Next was the scrapping of the tv event as when we dug into the idea we didn’t have enough to do it, and the market we were aiming for was not the right one.
A few general experience tweaks were discussed like the feedback from the pg13 podcast.
If someone wants to put this at applevis do so but I havn’t decided exactly if I will put this up or not as nothing was really released, its more where we are going.
I havn’t the time anyway to process everything.
I have today and tomorrow to handle things.
On to updates.
out band office updates, adobe update for acrobat, codecguide updates and the like.
For those using windows 10 and up as long as you don’t care about updates it appears your programs are updating on the fly.
I logged into my windows 10 system today to update all my programs before I went away only to find that they were allready updated and running.
I only had to update the codecs and that was all.
For us pre 10 users microsoft has put out another diagnostics update for win10 upgrades.
However we are going to see this stop or at least I hope we do when end of july comes round.
Maybe they will leave us alone.
The good thing is with gwx not in tasks it appears ms can’t force us to download updates to 10 but we will see what happens this patch tuesday.
Sadly I will miss patch tuesday
I was hoping to get it updated this week but oh well.
laters all

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