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bits from today’s cast

This is my first email posting since the move.
Comments are below
Sounds ok but then I have never trust automated services.
I have had sites I use say you need to load software to make it all
work, its probably for security in this case, but I have had software
loaded that then has spyware.
To get rid of it fully I need to reformat or something.

Soni is hacked again.
Its not the hacking I mind much

But its the fact soni is supposed to be one of the big companies.
We already had the dcss issue with their cds, now they are getting
hacked and all their gamesystems are online.
How are they supposed to compete with ms, nentendo and the like.
Being hacked is one thing.
But having your reputation tarnished is not good.

I am going to start telling people not to buy soni stuff if this
happens again because security obviously doesn’t mean much to them.
And thats not good.
Loads of users will not use their online system just because they
have a busted security record or will think so.

And for those that have got their stuff stolen, at worse they
will sue, at least they will simply not buy and will recomend people
to avoid soni like the plague.

Headsets and internet purchacing things.
Yeah, accessible sites needing you to turn off security is hmmm.
I blame this on the fact we spend to much time on outsourcing most of
our content.
Fine if it works but in this case and others its bad.

The blind org here in new zealand got a captcha on their system
because the company they were outsourcing to for shopping carts was hacked.
They had to switch, and worse these companies won’t back down just
for one client.

I have just yesterday talked to someone on msn, who got her id
stolen and had issues.
All from buying something online.
Probably because the company handling actual payment or shipping was hacked.

So yeah outsourcing is a bit of a catch 22.
Its convinient but if it bites you then you’re basically out of it for good.

As usual please read my journal for updates on what is going on

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