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Podcast 265 is now available

Hi all,

After a while, podcast 265 is now up. Go and get it on our RSS feed. I’m still here, and I’m still producing podcasts, and my goal is not to go anywhere. Below, please find the podcast’s show notes which includes the links to articles that I have talked about as part of this podcast.

Hello everyone, welcome to another edition of the podcast. Football is in the air, College football is in full swing, college basketball is around, and of course, its been busy for me too. I started this podcast when IOS version 11 was released, and I talked about my initial thoughts as well as quick demos of do not disturb changes. One app I really loved was called Notesy. While it still worked, I needed my time sheet to sync with something in case I made mistakes on the phone. Google Docs came in to mind, but these files from notesy were text files, and I needed to find a way to get them in to google docs. Hear in that segment how I did it. In the last segment, I talk about articles I’ve published on a site called vocal.media and below, I’m going to give you those articles specific to technology. Please feel free to read them if they sound interesting to you. Of course, contact information is available at the end.

Thanks for listening to this podcast and I hope you will find the things I bring up of interest.

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tech 264 is now up

Tech podcast 264 is now up. We cover Seeing AI, my thoughts on breaches, and audio game hub version 2.x. RSS feed for the area on where to get the podcast. Hope you enjoy this extended version since I have not done a podcast in quite awhile.

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Tech podcast 262 is now available!

Hi all,

I just released podcast 262. I almost released 263 thinking I already posted it. I can’t believe I almost did that. I’ll be happy to release that one next week, so you can enjoy this one which you can find on our RSS feed and of course, please feel free to let me know what you think.

On this podcast, I talk about my initial experience of windows 10 from podcast 261. Also, Shaun Everess is along with his demo on the game blind cricket which I’ve actually won. I hope you’ll enjoy the show.

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Technology podcast 259

Show notes:
Welcome to podcast 259 of tech. I’ve been wrapping my head around the WannaCry worm turned ransomware, or worm turned in to a not so money making venture.
To date, 250,000 machines and only $110,000 in money. The blog has various articles on it including my longer piece on vocal. I also have a talk by Mikko
Hyponen, as well as some JFW stuff I’ve fond as I’ve started the relearning process. All of that on this podcast. Thanks for listening.

RSS feed

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I published pod 257, it seems to have gone missing

Hi all,

I did some checking, and I remember putting together a podcast numbered 257. Somehow, it never made it up on the site. I apologize about it, and I’ve uploaded it on the RSS feed. I could’ve sworn I uploaded within a day of me me putting it places. Here are the notes about that cast.

On this podcast, we talk about a variety of stuff including ransomware, and I have some segments asking for comment on what we should cover. Hope to hear from you!

I wonder if it got removed somehow during a time where issues were occuring on the network? Its possible, so I’ll just rerelease it and sorry for the trouble!

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Podcast 258 is finally here

OK, podcast 258 is finally here. RSS is here.

Hello folks, welcome to the tech podcast. I’m Jared Rimer, and its been busy. I started writing for a site called Vocal, and wrote two tech specific articles for the site. The first is: How Can We Defend Against Ransomware? Omni.media May 10, 2017 aand the second is ATPC Hit with Ransomware, Does Not Pay omni.media April 25, 2017 which got a ton of hits. I’ve also been busy writing short things for the blog here and the one I’m focusing on right now which is generating some interesting comments is A new ransomware wannacry (wanna cry) which is generating comments on how to solve this problem. Its not easy to fix, and we may never fix it, but that post is generating some interesting thoughts. One article I want to bring to your attention as it could be interesting for tech is Bullying, Is This Just a Disability Problem? longevity.media May 2, 2017 because it does talk about a couple of books that I had read, in regards to this issue. First, is this a disability problem? What can we do to curb this? Ransomware has a segment on this podcast too. Hope you’ll enjoy the show, and we’ll have another cast soon.

The podcast is about an hour. Some of the articles and things may be of interest, but the ransomware topic is definitely becoming big now. Hope to have more podcasts out soon.

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Technology podcast 257 is now out!

Hi folks,

I’ve not released a podcast since 256 in mid February. I’ve put together some segments, then wanted to cover one particular segment and decided to put it on our mix show, the Saturday Afternoon Hangout. I’m trying to find things that might be of interest, but yet, different than other casts. I hope you’ll enjoy the podcast.

RSS feed where you can get your copy.

Show notes

On this podcast, we talk about a variety of stuff including ransomware, and I have some segments asking for comment on what we should cover. Hope to hear from you!

I hope you will enjoy the show as much as i have putting it together!

I’ll continue to post articles of interest, and if I want to put it in to audio, I’ll do that too. I’ll be trying to get casts out quicker, but it all deopends on time.

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Technology podcast 256 is now up!

On our RSS feed, you’ll find the podcast. Its numbered 256. Here’s the show notes on it, and I hope you enjoy the show! See you next time.

Welcome to the technology blog and podcast, this is podcast 256. On this podcast, we have 7 different segments for you including vocal thoughts on the AI squared issue, which one of my helpers of the blog sent an E-mail on. Be sure to read my post before podcast 255’s release entitled Making sure we give out accurate information for the reading of my thoughts. The Transit App has a function where you can put in intersections. I demonstrate that as part of segment 2. Segments 3 and 4 introduce and talk about a video where someone talks about the top ten tweets that could get you fired from your job. Segment 5 was quite interesting as I demonstrate a game Super Tile Smash app directory entry (apple vis) and they are listening. They posted a thread on Apple vis entitled: Our new game Super Tile Smash Forum post (apple Vis) ofr you to comment on. Segment 6 is news notes where i have some quick mention on what is on the blog that might be of interest. Since I haden’t posted in awhile, I even have some news notes from the prior week where I find after the fact some articles I’ve already commented on. Finally, a segment with some additional comments made to me in regards to Super Tile Smash via E-mail and contact information. I hope you’ll enjoy the program as much as I have putting it together for you. The program is an hour and a half long, and I’ll definitely see you on another edition of the podcast. See you soon!

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Technology podcast 255 for February 10, 2017

Hi folks, I’m happy to release the podcast numbered 255. Below, you’ll find the show notes. I hope you’ll enjoy Find the file on our RSS feed where the show notes also live.

Welcome to the technology podcast, this is podcast 255. On this edition of the podcast, we start with an interesting Uber find, as I was curious on whether they allowed us to book a trip in advanced. I take you through a demo, and you may read more about the cities that Uber supports by going to this page which asks: Can I make a reservation? You may also go to the page that talks about Scheduled Rides s
for extra peace of mind
as it gives you the list of cities involved. Our news notes segments are making a comeback. Next, wetalk about Alexa and something cool. Finally, Freshbooks has some new features to help improve your security in regards to authenticating with Freshbooks, and they publish their security Review. To read more, check their Freshbook’s Security and Reliability Safeguards which allows you to read more about their policies. We hope you enjoy this hour long podcast, and thanks for listening!

See you soon!

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Technology podcast 254

OK folks, podcast 254 is talking about my thoughts and others in regards to the AI Squared debacle. I’m careful on how I present this, and remember that we have a comprehensive post on this blog about it. Here are the show notes, which includes that blog post again. It also links to a page which has been updated with software versions as it becomes available.

Hi folks, welcome to the podcast. On this podcast, I give my thoughts, and I also have a segment on this and other info in regards to Urgent issue with AI squared access technology which links to a page on AI squareds site which is providing updates. Thanks for listening, and stay tuned to this cast for a whole lot more. Running time is 46 minutes.

To get your copy, please go to our RSS feed.

Thanks for listening, and make it a great day.

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Tech 253 is now out

Hi folks,

Tech 253 is out with my experience on dealing with the Mac and learning its interesting interface. Find it on our RSS feed where it is the only one up for this year. If you’d like older podcasts, please get in touch, and I’ll get you a copy.

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Tech podcast 253

Tech podcast 253 is now on our RSS feed. It covers a mac class i took. Hope you enjoy.

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After almost a month, podcast 252 is now out

I’m staying far away from the election, and its horrifying results for the time being. I was going to post, and i may still do that, but for now, I present you podcast 252 with some broadcasting with Winamp, and a game called Blindfold Color Crush. I read something that says that things could change by December 19, so we’ll wait till after then to really get in to my thoughts. Lets just say that it is not good, and already things are looking to be done to change it, but I don’t think it can. I’ll go now so you can go and get the podcast and we’ll yack about the cast instead of that.

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Tech podcast 250 is now out

On the RSS feed, tech 250 is finally released after a month.

Hello folks, welcome to the podcast, its been awhile. We’ve been busy making sure we’re following the Childrens Online Protection Privacy Act (FTC) and making sure MENVI’s web site is efficiently covered. I talked briefly about this, and the link here will give you more information. We also had some other issues with a few sites which I needed to be involved in as well. We have an interesting talk in this podcast about security and other odds and ends in regards to workflow, and we have a 2nd part dealing with the Lastpass authenticator. I hope you’ll enjoy the podcast as much as I have putting it together for you.


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Technology podcast 249 for August 13, 2016

Hi folks,
I’m here with another podcast. The RSS feed doesn’t have the show notes for some reason, I did link to several different things including some links that enspired the 2nd segment. Hope you enjoy the podcast, and thanks for listening!

show notes

On this podcast, 986 the mix’s Herbie Allen and others discuss Station Playlist and its studio program. We also have Lastpass and their authenticator. Contact information is available including my Roger and text and imessaging options as well at the end.

Articles of interest:

We hope you enjoy the podcast, and thanks for listening!

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Tech podcast 248 now available

On this podcast, lots of stuff. The RSS feed to pick up your copy.

On this podcast, we’re going to have a talk by Mikko Hyponen, and my thoughts on using the mac for the first time.

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Tech podcast 247 is now out

Hi folks,
Tech 247 is on our RSS feed has podcast 247 on it. Here are the show notes in case the RSS feed does not have them on it.

Welcome to tech 247. We take from the show notes from WCT16 which as also taken effect and released.

Hello folks, Perkins allows us to talk to you about the Individualized education plan or IEP for short. They contacted us asking if we could publish this talk. TVI: Effective Collaboration is the page where you can learn more and check out what else Perkins has. We thank them for allowing us to post this to our site. See you on another edition of the podcast!

We also have money identification talk and my thoughts on the Ai Squared joins VFO, home of Freedom Scientific and Optelec press release. Hope you enjoy the program!

Hope you enjoy the cast.

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Tech podcast 246

Tech podcast 246 is available and has been for yesterday. It covers Freshbooks, Reminder Guru, and more. Get it from the RSS feed on this site.

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podcast dump

I don’t know what the last show notes were i posted besides 244, so I want to take the opportunity to put the show notes up here for the last several podcasts.

Podcast 243 2016/05/13
On this edition, podcast 243 continues Freshbooks, and then John and I talk about incidents I thought were becoming a problem, but it has been round for years.

Podcast 242 2016/05/07

On this podcast, we talk about All About Fraud: How Crooks Get the CVV which is one of many different articles I’ve read within the past while. Just a note, the K7 service is not active so the 206-222-3143 number is disabled because I didn’t transfer it over. I give my mytelespace number out, for feedback by phone. Hope you enjoy the podcast!

Technology podcast 2016/04/25

Virtual Audio Cable,, AAC and the transit app, and more.

Technology podcast 240 2016/04/16

Welcome to podcast 240 for the technology podcast. One new piece of software for me, talk on the iphone S.E. and also a game. Enjoy!

Tech podcast 239 2016/04/07

Hello everyone, on this podcast, we talk about Rosen Credit Card Breach May Affect Attendees of Recent NFB Conventions and Ubber. Hope you enjoy it.

Tech 238: 2016/03/20

On this podcast, we have several articles of discussion, and we even have other topics covered too.

Its 2 and a half hours. Enjoy!

I think I’ve posted since, so there are the show notes. Go to our audio page to pick up these and other casts up there.

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Tech podcast 244’s show notes

Hello everyone, we’re here better late than never in the podcast release department. I’ve got podcast 244 on the RSS feed. The show notes includes links to articles in which I am going to share, although the initial release missed one link.

Hi folks, we have a lot of stuff on the podcast, make sure you check out the links we are pointing out which will be in the show notes. K7 and laser, breach talk, ransomware, criminals getting caught, and a whole lot more.

Podcast 244:

Hope you enjoy the show!

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