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Mytelespace changing telephone numbers

Hi all, it has come to my attention that Mytelespace, the telephone line that started in 2008, announced a new telephone number. They are announcing that the 832 telephone numbers which we’ve had since we moved to that location are going to be discontinued. The number I’ve been using is 712-432-2831 but they are not announcing that number. The number that was announced as of September 7, 2018 was 720-787-1070. The administration had asked for people to log in using that number, and when I did, I ended up getting a fast busy signal.

Mytelespace announced 5 months ago on their twitter that this was going to be happening, but no timeline was ever given.

If people read this, I’m curious on whether anyone was successful dialing the number provided.

You can email me, or find other contact on the page on the blog entitled information you need. Thanks for reading!

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anchor update

Hi folks,

I’ve had to restart the feed, and there were some issues with the import which was automated. I’ve gotten all of the podcasts up, and the blog will have to supplement the RSS with this blog as there is a 1000 character limit. We’re still going to put the mixcloud which I uploaded the last podcast to just today. Your thoughts are still welcome as we beta test together to see how this works. Its always a learning journey.

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An article is coming for a book review of kingpin

Hello folks,

On podcast 280, I did an audio review of kingpin, which I really wasn’t all that happy with it. I left it that way because I wanted to do it a certain way, but it didn’t quite work out that way. I’ve gotten comments about the review, but I thought I’d write something as well. I’ve now submitted it to Vocal for their platform, and I’ll post that review here when it is available.

Vocal also has some very interesting updates I’ll talk about in this upcoming podcast, and I’m liking what I’m seeing.

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my coments on 2 factor authentication

Well ran through the casts from last week and looked at things.
I usually don’t comment on stuff but 2 step authentication is nice and it isn’t.
I for example use it on an iphone, thats nice, you get a code on your phone for service, its fine if you have the device in front of you.
The government and other sites I use this have it.
I don’t use it on twitter though, and not on gmail.
Right now, if I do that unless all I do is view mail within chrome, every program using a google service will need an access password called an apps password.
Thats fine but it means more and more passwords to more and more things I struggle to remember the passwords I do use, in fact a lot of the free sites have the same or similar password, my shopping sites have passwords but since I use paypal thats 2 more passwords to enter in.
Google also has a feature which disables anything thats not secured.
In itself its fine, however what I don’t care about is that the only apps that google allows when this is set to on are google apps made by google.
So in short, if I am secured I have no choice, or independance if say I want to use thunderbird so I don’t do it on gmail.
Some sites allow different methods, ie email or other methods for handle the 2 step, if your phone is not in range some don’t.
2 factor itself is a darn good idea, the way its implimented can sometimes leave you wandering.
For example if I turned on all the so called security settings for google I would be stuck to google apps which is probably why they are making every app you use which is not google have a password.
If I need to signin to x site all the time, I don’t necessarily want to have to put in a code and access it.
Yes you can set something to trusted but its means another cookie and I don’t care about tracking we get enough of this as it is.
We still have a good way to go for it, for some things we allready have this sorted but for others well I don’t know.

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Data and Goliath: The Hidden Battles to Collect Your Data and Control Your World

Hi all,

Here’s my next tech book I’m going to read. I found it both on bookshare and bard. I was actually surprised to find it on BARD, but it is actually there.

For those outside the United States, you can definitely get it off of Amazon through Kindle or autible.

Here is the information about the book.

Data and Goliath: The Hidden Battles to Collect Your Data and Control Your World

By: Bruce Schneier


You are under surveillance right now. Your cell phone provider tracks your location and knows who’s with you. Your online and in-store purchasing patterns
are recorded, and reveal if you’re unemployed, sick, or pregnant. Your e-mails and texts expose your intimate and casual friends. Google knows what you’re
thinking because it saves your private searches. Facebook can determine your sexual orientation without you ever mentioning it. The powers that surveil
us do more than simply store this information. Corporations use surveillance to manipulate not only the news articles and advertisements we each see, but
also the prices we’re offered. Governments use surveillance to discriminate, censor, chill free speech, and put people in danger worldwide. And both sides
share this information with each other or, even worse, lose it to cybercriminals in huge data breaches. Much of this is voluntary: we cooperate with corporate
surveillance because it promises us convenience, and we submit to government surveillance because it promises us protection. The result is a mass surveillance
society of our own making. But have we given up more than we’ve gained? In Data and Goliath, security expert Bruce Schneier offers another path, one that
values both security and privacy. He shows us exactly what we can do to reform our government surveillance programs and shake up surveillance-based business
models, while also providing tips for you to protect your privacy every day. You’ll never look at your phone, your computer, your credit cards, or even
your car in the same way again.

Copyright: 2015

It is also available on bard as DB 81511.

I plan to review it for this cast as well when i’m done. It sounds facinating!

Have you read this book, and if so, what did you think?

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Comments to posts

Hi jared.
Firstly a minor admin notice.
Due to the fact I couldn’t get jetpack to update because of some sort of extraction error I had to completely kill and reinstall it.
If something is screwed with jetpack or wordpress settings please set things to how you want.
I have tried to set things that should be set right, but I am only human.
Thanks, crashmaster.

Specter and meltdown.
Yeah, this is old by a few days from us cert.
Is it a problem?
judging from firmware updates to the new hp remote box that came out today it seems its patched.
Just remember all that have them, if you get an update to your firmware please install it.
Please check your updates the way you do them from your manufacturer’s site.
Chances are the automatically installed software will do that when you run it but if not or you removed it, you need your machiens serial number or something to get access at least for hp units.
2. android.
Nothing is secure, be carefull where you go this thing will get fixed like everything else even if its not done allready.
Next government sites.
You’d think they would be secured, but yeah our government has been blasted because sites were not secured right.
And even if they are secure, overload that site and you may get information which is not yours or worse.
I havn’t had issues with non secured sites, but have had an issue where all benifits were cut because of a system crash.
I reported on time my situation it was noted down and shortly after that I was traveling.
I get back and am told all benifits are cut because I didn’t report.
I ring contact centre.
The data did come through but the system crashed so the output never made it.
The system was fixed, but as my situation did not go over the benifit expiry date no one thought about fixing the error and a lot of error messages got sent and that was all.
The opperater said after a pause of a minute that checks with the customs computers proved I was back and my data matched and that there in fact was no issue and the errors were just errors.
A sinical version of me though could be fooled into thinking that the data never made it and they were covering their rears.
The issue was fixed, and I was told to call back if there was an issue.
Here is the issue, after going through not only 2 step, but voice, photo, police, security, and several address checks, codes both via paper, voice and in person as well as email, you’d think if the system was nice and secure that if it screwed up someone would be able to notice it but I guess not.
Sadly an open system like android will be prone to more security issues than closed source, opensource is good, faster upgrades, faster patching, better security, and full user interaction, but the same things that make it fast are security holes.
Its the risk you take with your stuff there is nothing different.
Do I trust local and national government systems, I don’t say with my data, I do trust that they are secure enough I don’t have to worry about them if they don’t work.
Ofcause, while I need to access them the times I really need to directly access them are rarely to almost never and only have to be for security, varification checks, revarification and or if I need to travel, or update passports, address details, or services.
Most of this is automatic and so I am confident it works, ofcause if I forget my password thats a problem which I probably will since I hardly need to access the system.
I do have an access pin which I hope I never forget.
I do have questions but I just hope I don’t forget those.
There is always a ballance between user and security, you need to find it then you may be fine or maybe not.

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Comments for this week

Thought I’d lump everything into this thing.
1. dictation is it secure.
Sure, are your habbits secure?
Would you yell your credit card number in a public place to all that can hear.
The same is for medical information.
I would assume you would set things up when at home, or in the place if thats how you handled things.
There are just some things you type in even if you can dictate, its commen sence.
Sadly while not secure info exactly I have heard people yell conversations out in the bars on their phones or in cafes or other eateries.
Not only is it diskirtious and really insecure its annoying as muther fucking god!
We don’t need this.
If used properly then dictation is a usefull tool.
Put it this way, if you get crushed to death by your chipper because you decided to unstick a jam by putting your foot in it and giving it a shove?
Probably if its broken but if by the action you breaking it further by doing that it probably is your’s.
With technologies like dictation a lot of the owniss should actually be on the user.
Now if that info is online and gets hacked via dictation thats another thing entirely but I do think users need to use their ai systems a lot more well like you would do normally.
The net is almost the same as real life and should be treated as such.
Your identity is public, your information is public, I am sure some government agency is reading this post.
Thats what we all should be thinking, big brother is watching.
That means don’t be an intire fucking idiot, don’t be stupid.
This is the real world we are talking here, sadly some just choose or believe its not.
Text is a terrible medium to write in at any case voice is the key but there is a risk in everything.
2. klango.
I used it back when dialup existed and yeah I remember it all.
At first it was fine but as forums and groups grew out of proportion things started to go wrong.
I never used it extensively, but there were rumors of bad management, hackers, bad admin staff, one rumor from a user to another said that after reporting that after a particularly bad time with arguments with another user an admin told them to go kill themselves.
Ofcause rumors in these places like any electronic board are rife, so are banns for no reason, bad admins and the like.
I kept out of people’s way but as links broke and badness came out of it things improved klango died.
With twitter going the way it seems to be and facebook not far behind klango may rise up again it was a good platform I wish it could be continued and upgraded.
With the event of win10 and other things, privacy is a big thing, but choosing what we have on means we choose to share things like location, speech data, update information etc.
Using a modern system from windows to apple to android means to have the interactive experience we have we need to send a lot of data gigs and gigs of it.
And that data will be stored and sadly used for adds and addware because we as users want to be as low cost or free as we can.
Nothing is free even if they say it is.
And while I don’t care for adds, I do view adds and promotions for things like my shopping mall, bits for the paper, things like that.
The issue is that if I am having adds I want them for my city for things I recognise not forign adds. and ofcause the dangerous ones always exist.
You can’t control internet adds etc.
I mean we all get spam snailmail, and sometimes we read it.
In 1996 to 2001, spam email actually worked like normal junkmail.
If junk mail that we recieved via post came via email maybe once a day and not all the time, then I’d read it.
All those catalogs and whats on things.
Another issue with all this is that we try to fix what is not broken.
Most of the security is not in fact a virus, hacker or ransomware attack.
Its that we need to be carefull within ourselves and not be half asleep especially online.
And with that I will go and sleep myself.

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comments on various things

Well firstly the updates for patch tuesday.
Yeah, for home users the thing will not be a problem unless you just happen to be the unhappy owner of an first generation intel i3 530m mobile type chip.
My uncle’s server has an really mangled m530 first gen, it was really slow to begin with, fast first loaded, but fully loaded was slow.
Cleared off and maintained still on the slow side.
With the update almost useless.
For all the 7th gen and 3rd gen units I own including a first gen or second gen i3 standard from 2009 its not that bad.
Transfering files on all systems from flash drives from and to does seem to slow down a lot especially when its small files I have to deal with.
What should have taken me 5 hours now takes me most of a day.
But since I don’t have to transfer 10-100gb per day thats hardly the issue as such.
I had to recover a friends data for him and have a little to go.
Next swatting, I think this could be added to the nusance or at least scam calls.
You don’t like someone, you get a swat team on them.
There is just one floor in this attack.
The police are not dumb!
They are the police, trusted inforcers of the law so they are not dumb!!!
Except they seem to be as dumb as the cucumber I eat on my salad.
Technically this attack is as bad as something trying to scan a port, its not as bad as a traditional spam attack, or ransomware, but if successfull it can deliver as much dammage as a virus with ransomware, malware, fishing hoax and spam/worm trogen elements.
The only semi cool part of this for the geeks here is that till they get smarter, there is actually a way for you to get destroyed by your computer (the machines are coming! run for your lives)
Seriously though this attack shouldn’t even be able to succeed and even if it did like spam emails it should be recognised as such and handled accordingly.
You’d better hope there isn’t a robot uprising tomorrow because the machines are smarter than us
I do think swatting can be added to hoaxes, fishing and scams in general maybe spam.
The attacks are initiated online in a forum, a bit hard to get handled unless certain phrases are blocked I guess.
Once on twitter, as long as person x keeps the same name well who knows.
If they don’t mask their ips then they can probably be traced.
For those that do its almost impossible.
I recieve scam calls, emails, etc every so often.
The emails and calls are not dangerous in themselves but if you follow them, open their attachments or click their links they can be.
I guess we are only human but this attack is easy to avoid and even if something does happen it should be easy to realise that its a hoax.

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ots to read

Lots to read as of late that I’ve been doing, and no time to blog. I’ve also been writing about other articles, as well as starting on the next podcast. Some of the articles deal with ransomware, some deal with the continuing problems with the equifax breach, and yet others are dealing with the complexities of keeping ourselves safe with tips and other information on cybersecurity month. You can go to my go to my live journal where it posts my tweets each day and yiou can pick what interests you. Stay safe.

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Inaccessible cloud services

Well we all heard about inaccessible antivirus and sadly this seems to be spreading.
Its spreading to things we use like skype app, and cloud storage.
I use dropbox a lot, it mostly works then again I don’t need to share right now or set anything right at the current moment.
What got me started on this is that I have icloud for a system and its totally inaccessible now, I can use it and get things to run ok but there is some image or window covering it and this with the v7 upgrade.
That is not fully to bad, but google has bundled the photos and drive app together.
While all in all thats fine some of the options could be a lot better.
Things like the my computer, desktop and photos buttons do not press or read statuses if pressed or not.
There is also an invisible window appearing all the time when the thing runs.
Intel has a new updater to which sadly is not accessible till you click it then the internal web app which is online is quite accessible, better than the older app but still.
On upgrading automatically to the new drive app backup sync, it would crash randomly.
To fix things I had to uninstall and then restart else you get issues all over the place.
Then you need to hope it doesn’t upload your computer to itself and choose the right drive to store it all.
I managed with some trial and error to turn all that off.
This took most of the morning.
I really hope this trend doesn’t continue, at least with security software there is a sort of way out, but with this stuff, dropbox, google and icloud not to mention modern skype.
Its a bit of a problem.
Some things go up others down.

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Editorial, lets fix this thing or technology is all fine and dandy when it works

Imagine this situation.
You get a bit of tech from a user or family member, in this case an old obselete put together unit from ebay or similar in this case an intel dh55tc which is not made anymore, with an amd module with an old pre gen1 i3 530 at 3ghz with 8gb of ram of unknown type probably ddr2, a ralink card which died at least 5 years ago and with issues up the spout.
So here you are, turn it on, computer, click.
Me good, windows starts, and we wait and wait and wait for ages.
Me run nvda windows oooook stutter, stutter stutter.
Me fine.
No sound, no notifications, ok weird.
Me run dd.
windows, dd not found, no error ding, me ok.
Test sounds windows I don’t want to
me, fine.
Windows, no connection.
Me there is a connection.
Windows, the card sucks.
Me, reinstall card.
Windows there is a connection but its in airplane mode.
Windows, fuck off.
Me, uninstall the driver please.
Windows, insert card, me no.
Windows ok its gone.
Windows says no connection after reboot.
Me install driver, windows ok, connection found.
Me, why,.
Me: google what is this ralink thing, and why can’t I get drivers for it.
Google: according to cloud databases this brand is no more it has been deleted, the new node says the product is legacy.
Me lets buy another one, I find and buy another card, it costs a bit more than a standard card but its duel and tp link.
And its in the mail hopefully.
Right, no sound.
Me run all the fixits.
Windows its fine.
Me update driver, windows says need to get rid of the old one.
Me fine, accept my usb device.
Windows no.
Me ok alt tab hit alt n, wait 10 minutes, windows, I have sound.
Me: ok so now what.
Me, lets ask google.
me : google, the sound does not work right.
google: your user profile is corrupted.
Me, so lets make another one.
I do, Me, windows open the old profile, and transfer all the data over please.
Windows, I don’t want to.
Me: hit’s reset.
Windows starts.
Windows sounds work.
Me: thank the lord.
Windows: I can access the files now.
Me: transfer the files.
windows does so.
Me: delete the old user account.
Windows, confirm deletion.
me: confirm.
windows freezes.
Me reset.
Windows starts the account is gone the files are transfered.
Me, start google drive and install it as does not work.
Windows installs it, the account sets up fine so does onedrive.
Me: install dropbox.
Dropbox, invalid account please make another one.
Me: fuck! off!
It does and I set the mail up.
Me: outlook get mail.
Outlook: ok.
Message from dropbox, your password is expired.
Me: ok, I am really close to taking a hammer to the ceo of dropbox.
Dropbox comes up and I reset the password and login no trouble.
As this dialog shows this has been my week’s work.
My uncle has this old intel out of date board obselete hardware server 320gb hdd which he uses for a few small things which can not be migrated to the cloud.
This includes an isp mail database.
Sadly this database got lost in the corruption.
In addition outlook saved the database for its email in the users/username/hiddenappdata/local which is also hidden.
And sadly I never checked it when the user got dammaged so its gone.
And there is no backup.
Luckily the system is a non critical subsystem, the main datasources are cloud based ms and google respectively.
The last time this happened on the previous server, the encripted hard drive or rather one of its supplies caught fire.
The board died and it had to get recovered at cost.
It is recovered but everything is all over the place in a corrupted mess so who knows.
I have changed it so outlook saves in the documents/outlook files folder so it isn’t but yeah.
I need to check to make sure the dropbox and adobe cloud syncs are updated and then I should be fine.
Technology is nice till it breaks and being a tech the stuff breaks in interesting ways.
Oh if only for the old days of dos.

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updates for the month

I usually don’t post a piece on here especially because ms doesn’t post any info however.
Updates for windows are out no office, adobe reader, flash abbyy fine reader, some applien studio products, amd drivers, codecguide.
and ccleaner.
There is a lot of them.
Read up if you want.

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Some recent issues, they are being investigated

Hello to all subscribers and readers.

I’m Jared Rimer, I’m the main one who writes here on the technology blog and podcast. While I’ve not written much lately, I want to come in here today because there have been some downtime on this and my other blog, but this one is the most written on right now.

Recently, my moderator, Shaun Everess, E-mailed me this morning pacific time, to let me know of a blog outage. I was able to confirm and open a ticket within the hour of me being notified. This blog came back up within the half hour of me writing the ticket.

Let me explain what is going on here.

  • Our control panel checks for updates each day at midnight.
  • We are not sure, but some component somewhere is having a hard time, and thats what is being investigated.
  • I am not completely sure, but the component may have something to do with database connections, so anything needing a database connection is effected.
  • The good news is that the provider was called early this morning. Due to the time, the provider was not in a position to deal with it then, so it was delbt with as quickly as possible.
  • I can’t guarantee anything right now, but i can tell you that this is being monitored to figure out whats happening. Thanks for your continued support, and the JRN apologizes for any inconvenience this causes you.

    The last time we had an outage, it was after an upgrade, but I can’t prove that because it wasn’t just this blog, and multiple accounts were effected. We’ll continue to keep you posted as soon as we know something. Thanks for your continued support, and Thanks Shaun for getting us alerted. Without you, I don’t think I’d notice a lot of the issues. Thanks bud for all your support.

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    march’s updates

    Well I have been busy this month but thought I’d put out all the updates since no more have come.
    Amd drivers, and others.
    Windows 7 monthly and preview monthly.
    adobe flash, and adobe acrobat update services.
    Dropbox, skype all have new versions.
    codecguide 13 is out.
    Windows10 cumulative for march is out.
    Well technically 3 versions came out one you had to manually download from the catalog.
    The first version was the big update including february’s update.
    The second versions fixed issues with the first.
    The third fixed issues with the second ie it broke windows store.
    Office recieved 2 updates one minor today.
    Itunes has an update.
    Garmin devices had one of their updaters depricated and another released, tomtom has a new update for its home suite.
    Thats that for this month.
    Next month is windows 10 creaters.
    Interestingly if we use old termonaligy we have win10 then win10 a.
    Now we get win 10 c where is win10 b?
    And where did windows 9 go by the way.
    Intel also has a driver updater update to 2.72.
    More next month.

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    comments for today

    Hi jared.
    Hmm ransomware, yeah anyone can make it, sad but true.
    Companies will do anything to get their data back, sad but true.
    They should have backups but a lot I know don’t have adiquit backups.
    Kids and the net.
    You know my feelings on the issues, kids shouldn’t have any access to the net, a mobile phone, etc till they are 13 or maybe older I never got mine till I was 20.
    Failing that, kids need to have the net restricted for them before they get on it.
    Ie no access to facebook, no way to tweat, no way to do anything bar what is safe.
    Soon enough they will figure out how to get through controls you put in place.
    The net needs to be portrayed as a emulation of the real world.
    Its a good place to find info, buy things etc, but as in the real world there are dangers and these are mirrored on the net a lot more than you think.
    Some scientists have found out that the digital data we put out can be used to profile us humans, and without the offline limitations we usually associate with normal laws online, we reveal our true selves.
    This in itselves is scary in deed.
    I am usually myself online though I know my temper can get a bit hyped at times.
    So we need to be ourselves where ever we go.
    Kids are smart they will eventually break any blockers you chuck at them.
    Its also known that they can change their profiles on social networks so they are above the restricted age.
    The net should be discussed as an extention to the real world its just more of the real world with 0 travel time.
    Sadly I have seen extremes on each end.
    I do not know about the non safe end as such but I do know about the super safe end.
    If you are to safe and you don’t risk then you are to protected and this is not good either.
    I have family with a religious type of thing going on.
    Their children for a while got restricted tv, restricted net in fact no net, no phones, etc because they were full of evil.
    They rebelled.
    Whenever at a tv they all watched it 24-7.
    One of them grew up eventually pirating software and loading cracks and doing things she shouldn’t because she was denyed the risk.
    I have seen worse, people that will simply crack things because the net is to dangerous to buy stuff from.
    People that will simply not buy anything online or worse will just not do things that are conciddered dangerous.
    I worked for a school who had some serious issues with their system.
    Holes where while secure, things just didn’t work right.
    They restricted some sites sure, but while trying to report an access issue I inadvertantly opened a staff email account I shouldn’t have access to.
    I reported it immediately ofcause.
    Their responce was to say I hacked their net and a lot of other lies and to fire me.
    I assume therefor that this is how they handle all their security.
    Gettring rid of the visible issue and not fixing things.

    Another thing to notice.
    If your kids grow and get more familiar with the net they may eventually outgrow things.
    Eventually every one of your kids will need their device and you will loose control at that point.
    I have various people I help, those that will respond to a virus installing every program to secure their system only to give it to me unworking and slow.
    I have had to basically pull out all the security programs and reinstall everything so its working right.
    Then there is the secured person which is uncertain what is or isn’t.
    Ie, those boxes on the internet saying you are insecure must be lagit but are the program icons on the system tray lagit?
    Should I ask the admin, no he’ll think I am a total dumbass, I better not.
    As you realise, the ones he should have looked at are the ones in systray by the clock but if you havn’t used it before it can be a strange place to look at stuff if you expect it to appear in front of you.
    While it was a headake for me to clear it, it can be a issue for users that do not use all their desktop all the time or their icons.
    Its a lot better to be happy that your users are secure but I do get called about icons, what do they mean, or my system is secure but how do I get this function or this data.
    So things do happen a lot.
    Most of the time, what does this button do.
    Ie, there is a web icon on your brouser saying things are not secure.
    There is an icon in the notification ariea but its saying something else and you are not sure what both are.
    In this case the icon on the tray was wrongly being reported because of an error in the program the icon in the brouser was fake but a user wouldn’t know what was safe even adults do it.
    It maybe therefore a bit hard to secure your child totally.
    They will learn as they want.
    The only thing I guess is to show them what is safe and what is not.
    On that note, safe is one term they may have to find out for themselves.
    Generational safety will change from time to time, general safety can be taught but the rest well it will depend on what is needed.

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    editorial, what age should we get cellphones or is there more

    This article from stuff
    Is an interesting read.
    In brief, is discussed how yung is to yung to have a smart device.
    Firstly I don’t share the opinions of the artical writer fully but
    partly agree with it all the same.
    I will respond to this article with one of my own.
    My question dear readers is not if children or teens should get access
    to phones but should children and teens get access to the net.
    No lets go even further should some adults be banned from using the net
    or cellphones entirely.

    We all know how cool technology is, social networks, blogs like this
    one, twitter, facebook, calls overseas with skype, free services like
    vibre, whatsapp, group shares, cloud services like mega, dropbox google
    drive, calendars like the google one, diaries, scheduals, games,
    research, net searches, the list goes on.
    We also know about the down sides of technology.
    No, these are not hackers, viruses, malware, ransomware, and all that,
    its deeper than being hacked or getting your identity stolen.
    No, its worse than that.
    Let me ask you a simple question, how many times over the last 10 years
    have you played a board game, played cards, gone out side and played any
    games at all, socialised with friends, not got stressed because the net
    has gone down, etc, and if your answer is not for ages if ever you are
    probably close to the truth.
    It is known that we use our devices to much.
    Our activity has reduced.
    Our wish to take risks has reduced to, we are scared to break something.
    We need our mail and the net.
    If the net goes down we are at a loss.
    For those born pre net era life was different.
    For those born post net we know no other.
    The fact just about anyone can use a computer is a blessing and a curse
    for when it breaks we are almost powerless to fix it and this trend will
    continue on and on.
    Crimes asside, and the usual rifraff I write on here this article got me
    thinking and thinking hard about a time before I had access to the net.
    That time for me was at the end of the 80s, and the 90s up through till
    the revolution in 2002.
    I remember playing board games with my family, children playing outside
    in the street, games on games.
    Sure there was tv, but it had its place.
    Research required you to physically do it, if you had something to do,
    you either called for it on a normal phone, or got out of the house to
    do it.
    You had friends, real friends, and you talked or wrote as the case may be.
    You got on with things because you knew you had to.
    Even when computers really came out they had their place.
    I can’t say I watch much tv even though I have a pre smart 24 inch job.
    Even though its got audio description on.
    I do have dvds but don
    ‘t watch to much.
    I have drives full of files but I never sit to much and listen all day
    if I can help it.
    I try vary hard to ballence my life on the pc and off it.
    I don’t use a modern smart phone nore care for one just yet.
    I see several issues with our world.
    1. computers are everywhere.
    We are getting on them to quickly, from our humble consoles to that
    latest ipod everything has them.
    They are cool, and they rock, but we have forgotten their place.
    We are not to far from becoming dependent on technology but there is
    still enough time if we move there are still a couple older generations
    left to teach the new.
    The following things need to happen in my mind.
    1. children should not have computers or smart phones or any
    electronics to be honest.
    They should play outside, break legs and other things as they used to do.
    I have never broken a leg in my life but no one has the choice anymore.
    All the health laws mean people are so worried of being sued that we all
    sink into a non risky weak state.
    2. a computer should be shown to a teen or those at school as a
    research tool, first, secondly a gaming one, and only for the moment
    educational games and maybe old style video games.
    3. once you are at the age you can vote or drink whatever is later,
    that will be the age you can be left to do whatever till then strict
    rules should be in place to stop people going online not knowing the risks.
    Playing on your devices is fine but being more interested in them than
    real world is not.
    Its why on holiday I force myself to leave my computer at home and not
    use it.
    I do take a recorder or a music player with recording facilities, a
    camera is also good to.
    Maybe a note book if you are able to see to write in and a diary there
    are still paper ones round the place.
    I don’t know how we’d block this, but all those violent games and such
    while fun just are no good for children.
    Heck adds for games games in general are no good.
    Twitter and other things are no good for children, in fact once they
    master a life outside the machine realm, then by all means introduce
    them to it.
    We are creating people that never have been outside and have almost no
    need for it.
    And before you judge, I do have family that are locked to their devices
    all the time all day long and not using them as was intended.
    I have a friend recently dead who was an impulse buyer.
    He brought lots and lots of stuff of and online.
    He is dead!
    He can’t take all his stuff to heaven with him, most of it is unused,
    and what do you do.
    While some of his stuff can be sold for little cash, most of it is not
    interesting for the people that have to deal with it.
    So it will all go to landfill.
    His house is junk, it is in agood ariea but it will be destined to
    become another monster apartment block like everything else.
    This guy has no legacy, his wife still alive languishes in a home with
    almost no cash and not much to show for her past life.
    Granted this is an extreme case, but is this what we want for future
    To start, live on material things and then it all goes poof and no more?
    True our digital identities will remain till hackers take them and we
    are kicked off the net entirely but our ghosts even digital ones are not
    alive, text is no substitute for communication and those people on our
    twitter and facebook accounts are not our friends.
    The people you email well some of them may be your friends sort of as
    well as those on social networks.
    But if you die, you have nothing to remember you by or only an aspect to
    remember you by.
    The only differences from real buildings and those constructed online as
    that they never age.
    Nice isn’t it, but what about if not only do they never age, they never
    Or more simple terms, if you have an online house it never gets older,
    its always sunny, the food in the fridge never goes off, its never eaten
    in fact its only an idea of food.
    You never get older, but neither do you have a past.
    You never sleep but then you don’t have much of a life either.
    True, you can game, play music, socialise, chat, go on dates, have sex,
    Watch tv, read the news paper.
    You can never break a leg, drive, eat, sleep, get sick, die, physically
    touch, or talk as such.
    You are not a name, a person, just a user id, a link, an ip, you are not
    black or white, have no religion, aren’t much at all.
    Thats all well and good.
    But the net has connections to the outside.
    We mirror the net, the net mirrors us, but there are differences in the
    There is no crime on the net but there are no laws either.
    There are no police on the net but its not like you can do any crime
    online that doesn’t have an offline exit.
    You could hire a murderer but never be killed online.
    You could steal someones identity, infect someone’s computer with a
    virus, but you couldn’t do much if you stayed online.
    You are imortal but time never moves.
    You are but you aren’t at the same time.
    Thats all well and good but as I said everything in the net has a hard
    link outside.
    If you do a crime online it will eventually link outside so no escape.
    Things do change outside the net and as soon as things leave the net
    they are subject to our universe and its rules.
    We are forgetting where we sit in the big machine.
    We don’t sit anywhere in the big machine, we are part of it but we are
    still linked outside of it so we aren’t at the same time.
    Fact is the world emulates the net and the net emulates the world except
    it doesn’t.
    So this all means in short that we are becoming more interested in the
    online than offline world.
    We are not machines yet, and that means we need equal access to both.
    And if we continue as we are, then we will find out just how useless and
    insubstancial our ghosts are.
    If we lose our hard links we are nothing.
    I know future movies and scifi likes to have humans in some cases not
    needing boddies ever, and that we are big minds, etc but lets face it,
    we forget about the outside then we may as well live in the sun for all
    it will do us.
    I think everyone needs to decide where they slot in instead of jumping
    on the bandwaggon.

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    the state of tech

    Comment on the following and then look at my comments
    The article is explaining exactly what I feel is happening.
    With technology becoming more simpler than it needs to be, we are losing the knowledge to fix it when it breaks or secure it.
    On the plus side, it means technitions and others will have better jobs but on the minus its going to become a problem.
    I am not sure if I aggree if we have slipped that far back but we are close to it.
    I grew up with dos, I worry if I don’t have everything up to date.
    Every driver, every software I can, as long as its free or low cost.
    I want to make sure within reason that I am fully updated where I can.
    I don’t fully aggree with his security stance.
    I also don’t aggree everyone should use linux.
    Firstly windows is all over the place, reguardless of what people may think, all desktops are not dynosaws.
    Computers may be getting smaller but everything has its function.
    The net doesn’t need to be filtered but on the other hand, if you took away all the nice sides to tech, background tasks and multitasking would have to take a dive to.
    I couldn’t dream of having to go back to a single task system.
    Yes in the old days things were easier to handle.
    If things went wrong you knew.
    But all this new stuff its all in acrinims and code, like oob, wbm msxml, etc.
    We don’t know whats broken and well its a problem.
    On the otherside as long as things are secured.
    I don’t mean secured to the nines where it impacts system performance but secured just enough so the user needs to watch their ass its fine.
    A lot of this new stuff is designed so we don’t have to bother with it to much.
    When I started my technical job I got no training I started by running every file on my dos 5 system and seeing what it does.
    No one does this anymore.
    If you run every program you can on your windows system you know what it does and you learn.
    True you can’t trash your box but keep searching google for things and see what they do.
    I didn’t have that resource.
    2. hacking is bad.
    Because of the criminals, hacking suddenly is bad, it never was bad as such its just what the media says.
    Not all hacking is bad.
    In fact in some cases with industry there are security bounty programs.
    Yes, find the holes and see if you can hack our system and you will get 100 grand and maybe a job!
    Next there is all this spying.
    We are making to much of a fuss.
    In most cases if you don’t screw up then you are not a problem.
    No government has the resources to go after those of us that lead average lives.
    Yet we are scared into thinking that everyone is after our ass.
    From reading things online, and my own experience.
    Your average hacker isn’
    ‘t after your average home user.
    Why, no cash in it.
    Big businesses, governments and others known to have cash are targets.
    Its known unpatched systems and a lot exist we know that are targets.
    3. miss information, there is a lot of this.
    Your antivirus software or security software shouldn’t slow down your box, if it does its badly programmed and should be dumped.
    The best protections are our heads, and maybe some passive software, not our expensive software packages.
    If thats true, then 3 games I play, pluss a bunch of documents I use daily and programs I run as well as stuff I write are trogens or something like that.
    As for dangers online, kids ie 5 year olds and up shouldn’t even have access to computers.
    They’re to stupid and dumb and only know enough to get trouble.
    Chatrooms can be and have been proven to be dangerous we know this.
    That new torrent is not the best unless you use vpns, and if you can afford it buy it.
    If you can’t then there are probably some opensource things round the place.

    Things I don’t aggree with.
    All kids shouldn’t need to program their systems.
    This is not the 1960s or the punch card days.
    Kids need to use word and excell and search google for resources.
    When I started I learned my blindy wordprocesser and thats it and its all kids need to learn.
    Kids shouldn’t use smartphones or anything till they are at least 20, I never used a smart phone till just after university.
    Before that I did have a phone for calling numbers but that was all.
    Children shouldn’t have access to the net till they are at least in highschool
    The net is not a little place with resources in it.
    It is now another real world, another world with its shops and stores and robbers and other criminals like our world has.
    Everything goes and sometimes it doesn’t.
    The only difference from the net to the real world are the following.
    1. you don’t need to eat drink or sleep.
    2. while you can order things for your offline self you can’t consume anything online.
    3. cash, yes you can shop in stores for things you want offline and maybe things for online games but you can’t buy anything as such like a car to drive online as such.
    You can’t consume drugs online offline you can but never online.
    Its never dark on the net, but then there isn’t a sun either.
    There are no quakes or fires or anything as such on the net either.
    There are no storms or beaches or anything.
    Cyberspace is not like systemshock 2, the matrix or anything, its just another place you can do a few things.
    Everyone on twitter and face book is not your fucking friend!
    In fact you don’t know who anyone is usually.
    The net is unsafe and dangerous.
    There is no discrimination either but still.
    Taking this in mind, then you should know that the net other than all that is close to the world.
    Sadly text is not the best form of communication.
    Even now I am making assumptions on people I read, where they live, even building entire lives for that person, but those are errors I don’t know who the fuck they are unless I talk to them physically.
    Security and privacy do not exist.
    There are several reasons.
    The most important one is not that we blab our location to the world.
    That does not matter.
    When we buy things we send our credit card info to the world.
    That again doesn’t matter really.
    The government knows who we are and thats stored online and again it doesn’t matter.
    Even if your internet and entire identity is stolen and misued and you end up in jail that still doesn’t matter.
    The most important thing which no one grasps is that we like to gossip, posting on social media and other things.
    And we like to brag just about everything about ourselves.
    I don’t mean to stop, but at least think what we are sharing.
    That allone should reduce our risks.
    That next bit of security software is not security its just a chance for something else to get wrong.
    Oh and that software is not exactly configured for you its made by someone else telling you what they think you should do.
    I am not saying don’t be secure, you should have something to moniter things and such but don’t automate so when it goes nuts then you don’t know what is happening.
    Be carefull where you go and visit.
    Above all if you have teens and kids, you will sadly have to keep your install disks near by.

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    comments for this week

    Firstly look at the following
    http://www.fastcompany.com/3067260/hit-the-ground-running/this-google-experts-top-seo-tips-for-job-seekers-in-2017 … by
    This is a guide for job seekers to get noticed.
    Its largely linked in heavy.
    For us as blind people videos etc don’t really apply unless you want one.
    Your qualifications and experience applies if you have either.
    Your photo applies if you have a sightling to take it and give it for you then dropbox it and keep it with you.
    I am unsure if your blindness profile doing blindy things for blindy people ever applies to the mainstream.
    For me your best bit is to put direct feelers out and look.
    Third party agencies let me down to many times to be of any real use.
    And when they half worked things half worked to.
    And when they failed they went into program loops eventually asking you to pay cash to them.
    I say delete, then they ask me to pay cash and charge my account and I say delete and they go away.
    Maybe I havn’t had a good run.
    I doubt the standard people that recruit will care about your blindy past and blindy activities no matter how impressive.
    Directly emailing those you know or contacts in organisation or directly responding and engaging with the companies themselves will.
    I am not saying its easy, but I have had better success up front with organisations.
    Every time I complete a contract I end with the fact I’d still like more.
    In this world its not adverts anyway its who you know and where you can go.
    My first job started with me ringing a friend and saying I was bored because I didn’t have one and wanted to do tech stuff.
    She put me in touch with a guy who was related to one of her tutors, and this got me into government research.
    That wasn’t the greatest thing, its 1-3 hours grind twice a year and while good I couldn’t see me taking this on as a full time slog.
    Data entry even high payed data entry with the transport and lunch chucked in, varying teams, a cool as boss and the chance to work with supercomputers and large data tablets has its drawbacks.
    No cellphones or electronics due to security and shielding.
    Sitting in a interesting position while working and wearing devices, often emerced in liquid, the tiredness, and the fact I tend to eat more than I would usually eat even though I am only using my brain is a concern.
    Solving bugs on the fly is a pluss, but for a job its really just data input.
    Most of the time I don’t even see the reports.
    My next jobs involved me subscribing to a blind organisation list for technology.
    I recieved a brief message from a government test team rep that basically said one of their main testers got some malware which fried their network and had to withdraw.
    The deadline was that day, should have been that day.
    I had to fill in first come first served.
    A lot of people applied.
    Initial project went for 2 years and at the end of that, last year the team was restarted again and I recieved my first paycheck.
    Granted it was only around 100 but the usual technition fee for my kind of work is 25 bucks per hour which isn’t to bad.
    That was like that way with the last job to, until hr decided that it was a skilled job and so it went up to 100 bucks per hour with 40-50 bucks overtime.
    If you take the 25-30 bucks for transport and 10-20 for food they may have been paying for with the previous job thats actually a major sum.
    Payments were with cash or fuel cards or supermarket vouchers only but still.
    The rest were direct transfers.
    Thats another thing.
    If you have a bank account, you should have a couple
    A day to day savings account and an investment account they call it.
    Its basically check, its where all your payments go for benifits and jobs and where you do online stuff.
    For international jobs and you will encounter a lot of them from time to time though they may or may not come up as the case may be, I’d get a debit card.
    Even if you never use this card its needed for paypal access.
    Why not credit?
    If you have your own business and can mannage funds you can I guess.
    But to stop you becoming a spendaholic it may be easy to get debit.
    If you spend your account then you spend your account and will know about it.
    If you get the other then in debters hell you go.
    Look at the can’t pay we’ll take it away show on uk tv and you will find how firey, hot and full of brimstone debters hell is, in short don’t go there if you can help it.
    You will have to get used to obscure paths to.
    Also deadlines that seem to be immediate.
    Things you will need off the cuff.
    Email skills, office and wordprocessing are not big but you should take some.
    Your organisation should have basic net, wordprocesser and other free or low cost courses for you to take to start off with.
    If you get a scholarship then a business certiffic is a must.
    In particular the following subjects I found invaluable to me.
    1. level 3 communications.
    Basically your standard english class with basic report, letter and speech writing.
    2. introduction management, which shows how businesses work and are structured.
    3. introduction to marketing, shows how advertising works.
    4. introduction to law which shows you how law works in particular business law.
    I’d also take information systems for general computer knowledge, wordprocessing level2 and if you get a good reader spreadsheeting level2.
    I’d also take a refresher math course for theory if you can stomach it.
    If you do get a scholarship or even if you don’t there are keys to success cources in such things as writing and time management.
    If you need to speak a lot in public as part of your description and feel nervous then joining toastmasters is a good thing to do to.
    I am not but my brother who is an enginier is.
    He is not the best but can write speaches in a week and practice them in 2 days or so and get ready to rock so thats usefull.
    For the international jobs I’d recomend the following.
    1. teamtalk, teamspeak and ventrilo people use these for job stuff from time to time.
    2. skype is really needed for international phone stuff.
    3. email client like thunderbird.
    4. good email and net skills.
    5. a paypal account.
    A lot of jobs for international use paypal for their transactions.
    Some may charge direct transfer to.
    Another thing to note, if you do do local jobs, giving out your comtact number is fine.
    But if you run internationals only give your contact number if they spaciffically ask for it.
    Its not just privacy, talking to people internationally can mean juggling time round.
    Remember that email is timeless.
    If they ask you to talk directly, try a voice chat service or a voip like skype first if possible.
    If they want to ring you arange a time, but it may not be worth the call to ring them.
    Some like my latest venture with sonarinteractive will want to physically meet with you.
    Just be carefull who you trust and such especially if you need to let them into your house or something.
    Look at social networks of your friends or other places for jobs.
    One thing you may get is a servey to fill to get a job, or a couple lines for a job.
    Remember in this day and age the companies or people that are hiring you are also searchable, so in theory you shouldn’t ever run into much trouble unless you jump to fast.
    But what if you do?
    If its to good to be true then it may or may not be that way.
    Sometimes you need to see if they are really honest or not.
    Usually if they speak to fast and or say outrageous things of what they expect they are over their heads.
    You can spam block emails, block them on twitter, and skype etc.
    Delete their contacts, etc.
    It gets worse if they know where you live or even know your credit card.
    If they know your paypal email or bank number they can’t really pull cash from you, just read the fine print.
    Contracts in my business are usual one off things or verbal but if you ever have a written contract, it may be worth checking it out if you can.
    On to other things.
    1. smart tech.
    Smart tech is really good but anything in a computer can be broken.
    So all those smart things could be hacked it doesn’t mean they will but anything electronic is breakable.
    In fact anything physical is breakable period.
    2. certifficate breaches.
    To be honest big companies loose their keys all the time it seems to be the nature of the beast.
    This is partly solved with the fact keys never stay valid for a month or 2 at a time for the most part and new ones always exist and come out.
    From time to time, keys get lost in transfer or a new key is revoked by mistake, or simply someone drops their keys.
    Since its easy to make new keys, companies just tend to make another key and then say we dropped the old one.
    Sometimes like the act of dropping your keys or not being able to find your wallet or glasses they will publically drop their keys and the net being the unsorted filing cabinet it is tends to have those being found by something else later on.
    A certifficate compromise is not as bad as it sounds to be honest.
    As long as another key is made once dropped then its not a problem.
    The dropped key will eventually expire if not found and keys expire from time to time anyway.
    Even microsoft and major certifficate previders are not imune to dropping keys.
    And because of the large volume it doesn’t matter that much if 1 or 1 million drop their keys.
    Its a problem if someone finds and use the keys before they die but then you can just issue new keys without much issue.
    Maybe its the fact its so easy to make a key that losing is not much of a loss.
    The problem with any secured system is the fact that even if you never drop a key someone will smash a window and just steal the cash box with all the keys in it.
    Online databases with keys are stolen to often but its been round since the net.
    Every so often the locks and the way they are made needs changing.
    And standards need updating.
    And sometimes people need to tell others that the lock is not effective anymore.

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    windows 10 is full of issues and is a piece of crap

    Look at this article
    http://extremetech.com/computing/242795-microsoft-warns-windows-7-dangerously-insecure-2017 …
    In this article microsoft after nagging, loading spyware on our systems and making us update to 10 is now trying to weedle itself out of supporting another xp or vista so now says windows 7 is not safe anymore even with the security patches.
    My responce, if windows 10 is so safe, then why are you updating it, what about you shut down your fucking windows update servers and never update it again.
    What about if you get rid of the defender and the firewall app, delete all the extras and see how secure windows 10 really is.
    And as for it being out of date for all that old tech then you must live in the future where people can afford the shiny new gaming boxes of the fucking future.

    Guess what microsoft its not like that at all.
    A lot of us have old hardware, and while the shiny new boxes may be 10 only a lot of us have the older boxes.
    In fact lets take it a bit further, if your system is going as fast as it needs to be why even bother updating os at all or system unless it dies.
    The 4th generation i7 units or i5 quads are fine and duelcores still exist.
    Ssds exist and so do hard drives.
    1.2gb internal video cards are standard now.
    Not everyone will use that new holographic dodad, or that expensive processer.
    I hardly use ie or edge, I have msse and malware bytes, I use firefox a lot of us here use chrome.
    If your system is so secure then why don’t you put your money where your mouth is and try to see how long it would last.
    What about if you tested it.
    Why don’t you just put the standard non flasy windows7 interface back over the mangled one in its place.
    We that use 7 use it because it works and will continue to work, we don’t want ms accounts, business apps, or universal anything, some of us don’t even game, with xp I can understand but you fucked up 8 and now you want to cover yourself.
    You gave us 3 years till we have to start hacking windows and probably loading a lot of ransomware and other junk to fix what you basically have broken in the interface.
    I still havn’t gotten used to the ribbon in 10.
    The start menu sort of works to a point I won’t be loading classic shell, the updates work, the extras and history are nice, but you broke language switching and according to insider stuff you have broken other things to.
    In win7 nothing is broken.
    Microsoft you can just go and fuck yourself and take your crappy windows 10 vista thing with you and give us xp back!

    To the rest of you, while I don’t usually downgrade myself I am still a 7 user, the only reason I will ever upgrade is if I need to or my system breaks.
    Sadly for microsoft the only reason I’d go is if 32 bit software goes or if I get a shiny new pc and or a licenced windows 7 when one is not available or something that spacifficly needs 10 or something.
    I can tell you now that we have up to 4th and 5th gen cpus before we have to really think of using the new 7th generation and normal users won’t be doing that.
    We won’t need 3+gb video cards, we will still use old tech like hdds, we will still use modems.
    Sadly, microsoft is full of security holes, I see so many remote elevation issues that I don’t even report them.
    ie and edge are getting security updates because they are holy as fuck.
    Your only saving grace is you at least try to add fixes to 10 as you go.
    Ie I can plug my external drives into my win10 unit now and run programs from them without making an extra step.
    Win10 is just 1 os and every so often you upgrade that os but its not enough.
    I know friends that can’t afford updates they still use xp, which sadly is still a good os I have to say how shitty xp has always been because you don’t support it and don’
    ‘t think about the small guys.
    You and others like you are why people pirate stuff just so they can have what they want when they want.
    I suggest you go and test your os and see how secure it is.
    Either that or shove your head back in the sand from where it came from!\
    For me myself with no prospect of any actual future, and no prospect of the world moving with me, I have found a nice ariea of sand to burry my head in.
    And I’d appreciate not being told to get out and play in a world I have no belonging in at all
    For those that think I am bonkas look at my security postings.
    Look at all of them and look at all the remote control elevation of privilage, and information leaks that I just leave out.
    Every month its the web, windows fonts and graphics and kernal.
    Every month its office, dotnet and windows.
    Every month its the same fucking updates from xp to 10 and onward.
    windows 10 is not more secure, bar an interface change its still the same os, the same fucking os!\
    Every month you release the same god damn good for nothing fucking updates.
    Most of these are to stop users clicking links to viruses and stuff.
    you aren’t improving the os you are wasting download bandwidth.
    Every so often you fuck up the os more and more, so just go into your hole and stay there.
    On a side note, I really think that some of these people have no lives.
    Ms is panicking because win10 is not up to scratch they have even admitted and they don’t want another xp or vista.
    Who’s fault is that?
    Not the fucking users is all I need to say.
    In fact ms ows us the users for basically fucking us over with the win10 free upgrade we neither wanted or needed.
    I am happy for those that have it and have used it including some in here and find it good.
    But if you are a standard computer user with 1 device or 1 or 2 devices but one of them is not windows, you will not appreciate this at all.
    I for example will never get a windows mobile device.

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    more updates out

    This must be the day of updating.
    Java released its first build of 2017.
    Amd which had only just released a build for end of 2016 as well as something on january 10 have now just released the first major for 2017.
    Realtech has released 2.81 hd codec minor package.
    Oh and their website is back up, it went down.
    On at least one system it caused the sound drivers to unsync and become unusable.
    They were down for about a week or so, so they must have had something major go like a main board or something.
    I did the yearly service of computers and now look at me all out of date again lets hope things improve.
    To the rest, I apologise about the blog I will update you at some point in the next 2 months.

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