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a special announcement

Hi ok.
To all, a new version of the codecguide pack is out.
Skype has a new version.

As you may have or may not know depending on your email list or forum of choice, judging by my list traffic generated in the last 2 days, we are in final week of updates and preparation for the end of win10 free upgrade on friday.
Shortly after that for nvda users a win10 essentials update will be released.
On the same day thats released win10 redstone version 16.07 build 14193 will be going live.
From various trackers we can say now that win redstone is in rtm with no major changes to hit the boards for a bit bar rc users in insiders.
After that update day 3 weeks after the actual nvda version supporting redstone will go live.
On the day of the update you will be given an option to upgrade.
There is a techtalk presentation a day before that all goes live.
For the rest of us, rumors are abound that gwx will be removed, or at least stop transmitting and I am interested what that actually means.
I have not seen any major windows updates this week so either an out of band update or maybe something else next week.
essentials version 16.08 comes out august 2.
There are dev snapshots for this with latest fixes released on the 21st of this month allready.
Sadly this is more hype, the only good point is for all those of us not wanting it we should be getting left alone.
For all disabled users there is a month’s extention and will be a page on the ms site somewhere come friday to upgrade to windows 10 at that point of upgrade free offer end.
For all those that really want it, get it now.
For the rest that are following with the band waggon, if you can hold up just for a few more days the nag screens should stop.

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Last modified: July 26, 2016.

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