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Apple watch gets updates

Hi all, as I thought, apple watch did get an update to 5.2x. This apple vis post Apple Releases watchOS 5.2, Bringing the ECG Feature to Hong Kong and Europe and Adding Support for Air Pods 2 has all the details. I don’t have a watch, but I do want to pass this along to those that do and didn’t know about the update. Thanks for reading.

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IOS and Mac have updates today

There was an apple event today and IOS and Mac both haveupdates. It would not surprise me if apple watch also have updates. Below, I’ll list the apple vis articles that I’ve found.

Thats all I can find, but that doesn’t mean that there may be something else I am not spotting. Thanks for reading, make it a great day!

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Apple Releases iOS 12.1.4 and Updated Version of macOS Mojave 10.14.3 with Fix for Major FaceTime Bug

This Apple Vis post Apple Releases iOS 12.1.4 and Updated Version of macOS Mojave 10.14.3 with Fix for Major FaceTime Bug posted to Apple Vis is something we all should take an opportunity to read. I’ll be tryng to apply the update over the weekend so that I’m as secure as possible. I want to pass this along.

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IOS and Mac get updates

IOS and Mac hgetsupdates on January 22, 2019. Apple Releases iOS 12.1.3; Bringing Fixes for Bugs Affecting iPad Pro, HomePod, and CarPlay and Apple releases macOS 10.14.3, watchOS 5.1.3, and tvOS 12.1.2 are your two blog posts from apple vis. I hope this information is of value.

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Apple vis is looking for voting

This post linked here links to apple vis which is looking for people to vote in the golden apples awards of 2018. Good luck!

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IOS 12.1.1 now out

I am on apple vis, and they are posting that IOS 12.1.1 is out as of December 5, 2018. Their post is here. One thing they fixed which I was able to see was extranious text in the call history screen. I didn’t personally find it to be a big deal, but I also know it wasn’t there before, so i’m glad that they have fixed it. The post linked also has other information that may be of interest.

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Microsoft Killing Edge? A podcast has the details

Hi folks, I was tipped off to some news that Chromium was going to be the new norm for Microsoft. I’ve not luistened to this yet, but the video which includes Paul T. and Andrew is linked for you to check out. This could be huge! I know Edge hasn’t been very accessible, and steps were made to make it better, however, I’ve not used it at all. I think the times I’ve opened it, navigation wasn’t working with JFW, but I honestly don’t know how it works. This could be very interesting. Anyone hear of the news, and what did you think?

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Aira updates listeners on a blind bargains podcast

Hi there everyone! I’m late in posting this, and I recently thought this would be good to post. In an earlier technology blog post found here I mentioned the news that indicated that Aira was making changes, and we covered this in on podcast 298 which is directly linked for you to download. Michael in Indiana provided that update in the linked podcast, however, Blind Bargains also has one of the people from Aira on their cast. Blind Bargains Qast 164: Naked A.T. Twister is the title of the cast and the post linked herein, and you can download the audio file from there and read the show notes. I want to pass this information along to everyone, so they may be informed in regards to updates. I will try to catch this, and you can do so through the blind bargains app, or through Podcast or RSS feed directly from their site. I hope that this finds everyone well, and please let me know what you think.

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Blindfold and the Ipad

Hi all, Michael in Indiana needs help in regards to blindfold and the ipad. Applevis has a forum topic posted by him that has not received any response and is 9 days old. Please use this link to go to this forum topic directly and he is telling me he’s tried this with 12.1 although he may be using a beta, but regardless, any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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A free alternative to Vorail

Hi all,

On Applevis, there is a thread that is discussing potential free alternitives to Vorail. As reported in an earlier podcast, Michael in Indiana has advised us of the changes which are now in effect. This Applevis forum entry is where someone asked about alternitives and there are some options. I have not personally used any of them, and was never on Vorail as discussed in that podcast.

I’m going to post this and let people read the forum post linked and they can decide what they are going to use. If you want to submit a demo of one of these apps for listeners, please let me know and arrangements can be made to get me a copy of the file.

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Blind Alive closing after 5 years of service

It was reported to me through Michael in Indiana about the closure of Blind Alive. While the home page doesn’t mention anything, I have confirmed through the downloads page the news. Blind Alive was ran by two women, Mel Scott and Lisa Salinger. While I never baught any of the exercises, the web site through the download page is offering everything for free until the 31st.
Companies come, and companies go, and this is one that while I respect the mission, has their reasons for closing its doors.

Blind alive web site where you can learn more about its mission. Remember to go to the downloads page to get the items for free.

An email address is provided for those who would like to contact them. There is no reason to subscribe to a mailing list, but there is a donate link should you be inclined to do so.

I’m surprised that blind bargains didn’t pick it up, but after hearing the audio, and resting this afternoon, I did some digging around their web site.

The audio will be released in the next podcast once I fight off what I’ve recently come down with.

Thanks for your continued support.

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Vorail getting updated, people are not happy

Hi all,

On Podcast 291 which was released recently, we had Michael in Indiana give us an update in regards to Vorail. We’ve recently learned that it is now out, the paid version. This is free, with an in-app purchase for a monthly subscription to the service.

I’ve never used the service, but I’ve heard mixed reports about the app, and I do not have an opinion on whether I like it or not.

In the next podcast being worked on, Michael in Indiana will talk about this fact, and also talk about a potential issue where people could get away with using the app for free and how the potential issue is fixed.

We thank Michael in Indiana for providing this update series, and we are here to provide updates.

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Not so breaking, better late than never: Breaking: Marrakesh Treaty Implementation Act Unanimously Passes House, heads to President for Signature

Hi all,

I’ve not been on blind bargains in some time, so this isn’t so breaking as it was. Breaking: Marrakesh Treaty Implementation Act Unanimously Passes House, heads to President for Signature is the article and it talks about the fact that we now in the U.S. will soon be able to get books and other material in accessible formats if not in the states. This is a great step, and I’ve been watching this when I’ve been able to get news on this. This comes from blind bargains, and I’m happy to see it.

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Cooking and technology

Hi all,

Did you ever think you can use technology to cook? Microwave Cooking Just Got Easier with AmazonBasics and Alexa and GE and Alexa Work Together to Create a Voice-Controlled Microwave with Scan to Cook Technology are two articles from Blind Bargains that talk about this possibility. I honestly think that this is going to get rather interesting, and only time will tell what could happen. Since the product won’t ship till mid November, I’m curious on thoughts on what you think whether it could work for us. I have high hopes.

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Aira news of interest

I’m tipped off of some Aira news. Aira is a service provided by a company that allows people with disabilities to get services to assist in navigation, computer help, whatever they may need. I searched for an article, and we’ll have audio coverage in our next podcast. This blindbargains post found at this link will cover it in more detail. A user of the service will talk about the changes and will have more opinions on the change. My goal is to pass this along, and I hope that people find this of value.

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IOS 12.1 has been released, fixing bugs

Hi all,

I’ve decided to take the opportunity to catch myself up with apple vis. Apple Vis, a site designed for the discussion of apple products, posts blog entries, app entries, and discusses accessibility issues in regards to Apple products including the Iphone, Mac, Ipod, and other Apple products and things that connect to them. I’ve decided to see whats new that might interest me, and Apple Releases iOS 12.1 with Group FaceTime, New Emoji, and Some Fixes for VoiceOver and Braille Users is the post I’m bringing to your attention today. We believe three bugs have been fixed that I don’t believe I’ve experienced. One of them is dealing with face ID, one braille, and one notifications.

As usual, Apple Vis stresses that they can’t test every possible issue, so they ask for any updates. I hope that you find this post of value, and we’ll be back really soon.

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blindy.tv to be closed on October 1

Hi all,

I saw the following tweet on my twitter, and thought people should see this.

Brandon B, RT @BlindyTV: Due to accelerating degradation of our existing automation software, and the lack of time/interest to rebuild it and continue editing new content, it has been decided to retire the BlindyTV service on 10/1/18, at 12:00 EDT, after nearly 6 years of broadcasting. Thanks, everyone. 29 minutes ago, TW Blue

I’ve listened to this network through RS Games at times, and I thought it was very interesting what they were doing. For those who have enjoyed the network, I’m saddened to see it go. I like the idea of what they were doing and I don’t know what software they were using, but sometimes, you’ve got to make a tough decision.

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Ipad and IOS 12

Hi folks, Here is a guide to the Ipad and IOS 12 for those who have ipads that will update to version 12 which is slated for some time today.

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Tech blog releases news on IOS 12

IOS 12 is coming

Hi all, OIOS 12 will be out on the 17th. In preparation, Applevis by tradition releases several different blog posts. The Accessibility Bugs Introduced and Resolved in iOS 12 for Blind and Low Vision Users highlights whats fixed, whats broken, and what may or may not be applicable for one user. Next, Apple to Release iOS 12 on September 17; Bringing New and Enhanced Features and Performance Improvements breaks down what the new features might be of interest. I hope you all enjoy this post, and the info provided.

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Apple event from September 12th

OK, so I was looking for a post on applevis, and I found it finally. Rounding Up the “Gather Round” Keynote is its title, and it’ll give you all the details. I don’t have time at the moment to read it, but I plan on it. I hope each and everyone of you have a great day. I’ll be back later with some articles, and commentary if something comes across my desk.

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