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software reviews

Hi all.
I was going to make a podcast on some of this but it did not pan out.
Today I put to the test several software packages.
1. instantbird.
Good messenging client.
I wouldn’t mind something to sort contacts by online/ offline as well
as what previder msn, aol, etc they are on so I can differenciate
between which.
Its my only gripe.
Though whilst I have xp its win messenger 5.1 for me though at least
I will have something I can use which is not live esentuals.
2. itunes and zune.
With 2 months before the antipiracy laws hit here I decided to see
how accessable the 2 top previders of musical content were.
These are apple itunes and microsoft zune.
My only gripe with apple is that their account creation system is not
To a point the rest of the stuff is.
So although you may need sight for the first part its mostly ok.
Microsoft zune was just bad.
Loads of weird buttons in install, frames with no label and loads of
other issues on how stuff worked in the main setup screen.
This really sucks.
Since even with itunes its not fully accessable.
The only pluss to zune is that the account creation process is online.
You need only upgrade a service to your live account, and also have a
xbox live account to.
Its a bit convoluted but that part is ok.
I suspect that we will probably do better with websites like amazon mp3.
Though who knows.

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Last modified: July 14, 2011.

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