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Another reason copywrites need a real workout

Hi all.
I don’t believe it.
This asstounds me that us humans in general can be so fucking stupid dumb and generally suckfull.
Just like the new laws for file copywrites in nz these will be impossible to inforce.
And then if they are who will go online.
No one thats what.
The music industry are already going back trying to defend their reasons to stay analog.
And as far as the new rules go in that reguard, I did do the legal test of the stores, the top ones being by ms and apple.
Access in apple is well there but its still inaccessable.
ms doesn’t even work.
Apple need to have an itunes account created in a web page though as this is inaccessable.
Over that we have amazon mp3.
A search of riaa finds napster and bareshare and imesh 2 of which unless changed are known malware previders.

So before we set these laws we need to get the digital content right.
Heck the book industry is already trying to attempt at least to go electronic.
A few artests are going indipendant with digital and disk downloads etc.
But most of the big companies still like their analog disks.
Well good by to them, I couldn’t care less if they went out of business.
Wake up and smell the coffee.
We download music because thats the way it is.
If you can’t be bothered selling it, so be it, its the future.
Disks, cds, etc will have a shorter life.
Physical media bar the flash card is the way of the future.
And even that will probably go away sooner or later.
On the subject of the uk ruling on webpages its laughable.
Firstly its know that no one reads the stupid terms even on software installs.
I don’t even read it.
Though I probably should.
I doubt I would like to see terms to accept on a webpage that I visit and to buy a licence.
If its something like a newspaper subscription I’d understand that.
I guess product updates for registered things would apply, tough but not far from the truth I suppose.
Licences for other things hmmm not sure.
I guess alegal sites would drop in principal, for shortterm.
Granted that and such hackers would still get round it.
And all the work for existing site owners and host to put terms on sites.
If its work related, I don’t see a problem.
Many companies either restrict sertain sites or block access to stuff logging everything done on the system.
I guess this could happen full time and be put as a destraction which is at least reasonable.
Ie doing personal email and banking at work is a bad idea all round same with ebay etc unless you are allowed at lunch break.
Over that though I think all the licencing is just going to get the net no where.
We are going to encourage more piracy than ever.
We are supposed to stop it not make it worse.
Granted this is one of the major issues we will have to face as our world increasingly goes online.
We will have to figure out who has access to what, copywrites, spam and other things.
We will have to figure out how much is to much.

There is a simular debate here over voip.
Basically if any digital devices and networks lose power all coms are down.
The expensive copper networks have longer life and such.
Therefore in some ways copper is better for us to stay with but digital could potentually stop everything.
If we do get all this set, then we really need to set accessability laws.
Websites everywhere will have to be where applicable accessible.
Same with software and computers.
Some laptops like the new ones by toshiba and others have touch screen for volume controls.
We also need to look at the touchscreen market to.

Then digital stores in general.
I’d like for example like to go to my local store, or warehouse chain, buy online or when in the store ask for a digital album on a flash drive, download or cd and same with books.
I’d like to buy dasi content to while we are at it.
What do yu thingk

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Last modified: July 31, 2011.

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