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Tech blog releases news on IOS 12

IOS 12 is coming

Hi all, OIOS 12 will be out on the 17th. In preparation, Applevis by tradition releases several different blog posts. The Accessibility Bugs Introduced and Resolved in iOS 12 for Blind and Low Vision Users highlights whats fixed, whats broken, and what may or may not be applicable for one user. Next, Apple to Release iOS 12 on September 17; Bringing New and Enhanced Features and Performance Improvements breaks down what the new features might be of interest. I hope you all enjoy this post, and the info provided.

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Apple event from September 12th

OK, so I was looking for a post on applevis, and I found it finally. Rounding Up the “Gather Round” Keynote is its title, and it’ll give you all the details. I don’t have time at the moment to read it, but I plan on it. I hope each and everyone of you have a great day. I’ll be back later with some articles, and commentary if something comes across my desk.

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Anchor and this podcast


We’ve done it! We’ve moved this podcast over to anchor, and the issues I’ve experienced are resolved. You can still use this this RSS link to subscribe, it will redirect you to the proper place. I’ve also put out in podcast 2587 which is out now, a thank you to the team there. They were asking about a logo, but I’ve never had one for this cast. The team there put one together, and has helped me through this transition. The show notes will post later today to the blog, but the RSS feed has the entire show notes there. I hope you’ll enjoy the new home, and thanks Anchor for your support.

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Seeing AI gets an update, available in multiple countries

Hi all,

Seeing AI a microsoft product, got an update yesterday fixing bugs, adding new features including the ability to browse your photos and get information from them.

Whats new?

What’s New
Version History
Jul 21, 2018

Version 2.3

• Seeing AI now lets you browse photos on your phone, including hearing descriptions of the objects, people, text, and location. We appreciate your early
feedback as we continue to develop this feature. Select “Browse Photos” from the menu.
• Optimized performance when recognizing photos shared from other apps.
• Now available in 18 new countries, bringing availability to 70 countries: Albania, Ghana, Iceland, Israel, Jordan, Kenya, Liberia, Madagascar, Macedonia,
Nigeria, Norway, Papua New Guinea, Russia, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Switzerland, Tanzania, Zimbabwe.

The new feature sounds interesting, and I’ll be interested to see what happens with it.

Itunes link for people to get Seeing AI

Do let me know how you like this new feature.

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Official Jaws word on skype and its retirement

Hi all,

Skype is not officially retired, just the older skype that we’re used to. In this blog post I’ll link to, Jonathan Mosen of Freedom Scientific talks about what Jaws is going to do for us in the August release including turning off the virtual cursor. I’ve used it briefly in this manner, and its a bit interesting. I did not know it was used within a chrome type of interface.

The scripts will be updated, and in jaws 2019, they will better improve the scripts further to give us more control.

To read more, Here is information from the freedomscientific blog from Jonathan for you all to read.

I just want to take the opportunity to pass this along while I have the opportunity, and I’ll make sure to mention it in the next technology podcast that is released across the network.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for your continued support.

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Microsoft is Killing Skype Classic on September 1 – Thurrott.com

Well, I was upgraded over the weekend and I was not impressed, although I was tipped off that it is better usable than classic, and yes I can confirm this. Its just getting a makeover and I’m glad it is more accessible than it once was.

Over the weekend, I noticed that the desktop version of Skype was being offered an upgrade that replaced that app with the modern version.

Source: Microsoft is Killing Skype Classic on September 1 – Thurrott.com

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Blindfold games looking for a new opportunity

Hi all,

I’ve received this email back on the 23rd of May. I’ve thought about whether to post it, or just link to its survey, and decided that the whole email is best. Marty, the creator of blindfold games, needs help, and the email is below.

Need your help – New Company: Curriculum-based Games for VI students
My business partners and I from prior businesses are about to launch a new company to provide game-based curriculum for teachers of visually impaired preK
through 12 students.
Our background includes Blindfold Games, and another company we started in the early 2000s to provide IEP management for school districts.  I am already
working with several teachers and professors in this area.
There’s a one page synopsis at the bottom of this email, which is included in this survey: 
I’m simply looking for help to distribute the survey – passing this on to any and all teachers would really help.
If I get sufficient responses that indicate this can become a viable company that makes a difference, we will finish the private funding effort and launch
the company.  I would be glad to share the results of the survey with you.
Here’s the one-page info:
Over the past 4 years our company has created 80 accessible games downloaded by more than 20,000 visually impaired people.  These games range from Puzzle
Games to Card Games to Sports Games to TV Game Shows to Board Games to Word Games.  About a dozen of the games are used by TVIs for orientation and mobility
Now, we are looking to take our successful game concept and use it to support the work of teachers of students with visual impairments, orientation and
mobility specialists and others who support the educational programs of students with visual impairments.
Our team’s background include the members of Blindfold Games (mentioned above), and the founders of a company that provides comprehensive solutions for
the management and regulatory reporting requirements of Special Student Populations, including the IEP (Individualized Education Plan).
We are creating a new company that will provide educational curriculum via games for preK-12 students with visual impairments.  Games will be based on
the goals and objectives in each student’s Individual Education Plan, and will record the student’s progress automatically.  We realize IEP goals vary
from child to child and are a road map supporting children to achieve their individualized goals. We are confident you’ll find games that will support
your students in achieving their goals. All members of the IEP team: teachers, therapists, specialists and parents – will be able to monitor the student’s
We need your input to make this new company a reality.
The games we design will address all areas of the expanded core curriculum. They will be accessible to students who are screen reader users and those with
usable vision. A small sampling of topics to be covered by the games include: Sequencing, Memorization, Pattern Matching, Orientation, Grids, Calendars,
100s Charts, Simple Graphs, Rule-based games, Turn-taking, Coordinate Geometry, Arithmetic, Algebra, Grade-level Spelling, and Grade-level Grammar
Our games will be fun and educational. They are based on the feedback thousands of Blindfold Games fans have provided.   Students will be able to enjoy
the games on all popular devices: mobile phones, tablets, netbooks, PCs and Macs.
The games will be built as a collaborative effort between game designers and curriculum experts, such as teachers of students with visual impairments,
orientation and mobility specialists,  and vision rehabilitation therapists. When using a game, student progress data is stored in a cloud-based infrastructure,
easily connected to most IEP systems.
Our plan is to develop and market these educational games as part of a sustainable business that will have a long-term positive impact.

Thanks for your support.

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Klango closing May 24

Hi all,
On this posting through Klango.net they announce their closing as of May 24th. OI saw an email saying I had a new message. I’ve not personally used the service in many years, and have not used the oftware in some time. I did look at it and saw some cool things, but then stopped using it. I thought it was great for those who used computers, yet wanted a simpler interface for browsing the web and listening to audio. I was able to listen to my internet station through it, and found the messaging cool. How many have used it, and what do you think is next?

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The zone is closing

There is no official date for the zone bbs closing, but it is now officially announced. Some months ago, it was rumored that the zone was closing on a thread on there. There was nothing official, and I was just curious on what was up.

On February 18, 2018: it was announced and a mass log in was announced for 9 eastern on that day. At the time I logged in, there was a total of 117 total users logged in. People are allowed to exchange contact info, and I’d say that you should do that with people you trust.

While I’ve dropped off the zone for awhile, and haven’t really participated for a number of years, I have enjoyed my time. It was an interesting ride, and I did get first on one of the week’s football pools and I had a lot of fun.
There have been people bashing, and people who are nice. One of the threads indicates a replacement site, but it seems to be on a forum site. While I respect people wanting to have a site that would be similar to the zone, I don’t think a forum site is the right solution.

Now-a-day, sites like face book and twitter have become more accessible, and of course linked in for those who are looking for jobs or connections.

My user number over on the zone is 769, so you can find information on contacting me there., and of course, this blog will continue to run and podcasts released.

To J.J. and the gang, it has been fun. Thanks for creating a very interesting site.

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Hotbraille now a spanish site dealing with Java

Hi all,

Those of us who have been around awhile on the net remember a site called hotbraille.com. I got a piece of text that wasn’t translated properly, so sent an Email. They just said resubmit it. It was important, so I went elsewhere. It worked with short texts up to 2 pages or so of print.

For the longest time, the site was dormant, and decided to check in to it today. It looks like, and I have it confirmed, that Hot Braille is now a site promoting the teaching of Java in Spanish.

One thing I worry about when we have a good site that closes for some reason or another, is the bad that can come with the particular site. In this case, I think the promotion of Java in an alternate language other than English is all right by me. I don’t think it fits the domain, and I’m wondering why they chose that one for a spanish blog on Java? We’ll never know.

I thought I’d write about this, in hopes people might find it interesting.

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IOS releases 11.2.5 rom apple

I heard about IOS 11.2.5, which is an interesting update number for apple. Anyhow, I found the applevis posting on it and gave it a read. This is definitely something to be aware of when we upgrade, as there looks to be some regressions.

Remember that each device is going to be completely different in the way it handles the updates, and users here may not experience whats reported in the post.

Hope you enjoy the read, and let me know what you find to be a problem.

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Apple releases IOS 11.2

Hi all,

On the heals of a bug, Apple released 11.2 bringing voice over fixes among other things. Please check out the Apple Vis post for the highlights of fixes as they also link to other sources.

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IOS app updates

hi all,

On September 25, 2017: some two days after installing IOS version 11 on my phone, I was able to install updates to various apps with no issue. On the IOS 11 post from Apple Vis, it was reported that people were having issues receiving updates from apps. I had not gone in to the IOS store at all since the update, and I was on LTE when I saw the updates.

In no way am I saying that there are issues, there well could be issues with the update process. I’m just saying that I did not have any issues with the update process.

The IOS store has had a redesign, and I am going to explore it a little more closely. It looks straight forward for the app store’s new layout, but I haven’t explored it thoroughly. I just wanted to post this, in case people run across this to see if I was having any issues with updating, and I have not as of yet. I saw I had 5 updates, and I did hit the fresh button which braught 3 more, but I was not overly concerned about it.

I’ll definitely monitor this, in case there are issues. I’d rather know about the issues, than not at all, just in case I do have them.

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IOS 11 is here

Hello everyone. APPLE Vis has tons of coverage on the new IOS version 11 that was released on September 19th. It is important you check it out, because there are some regressions in braille support in this first version. There are some changes as well. Instead of linking to the various articles and blog posts, I’m linking to their site and you can go and find the things that are of interest to you. If you’ve checked out IOS 11, please feel free to share your thoughts on this blog.

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Jaws becomes jaws 2018 this fall

Herbie tipped me off to this, and I got a chance to catch up with the freedom scientific podcast. Podcast 142 indicates that Freedom Scientific will merge all of their products in to a numbering scheme that is conventional for all products. They have Jaws 18, Fusion 11, Magic 12, etc. right now. They indicate that uniforming the numbering system will make it more reliable so people knows what will work with what. I can see this to be a good thing in the long run, and honestly, I don’t see any issues with this change. The other products will follow suit when they are updated.

For more information, you may be able to find it on the Freedom Scientific web site.

Thanks Herbie for notifying me about the change. Does sound interesting.

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Screen reader usage, part 4 is now up

After a long break due to me changing editors, I’m now presenting part 4 of my screen reader usage series. Go get the article by going to this link. Instead of trying to gague keystrokes that I honestly don’t remember, I took a different approach to this article. I talked about how the keystrokes are completely different, and how, when using multiple technologies such as Windows, IOS, Mac, and the various readers, how keeping all of this remembered is the key. I didn’t do any keystroke posting here, as I don’t use the mac on a regular basis. I’m hopeful that people will be finding this article of interest. Thanks for reading, and I’m sure I’ll have more soon.

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Microsoft’s New iPhone App Helps Blind People ‘See’ | Time.com

Continue: ‘Microsoft’s New iPhone App Helps Blind People ‘See’ | Time.com’

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audio game hub

Hi all,

My phone was showing a large amount of app updates today, one of them being audio game hub. The biggest change is that all of the games are going paid unless you want to watch adds. The other is that all casino games will remain free. That is what it shows in the notations for the update. The app version is 2.0.13.

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Screen reader series

Hello folks,

Its been quite a busy time of me writing lately. It didn’t help that the person that helps me was away, but things are back on track. I’m curious on your thoughts on my screen reader series. I’ve had the first two published on omni. Part 1 was published on the 8th of June, and part 2 was published on the 9th. I hope you all enjoy the articles.

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Antivirus and the disabled computer user

Hello folks,

I really need some help, and it deals with AntiVirus and security. I’ve been using Microsoft Security Essentials, but have found in my opinion that it doesn’t work as advertised. I saw an article online about creating a file, with some code. The antivirus should pick it up while saving the file. Its not harmful, but it is a test of sorts that checks the antivirus. Its called eicar and you can google it.

MSE did not pick up this file while saving, and saving the file and scanning it showed that it was fine. I wrote an E-mail list with Jaws users on it, and someone recommended Sophos home free which i downloaded. Someone else just said that it was not accessible, and that I’m better off with MSE.

The problem we’re running in to is that we need antivirus now more than ever. Even if we’re careful, things can be downloaded that are not wanted, even when visiting a site we intend to visit. With all the breaches, something is better than nothing, but in my opinion, security essentials is not cutting it.

I do not want to install something that is not accessible, although i want something where I can set some options, and forget it unless something comes up.

It should be able to scan as something is downloaded, notify the user if something is not right about the file, and do daily updates and weekly scans.

If anyone that reads this comes up with something accessible that is free or low cost, I would be greatful.

We should not live without something that can protect our PC’s. Just because we don’t browse much, doesn’t mean that sites we do could become a problem. Its sad that antivirus has become such a problem with companies, that they make it useless to us.

We use a computer just like everyone else, and I hope to publish a series on screen reader usage. Two articles are written, and I am hoping to start a third. I know these developers are aware of access tech, as we once had the access to a lot of the products out there, but as I said, MSE is just seemingly to just pick things up at random, and it doesn’t pick up something that is tested to make sure the program runs as it should.

What are you using? How does it work?
I do not want people responding who don’t use antivirus. That will not be helpful to me.

Thanks for your time.

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