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This month’s patch Tuesday postings

Hello folks,

While Shaun covered his thoughts on the patch Tuesday problems, I do want to go ahead and give you some postings of articles from Trend Micro and Krebs On Security. Instead of bashing what we must do now to protect ourselves, be happy that companies are patching and trying their best to make their software as secure as possible.

We need to remember that writing software is hard. We can tell users to ditch Adobe, move to Lynux, use the Mac, don’t bother with antivirus, and other aspects of things that are opinion, and I don’t mind that, but we must remember that people come to get information and opinion, and just saying that its no good isn’t solving the issues we must face.

It did not impress me to have to post about the school district paying $28,000 to get their files back, but this is where we are. While I plan to let Shaun post and give his opinion, we need to understand that this is our world today. Nothing is safe anymore, and I will do my best to give you revelant articles of interest like the two linked. Keep the opinions coming, and lets see how we can do this together.

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