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the state of tech

Comment on the following and then look at my comments
The article is explaining exactly what I feel is happening.
With technology becoming more simpler than it needs to be, we are losing the knowledge to fix it when it breaks or secure it.
On the plus side, it means technitions and others will have better jobs but on the minus its going to become a problem.
I am not sure if I aggree if we have slipped that far back but we are close to it.
I grew up with dos, I worry if I don’t have everything up to date.
Every driver, every software I can, as long as its free or low cost.
I want to make sure within reason that I am fully updated where I can.
I don’t fully aggree with his security stance.
I also don’t aggree everyone should use linux.
Firstly windows is all over the place, reguardless of what people may think, all desktops are not dynosaws.
Computers may be getting smaller but everything has its function.
The net doesn’t need to be filtered but on the other hand, if you took away all the nice sides to tech, background tasks and multitasking would have to take a dive to.
I couldn’t dream of having to go back to a single task system.
Yes in the old days things were easier to handle.
If things went wrong you knew.
But all this new stuff its all in acrinims and code, like oob, wbm msxml, etc.
We don’t know whats broken and well its a problem.
On the otherside as long as things are secured.
I don’t mean secured to the nines where it impacts system performance but secured just enough so the user needs to watch their ass its fine.
A lot of this new stuff is designed so we don’t have to bother with it to much.
When I started my technical job I got no training I started by running every file on my dos 5 system and seeing what it does.
No one does this anymore.
If you run every program you can on your windows system you know what it does and you learn.
True you can’t trash your box but keep searching google for things and see what they do.
I didn’t have that resource.
2. hacking is bad.
Because of the criminals, hacking suddenly is bad, it never was bad as such its just what the media says.
Not all hacking is bad.
In fact in some cases with industry there are security bounty programs.
Yes, find the holes and see if you can hack our system and you will get 100 grand and maybe a job!
Next there is all this spying.
We are making to much of a fuss.
In most cases if you don’t screw up then you are not a problem.
No government has the resources to go after those of us that lead average lives.
Yet we are scared into thinking that everyone is after our ass.
From reading things online, and my own experience.
Your average hacker isn’
‘t after your average home user.
Why, no cash in it.
Big businesses, governments and others known to have cash are targets.
Its known unpatched systems and a lot exist we know that are targets.
3. miss information, there is a lot of this.
Your antivirus software or security software shouldn’t slow down your box, if it does its badly programmed and should be dumped.
The best protections are our heads, and maybe some passive software, not our expensive software packages.
If thats true, then 3 games I play, pluss a bunch of documents I use daily and programs I run as well as stuff I write are trogens or something like that.
As for dangers online, kids ie 5 year olds and up shouldn’t even have access to computers.
They’re to stupid and dumb and only know enough to get trouble.
Chatrooms can be and have been proven to be dangerous we know this.
That new torrent is not the best unless you use vpns, and if you can afford it buy it.
If you can’t then there are probably some opensource things round the place.

Things I don’t aggree with.
All kids shouldn’t need to program their systems.
This is not the 1960s or the punch card days.
Kids need to use word and excell and search google for resources.
When I started I learned my blindy wordprocesser and thats it and its all kids need to learn.
Kids shouldn’t use smartphones or anything till they are at least 20, I never used a smart phone till just after university.
Before that I did have a phone for calling numbers but that was all.
Children shouldn’t have access to the net till they are at least in highschool
The net is not a little place with resources in it.
It is now another real world, another world with its shops and stores and robbers and other criminals like our world has.
Everything goes and sometimes it doesn’t.
The only difference from the net to the real world are the following.
1. you don’t need to eat drink or sleep.
2. while you can order things for your offline self you can’t consume anything online.
3. cash, yes you can shop in stores for things you want offline and maybe things for online games but you can’t buy anything as such like a car to drive online as such.
You can’t consume drugs online offline you can but never online.
Its never dark on the net, but then there isn’t a sun either.
There are no quakes or fires or anything as such on the net either.
There are no storms or beaches or anything.
Cyberspace is not like systemshock 2, the matrix or anything, its just another place you can do a few things.
Everyone on twitter and face book is not your fucking friend!
In fact you don’t know who anyone is usually.
The net is unsafe and dangerous.
There is no discrimination either but still.
Taking this in mind, then you should know that the net other than all that is close to the world.
Sadly text is not the best form of communication.
Even now I am making assumptions on people I read, where they live, even building entire lives for that person, but those are errors I don’t know who the fuck they are unless I talk to them physically.
Security and privacy do not exist.
There are several reasons.
The most important one is not that we blab our location to the world.
That does not matter.
When we buy things we send our credit card info to the world.
That again doesn’t matter really.
The government knows who we are and thats stored online and again it doesn’t matter.
Even if your internet and entire identity is stolen and misued and you end up in jail that still doesn’t matter.
The most important thing which no one grasps is that we like to gossip, posting on social media and other things.
And we like to brag just about everything about ourselves.
I don’t mean to stop, but at least think what we are sharing.
That allone should reduce our risks.
That next bit of security software is not security its just a chance for something else to get wrong.
Oh and that software is not exactly configured for you its made by someone else telling you what they think you should do.
I am not saying don’t be secure, you should have something to moniter things and such but don’t automate so when it goes nuts then you don’t know what is happening.
Be carefull where you go and visit.
Above all if you have teens and kids, you will sadly have to keep your install disks near by.

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comments for this week

Firstly look at the following
http://www.fastcompany.com/3067260/hit-the-ground-running/this-google-experts-top-seo-tips-for-job-seekers-in-2017 … by
This is a guide for job seekers to get noticed.
Its largely linked in heavy.
For us as blind people videos etc don’t really apply unless you want one.
Your qualifications and experience applies if you have either.
Your photo applies if you have a sightling to take it and give it for you then dropbox it and keep it with you.
I am unsure if your blindness profile doing blindy things for blindy people ever applies to the mainstream.
For me your best bit is to put direct feelers out and look.
Third party agencies let me down to many times to be of any real use.
And when they half worked things half worked to.
And when they failed they went into program loops eventually asking you to pay cash to them.
I say delete, then they ask me to pay cash and charge my account and I say delete and they go away.
Maybe I havn’t had a good run.
I doubt the standard people that recruit will care about your blindy past and blindy activities no matter how impressive.
Directly emailing those you know or contacts in organisation or directly responding and engaging with the companies themselves will.
I am not saying its easy, but I have had better success up front with organisations.
Every time I complete a contract I end with the fact I’d still like more.
In this world its not adverts anyway its who you know and where you can go.
My first job started with me ringing a friend and saying I was bored because I didn’t have one and wanted to do tech stuff.
She put me in touch with a guy who was related to one of her tutors, and this got me into government research.
That wasn’t the greatest thing, its 1-3 hours grind twice a year and while good I couldn’t see me taking this on as a full time slog.
Data entry even high payed data entry with the transport and lunch chucked in, varying teams, a cool as boss and the chance to work with supercomputers and large data tablets has its drawbacks.
No cellphones or electronics due to security and shielding.
Sitting in a interesting position while working and wearing devices, often emerced in liquid, the tiredness, and the fact I tend to eat more than I would usually eat even though I am only using my brain is a concern.
Solving bugs on the fly is a pluss, but for a job its really just data input.
Most of the time I don’t even see the reports.
My next jobs involved me subscribing to a blind organisation list for technology.
I recieved a brief message from a government test team rep that basically said one of their main testers got some malware which fried their network and had to withdraw.
The deadline was that day, should have been that day.
I had to fill in first come first served.
A lot of people applied.
Initial project went for 2 years and at the end of that, last year the team was restarted again and I recieved my first paycheck.
Granted it was only around 100 but the usual technition fee for my kind of work is 25 bucks per hour which isn’t to bad.
That was like that way with the last job to, until hr decided that it was a skilled job and so it went up to 100 bucks per hour with 40-50 bucks overtime.
If you take the 25-30 bucks for transport and 10-20 for food they may have been paying for with the previous job thats actually a major sum.
Payments were with cash or fuel cards or supermarket vouchers only but still.
The rest were direct transfers.
Thats another thing.
If you have a bank account, you should have a couple
A day to day savings account and an investment account they call it.
Its basically check, its where all your payments go for benifits and jobs and where you do online stuff.
For international jobs and you will encounter a lot of them from time to time though they may or may not come up as the case may be, I’d get a debit card.
Even if you never use this card its needed for paypal access.
Why not credit?
If you have your own business and can mannage funds you can I guess.
But to stop you becoming a spendaholic it may be easy to get debit.
If you spend your account then you spend your account and will know about it.
If you get the other then in debters hell you go.
Look at the can’t pay we’ll take it away show on uk tv and you will find how firey, hot and full of brimstone debters hell is, in short don’t go there if you can help it.
You will have to get used to obscure paths to.
Also deadlines that seem to be immediate.
Things you will need off the cuff.
Email skills, office and wordprocessing are not big but you should take some.
Your organisation should have basic net, wordprocesser and other free or low cost courses for you to take to start off with.
If you get a scholarship then a business certiffic is a must.
In particular the following subjects I found invaluable to me.
1. level 3 communications.
Basically your standard english class with basic report, letter and speech writing.
2. introduction management, which shows how businesses work and are structured.
3. introduction to marketing, shows how advertising works.
4. introduction to law which shows you how law works in particular business law.
I’d also take information systems for general computer knowledge, wordprocessing level2 and if you get a good reader spreadsheeting level2.
I’d also take a refresher math course for theory if you can stomach it.
If you do get a scholarship or even if you don’t there are keys to success cources in such things as writing and time management.
If you need to speak a lot in public as part of your description and feel nervous then joining toastmasters is a good thing to do to.
I am not but my brother who is an enginier is.
He is not the best but can write speaches in a week and practice them in 2 days or so and get ready to rock so thats usefull.
For the international jobs I’d recomend the following.
1. teamtalk, teamspeak and ventrilo people use these for job stuff from time to time.
2. skype is really needed for international phone stuff.
3. email client like thunderbird.
4. good email and net skills.
5. a paypal account.
A lot of jobs for international use paypal for their transactions.
Some may charge direct transfer to.
Another thing to note, if you do do local jobs, giving out your comtact number is fine.
But if you run internationals only give your contact number if they spaciffically ask for it.
Its not just privacy, talking to people internationally can mean juggling time round.
Remember that email is timeless.
If they ask you to talk directly, try a voice chat service or a voip like skype first if possible.
If they want to ring you arange a time, but it may not be worth the call to ring them.
Some like my latest venture with sonarinteractive will want to physically meet with you.
Just be carefull who you trust and such especially if you need to let them into your house or something.
Look at social networks of your friends or other places for jobs.
One thing you may get is a servey to fill to get a job, or a couple lines for a job.
Remember in this day and age the companies or people that are hiring you are also searchable, so in theory you shouldn’t ever run into much trouble unless you jump to fast.
But what if you do?
If its to good to be true then it may or may not be that way.
Sometimes you need to see if they are really honest or not.
Usually if they speak to fast and or say outrageous things of what they expect they are over their heads.
You can spam block emails, block them on twitter, and skype etc.
Delete their contacts, etc.
It gets worse if they know where you live or even know your credit card.
If they know your paypal email or bank number they can’t really pull cash from you, just read the fine print.
Contracts in my business are usual one off things or verbal but if you ever have a written contract, it may be worth checking it out if you can.
On to other things.
1. smart tech.
Smart tech is really good but anything in a computer can be broken.
So all those smart things could be hacked it doesn’t mean they will but anything electronic is breakable.
In fact anything physical is breakable period.
2. certifficate breaches.
To be honest big companies loose their keys all the time it seems to be the nature of the beast.
This is partly solved with the fact keys never stay valid for a month or 2 at a time for the most part and new ones always exist and come out.
From time to time, keys get lost in transfer or a new key is revoked by mistake, or simply someone drops their keys.
Since its easy to make new keys, companies just tend to make another key and then say we dropped the old one.
Sometimes like the act of dropping your keys or not being able to find your wallet or glasses they will publically drop their keys and the net being the unsorted filing cabinet it is tends to have those being found by something else later on.
A certifficate compromise is not as bad as it sounds to be honest.
As long as another key is made once dropped then its not a problem.
The dropped key will eventually expire if not found and keys expire from time to time anyway.
Even microsoft and major certifficate previders are not imune to dropping keys.
And because of the large volume it doesn’t matter that much if 1 or 1 million drop their keys.
Its a problem if someone finds and use the keys before they die but then you can just issue new keys without much issue.
Maybe its the fact its so easy to make a key that losing is not much of a loss.
The problem with any secured system is the fact that even if you never drop a key someone will smash a window and just steal the cash box with all the keys in it.
Online databases with keys are stolen to often but its been round since the net.
Every so often the locks and the way they are made needs changing.
And standards need updating.
And sometimes people need to tell others that the lock is not effective anymore.

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windows 10 is full of issues and is a piece of crap

Look at this article
http://extremetech.com/computing/242795-microsoft-warns-windows-7-dangerously-insecure-2017 …
In this article microsoft after nagging, loading spyware on our systems and making us update to 10 is now trying to weedle itself out of supporting another xp or vista so now says windows 7 is not safe anymore even with the security patches.
My responce, if windows 10 is so safe, then why are you updating it, what about you shut down your fucking windows update servers and never update it again.
What about if you get rid of the defender and the firewall app, delete all the extras and see how secure windows 10 really is.
And as for it being out of date for all that old tech then you must live in the future where people can afford the shiny new gaming boxes of the fucking future.

Guess what microsoft its not like that at all.
A lot of us have old hardware, and while the shiny new boxes may be 10 only a lot of us have the older boxes.
In fact lets take it a bit further, if your system is going as fast as it needs to be why even bother updating os at all or system unless it dies.
The 4th generation i7 units or i5 quads are fine and duelcores still exist.
Ssds exist and so do hard drives.
1.2gb internal video cards are standard now.
Not everyone will use that new holographic dodad, or that expensive processer.
I hardly use ie or edge, I have msse and malware bytes, I use firefox a lot of us here use chrome.
If your system is so secure then why don’t you put your money where your mouth is and try to see how long it would last.
What about if you tested it.
Why don’t you just put the standard non flasy windows7 interface back over the mangled one in its place.
We that use 7 use it because it works and will continue to work, we don’t want ms accounts, business apps, or universal anything, some of us don’t even game, with xp I can understand but you fucked up 8 and now you want to cover yourself.
You gave us 3 years till we have to start hacking windows and probably loading a lot of ransomware and other junk to fix what you basically have broken in the interface.
I still havn’t gotten used to the ribbon in 10.
The start menu sort of works to a point I won’t be loading classic shell, the updates work, the extras and history are nice, but you broke language switching and according to insider stuff you have broken other things to.
In win7 nothing is broken.
Microsoft you can just go and fuck yourself and take your crappy windows 10 vista thing with you and give us xp back!

To the rest of you, while I don’t usually downgrade myself I am still a 7 user, the only reason I will ever upgrade is if I need to or my system breaks.
Sadly for microsoft the only reason I’d go is if 32 bit software goes or if I get a shiny new pc and or a licenced windows 7 when one is not available or something that spacifficly needs 10 or something.
I can tell you now that we have up to 4th and 5th gen cpus before we have to really think of using the new 7th generation and normal users won’t be doing that.
We won’t need 3+gb video cards, we will still use old tech like hdds, we will still use modems.
Sadly, microsoft is full of security holes, I see so many remote elevation issues that I don’t even report them.
ie and edge are getting security updates because they are holy as fuck.
Your only saving grace is you at least try to add fixes to 10 as you go.
Ie I can plug my external drives into my win10 unit now and run programs from them without making an extra step.
Win10 is just 1 os and every so often you upgrade that os but its not enough.
I know friends that can’t afford updates they still use xp, which sadly is still a good os I have to say how shitty xp has always been because you don’t support it and don’
‘t think about the small guys.
You and others like you are why people pirate stuff just so they can have what they want when they want.
I suggest you go and test your os and see how secure it is.
Either that or shove your head back in the sand from where it came from!\
For me myself with no prospect of any actual future, and no prospect of the world moving with me, I have found a nice ariea of sand to burry my head in.
And I’d appreciate not being told to get out and play in a world I have no belonging in at all
For those that think I am bonkas look at my security postings.
Look at all of them and look at all the remote control elevation of privilage, and information leaks that I just leave out.
Every month its the web, windows fonts and graphics and kernal.
Every month its office, dotnet and windows.
Every month its the same fucking updates from xp to 10 and onward.
windows 10 is not more secure, bar an interface change its still the same os, the same fucking os!\
Every month you release the same god damn good for nothing fucking updates.
Most of these are to stop users clicking links to viruses and stuff.
you aren’t improving the os you are wasting download bandwidth.
Every so often you fuck up the os more and more, so just go into your hole and stay there.
On a side note, I really think that some of these people have no lives.
Ms is panicking because win10 is not up to scratch they have even admitted and they don’t want another xp or vista.
Who’s fault is that?
Not the fucking users is all I need to say.
In fact ms ows us the users for basically fucking us over with the win10 free upgrade we neither wanted or needed.
I am happy for those that have it and have used it including some in here and find it good.
But if you are a standard computer user with 1 device or 1 or 2 devices but one of them is not windows, you will not appreciate this at all.
I for example will never get a windows mobile device.

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more updates out

This must be the day of updating.
Java released its first build of 2017.
Amd which had only just released a build for end of 2016 as well as something on january 10 have now just released the first major for 2017.
Realtech has released 2.81 hd codec minor package.
Oh and their website is back up, it went down.
On at least one system it caused the sound drivers to unsync and become unusable.
They were down for about a week or so, so they must have had something major go like a main board or something.
I did the yearly service of computers and now look at me all out of date again lets hope things improve.
To the rest, I apologise about the blog I will update you at some point in the next 2 months.

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comments on last post

Hi jared.
I actually find being called sock puppet a bit offensive.
There are many reasons I can think of making an identity which is not your own.
1. you are some undercover agent going against terrorism or spam tracking or something.
2. you are in a chat, no one has needed to reveal their names.
3. you are in a blog like this one or in fact on a forum.
The net is dangerous.
While on a lot of places people know me because well they just do, if I chose, I could make a fake gmail address, a fake id, etc I just don’t.
One thing would be that I’d have to check 2 addresses or forward addresses to addresses and I can’t be bothered.
I seriously don’t think its new this definition.
We have been making ids all the time and a lot are doing it for the heck of it.
While I don’t think it would come to anything, imagine if it came down to it that you would have to use your real name everywhere you go thats not really safe.
On that note, a small update was released to skype and ccleaner today.
Also of note, defragler does not recognise all ssds as ssds, it tried to defrag my ssd drive as a hard drive though who knows, it may have detected 2 hard drives and not a hdd and ssd.
I have also noticed that the percent actually fragmented is greater on defragler than a standard defrag and it almost never says the true percentage, windows defrag says a much lower percentage on the drives when run.
I wish there was a standardised value set for actual acurate figures.
On a system I am maintaining, defragler says overblown values on all drives.
thats standard with defragler.
On standard defrag the command line, I get another value meaning it needs some attention.
On regular where it detects both hdd and ssd, the hdd is 0 and the ssd is 0 phase for optimisation which means that the optimisation and defrag for the hdd is working and the optimisation phase on the ssd which ofcause is not the thing to defrag has been working fine.
While defragler is accessible I am really wandering if it has our best intrests at heart.
I killed it on the system I was working on but still have it round on others, I have run it and its more stable, but the values are inacurate, you would have to run it at least 10 times to really make it 0 itself where is windows defrag you only need to do once.
In theory, windows is supposed to do this on an automatic footing.
Thats usually fine, but only if it runs in schedualed timeslots.
If you in theory left your system on all the day it would eventually do it.
I personally don’t advocate this though.
Several reasons.
1. security, no need to be logged in, especially since we have dynamic ips.
2. stress on hardware no need to stress when you are not using it for long periods.
3. noise, I don’t know about you but noise can still be heard.
And last but not least notifications can be distracting.

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comments on today’s articles

Jared I couldn’t agree more on the ransomware issue.
I use msse which sucks.
I did try to go the big guys root first.
1. avira didn’t have the featureset I would like, I also heard some sob stories on how a user in one of my forums got it that all their drivers and screen readers were viruses meaning a reformat.
I tried software that said it would secure my system.
It didn’t add that it wouldn’t allow anything it deemed needed to be run on any computer.
That was a problem when i started for programming class write scripts.
I then found that whilst I could uninstall it, it took windows out along the way.
I then loaded more software for exactly the same thing, surprise surprise this time it took out ole on all the 3 networked systems.
What a mess, the software didn’t even work.
A reformat fixed it the companies in question had gone from the net, no trace of them.
Shortly after that the magazine that had all this stuff on net guid nz stopped cd distribution with their mags saying that the net had the answers.
More than likely people were suing them for the dammage I guess I would be quite furious myself.
Sadly, secure doesn’t actually mean anything.
For us blind folks it means inaccessability and the possibility our own screen and or other software may be taken out by the security software in question.
Even with the systems I maintain I use malwarebytes to scan the system but then once its done I immediately kill it.
I used to trust spybot sd.
But that was ages ago.
I was thinking at one stage of getting sophos home for all my systems or spending the 50 bucks us buying vipre for lifetime membership.
Here’s the thing, as a user of security software not only do I need to make sure its accessible vs secure, I also need to make sure it will run with no hastle or babysitting.
I need it to work, I need it to work 1000000% of the time, I need it to never crash or fuck itself or my computer, I need it to have support emails or phone calls.
I need it to never change its interface.
I most importantly need it to be cheap, not cost a yearly subscription and never go down in the ratings.
Oh and I need it to not need me to use jaws or special scripts never have need of graphics, not have inaccessible manuals, need the companies to understand the blind and not brush us off because they think we are helpless fuckers etc, etc, etc.
If that is then settled then security is my main concern if it works.
Its impossible ratings will be constant.
I started with mcafee, pirated ofcause and it worked for a bit then norton.
This worked to some degree but needed me to babysit it it even got me to buy a subscription.
It did from time to time make my system unstable especially on first install.
Ie if you uninstall one part because it crashed you need to reformat because if you install it again it won’t run.
It also used to much resources.
I turned as much of it off as I could and kept it round as on demand.
In 2003 mr norton changed to symantech and suddenly they started changing things making me being dictated what needed to run and or not.
The systems were under spec but I couldn’t justify the cash for norton.
Later on users complained about it slowing down their systems and later on I had to remove norton to speed up a client’s system that was running slow.
I still have friends that use norton and love it and never complain.
Next avg.
Avg 6, and 7, and to some extent 8 really are nice.
Finally no babysitting, no big issue, good interfaces, no hastle no fuss.
However if it got something that looked like a trogen it would do this.
Avg has found a trogen on your computer the file jaws.exe or readme.mp3 or talk.txt is win 32_no name unnamed 53sdfjtewrfujoeiwu5338 virus and has been removed.
Never mind that unnamed random id and complex number has no search results.
And does not exist.
Then I was working with batch source code, and linux stuff.
file name on linux filename.txt.
filename on pc for conversion filename.lnx or .unx.ltx to filename.txt.dos rename to filename.txt.
Filename.lnx.txt is trogen ansi malware win32_noname 5y7ds7y6rfhuisdhfyuiewr63434343unknown.
At the end I had no option but to uninstall that to.
In v9 the thing got inaccessable and even when they fix that I found a folder on my system root and the root of every drive crunching away, the drive was going full out at system idol the fans were going nuts.
Affraid about the hardware and drives being wrecked I killed it.
I have heard since then high cpu usage and added toolbars.
Msse/ windows defender does everything it says on the package except that its average and will randomly say something is a virus even if its worked with it for ages and ages.
Nod32, costs and while its good I don’t know if I can subscribe yet again.
vipre has a 3 unit sub for 50 bucks, sophos is cloud based but so is now windows defender.
I am no longer confident that my security software will work for me.
I’d be happy dealing with the ransomware itself than the software.
As for backups I have had at least 5 drives fail in 5 years 3 last year, one of them a new backup drive.
I almost lost everything its not full proof.
Whenever I have chucked this on forums and lists and blogs of companies there has been absolute silence.
On the access front look at steam and valve, they refuse to do something.
you almost feel like hacking them and burning them down seriously thats what I feel like.
Security seems to equal inaccessibility, data loss and corrupted files, no thanks!
Avast was good but had capchas now its failing to.
If we want to be truely secure either the companies have to come to the table or they will have to be made to.
Sadly with the state of the us right now that will never happen, especially since reports say we could loose disability rights, acts health insurence and the lot.
I am not sure about europe.
None of the big corperations care so I just get on with my life.
Security for the disabled is a fucking ass joke, it really is.
I am not secure, but to be secure means I loose all rights and privilages I currently have, its to unequal.
Heliohost seems bad I had the same issue with 000webhost.
I have given up, I have a wordpress site blog and thats it.
Cloud backups may work but costs for those the isps, accessing things, etc.
This world is not disabled friendly.

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comments on the postings thus far and a rant of my own

Jared thanks for the interesting posts.
Yes sadly people will pay because its often the quickest way to results.
Interestingly enough apple seem to be being taken to task for monopolising the app market.
I don’t exactly take it that way.
Sure if you are a hacker, like your options open etc you would choose android.
But what will you actually do with your android phone when you get it.
When I got my symbian phone I installed a lot of apps on it, and I don’t actually use many in fact I find myself deleting just about all the apps I didn’t use all 33 of them from the 40 apps I have.
So apple, clunky, sure, probably a monopoly, maybe, closed market, but on the other hand all its attempting to do things its way has made extra technologies.
1. the i drive/ multipyphone drive.
Its possible now to connect to any phone with a drive of music, etc and get that music from and to your computer with a portable flash drive, it costs a little but so what I am planning to get one, a friend knows where I can get one.
2. the lightning multidevice phone plug by belkin, belkin usually make routers and other coms products what will this do to their markets.
All the issues apple and others make will make others realise there is a market for doing things that don’t involve drilling a headphone jack into iphones, ie make some cash and giving us the users in the long run more options for a little headake.
Ms grove and onedrive being used for streaming on any device your music for free is one thing I like that has come from this.
Its true a usb device port or a smart card reader for full size in the phone should be nice but heck things are getting smaller and smaller so what the heck.
I was writing an article yesterday before I had to go out to some live music festival which I didn’t finnish but on thursday I reviewed an article from the tidbits magazine about privacy.
I looked at it and its technologies.
Firstly the good points.
1. making sure your privacy settings are configured on all websites, google facebook etc your computer is a good idea.
2. the https everywhere, privacy badger, and cert bot technologies on electronic freedom foundation are cool
Https everywhere makes sure you are running via ssl all the time.
That is good for security as well as privacy.
Privacy badger will allow companies that do not share your info to have it or at least thats what it does in theory.
Https everywhere will also connect to the eff database to check if you are using certifficates that are not funky.
cert bot allows a standard website previder to convert to https and stay that way.
An add blocker like u block origin is really good to.
That was about all the good points I found in the article.
First, no one mentions that google have addons to block their own analitics modules.
Next no one mentions better privacy which is good for flash if you ever need it these days but still.
Also no one mentions noscript, true you need to be a bet more geeky but noscript lite or studio is good for the world.
It doesn’t work on get.adobe.com and multi refreshing pages but there are ways to get round it.
for flash get.adobe.com/flashplayer/otherversions makes it possible to download installers independant of the standard interface.
ftp.adobe.com/pub/adobe will allow you to go to almost every directory I usually use the reader/win folder and get the latest adobe acrobat reader dc, it can be a bit slow to get it that way but its still good for full installers.
Next are vpns.
It suggested open vpn, but to be honest if you want a good vpn you want to buy it, and we are not made of cash.
The vpn previder may log your data anyway, they never mention this.
Accessability ofcause is never mentioned.
Next is duck duck go and the eff.
For those of you who know me, I don’t rant lightly and I don’t overload unless I really see a problem.
Its worth noting a few things.
1. on at least a search for duck duck go is bad I found at least 2 reviews stating that while it may not track, search results didn’t always come as acurate as google.
And that results never displayed in the right font.
There was a suggestion that it may not have gotten updated and that it was appearing in people’s computers.
Ofcause it was suggested that google was doing the same thing.
For my results I decided to put in commen search terms.
eff encourages piracy was one.
terrorism is bad was another and donald trump was my last one.
In all cases google put a broader range of results while duckduckgo put out results against the government and spying on people.
in fact with google they even mentioned how piracy could have helped inovation.
I thought this quite interesting, duckduck go is not something I will use.
and I will get to that in a moment.
I hit the eff website.
there were a lot of articles on protection but one on copywrite.
And that puts a really bad trend.
Firstly its obvious to me or how I read it that both eff and duckduckgo are against government snooping, but probably pro piracy, against corperations but probably pro criminals and ransomware but maybe its just me maybe I’m wrong I am not sure.
Next, its the utter paranoia of the new privacy world.
Do these fucking wankers realise! information like everything else is not free!! we tried it with free internet a few years ago and it failed quickly.
Do they want to pay thousands of dollars instead to access the net.
Google gives us search, mail, news, maps, photos, a web brouser, an os, apps, music, books, and a load of other services which I use everyday and most do.
It helps the poor, it gives free translation but has payed services.
It doesn’t want cash, it wants our information and privacy.
It stays up most of the time and is secure email security is really good as well as their spam filters.
All they want is to give our private information to advertisers.
How much would it cost in cash for us to pay for all that I wander?
The package is quite good for all your personal info for us to sell to advertisers we will give you all this free service.
Some how I don’t have a problem with it.
Yes I am sure advertisers could sell you stuff all over the show but we are buying so what’s the issue here.
Next, I see no problem with controled snooping and data collection.
Its good for stats, emergency services, and protection.
In a news report on one tech show I listen to, it was revealed that while they could, governments in most cases may get all your info but are not likely to search it for everything you have done, its just nuts.
Yes we have to be carefull what we post but the net is becoming more like the real world, and we need to adapt to this and quickly!
Next unless you are in a comunist country, russia, china, maybe a corrupt place like new ginny, indonesia and a few other places round the world I’d say you probably have an issue.
Maybe in bits of the us who knows.
Another thing to note, this will get worst before it gets better.
The industries of the world are trying to change over to the digital model.
They have to even if they don’t, and some are finding it hard to do that.
Some like the book, and film industry have left it to late and some of the older music producers are still fighting the change.
I have seen though a lot of video rental shops closing as digital comes on stream.
I have seen mail cut in half for delivery days because of email.
Yet those that want privacy try to fight for what was, not what now fucking is!
There are several ways to protect our privacy.
1. be carefull what we actually fucking post for god sake.
In a world where everyone reads everything, we need to realise what we post stays up.
Governments and more importantly businesses will look for our stuff and judge us on that stuff.
We have all done and will continue to do stupid things.
Try to treat the net as you would do with the real world I realise text means you are allready building profiles in your head that could be totally not true you just do it to try to class things as what they are.
But in most cases they are completely different.
If you really need someone or something to be done by someone, your best bet is to have an audio or video chat direct or have them come visit you or you them to get the right profile, businesses I am in do this.
Next, all information you post even your personal email is public.
Remember that people may notice you sooner than you think.
In other words the commen sences we use outside the net apply to the net, we just need to get that into our little heads is all.
Next, while I will imbrace all those extra protections being to private will attract the wrong attention.
If I have a cover on my webcams, ultra protection, a vpn, tore, a whole lot of extra things and someone in the government finds this they will wander what I am hiding.
In this post 911 world its vary dangerous to hide or act hidden.
Better let it all out than stay hidden behind a wall.
Case in point I was out last night and we saw a bunch of black people wearing shirts with slogans about blacks on it.
I assume they were just a bunch of guys walking round but I immediately thought, gang of blacks, probably gangsters, drunk woman bashing vilent bastards, trouble.
In the post apocoliptic world that is where we live we don’t think of people the same.
So if I was hiding everything and I was of an agency that was looking for that sort of thing, I’d think terrorist, probable trouble maker, better investigate or worse get rid of whatever it is in case.
We need to strike a ballence betwene protection and actually being normal.
While I did take a lot of the article I read on board, in fact extra free security beafups are a good thing.
Going full hog is not.
For example, unless your are a software pirate, a business, needing to connect to a remote machine, etc there is no need for a vpn.
In fact the only reason a home user needs vpns for is to crack stuff or to buypass geoblocking.
Privacy doesn’t exist.
Its not the corperations either, we choose to post ourselves all over the place.
The net is the world, its not a sepperate world and we need to realise this and move on.
I don’t mean not be secure or be to public, just be carefull what you do and where you go.
From time to time you may get bitten but still.
If you care for it and need it a password manager is good to.
But please remember the more online databases you have including password storage backups, etc the more can be hacked and lifted and you have no control just like you can’t control the weather yet or the net.
At any rate the only way to be private is to never be born in the first place.
Even if you don’t use the net your data may be stored on the net.
You need to be yourself, and not something you are not.
That will cause governments and others to wander why you changed to something else.
I have posted a lot of little rants on things and to be honest no one has gotten pissed at me that bad.
At least not in the western world yet.
I do think that all these security and privacy articles are good to look at but they are only guidelines.
Another thing that comes from all this, is what free speech is.
Saying what you want when you want is nice.
It can hurt people so you have to be carefull what you say it goes without saying.
People may not be to happy if you say the wrong thing and thats it simply.
We sadly don’t seem to get this.
Even if your government is reasonable there will still be protesters about things.
In the old world we didn’t have the net, people did their own things in their own villages no connection, nothing, do we want that?
I’ll leave you to ponder all that I put here.
Just remember your opinion on security and privacy is not everyone’s opinion either.
I am a home user that does work on several family units.
I don’t have a business, or cloud backup or anything like that.
I am concerned that we are trying to be to private.
Read my last article about the endless loop of doom.
If anything this article shows and some of the sites that I mentioned show that we are allready looping right now.
Its subtle but its there.
Remember, stay safe, not dumb!

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Adobe and Apple to Outpace Microsoft in 2017 Vulnerability Discoveries. So What Now?

Several days ago, I read an article entitled Adobe and Apple to Outpace Microsoft in 2017 Vulnerability Discoveries. So What Now?

The question is sitting right here, and that is pretty much now what? I do feel that Windows will still be a large target, and of course people are moving away from Windows and using other operating systems and other technologies. As people do this, the people creating all the malware and viruses will migrate to these platforms and we’ll be still fighting this.

TThe thing we must do is try to keep up with what people are releasing for bug fixes, and of course, remember to do our best to only install things we’re looking for.

Brian Krebs posted something very interested I read as part of his blog roll, and I think we should talk about that. It is his Krebs’s 3 Rules… and it is a great read.

  • Krebs’s Number One Rule for Staying Safe Online: “If you didn’t go looking for it, don’t install it!”
  • Krebs’s Rule #2 for Staying Safe Online: “If you installed it, update it.” Y
  • Krebs’s Rule #3 for Staying Safe Online: “If you no longer need it, remove it.”

All of these are good rules and Brian goes in to detail on each of these and he has links to various things we can use. I can’t vouch for anything here, but if you are blind or visually impaired and have used the tools listed here, please comment on whether they are accessible. If we all play a part, we all can help keep the net a safer place.

Thanks for reading, and stay safe.

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Extortionists Wipe Thousands of Databases, Victims Who Pay Up Get Stiffed

Hello folks,

I just read today an interesting article entitled: Extortionists Wipe Thousands of Databases, Victims Who Pay Up Get Stiffed and this caught my attention because of the fact that these databases may have been used for something. I’m not too familiar with Mongo DB, but It think it may be similar to what SQL databases do for software like WordPress which is used for blogs like mine. I did get E-mailed that the blog was auto updated, and I do like that feature when its available. I wish it would just upgrade like that all the time, but major releases we must do. I do my best to keep my softare on my site up to date, and I think it is a good idea we do this. Even the plug ins we use must be updated to fix holes.

This goes back to what I have said in my last post about Windows and Shaun’s opinions that indicate that it is the same old shit and it is. Sadly, the reason why the podcast had not been updated much in 2015 was because this is all we saw. Sadly, realizing that this is a never ending battle, we must push on and talk about our experiences where applicable when a breach occurs.

This is why I started blogging when I’ve gotten notified abvout a breach like the Yahoo! breach and of course the first potential situation of Ransomware where I attended a shchool with these two posts. I even gave my thoughts on tech and politics to top it off.

I think that sharing information and talking about our experiences are good and in no way am I bashing this post dealing with the ongoing patch tuesday.

I feel like sharing articles and opinions like the main title of the post will highlight and put out good things, and may help people find things they may be interested in. If you’ve used Mongo DB, I’d love to learn more about it, as I am not too familiar with it, so seeing this was facinating. Thoughts?

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This month’s patch Tuesday postings

Hello folks,

While Shaun covered his thoughts on the patch Tuesday problems, I do want to go ahead and give you some postings of articles from Trend Micro and Krebs On Security. Instead of bashing what we must do now to protect ourselves, be happy that companies are patching and trying their best to make their software as secure as possible.

We need to remember that writing software is hard. We can tell users to ditch Adobe, move to Lynux, use the Mac, don’t bother with antivirus, and other aspects of things that are opinion, and I don’t mind that, but we must remember that people come to get information and opinion, and just saying that its no good isn’t solving the issues we must face.

It did not impress me to have to post about the school district paying $28,000 to get their files back, but this is where we are. While I plan to let Shaun post and give his opinion, we need to understand that this is our world today. Nothing is safe anymore, and I will do my best to give you revelant articles of interest like the two linked. Keep the opinions coming, and lets see how we can do this together.

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patch grind day

Hi all.
Yes its patch grind day.
Its not patch tuesday because that would honor all the patches.
And I am not in a honoring mood.
So we start with the respectable to the entirely fucked over.
1. codecguide klite meta 12.78 is out.
2. new versions of adobe flash and adobe reader are out.
In addition I had a lot of issues getting the latest updates as the update pages for get.adobe.com likes to refresh all day long and you can’t seem to allow it through script because it does this.
Even with noscript off, its impossible.
I was able to get flash fine but today it took me several tries to get the latest adobe reader from their ftp server.
3. ms nondates.
Yes non dates.
The only actual update is an important dos attack on lsass.exe and you need to recieve special data its unclear how you would actually recieve this however.
The other 2 I won’t mention at all.
In one case, elivation of privilage and a few other things.
In both cases you need to open infected files.
Ie click something, ie social enginiering.
In other words, if you are smart and don’t click these are not even needed.
You will get them in your roleup anyway.
In win10 the most critical issue is that if you incert input devices of a same time they wouldn’t work and now they do.
Supprise, supprise, there are issues.
If you use 2 moniters for a 3d program the system will just go screwy.
Thanks microsoft.
There is another little issue but still.
Teamtalk is at 5.2 stable.
There are a few more extras like that.
I was happy things didn’t take as long to get but as usual I am not impressed with the shit microsoft is putting out why don’t they try to be creative.
You will have noticed I left the edge and ie updates out of the article.
This is because there are always edge and ie updates as well as flash updates in win10.
My responce is big fucking wow!
In the latest insider it looks like there are some regressions in performance and also the fact edge again doesn’t work.
Which is why I say I am happy I use 7 and not fucked up 10.
In fact 10 seems more screwed as it goes on.
Eventually I will have to use it but till then well.

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further to the cardless password story

I just read further to this that hackers for cardless password transactions are using the fake sms trick again.
You do have to go to a fake site to get your stuff harvested.
The only good news out of this is they are using the same old tricks again.
Sms hacks are one of the easiest and oldest way to get users, most of us should be wized up to this nusence.
Its just one more thing to delete.

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comments on the blog and something interesting

Well today I read somewhere that hmd in china has aquired nokia.
The new nokia 6 has a 16 mgeapixel on the back and an 8 on the front 4gb ram, 64 gb internal storage by default.
Fingerprint scanner and the latest android os.
Its only in china though which is a pitty, its described as mid range.

On another topic pg13 published this link

So you want to get a virus, what happens if you run this file, what will happen.
If you are curious and want to click that attachment now you can.
Well figuratively.
These guys do it just for fun in a controled environment I think they use a vm.
If you have listened to pg13 they are humorous guys anyway.
They always do everything including the bad endings of games and laugh at them till they burst.
They tried this once before, but for whatever reason their live server malfunctioned and nothing was ever recorded.
Now they are doing it again and this time they have a file.
Ofcause this is being done with online participation through their live irc chat and twitter feeds so users can chime in and see what whatever does what.
I know we usually talk about being secure but if you like me
want to blow off a bit and wander why bother, this will both tell you how dangerous a bit of malware can be but also enjoy the funny side of it as they trash a vm.
A vertual machine or vm for all readers that don’t know is a vertual image of an os so it can get destroyed and created at will if you have the image for it.
It can also be backed up easily so you could back it up, then destroy it.
I am not sure if they are using another physical or a vm but they use vms all the time.
Its also worth noting that they are not in the same studio, both are in different places and communication is via nv remote or other remote software and the teamtalk chat client.
So there are some artifacts but for the most part it sounds like they are just there and its in 3d audio to.
I have not listened to the file as of yet only downloaded it but I will be listening to see what they do.

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comments on the posts this week

Hi jared.
Well for the first article, hackers and hacking will be used for everything including elections, its human nature.
Will it be a problem, not more so than usual, ie, people still rob banks and cause murders no matter what we do it will never ever die.
Will this hacking hospitals be a problem, probably if we don’t get our a into g and move it where it needs to be.
In the long term it will be another procedure we will have to deal with sometimes we get lucky, but we probably won’t be lucky, will people get hurt, my question is when people rob a bank there is a chance someone will get hurt this is no different its the curse on tech.
2. the school thing.
I am unsure what to think but at university, my brother and several in his class got a major virus, it was easy to kill but the dammage it did required another hijack tool to be run to get rid of the program that was trying to install all the time, and with this done, there was dammage to some drive locations and I had to get something to fix that.
Universities are a prime way to get infected people leave and loose their usb flash drives all the time so my brother tells me.
While setting up for some classes I got to talk to one of their tech admins.
They were certainly all over security, mostly prevention not removal.
I asked so what if you get a virus, his responce, was, well every summester we reformat all computers.
And every year we refresh ane reformat older backups to.
Why I asked.
He then said that with so many computers if ever a virus got in and it often does, tracking it is impossible because to much ground to cover.
I don’t see much we can do about this.
With the cloud being used, the only thing I can think of is making sure no one can take usb sticks or drives into university and bann their use.
This includes the teachers and admins unless allowed by request or something.
Certainly if students stopped bringing them in they would never get lost.
Universities and school are always big target though thats never changed and has been round since before the net.
What is interesting is you got an email about it.
If I was a hacker that is one way I’d deliver ransomware at someone.
I mean send an email as admin and say, that we have been hacked and to open a page explaining it.
Load the ransomware in the background.
And once loaded do whatever.

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Wakerupper closing

Hi folks,

Some time ago, on a past podcast, I talked a bit about a service called wakerupper. I remember them because they had reminder system where it can be stopped after a certain time. My other ones don’t work that way for repeating events. I needed to use it because I needed to do something for a limited time, and wanted it to expire after a certain date. Sadly, two things happened:

  • I could not pick from any saved messages, even after installing flash:
  • In doing some looking at their site, somewhere, it said they were closing but would honor those who had credit to spend.

Read directly from their site from this link.

I did enjoy the service while i did use them. While I had a few issues, I stopped using them for a multitude of reasons, none of which was about the service itself. I had other multiple needs, and I’ll revisit the services I use now for various reasons.

There aren’t many services out there, and some are claiming to be free but end up paid after all.

I thought I’d pass this along, been meaning to write about this, but thought of it after my reminder expired.

questions? Do ask in the comments, or E-mail.

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an unexpected update

Hi all.
This is unexpected.
Today after many months so many that I thought that they had stopped production the last update being june 2015 realtech have broken silence and released the basic hd audio chipset update.
This version is 2.80 up from 2.77.
Why is this important, aren’t realtech just the cheap stupid hardware in the computers?
It is but it just happens to be in just about every computer these days that uses intel chips at least.
So if you are having a problem with things then this is finally the official non manufacturer spaciffic universal realtech card update.
Next amd have released an update to their display drivers.
It was first catalist 14 then 15 then omiga and now crimson live series.
For all of us that uses standard cards, it appears that amd has debunked its autoupdater and included it in the crimson installer.
Once you get the minimalistic installer and run that it will download an update, then you can update the system with that.
So happy the dates no longer reflect 9 februrary 2015 anymore.
I thought we were left in the dust with amd to.
Again why is this important, it means that some of these cards especially those of us with 10 and having to use standard ms drivers may not have to, and that finally major manufacturers are catching up to things.
The advantage of the amd driversets is that the drivers include everything in them.
One package will update all amd hardware mostly and now it appears autodetection is part of that package.
Finally my toshiba reported an update in win7 saying intel system for 7 8 and 9 series.
Again this is important, it may only be a basic internal ms chip installer update but it does mean especially with a lot of quads on the market that the duelcore is still alive.
With all the terrorists, security breaches, etc, if anything if you are a geek and want to thank someone other than a god or jesus then thank whoever that backward compatability even for your 3-6 year old unit may still be active in some way.
For myself I am hoping this fixes things on the system which has been having issues with some display for a little while.
laters all

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linked in breech

Well this came off one of my feeds yesterday, but linkedin was hacked.
Someone lifted 117 million entries from their database although highly encripted were still able to get access somehow.
Email and password combos have been sold online aparently.

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this weeks updates and articles

Hi all.
In reverse order here are the updates and news.
It seems that yahoo hasn’t learned a bit, they just released the fact 1 billion had their data and identity stolen from 2013 it was discovered during the 2014 hack investigation and could indanger their deal with verisen.
I am not supprised with this record I do think yahoo is ruined.
In another bit of news, if you have a second generation watch and find that the new update does not exist then read on.
If you were unlucky and now have a red exclamation on your watch, call apple, and take the watch to apple so you can buy a new one.
Yeah aparently with watch gen2 units, the watchos 3.1 update released on monday bricked all watches in that class.
So if you have it with your new gen2 and chances are you do, apple will replace it free for you.
The update was pulled down within a day and won’t be up till they fix whatever is buggy.
Update wise.
Released in no order we have klite mega codec 12.7 series 12.71 is the latest.
Adobe services updated database.
Flash player now up to series 24.
ccleaner up to 5.25.
The standard roleup for all the remote invasions windows and office seem to have, same deal nothing new here.
See my other blog for other news.

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Countdown to Zero Day: Stuxnet and the Launch of the World’s First Digital Weapon

Here’s my next book and its a tech book. I posted it to the books blog, but thought you all should have it too.

Countdown to Zero Day: Stuxnet and the Launch of the World’s First Digital Weapon
by Kim Zetter

Top cybersecurity journalist Kim Zetter tells the story behind the virus that sabotaged Iran’s nuclear efforts and shows how its existence has ushered in a new age of warfare—one in which a digital attack can have the same destructive capability as a megaton bomb.


In January 2010, inspectors with the International Atomic Energy Agency noticed that centrifuges at an Iranian uranium enrichment plant were failing at an unprecedented rate. The cause was a complete mystery—apparently as much to the technicians replacing the centrifuges as to the inspectors observing them.


Then, five months later, a seemingly unrelated event occurred: A computer security firm in Belarus was called in to troubleshoot some computers in Iran that were crashing and rebooting repeatedly.


 At first, the firm’s programmers believed the malicious code on the machines was a simple, routine piece of malware. But as they and other experts around the world investigated, they discovered a mysterious virus of unparalleled complexity.


They had, they soon learned, stumbled upon the world’s first digital weapon. For Stuxnet, as it came to be known, was unlike any other virus or worm built before: Rather than simply hijacking targeted computers or stealing information from them, it escaped the digital realm to wreak actual, physical destruction on a nuclear facility. 


In these pages, Wired journalist Kim Zetter draws on her extensive sources and expertise to tell the story behind Stuxnet’s planning, execution, and discovery, covering its genesis in the corridors of Bush’s White House and its unleashing on systems in Iran—and telling the spectacular, unlikely tale of the security geeks who managed to unravel a sabotage campaign years in the making.


But Countdown to Zero Day ranges far beyond Stuxnet itself. Here, Zetter shows us how digital warfare developed in the US. She takes us inside today’s flourishing zero-day “grey markets,” in which intelligence agencies and militaries pay huge sums for the malicious code they need to carry out infiltrations and attacks. She reveals just how vulnerable many of our own critical systems are to Stuxnet-like strikes, from nation-state adversaries and anonymous hackers alike—and shows us just what might happen should our infrastructure be targeted by such an attack.


Propelled by Zetter’s unique knowledge and access, and filled with eye-opening explanations of the technologies involved, Countdown to Zero Day
is a comprehensive and prescient portrait of a world at the edge of a new kind of war.

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a small add

I don’t usually post adds.
www.digital darragh.com is the site, this guy is an irish blogger that has worked with admin stuff.
He is advertising an note app that aparently is secure to the blind.
You will have to pay him 15 euros to get it and you need to email him about it.
Its probably worth a look, 15 euro is ok for a note app.
its round30 nz dollars which is not to bad for a notes app.
A lot of my friends use this and there is a roadmap for it.
On another note, updates for the site moniter and spam plugins on this site have updates, now installed.
Also, wordpress 2017 theme just went on test, works really nice couldn’t find any issues.

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