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Fashion company’s rude response shock s job applicant

Shaun sent this article entitled Fashion company’s rude response shock s job applicant on the 27th of January. I’m getting a chance to read this, but there is a difference between a breach and a hack. The fact that the company apologized is a first step on fixing something which should never happen in the first place when looking for a mjob. The applicant, according to the article, had plenty of experience and a finished schooling and deploma to top it all off. That is definitely going to be a public nightmare for this company.

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How Google Took on Mirai, KrebsOnSecurity

In the catching up department, I remember this story well, in fact, this was one of these stories where great thought was put in to this from what i can tell. How Google Took on Mirai, KrebsOnSecurity goes in to the detail on how this great resource that has tipped me off in to the enourmous breaches we’ve been seeing lately and how i was made aware of them thanks to Krebs. The botnet in question has been covered in great length by Security Now as well as Kreb’s blog. Check out this one.

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Extremely dissatisfied with the developers of tweetbot in regards to accessibility improvement promises

Hi folks, in the Mac world, accessibility is still a concern just as in the windows world. While I’m not a full time mac user, and I’ve dabbled in this world a little bit, I came across this apple vis post from a mac user about an app which is accessible for the most part. Contacting the developer yielded mixed results and comments are asking for far and wide coverage of the fact the developer doesn’t seem to care about whether their app works. Why would an app be accessible but yet it can’t read the names of the people tweeting? The windows apps I’ve used have done this, so I know its possible. Please contact this developer if you use the app and let them know your concerns. This is not acceptable, and if I used an app that way, I’d write them just like the folks in this thread have done.

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Technology podcast 255 for February 10, 2017

Hi folks, I’m happy to release the podcast numbered 255. Below, you’ll find the show notes. I hope you’ll enjoy Find the file on our RSS feed where the show notes also live.

Welcome to the technology podcast, this is podcast 255. On this edition of the podcast, we start with an interesting Uber find, as I was curious on whether they allowed us to book a trip in advanced. I take you through a demo, and you may read more about the cities that Uber supports by going to this page which asks: Can I make a reservation? You may also go to the page that talks about Scheduled Rides s
for extra peace of mind
as it gives you the list of cities involved. Our news notes segments are making a comeback. Next, wetalk about Alexa and something cool. Finally, Freshbooks has some new features to help improve your security in regards to authenticating with Freshbooks, and they publish their security Review. To read more, check their Freshbook’s Security and Reliability Safeguards which allows you to read more about their policies. We hope you enjoy this hour long podcast, and thanks for listening!

See you soon!

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Making sure we give out accurate information

Hello folks, I hope you’re enjoying the blog, and I’ll be releasing a podcast real soon, it just needs to be finalized. Today, while I have thought about this post, I’m going to be upfront, and as accurate as possible.

Remember in January when we published Urgent issue with AI squared access technology and the page in question had support hours over the weekend to help people through the issue they said was urgent and that things were compromised? Well, it isn’t that bad to begin with, according to what I found out today.

My actual call to the VFO group was totally unrelated to this, but when the gentleman said to go to the certificate fix page, I told him why I was calling and that I had installed Window-Eyes to this PC already but the issue i was calling about needed a full installation zip file.

He told me that the people who needed to help me were gone, and I thanked him, I happened to ask him about the whole certificate fix issue we encountered since he braught it up.

The gentleman said there was never a compromise at all. They had published it was compromised, but the cert in question was only expired, never compromised. I asked why they put it was compromised, because that means things more serious, and he said it was simply mislabeled.

When enquiring on whether they were to fix it, he indicated they wouldn’t because it was a long time ago.

If I was running the page, I would have personally changed it, and released a new press release indicating this.

With the amount of breaches that we have on a monthly basis, it is very important that companies get as much information out there, and if it changes, update it.

I’ll release an article I read via Krebs that actually impressed me, and I’ll talk about that more in debth, as it deals with a particular breach and links to others. I’m surprised that AI Squared did not update this page to simply state that it was expiring, and made it sound like something extreme was going on when it was just an expired cert which was expiring on the date mentioned, and they were patching everyone before it expired.

If the certificate was truly compromised, we would have to patch immediately, and the certificate would be immediately revoked. If we were running the software, we’d be OK, but if we rebooted, we could be in trouble.

AI Squared, please make sure you put the accurate information next time, so that people are not confused like I was. I didn’t think it was compromised, and E-mails asking whether it was, was told to look at the Cert page they published. That page seemed to not make me pleased since the deadline was a week or so away, but yet, compromised certs are revoked immediately upon discovery if I have been paying to Security Now’s teachings. Bad move, AI Squared, please learn from this next time.

I was told the cert is good for awhile yet, so there should not be a problem for at least 20 years.

Thanks for reading, and make it a great day.

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editorial, what age should we get cellphones or is there more

This article from stuff
Is an interesting read.
In brief, is discussed how yung is to yung to have a smart device.
Firstly I don’t share the opinions of the artical writer fully but
partly agree with it all the same.
I will respond to this article with one of my own.
My question dear readers is not if children or teens should get access
to phones but should children and teens get access to the net.
No lets go even further should some adults be banned from using the net
or cellphones entirely.

We all know how cool technology is, social networks, blogs like this
one, twitter, facebook, calls overseas with skype, free services like
vibre, whatsapp, group shares, cloud services like mega, dropbox google
drive, calendars like the google one, diaries, scheduals, games,
research, net searches, the list goes on.
We also know about the down sides of technology.
No, these are not hackers, viruses, malware, ransomware, and all that,
its deeper than being hacked or getting your identity stolen.
No, its worse than that.
Let me ask you a simple question, how many times over the last 10 years
have you played a board game, played cards, gone out side and played any
games at all, socialised with friends, not got stressed because the net
has gone down, etc, and if your answer is not for ages if ever you are
probably close to the truth.
It is known that we use our devices to much.
Our activity has reduced.
Our wish to take risks has reduced to, we are scared to break something.
We need our mail and the net.
If the net goes down we are at a loss.
For those born pre net era life was different.
For those born post net we know no other.
The fact just about anyone can use a computer is a blessing and a curse
for when it breaks we are almost powerless to fix it and this trend will
continue on and on.
Crimes asside, and the usual rifraff I write on here this article got me
thinking and thinking hard about a time before I had access to the net.
That time for me was at the end of the 80s, and the 90s up through till
the revolution in 2002.
I remember playing board games with my family, children playing outside
in the street, games on games.
Sure there was tv, but it had its place.
Research required you to physically do it, if you had something to do,
you either called for it on a normal phone, or got out of the house to
do it.
You had friends, real friends, and you talked or wrote as the case may be.
You got on with things because you knew you had to.
Even when computers really came out they had their place.
I can’t say I watch much tv even though I have a pre smart 24 inch job.
Even though its got audio description on.
I do have dvds but don
‘t watch to much.
I have drives full of files but I never sit to much and listen all day
if I can help it.
I try vary hard to ballence my life on the pc and off it.
I don’t use a modern smart phone nore care for one just yet.
I see several issues with our world.
1. computers are everywhere.
We are getting on them to quickly, from our humble consoles to that
latest ipod everything has them.
They are cool, and they rock, but we have forgotten their place.
We are not to far from becoming dependent on technology but there is
still enough time if we move there are still a couple older generations
left to teach the new.
The following things need to happen in my mind.
1. children should not have computers or smart phones or any
electronics to be honest.
They should play outside, break legs and other things as they used to do.
I have never broken a leg in my life but no one has the choice anymore.
All the health laws mean people are so worried of being sued that we all
sink into a non risky weak state.
2. a computer should be shown to a teen or those at school as a
research tool, first, secondly a gaming one, and only for the moment
educational games and maybe old style video games.
3. once you are at the age you can vote or drink whatever is later,
that will be the age you can be left to do whatever till then strict
rules should be in place to stop people going online not knowing the risks.
Playing on your devices is fine but being more interested in them than
real world is not.
Its why on holiday I force myself to leave my computer at home and not
use it.
I do take a recorder or a music player with recording facilities, a
camera is also good to.
Maybe a note book if you are able to see to write in and a diary there
are still paper ones round the place.
I don’t know how we’d block this, but all those violent games and such
while fun just are no good for children.
Heck adds for games games in general are no good.
Twitter and other things are no good for children, in fact once they
master a life outside the machine realm, then by all means introduce
them to it.
We are creating people that never have been outside and have almost no
need for it.
And before you judge, I do have family that are locked to their devices
all the time all day long and not using them as was intended.
I have a friend recently dead who was an impulse buyer.
He brought lots and lots of stuff of and online.
He is dead!
He can’t take all his stuff to heaven with him, most of it is unused,
and what do you do.
While some of his stuff can be sold for little cash, most of it is not
interesting for the people that have to deal with it.
So it will all go to landfill.
His house is junk, it is in agood ariea but it will be destined to
become another monster apartment block like everything else.
This guy has no legacy, his wife still alive languishes in a home with
almost no cash and not much to show for her past life.
Granted this is an extreme case, but is this what we want for future
To start, live on material things and then it all goes poof and no more?
True our digital identities will remain till hackers take them and we
are kicked off the net entirely but our ghosts even digital ones are not
alive, text is no substitute for communication and those people on our
twitter and facebook accounts are not our friends.
The people you email well some of them may be your friends sort of as
well as those on social networks.
But if you die, you have nothing to remember you by or only an aspect to
remember you by.
The only differences from real buildings and those constructed online as
that they never age.
Nice isn’t it, but what about if not only do they never age, they never
Or more simple terms, if you have an online house it never gets older,
its always sunny, the food in the fridge never goes off, its never eaten
in fact its only an idea of food.
You never get older, but neither do you have a past.
You never sleep but then you don’t have much of a life either.
True, you can game, play music, socialise, chat, go on dates, have sex,
Watch tv, read the news paper.
You can never break a leg, drive, eat, sleep, get sick, die, physically
touch, or talk as such.
You are not a name, a person, just a user id, a link, an ip, you are not
black or white, have no religion, aren’t much at all.
Thats all well and good.
But the net has connections to the outside.
We mirror the net, the net mirrors us, but there are differences in the
There is no crime on the net but there are no laws either.
There are no police on the net but its not like you can do any crime
online that doesn’t have an offline exit.
You could hire a murderer but never be killed online.
You could steal someones identity, infect someone’s computer with a
virus, but you couldn’t do much if you stayed online.
You are imortal but time never moves.
You are but you aren’t at the same time.
Thats all well and good but as I said everything in the net has a hard
link outside.
If you do a crime online it will eventually link outside so no escape.
Things do change outside the net and as soon as things leave the net
they are subject to our universe and its rules.
We are forgetting where we sit in the big machine.
We don’t sit anywhere in the big machine, we are part of it but we are
still linked outside of it so we aren’t at the same time.
Fact is the world emulates the net and the net emulates the world except
it doesn’t.
So this all means in short that we are becoming more interested in the
online than offline world.
We are not machines yet, and that means we need equal access to both.
And if we continue as we are, then we will find out just how useless and
insubstancial our ghosts are.
If we lose our hard links we are nothing.
I know future movies and scifi likes to have humans in some cases not
needing boddies ever, and that we are big minds, etc but lets face it,
we forget about the outside then we may as well live in the sun for all
it will do us.
I think everyone needs to decide where they slot in instead of jumping
on the bandwaggon.

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Hacker Selling 126 Million Cell Phone Details of “U.S. Cellular” Customers

Hacker Selling 126 Million Cell Phone Details of “U.S. Cellular” Customers is an interesting story. The update at the bottom says that it isn’t U.S. Cellular data, but if you read it closely, it could be. I’m not going to pay the 500 plus dollars to find out, but it is scary just the same. Wonder if it could be former data, meaning the data comes from customers who may have left for any reason?

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TEXAS COPS LOSE EVIDENCE GOING BACK EIGHT YEARS IN RANSOMWARE ATTACK is a week old, but yet we still have cases out there and we will continue to have them. The fact that they thought they had backups but found them to be encrypted mean that they didn’t do a good job. I personally feel that if you think you’ll get your files back, pay, then learn to do more to protect yourself. If you feel that you may not get your stuff, then don’t pay.

This reminds me of the school case at the beginning of the year I reported. In that case, they felt that they had a shot of getting their stuff back. The article indicates that that they were told they didn[‘t have a shot. Wonder what the difference between this and the other case besides of the fact it deals with police departments and a server holding evidence?


the state of tech

Comment on the following and then look at my comments
The article is explaining exactly what I feel is happening.
With technology becoming more simpler than it needs to be, we are losing the knowledge to fix it when it breaks or secure it.
On the plus side, it means technitions and others will have better jobs but on the minus its going to become a problem.
I am not sure if I aggree if we have slipped that far back but we are close to it.
I grew up with dos, I worry if I don’t have everything up to date.
Every driver, every software I can, as long as its free or low cost.
I want to make sure within reason that I am fully updated where I can.
I don’t fully aggree with his security stance.
I also don’t aggree everyone should use linux.
Firstly windows is all over the place, reguardless of what people may think, all desktops are not dynosaws.
Computers may be getting smaller but everything has its function.
The net doesn’t need to be filtered but on the other hand, if you took away all the nice sides to tech, background tasks and multitasking would have to take a dive to.
I couldn’t dream of having to go back to a single task system.
Yes in the old days things were easier to handle.
If things went wrong you knew.
But all this new stuff its all in acrinims and code, like oob, wbm msxml, etc.
We don’t know whats broken and well its a problem.
On the otherside as long as things are secured.
I don’t mean secured to the nines where it impacts system performance but secured just enough so the user needs to watch their ass its fine.
A lot of this new stuff is designed so we don’t have to bother with it to much.
When I started my technical job I got no training I started by running every file on my dos 5 system and seeing what it does.
No one does this anymore.
If you run every program you can on your windows system you know what it does and you learn.
True you can’t trash your box but keep searching google for things and see what they do.
I didn’t have that resource.
2. hacking is bad.
Because of the criminals, hacking suddenly is bad, it never was bad as such its just what the media says.
Not all hacking is bad.
In fact in some cases with industry there are security bounty programs.
Yes, find the holes and see if you can hack our system and you will get 100 grand and maybe a job!
Next there is all this spying.
We are making to much of a fuss.
In most cases if you don’t screw up then you are not a problem.
No government has the resources to go after those of us that lead average lives.
Yet we are scared into thinking that everyone is after our ass.
From reading things online, and my own experience.
Your average hacker isn’
‘t after your average home user.
Why, no cash in it.
Big businesses, governments and others known to have cash are targets.
Its known unpatched systems and a lot exist we know that are targets.
3. miss information, there is a lot of this.
Your antivirus software or security software shouldn’t slow down your box, if it does its badly programmed and should be dumped.
The best protections are our heads, and maybe some passive software, not our expensive software packages.
If thats true, then 3 games I play, pluss a bunch of documents I use daily and programs I run as well as stuff I write are trogens or something like that.
As for dangers online, kids ie 5 year olds and up shouldn’t even have access to computers.
They’re to stupid and dumb and only know enough to get trouble.
Chatrooms can be and have been proven to be dangerous we know this.
That new torrent is not the best unless you use vpns, and if you can afford it buy it.
If you can’t then there are probably some opensource things round the place.

Things I don’t aggree with.
All kids shouldn’t need to program their systems.
This is not the 1960s or the punch card days.
Kids need to use word and excell and search google for resources.
When I started I learned my blindy wordprocesser and thats it and its all kids need to learn.
Kids shouldn’t use smartphones or anything till they are at least 20, I never used a smart phone till just after university.
Before that I did have a phone for calling numbers but that was all.
Children shouldn’t have access to the net till they are at least in highschool
The net is not a little place with resources in it.
It is now another real world, another world with its shops and stores and robbers and other criminals like our world has.
Everything goes and sometimes it doesn’t.
The only difference from the net to the real world are the following.
1. you don’t need to eat drink or sleep.
2. while you can order things for your offline self you can’t consume anything online.
3. cash, yes you can shop in stores for things you want offline and maybe things for online games but you can’t buy anything as such like a car to drive online as such.
You can’t consume drugs online offline you can but never online.
Its never dark on the net, but then there isn’t a sun either.
There are no quakes or fires or anything as such on the net either.
There are no storms or beaches or anything.
Cyberspace is not like systemshock 2, the matrix or anything, its just another place you can do a few things.
Everyone on twitter and face book is not your fucking friend!
In fact you don’t know who anyone is usually.
The net is unsafe and dangerous.
There is no discrimination either but still.
Taking this in mind, then you should know that the net other than all that is close to the world.
Sadly text is not the best form of communication.
Even now I am making assumptions on people I read, where they live, even building entire lives for that person, but those are errors I don’t know who the fuck they are unless I talk to them physically.
Security and privacy do not exist.
There are several reasons.
The most important one is not that we blab our location to the world.
That does not matter.
When we buy things we send our credit card info to the world.
That again doesn’t matter really.
The government knows who we are and thats stored online and again it doesn’t matter.
Even if your internet and entire identity is stolen and misued and you end up in jail that still doesn’t matter.
The most important thing which no one grasps is that we like to gossip, posting on social media and other things.
And we like to brag just about everything about ourselves.
I don’t mean to stop, but at least think what we are sharing.
That allone should reduce our risks.
That next bit of security software is not security its just a chance for something else to get wrong.
Oh and that software is not exactly configured for you its made by someone else telling you what they think you should do.
I am not saying don’t be secure, you should have something to moniter things and such but don’t automate so when it goes nuts then you don’t know what is happening.
Be carefull where you go and visit.
Above all if you have teens and kids, you will sadly have to keep your install disks near by.

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Apple releases IOS 10.2.1

Hello folks,

Apple released IOS 10.2.1 fixing a bunch of stuff. This wired article and this Apple Vis blog update for blind users are articles to read. Apple Vis says that some braille is fixed, but they can’t keep track of everything. Wired indicates we should update as soon as we can.

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comments for this week

Firstly look at the following
http://www.fastcompany.com/3067260/hit-the-ground-running/this-google-experts-top-seo-tips-for-job-seekers-in-2017 … by
This is a guide for job seekers to get noticed.
Its largely linked in heavy.
For us as blind people videos etc don’t really apply unless you want one.
Your qualifications and experience applies if you have either.
Your photo applies if you have a sightling to take it and give it for you then dropbox it and keep it with you.
I am unsure if your blindness profile doing blindy things for blindy people ever applies to the mainstream.
For me your best bit is to put direct feelers out and look.
Third party agencies let me down to many times to be of any real use.
And when they half worked things half worked to.
And when they failed they went into program loops eventually asking you to pay cash to them.
I say delete, then they ask me to pay cash and charge my account and I say delete and they go away.
Maybe I havn’t had a good run.
I doubt the standard people that recruit will care about your blindy past and blindy activities no matter how impressive.
Directly emailing those you know or contacts in organisation or directly responding and engaging with the companies themselves will.
I am not saying its easy, but I have had better success up front with organisations.
Every time I complete a contract I end with the fact I’d still like more.
In this world its not adverts anyway its who you know and where you can go.
My first job started with me ringing a friend and saying I was bored because I didn’t have one and wanted to do tech stuff.
She put me in touch with a guy who was related to one of her tutors, and this got me into government research.
That wasn’t the greatest thing, its 1-3 hours grind twice a year and while good I couldn’t see me taking this on as a full time slog.
Data entry even high payed data entry with the transport and lunch chucked in, varying teams, a cool as boss and the chance to work with supercomputers and large data tablets has its drawbacks.
No cellphones or electronics due to security and shielding.
Sitting in a interesting position while working and wearing devices, often emerced in liquid, the tiredness, and the fact I tend to eat more than I would usually eat even though I am only using my brain is a concern.
Solving bugs on the fly is a pluss, but for a job its really just data input.
Most of the time I don’t even see the reports.
My next jobs involved me subscribing to a blind organisation list for technology.
I recieved a brief message from a government test team rep that basically said one of their main testers got some malware which fried their network and had to withdraw.
The deadline was that day, should have been that day.
I had to fill in first come first served.
A lot of people applied.
Initial project went for 2 years and at the end of that, last year the team was restarted again and I recieved my first paycheck.
Granted it was only around 100 but the usual technition fee for my kind of work is 25 bucks per hour which isn’t to bad.
That was like that way with the last job to, until hr decided that it was a skilled job and so it went up to 100 bucks per hour with 40-50 bucks overtime.
If you take the 25-30 bucks for transport and 10-20 for food they may have been paying for with the previous job thats actually a major sum.
Payments were with cash or fuel cards or supermarket vouchers only but still.
The rest were direct transfers.
Thats another thing.
If you have a bank account, you should have a couple
A day to day savings account and an investment account they call it.
Its basically check, its where all your payments go for benifits and jobs and where you do online stuff.
For international jobs and you will encounter a lot of them from time to time though they may or may not come up as the case may be, I’d get a debit card.
Even if you never use this card its needed for paypal access.
Why not credit?
If you have your own business and can mannage funds you can I guess.
But to stop you becoming a spendaholic it may be easy to get debit.
If you spend your account then you spend your account and will know about it.
If you get the other then in debters hell you go.
Look at the can’t pay we’ll take it away show on uk tv and you will find how firey, hot and full of brimstone debters hell is, in short don’t go there if you can help it.
You will have to get used to obscure paths to.
Also deadlines that seem to be immediate.
Things you will need off the cuff.
Email skills, office and wordprocessing are not big but you should take some.
Your organisation should have basic net, wordprocesser and other free or low cost courses for you to take to start off with.
If you get a scholarship then a business certiffic is a must.
In particular the following subjects I found invaluable to me.
1. level 3 communications.
Basically your standard english class with basic report, letter and speech writing.
2. introduction management, which shows how businesses work and are structured.
3. introduction to marketing, shows how advertising works.
4. introduction to law which shows you how law works in particular business law.
I’d also take information systems for general computer knowledge, wordprocessing level2 and if you get a good reader spreadsheeting level2.
I’d also take a refresher math course for theory if you can stomach it.
If you do get a scholarship or even if you don’t there are keys to success cources in such things as writing and time management.
If you need to speak a lot in public as part of your description and feel nervous then joining toastmasters is a good thing to do to.
I am not but my brother who is an enginier is.
He is not the best but can write speaches in a week and practice them in 2 days or so and get ready to rock so thats usefull.
For the international jobs I’d recomend the following.
1. teamtalk, teamspeak and ventrilo people use these for job stuff from time to time.
2. skype is really needed for international phone stuff.
3. email client like thunderbird.
4. good email and net skills.
5. a paypal account.
A lot of jobs for international use paypal for their transactions.
Some may charge direct transfer to.
Another thing to note, if you do do local jobs, giving out your comtact number is fine.
But if you run internationals only give your contact number if they spaciffically ask for it.
Its not just privacy, talking to people internationally can mean juggling time round.
Remember that email is timeless.
If they ask you to talk directly, try a voice chat service or a voip like skype first if possible.
If they want to ring you arange a time, but it may not be worth the call to ring them.
Some like my latest venture with sonarinteractive will want to physically meet with you.
Just be carefull who you trust and such especially if you need to let them into your house or something.
Look at social networks of your friends or other places for jobs.
One thing you may get is a servey to fill to get a job, or a couple lines for a job.
Remember in this day and age the companies or people that are hiring you are also searchable, so in theory you shouldn’t ever run into much trouble unless you jump to fast.
But what if you do?
If its to good to be true then it may or may not be that way.
Sometimes you need to see if they are really honest or not.
Usually if they speak to fast and or say outrageous things of what they expect they are over their heads.
You can spam block emails, block them on twitter, and skype etc.
Delete their contacts, etc.
It gets worse if they know where you live or even know your credit card.
If they know your paypal email or bank number they can’t really pull cash from you, just read the fine print.
Contracts in my business are usual one off things or verbal but if you ever have a written contract, it may be worth checking it out if you can.
On to other things.
1. smart tech.
Smart tech is really good but anything in a computer can be broken.
So all those smart things could be hacked it doesn’t mean they will but anything electronic is breakable.
In fact anything physical is breakable period.
2. certifficate breaches.
To be honest big companies loose their keys all the time it seems to be the nature of the beast.
This is partly solved with the fact keys never stay valid for a month or 2 at a time for the most part and new ones always exist and come out.
From time to time, keys get lost in transfer or a new key is revoked by mistake, or simply someone drops their keys.
Since its easy to make new keys, companies just tend to make another key and then say we dropped the old one.
Sometimes like the act of dropping your keys or not being able to find your wallet or glasses they will publically drop their keys and the net being the unsorted filing cabinet it is tends to have those being found by something else later on.
A certifficate compromise is not as bad as it sounds to be honest.
As long as another key is made once dropped then its not a problem.
The dropped key will eventually expire if not found and keys expire from time to time anyway.
Even microsoft and major certifficate previders are not imune to dropping keys.
And because of the large volume it doesn’t matter that much if 1 or 1 million drop their keys.
Its a problem if someone finds and use the keys before they die but then you can just issue new keys without much issue.
Maybe its the fact its so easy to make a key that losing is not much of a loss.
The problem with any secured system is the fact that even if you never drop a key someone will smash a window and just steal the cash box with all the keys in it.
Online databases with keys are stolen to often but its been round since the net.
Every so often the locks and the way they are made needs changing.
And standards need updating.
And sometimes people need to tell others that the lock is not effective anymore.

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Securing Our Smart Cities: Why We All Need to Be Aware of the Threats Out There

Securing Our Smart Cities: Why We All Need to Be Aware of the Threats Out There was posted about from trend micro on January 17th. It was an interesting read as this has never crossed my radar. I wonder if there are parts of everywhere that are part of something that can be controled smartly. For example, Los Angeles was making all their traffic lights syncronized so traffic can flow easier. I think there are still issues, however, I know they’re working on it. What do you guys think?

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Two articles in which Criminals are being arrested in

Hi folks,

As part of the podcast which was released number 254, we briefly talk about two articles in passing Uncovering the Inner Workings of EyePyramid and Not so Limitless after all: Trend Micro FTR Assists in the Arrest of Limitless Author as they have some great news I always like to publish when i ever get the chance to do so. This is always great news when we see this, and while it is several days old, my buddy Richard has always said thanks for sending these. I always like publishing about good news as well as the bad. If you see the show notes, you may want to see this one as well, as it will link to these. For the Saturday Afternoon Hangout, Go to the mix and find in our podcast directory. Enjoy some great news!

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Technology podcast 254

OK folks, podcast 254 is talking about my thoughts and others in regards to the AI Squared debacle. I’m careful on how I present this, and remember that we have a comprehensive post on this blog about it. Here are the show notes, which includes that blog post again. It also links to a page which has been updated with software versions as it becomes available.

Hi folks, welcome to the podcast. On this podcast, I give my thoughts, and I also have a segment on this and other info in regards to Urgent issue with AI squared access technology which links to a page on AI squareds site which is providing updates. Thanks for listening, and stay tuned to this cast for a whole lot more. Running time is 46 minutes.

To get your copy, please go to our RSS feed.

Thanks for listening, and make it a great day.

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What can people expect from cybercriminals in 2017? It varies

OK folks,

How are you? I think this article entitled What can people expect from cybercriminals in 2017? It varies is a great article to read from Trend Micro. It is very eye opening, and who knows, maybe some of these things are true and will continue to be true.

  • Do you think Ransomware will be so big that we can’t fight it?
  • Phishing attacks, same old tricks, human element being a problem?
  • Attachments and links still being prevelant?
  • Mobile being more of a threat since we can bring them in to the workplace?

I’d read this article, and I’d make my own opinion on what you think. Please read the article before you write, lets discuss your thoughts.

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windows 10 is full of issues and is a piece of crap

Look at this article
http://extremetech.com/computing/242795-microsoft-warns-windows-7-dangerously-insecure-2017 …
In this article microsoft after nagging, loading spyware on our systems and making us update to 10 is now trying to weedle itself out of supporting another xp or vista so now says windows 7 is not safe anymore even with the security patches.
My responce, if windows 10 is so safe, then why are you updating it, what about you shut down your fucking windows update servers and never update it again.
What about if you get rid of the defender and the firewall app, delete all the extras and see how secure windows 10 really is.
And as for it being out of date for all that old tech then you must live in the future where people can afford the shiny new gaming boxes of the fucking future.

Guess what microsoft its not like that at all.
A lot of us have old hardware, and while the shiny new boxes may be 10 only a lot of us have the older boxes.
In fact lets take it a bit further, if your system is going as fast as it needs to be why even bother updating os at all or system unless it dies.
The 4th generation i7 units or i5 quads are fine and duelcores still exist.
Ssds exist and so do hard drives.
1.2gb internal video cards are standard now.
Not everyone will use that new holographic dodad, or that expensive processer.
I hardly use ie or edge, I have msse and malware bytes, I use firefox a lot of us here use chrome.
If your system is so secure then why don’t you put your money where your mouth is and try to see how long it would last.
What about if you tested it.
Why don’t you just put the standard non flasy windows7 interface back over the mangled one in its place.
We that use 7 use it because it works and will continue to work, we don’t want ms accounts, business apps, or universal anything, some of us don’t even game, with xp I can understand but you fucked up 8 and now you want to cover yourself.
You gave us 3 years till we have to start hacking windows and probably loading a lot of ransomware and other junk to fix what you basically have broken in the interface.
I still havn’t gotten used to the ribbon in 10.
The start menu sort of works to a point I won’t be loading classic shell, the updates work, the extras and history are nice, but you broke language switching and according to insider stuff you have broken other things to.
In win7 nothing is broken.
Microsoft you can just go and fuck yourself and take your crappy windows 10 vista thing with you and give us xp back!

To the rest of you, while I don’t usually downgrade myself I am still a 7 user, the only reason I will ever upgrade is if I need to or my system breaks.
Sadly for microsoft the only reason I’d go is if 32 bit software goes or if I get a shiny new pc and or a licenced windows 7 when one is not available or something that spacifficly needs 10 or something.
I can tell you now that we have up to 4th and 5th gen cpus before we have to really think of using the new 7th generation and normal users won’t be doing that.
We won’t need 3+gb video cards, we will still use old tech like hdds, we will still use modems.
Sadly, microsoft is full of security holes, I see so many remote elevation issues that I don’t even report them.
ie and edge are getting security updates because they are holy as fuck.
Your only saving grace is you at least try to add fixes to 10 as you go.
Ie I can plug my external drives into my win10 unit now and run programs from them without making an extra step.
Win10 is just 1 os and every so often you upgrade that os but its not enough.
I know friends that can’t afford updates they still use xp, which sadly is still a good os I have to say how shitty xp has always been because you don’t support it and don’
‘t think about the small guys.
You and others like you are why people pirate stuff just so they can have what they want when they want.
I suggest you go and test your os and see how secure it is.
Either that or shove your head back in the sand from where it came from!\
For me myself with no prospect of any actual future, and no prospect of the world moving with me, I have found a nice ariea of sand to burry my head in.
And I’d appreciate not being told to get out and play in a world I have no belonging in at all
For those that think I am bonkas look at my security postings.
Look at all of them and look at all the remote control elevation of privilage, and information leaks that I just leave out.
Every month its the web, windows fonts and graphics and kernal.
Every month its office, dotnet and windows.
Every month its the same fucking updates from xp to 10 and onward.
windows 10 is not more secure, bar an interface change its still the same os, the same fucking os!\
Every month you release the same god damn good for nothing fucking updates.
Most of these are to stop users clicking links to viruses and stuff.
you aren’t improving the os you are wasting download bandwidth.
Every so often you fuck up the os more and more, so just go into your hole and stay there.
On a side note, I really think that some of these people have no lives.
Ms is panicking because win10 is not up to scratch they have even admitted and they don’t want another xp or vista.
Who’s fault is that?
Not the fucking users is all I need to say.
In fact ms ows us the users for basically fucking us over with the win10 free upgrade we neither wanted or needed.
I am happy for those that have it and have used it including some in here and find it good.
But if you are a standard computer user with 1 device or 1 or 2 devices but one of them is not windows, you will not appreciate this at all.
I for example will never get a windows mobile device.

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Hello fellow passengers. Welcome to college accademics, and today, you need to at least read this PSA entitled E MPLOYMENT SCAM TARGETING COLLEGE STUDENTS REMAINS PREVALENT IC3 January 18, 2017

because while it was covered in 2014, I feel that as the new year turns and tracks along, this will be more prevelant as you are traversing the job market. I am, but yet I don’t use my college account as I did take a class. I’m suspicious of quite a bit of things, and I know that a job is not to ask for money from you. They don’t provide money to you to supply yourself equipment, they supply you with the equipment. Please take this read while you’re traversing this flight today, and do stay safe.

Your captain


Urgent issue with AI squared access technology

Hello folks,

Thanks to Shaun, he tipped me off to this. The following is text sent from a word document sent to me after I enquired to AI’s window-eyes division. If you use any of these products, its important that you read this, and upgrade your product to the latest version.

Beginning of text from AI squared

January 16, 2017: Urgent Notification

Forthcoming Startup Failures in ZoomText 10.1 and other Ai Squared Software Products


The digital certificate used to certify newer ZoomText and Window-Eyes software products has been compromised. As a result, our certificate will be revoked on or around January 26th, which will result in startup failures for the following Ai Squared products.

Affected Ai Squared Software Products

When attempting to start the following Ai Squared software products, the product will fail to launch and display a Windows error message: “A referral was returned from the server”

  • * ZoomText Magnifier v10.1 Build numbers 10.10.8 through 10.11.6
  • * ZoomText Magnifier/Reader v10.1 Build numbers 10.10.8 through 10.11.6
  • * ZoomText Fusion v10.1 Build numbers 10.11.1 through 10.11.5
  • * ZoomText Keyboard v4 Build numbers 4.0.0 and 4.1.0
  • * Window-Eyes v9.5 Build numbers 9.5.1 and 9.5.3

When attempting to start the following Ai Squared software products, the product may launch even though the certificate has been revoked. Anti-virus utilities may detect the invalid certificate and block the software from running.

  • * ZoomText ImageReader v1.2 Build numbers 1.2.16106
  • * ZoomText Voices (language packs) v1.0 Build numbers
  • * Vocalizer Expressive v1.3 (for Windows Eyes) Build numbers

Note: Inspection of the certificate will show that the certificate is invalid. Inspection and validation of certificates is a process performed by some organizations.

Solution (software updates)

For each of the affected products, software updates incorporating a new digital signature will be released and available for download prior to January 26th. We will send updated information as it becomes available. You can check https://www.aisquared.com/certificatefix”>https://www.aisquared.com/certificatefix for updated information.
Software Product Update version

  • ZoomText Magnifier v10.1 10.11.7
  • ZoomText Magnifier/Reader v10.1 10.11.7
  • ZoomText Fusion v10.1 10.11.7
  • ZoomText Keyboard v4.1 4.1.1
  • Window-Eyes v9.5 9.5.4
  • ZoomText ImageReader 1.2 1.3.0
  • ZoomText Voices v1.0 1.0.2
  • Vocalizer Expressive v1.3 (for Windows Eyes) 1.3

Warning When Disabling Security Options

Various websites provide steps for disabling Windows security options with the expectation that unsigned software executables will start and run. Disabling these security options will not fix these problems for the ZoomText and Windows Eyes products and may compromise security and protection from malware. Ai Squared strongly recommends against disabling these security options.


We apologize for the inconvenience this issue has caused you, but assure you we are doing everything possible to rectify this matter as soon as possible. To minimize downtime, we encourage you to update your software as soon as possible.
If you have questions or require assistance resolving this problem, contact the Ai Squared support team at (727) 803-8600 option 2 or mailto:support@aisquared.com.

As some of you may have already noticed, we just released English Window-Eyes 9.5.4 this morning (January 18th). Other languages will soon follow. It is very important if you are using Window-Eyes 9.5.1 or 9.5.2 or 9.5.3 that you upgrade to 9.5.4 before the digital certificate described above is revoked.

There are 3 changes from version 9.5.3 to 9.5.4:

  1. Support has been added for the HumanWare BrailleNote Touch braille display.
  2. An issue where multiple hooking errors would occur in the latest testing builds (insider build) of Windows 10 has been fixed.
  3. An updated digital certificate has been used to sign all executables. (as per the description above)

Again, it is critical you upgrade your copy of Window-Eyes 9.5.1 or 9.5.2 or 9.5.3 to 9.5.4 immediately. Once the certificate is revoke these copies of Window-Eyes will no longer launch leaving you without speech and/or braille.


Doug Geoffray
VFO(tm) | Accessibility Software Manager, Enterprise Compliance
11800 31st Court North, St. Petersburg, FL 33716 mailto:dgeoffray@vfogroup.com http://www.vfogroup.com/

I am going to get in touch to understand what happened here. Just be aware of whats up, and update so you continue to have access to your information and can continue to work.

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more updates out

This must be the day of updating.
Java released its first build of 2017.
Amd which had only just released a build for end of 2016 as well as something on january 10 have now just released the first major for 2017.
Realtech has released 2.81 hd codec minor package.
Oh and their website is back up, it went down.
On at least one system it caused the sound drivers to unsync and become unusable.
They were down for about a week or so, so they must have had something major go like a main board or something.
I did the yearly service of computers and now look at me all out of date again lets hope things improve.
To the rest, I apologise about the blog I will update you at some point in the next 2 months.

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comments on last post

Hi jared.
I actually find being called sock puppet a bit offensive.
There are many reasons I can think of making an identity which is not your own.
1. you are some undercover agent going against terrorism or spam tracking or something.
2. you are in a chat, no one has needed to reveal their names.
3. you are in a blog like this one or in fact on a forum.
The net is dangerous.
While on a lot of places people know me because well they just do, if I chose, I could make a fake gmail address, a fake id, etc I just don’t.
One thing would be that I’d have to check 2 addresses or forward addresses to addresses and I can’t be bothered.
I seriously don’t think its new this definition.
We have been making ids all the time and a lot are doing it for the heck of it.
While I don’t think it would come to anything, imagine if it came down to it that you would have to use your real name everywhere you go thats not really safe.
On that note, a small update was released to skype and ccleaner today.
Also of note, defragler does not recognise all ssds as ssds, it tried to defrag my ssd drive as a hard drive though who knows, it may have detected 2 hard drives and not a hdd and ssd.
I have also noticed that the percent actually fragmented is greater on defragler than a standard defrag and it almost never says the true percentage, windows defrag says a much lower percentage on the drives when run.
I wish there was a standardised value set for actual acurate figures.
On a system I am maintaining, defragler says overblown values on all drives.
thats standard with defragler.
On standard defrag the command line, I get another value meaning it needs some attention.
On regular where it detects both hdd and ssd, the hdd is 0 and the ssd is 0 phase for optimisation which means that the optimisation and defrag for the hdd is working and the optimisation phase on the ssd which ofcause is not the thing to defrag has been working fine.
While defragler is accessible I am really wandering if it has our best intrests at heart.
I killed it on the system I was working on but still have it round on others, I have run it and its more stable, but the values are inacurate, you would have to run it at least 10 times to really make it 0 itself where is windows defrag you only need to do once.
In theory, windows is supposed to do this on an automatic footing.
Thats usually fine, but only if it runs in schedualed timeslots.
If you in theory left your system on all the day it would eventually do it.
I personally don’t advocate this though.
Several reasons.
1. security, no need to be logged in, especially since we have dynamic ips.
2. stress on hardware no need to stress when you are not using it for long periods.
3. noise, I don’t know about you but noise can still be heard.
And last but not least notifications can be distracting.

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