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free synth project

This is a note file which is only temperarily stored in memmory as I
have no intention to return to this project.
It started after I got the site on 000webhost.
I decided I’d store a few projects.
ANd finally make a contribution to stuff in nvda
I was going to compile the synths that could be directly supported
with nvda with the acception
of eloquence.
However it all turned to custard.
Most of this was experimental espeak data for android and piko, and a
lot of it was mostly festival or to be presise festvox.
I never got the good quality stuff working and ended up using up most
of my 30 gb cap.
In the end I decided to put the project to rest by posting the
resources I searched to get the several gb of data and files.
It goes without saying that I won’t be trying this agin.
In particular because apart from the built synths already on nvda
site, I really don’t care anymore as I don’t really use anything bar
espeak in standard config.
On the subject of websites this is still on the cards.
But will most sertainly involve me either going premium at a fixed
rate or getting a local domain and trying another offer a friend has.
And if that fails, I may just increase my dropbox space and use
000webhost.com as a blog site only.
This sounds like something I’d do except all the stuff needs to be
kept on my system and hmmm no thanks.
The other way would to put the current objects on sendspace but this
would really only solve the current situation.
anyway here is the rest of the article.
Synth experimental project notes.
These are notes I got from my project.
I was going to do some more but I am running out of bandwidth right
now so can’t
What I will do is refference the sites I got the stuff then people
can try this in their own time.
this stuff needs to go in the festival/english folder.
Note this makes up the bulk of the project.
Also note that the voices in here although the low level stuff works
the highquality stuff wouldn’t load.
Or maybe it took a time.


Note these are festival language files to be put in the synth drivers
folder directly.
They will override the festival folder.
Note I never was able to test this code.

Free eyes is a project for android.
this is where the extra data for espeak came from.

Unfortunately this won’t work for some reason.
Core requirements.
The following compiled synths are needed.
these are listed in the free synths page but for refference these are
the synths engines to initually install.
Festival core components

piko drivers
Note the 2011.2 version is still in beta so this may be an experimental compile

The rest of the free synths are at
Note because of stuff dieing on my site I won’t be likely to reserect
the project.
Eventually I will get the stuff but after wasting loads of bandwidth
this month its unlikely I will reserect the project especially since
its in early alpha.
This is all the data I have right now and you can do with this as you wish.

Oh this stuff is copywrited by no one.
Thats right you can modify this in any way, shape or form.
Because when I restart this system, the data will be destroyed.
I have no intention of keeping any of it myself.
If people want to do whatever then do it I don’t care.

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free synth project was released on July 12, 2011 at 4:10 am by crashmaster in general-updates-and-announcements.
Last modified: July 12, 2011.

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