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patch grind day

Hi all.
Yes its patch grind day.
Its not patch tuesday because that would honor all the patches.
And I am not in a honoring mood.
So we start with the respectable to the entirely fucked over.
1. codecguide klite meta 12.78 is out.
2. new versions of adobe flash and adobe reader are out.
In addition I had a lot of issues getting the latest updates as the update pages for get.adobe.com likes to refresh all day long and you can’t seem to allow it through script because it does this.
Even with noscript off, its impossible.
I was able to get flash fine but today it took me several tries to get the latest adobe reader from their ftp server.
3. ms nondates.
Yes non dates.
The only actual update is an important dos attack on lsass.exe and you need to recieve special data its unclear how you would actually recieve this however.
The other 2 I won’t mention at all.
In one case, elivation of privilage and a few other things.
In both cases you need to open infected files.
Ie click something, ie social enginiering.
In other words, if you are smart and don’t click these are not even needed.
You will get them in your roleup anyway.
In win10 the most critical issue is that if you incert input devices of a same time they wouldn’t work and now they do.
Supprise, supprise, there are issues.
If you use 2 moniters for a 3d program the system will just go screwy.
Thanks microsoft.
There is another little issue but still.
Teamtalk is at 5.2 stable.
There are a few more extras like that.
I was happy things didn’t take as long to get but as usual I am not impressed with the shit microsoft is putting out why don’t they try to be creative.
You will have noticed I left the edge and ie updates out of the article.
This is because there are always edge and ie updates as well as flash updates in win10.
My responce is big fucking wow!
In the latest insider it looks like there are some regressions in performance and also the fact edge again doesn’t work.
Which is why I say I am happy I use 7 and not fucked up 10.
In fact 10 seems more screwed as it goes on.
Eventually I will have to use it but till then well.

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patch grind day was released on January 10, 2017 at 9:06 pm by crashmaster in general-updates-and-announcements.
Last modified: January 10, 2017.

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