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unlocking a router

Hi all
I have decided to try to web post for a bit, mainly because I am to lazy to run the mail updater script.
Ok, whats new.
java 6.25 is out.
I have intel drivers 13 and 16 for wireless and network but thats small.

Here are basic instructions on how to unlock/ hack a dynalink router.

This is not alegal, this will unlock a router from an isp.
This is needed if you have an isp router and you want to transfer it from isp to isp.
This applies if you will transfer from isp to isp by using other isp software but will also apply when switching to generic firmware.

This can be done for any router.
1. download from your cd the quickstart guide.
Note the ip address dlink is
dynalink is a strange large crazy ip with several 3 digit combos.
its all there in the firmware instructions which with adobe and nvda works.
you can convert it ofcause, if you use acrobat in prefs make sure its not protected else it won’t work at all.
Follow the instructions, in dlink its tools/admin/firmware.
in this its management/update firmware.
Firstly, there is the point of getting the firmware.
Each system is different.
You will need the numbers and model and revision number from the router, and the manual to do this.
For dlink the easiest way to do it for nz users is to ftp to files.dlink.com.au
click products then find say dslg604t or whatever.
select the revision b or c the firmware nz or otherwise the latest file you can download the web folder, and install the image on the right screen by hitting brouse and then update, in dynalink brouse is just an unlabeled button.

In dlink its all imagelinks and graphic icons. in dynalink its graphics icons and menus.
to download dynalink I found it good to go to www.dynalink.co.nz
click products then search for my model being rta1025w.
in there download all manuals and data sheets 3 pdfs.
download the firmware zip file from supported files.
you need to read the pdf instructions.
pdf2txt from www.empowermentzone.com/p2tsetup.exe will work for converting them.

After you update with the update button it works just wait for the menu to pop back.
in dlink you will here your brouser navigation bar refresh, the main page will work and just log off and back on and then update firmware to check your version is loaded.

Other notes.

There are 2 procedures to getting the things done.
1. your connecting to the net.
in dynalink click connect to the net in dlink click start wizzard and follow the simple steps.
also change your password to something other than admin.
in dlink its adv/admin then change your password there.

Not sure about dynalink.
Connect your router to the wall or what ever connect your devices to it and you will be fine.
Straighten out the wireless antena, if you have a need of feet, like a dlink put those in on the end of the router.

The other procedure applies to admins with a net connection already, that wish to update.
You don’t need net connection yet though we will cover testing this later on in another article.

Get a small 1 meter net cable and attach one end to the router the other to the pc.
Leave your net connection cable that you already have out of the socket on the pc.
With a long screwdriver or simular sharp tool press the reset button, and hold for 5 seconds.
THe buttons can be loaced near the powerjacks or on the back of the system.
The reason for this reset is because routers you get will sertainly have settings for other isps or whatever unless its new from the shop.
You may need to run network setup to connect with the new configuration.
then you will have to do that again when connecting to the other router once the origional router is plugged back in to the pc.
And thats that.
later all.


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Web visum, my thoughts : April 28, 2011

So, I’ve known about the Firefox program for quite awhile, and their various addons and plugins for some time. I’ve also known about Web Visum for some time as well. The problem was, I was relying on Solona for all my captcha needs, and recently have found it difficult to find them online when I need captchas solved. So over the weekend of April 24, 2011, I decided to investigate web visum. I’ve visited the page a few times, and never really followed through on it. If you want to hear about Solona, ask me for that podcast, I still have it in the collection BTW. But back to web visum. I signed up after finding where to ask for a code, which they E-mailed me back quickly.

Most recently after playing with it a bit, I decided to work on my new Magnatune page and downloaded a couple of artists which i’ve heard before. One CD set, the other one CD, and one CD I thought I had before. Magnatune has a captcha after so many downloads to prevent automated bots from signing up. I had checked prior to this that Solona was offline, and sure enough, they are at the time of writing.

So, Web Visum, to the rescue. I fired the command to solve a captcha. For some reason, I didn’t get feedback, so fired the command again, and it told me I was too quick. The first captcha was not solved correctly maybe because my error. But the second one was. I thought, cool.

Then I needed to reset my password for my You Tube account. Those captchas are the biggest problem even for Solona to solve at times, so I fired the command and waited, and sure enough, it solved that captcha. I’ve heard about its success, and deciding that Solona isn’t always around, i needed something reliable.

Bernard at Solona is great, we’ve not talked for awhile, but thats ok. We all get busy. I hope Solona is doing well, and since it is a volunteer project, that it goes well. However, web visum is really the way to go.

  1. You must be running firefox. This will not work with Internet Explorer, Chrome, or any other browser.
  2. They have other tools like hiding flash, blocking domains, underlining links, and more.
  3. The changes you make to a page like labeling links, labeling pages, and soforth are sent to their server and everyone gets the changes.
  4. There is a place to block a domain, not sure how that works as of yet, but it may block the ability to block it which could be good for sites that are melicious.
  5. This plugin is free.

In over all experience to date, I would rate it very good. I know I’ve not played with everything, but I did try the hide flash for Magnatune and it worked good. In the comments, please let me know how you’ve enjoyed Web Visum, and how it has or has not worked for you.

The opinions are those of the poster, and not those of jaredrimer.net or its partners and web hosting facilities. We can’t help the fact there may be strong language, etc. when viewing the comments here.

Happy commenting. The disclaimer is to protect me, cause these types of things can get heated, and I’m leaving myself and my web provider and people who help me out of the fact we have our opinions and they aren’t responsible what you write. Thanks for reading!

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Devoting Attention to a Child and a Phone, All at Once

So I just read this article entitled: Devoting Attention to a Child and a Phone, All at Once and there seems to be some interesting apps for scheduling things like naps for your child, play dates, and more. What did parents think of this article and the apps? I’d leav my comments, but I don’t have any kids, nor an iphone, but if you have kids or an iphone or even another phone that supports the aps, I’d love to hear your comments, by leaving your comment here.

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5 technologies your smartphone was meant to kill but hasn’t

5 technologies your smartphone was meant to kill but hasn’t is an interesting article. This is an interesting article because of the fact that I could see the points in here. But I don’t think mobile banking is the way to go until all phones are made for everyone who may access them. That will not happen any time soon. Comment on this one.

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Technology podcast 142 for April 21, 2011

Being uploaded at this current time is podcast 142. As you all will notice, we now have a new RSS feed for podcasts which this will be the first podcast to go up there. Please start using this RSS feed, and not the blog’s RSS for the casts. Here are the show notes for this podcast, for your convenience. I hope you enjoy the podcast, and thanks for listening!

Welcome to podcast 142. You’ll notice our new format, where we have a new RSS feed as well as our blog. Anyway, here is what

is going on with our podcast for this time, and we look to get back in the midst of things once again.

  1. Information on what is the reason for the delay on this cast.
  2. We talk briefly about a new site called Fresh books

    which does invoicing. If you click on this link and sign up, it is a referral. Feel free to use it.

  3. We make a correction to something I said, then cover IE9 in regards to the blind.
  4. Finally, we have podcast 293 of Security Now whcih on this podcast Steve Gibson of

    GRC and Leo talk about IE9 and its security.

I hope you enjoy the program and its better late than never.

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FTC calls out Google’s Chrome over Do Not Track

I’ve been following the do not track with great interest. This article entitled: FTC calls out Google’s Chrome over Do Not Track is a great concern. The Security Now program which we’ve been bringing you news and some of their programs as of late, even talked about this new facility to be able to opt out of being tracked. Steve did a great job explaining this. I would like to hear from my subscribers on what they think this 2 page article may mean. Will Google finally bow down, or will they bow out and what will this mean? I personally think they’ll have to make a decision on what they want to do. The other thing is that opera will have to make a decision as well. And Netscape hasn’t been talked about much, I’m surprised to see them in this article. Wonder what they’re up to? I know nobody who is even using it.

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How Apple tracks your location without consent, and why it matters

So I’ve just read this article entitled: How Apple tracks your location without consent, and why it matters and it brings up some major concerns that could be a security problem.

  1. Why was apple not forthright in their info gathering? We don’t know if apple even has access to all this data, let alone anyone using a computer and any type of software which may be discussed in the article.
  2. Ordinary people who can access the i/device can have access to this by using the device. Did apple even think about this behavior? People who break up can now know where you go, and possibly stock you.
  3. One question I have is the law enforcement issue. Are we sure that law enforcement can’t just get it without a court procedure? We’ve heard how the police have just taken things, and asked questions later.

I’m interested in your comments on this post. Click on through and read the article. Come back here, leave your comments, register, its free, and the boards await you.

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Welcome to the new blog!

Welcome to the new blog. As you know, I’ve moved the domain to a new server. With it, some changes. Changes such as a new home for podcasts, and coming soon, the podcasts themselves. I’ll have a new way of doing the articles besides the press this which has worked, but I think its time to ditch that and just start fresh. I know it is about bed time here as I type this, so I’ll go for now. Stay tuned for podcast 142, and even a writeup on a new service I’m looking at. Thanks for your patients while we move to a new home. Now, Truly, the Jared Rimer network will be in one place, free of some very serious limitations. Maybe once we get some casts under our belt, i’ll talk about those more in depth at that time. For now, please feel free to enjoy, and remember to contact me with any thoughts or comments.

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