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Don’t sleep with your smart phone nearby – CNN.com

Got this through Tech Delight on twitter. My phone is my alarm clock, but when I am ready to sleep, I don’t make any calls, or do any of that. The phone is near by, so when the alarm goes off, I can wake up. What do you guys do with phones at night when it is time for bed? Check this article out.

Don’t sleep with your smart phone nearby – CNN.com.

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Duqu not developed by Stuxnet author

This is quite interesting. I think I’ll pass this along, but thought I’d post it here for comment. What do you think this worm will be capable of doing?

Duqu not developed by Stuxnet author.

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Cyber crooks migrate to “ce.ms” free domains

Interesting. I wonder what they will think of next? Give this article a look.

Cyber crooks migrate to “ce.ms” free domains.

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Practical tips for identity theft prevention

Great article. It deals with things I’ve talked about before, but in a business sense. Check it out.

Practical tips for identity theft prevention.

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Oh my. Here we go agarticle that blocking won’t work, there are always ways around blocking. Check this BT article out. ain. I agree with the comments in this article dealing with


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GW Insider Interview with Chip Orange Now Available for Download!

The October 25 GW Insider episode featured an interview with Mr. Chip Orange. Chip Orange is an experienced computer programmer and long-time Window-Eyes user. In addition, Chip is the creator and driving force behind the highly acclaimed Window-Eyes online scripting classes.

Check out this GW Insider interview to learn more about Chip’s inspiring story including his many accomplishments in education and the workplace as well as his significant contributions to the Window-Eyes community and others who are visually impaired.

To access interview, please visit: www.gwmicro.com/podcast and select the “GW Insider – Chip Orange – 10/25/2011” link.

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phrase game and other things

Hi jared and all.
the link for the phrase game I mentioned is.
On the subject of the streaming thing its a bit bizar, the music
industry is supposed to be using this for advertising.
Who will buy their music if we can’t listen to it anymore.
Who will use youtube, the net, etc for that matter if we all will be
going to jail for verious reasons.
This could spread to books, software, etc.
The only places free of this would be things like private ftp
servers and shared dropbox folders maybe file lockers that had
limited downloads would be safe.
I think they are losing the plot downloads are the future not cds.
And if prices go up for everything especially if that is the case
then there is a good chance we won’t get much to do with the net.
If the industry didn’t want us to advance then they should have sued
ms for making windows 95.
If we kept using dos, floppies, modems, and tapes we would never
achieve what we can now and it wouldn’t be a problem I wager.
I wander how long before the net dies fully.
You can forget everything.
There are opensource industries now, its cheap enough to buy what you
need you don’t need to much.
maybe 4-10 grand and you probably will be set.
And its not like you need that much a soundcard, midi keyboards,
interfaces, a good computer, a mixer if you want.
And maybe 2-3 bits of software.
And if you get a mac most of that is ready for you to use as it is.
and not to mention the free stuff.
On the subject of the protection of children, I think this sort of
protection should be somehow extended to everyone.
It sounds quite good but the implimentation is quite buggy.
It encourages children to lie, we already have people liing, those
that want to harm children for example which is how this probably got started.

On that note since this post is going to blog to, the following was
updated today.
msoffice compatibility sp3, an optional for win7, ie8 compatibility
lists and the latest security certificates.
thanks for reading.
SOrry about backlogged things but I have been bussy this week.

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Technology podcast 158 for October 24, 2011: Freshbooks and the blind community, and more for October 24, 2011

RSS feed for the podcast.

Show notes

Hello and welcome to another edition of the technology blog and podcast series, this time podcast 158. I do an audio portion of my experience with Fresh Books as well as pointing out that I posted an article entitled Freshbooks and the blind community and encourage everyone to read it. After this 22 minute discussion, Shaun Everess is along with some gaming news and a discussion of a game called Laser, and another game I can’t seem to find. I found the laser game at Audio Games and I find it interesting. Contact info is at the end. I hope you enjoy the program.

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Netflix hurt by fleeing subscribers- MSN Money

Netflicks, you aught to learn from this quick.

Netflix hurt by fleeing subscribers- MSN Money.

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Trend Micro, first line of defense for October 21, 2011

In this issue of the Trend Micro Newsletter for October 21, 2011: the first article is about how Trend Micro among other security people predicted that spam and other bad things could be coming in regards to Steve Job’s death. I also posted something similar the evening of his death entitled: Steve Jobs passing which you can read too. I posted that one under general announcements. Please take a look at this one article, and there may be more in the newsletter that might interest you as well. Stay safe out there.

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articles and stuff

Hi all.
Should have commented on this earlier but i have been busy.
First, the streaming thing.
My dad seems to aggree with the industry but he still buys stuff
rather than downloads it so I don’t expect him to think of anything else.
This is another short term thing for the industry again.
Yesterday I was more pissed than I am now.
Firstly torrents were a big thing, now its streaming media.
Don’t they advertise on that, its sometimes the way I get my music,
listen then buy.
Surely they know that if this all goes, no one will download anything
really because they are scared of getting done, videos, youtube, why
bother, we can’t even use that now.
Forget the fecking net.
In fact we should all go back to floppy disks and tapes.
In fact lets smash all our computers and not bother.
Prices will just go up and up because they want cash and it will all
fucking die.

Seriously though, we really need to think about the issues.
We need to start moving from cds to electronic media as fast as we can.
Currently it seems you are dammed both ways stream, you go to jail,
torrent, you go to jail.
maybe later net radio you go to jail, download, you go to jail.
So buying at really dear prices music you havn’t even heard before, hmmmph no.
So if we are all going to fecking jail anyway, then we may as well
pirate, since everything will be alegal anyway we have nothing to lose.
And thats sad really.
There are not enough digital stores.
We only have itunes really, maybe a couple other stores, bandcamp, cd
baby and maybe a few other recording companies are going digital but
its not enough.
Yes I aggree we need these laws badly.
But not now, we are still not ready, the infrastructure is not in place.
We don’t have the market
We can’t make it faster either.

The whole economy is having issues.
and yet we still gripe over all of this.
maybe we are giving it more attention.
Lately on dvds there is coppy protection so I can’t even extract audio.
Since I can’t access the dvd menu to play the stuff audio extracted
from the dvd is all I need to listen to it.
I realise the issue with pure audio on someone’s system for uploading
but now I can’t ever play new dvds without sightlings.
At least stuff you buy and own has not got this restriction yet.
The other issue is the fact you as an industry push the use of your stuff.
office for example or windows.
prices range from 100-1000 depending on what you want.
If you can’t afford it, then cracking is the only thing you can do.
You are pushed to use standard things and if you move away from those
to other cheaper, more legal and resonable priced software it seems
like its frowned upon.
So if you don’t buy cds then its probably frowned on to.
I however don’t think the small fixes the industry is doing will fix
its problems.
Cash to get a reasonable recording setup has gone down.
for around 10000 or less you can get something set up.
you only need a computer, external sound card, maybe amps mics and
maybe a midi keyboard or midi instruments and maybe an interface or something.
the point is you don’t need that much to make things work for you.
Its happening already, free music exists everywhere.
Loads of things are going for that and people are making their own things.
There are no insentives to not pirate either.
There are even more to pirate now than not.
Bar itunes there are just about no outlets.
Heck I wouldn’t be supprised if itunes was not allowed to sell things
because the companies wanted to keep dvds and cds selling.

On to the children article.
I really think its over the top, where children need to be protected.
The same protection will need to be for everyone.
Its a bit impractical I know but it would sertainly make the net feel
safer at least in the minds of its users.
Since online world mirrors our offline one, different crimes,
different shops, different everything and ofcause its always busy,
never closing, no holidays, etc.
We really need to start treating some if not all the net like the
world it mirrors.
However giving the responce to the article I just rote about thats
not going to happen accepted for some years if ever I think the law
for the protection of children should just die, loads of people lie
about your age which is one of the dangers on the net.
This law strengthens that concept which is not what we want anyway.
Ok I am off.

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Boogie Board | Previous Magazine

This is quite interesting. I always thought a boogie board was one of those things you take in the ocean, but this is a writing board. This is very cool. Let me know what you think.

Boogie Board | Previous Magazine.

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Free Justin Bieber! (Why Streaming Shouldn’t be a Felony) | TorrentFreak

We should really read this article and find out WTF is up with the industry. Streaming is the way of society today, no matter the platform.

Free Justin Bieber! (Why Streaming Shouldn’t be a Felony) | TorrentFreak.

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Ford Vehicles Will Now Read You Text Messages While You Drive

This is a great article dealing with Ford. I covered something like this before on the tech blog, and I guess I can consider this an update. It talks about how texting and driving is a bad idea, but yet not many phones would support technology to have automatic replies sent via voice even if it is a canned response. What do you guys think of this article? Do you think phone makers and the car can allow us to at least send a canned response when we can’t drive? The boards await you.

Ford Vehicles Will Now Read You Text Messages While You Drive.

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Fresh Books and the blind community

I recently wrote a short little article that I thought my readers would like about a company I heard about through the Twit network among other places. Below you’ll find the article.

Corrected a couple of spelling mistakes I just found.

Fresh books, its usage as a person using access technology

I’m Jared Rimer. I’ve been using Fresh books, a system that allows you to bill clients and get paid easily with over 11 different methods of receiving payments. They take everything from paypal, to various different type of credit card processing systems. Its a nice system, and I currently am paying for the service since I have more than the minimum of 3 for the free service.

My first days

Since I had never used Freshbooks before, I was curious to see what it was about. I had heard about the service through the Twit Network and All About Focus podcast which I do not think is running any longer. I signed up under my own and decided to check it out. I had noticed some accessibility issues with the service with some of the edit boxes not giving the right labels. I had given them some tips on how to fix this slight issue as some of the buttons were not labeled right as well with alt tags on their image buttons. Overall, I was impressed. I spent two hours on a Monday talking to a girl by the name of Amanda which was a nice experience for a free service. Usually a company who offers free services such as Topica, Yahoo, and mailman list manager do not offer free support except through forums, mailing lists, or E-mail if you’re lucky.

Some good words of encouragement

Fresh books has bent over backwards when i’ve been stuck, showing me how to use certain features such as profile billing where I can have an invoice generate on the same day of the month with various items in it to have billed. I have a number of those already. They recently as of the 1st of October, changed my default terms and updated my profiles to reflect these. This is a company in which I love to do business with.

At the beginning of September, my computer was down for a week. Someone called me some time ago letting me know that someone wanted to talk to me, and how they wanted to start paying back money that I had let them borrow some years ago. I told them about the billing system I am using, and how easy it is for him to pay. He didn’t need a paypal account, but found that it was easier to sign up for Paypal to pay the invoices as he was having trouble. No matter. I set up the recurring profile for the day he selected, and knowing my PC was out of commission, I was not worried. After a week of figuring out what was wrong, I came back to my E-mail to see that Fresh Books sent my invoice, and I got paid while I was gone.

I don’t know of any other billing software and company that is worth the money that you may have to pay should you need to. Everyone is knowledgeable in the platform, and is willing to help. There E-mail turnaround time is quick during the business day.

I’ve been a member of Fresh Books since March 25th 2011, and formally billed my biggest client that next month on the scheduled billing date that was established. I became a paying member a month later, because I had already reached the limit as discussed above. I was doing it by hand, and learning as I went. Since I signed up, several clients have approached Fresh Books for information on accessibility. I can say for the most part it is accessible, but you may need a bit of help and they are willing to help, in any way they can.


Thanks Freshbooks for all you do, and I will continue to recommend your product to the disabled community as long as you continue to remain accessible, and help if we get stuck.

Want to sign up after reading this? No problem! You can use this referror link and if you become a paymember, and stay, that is a good thing. Its all up to you, but I highly recommend it. If you call or write, I don’t think they would mind that you mention that I sent you. I think they would appreciate it.

Fresh books contact information:

2770 Dufferin Street
Suite 201
Toronto, Ontario
M6B 3R7 Canada

Toll Free (North America): 1-866-303-6061
Toll Free (UK): 0808-101-3408
Toll Free (Ireland): 1-800-949-046
Phone: 416-481-6946
Fax: 416-481-3800
Email: info@fres­hbooks.com

Office Hours
Monday – Friday: 9am – 6pm ET
web site

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Jeff Jarvis on Why We Don’t Need to Protect Children From The Internet | TIME Ideas | TIME.com

I’ve heard Jeff on this week in google as part of the twit network when I was listening to it, but I unsubscribed because I was behind, and have found other podcasts to take its place. However, I respect the man, and I also know that I’ve heard him talk about this book on the show. Check this article out, and let me know your thoughts.

Jeff Jarvis on Why We Don’t Need to Protect Children From The Internet | TIME Ideas | TIME.com.

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Steve Jobs Proclaimed Alive by Spam | Malware Blog | Trend Micro

Thought so. I posted it here to this blog first, now Trend Micro has confirmed it, although this should be nothing new to readers of blogs in general. Check this blog post out for the details of what I’m talking about. Didn’t see it till today, but it has popped up now and I’m posting it now.

Steve Jobs Proclaimed Alive by Spam | Malware Blog | Trend Micro.

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Microsoft Patch Tuesday to target Windows, IE | Microsoft – CNET News

This isn’t much of a bulletine, but I got it anyway for you to peruse.
Better read up on it. Microsoft news here.

Microsoft Patch Tuesday to target Windows, IE | Microsoft – CNET News.

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Technology podcast 157 of the podcast


Welcome to podcast 157 for October 5, 2011. We talk about Screen reader news, the blog, Skype and calls you may get, and featuring some other stuff from the archives of things that have been submitted. Our contact info is on the blog. Enjoy!

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Steve Jobs passing

News travels fast on the Internet. Steve Jobs has died, and the major news sources and bloggers around the Internet will be blogging their thoughts and feelings about how Steve has changed their lives forever with the Mac, Iphone, Ipod, and other I/devices we have today. This goes far beyond just a person who was a vissionary, but he made sure the i/devices were accessible to the blind and visually impaired. I just want to take this opportunity to remind readers that criminals and spammers will prey on this very sad event. This is another reason to be on guard, because they will post their links proported to show you a video of his passing, news conferences that may not exist, or anything resembling alarm to people who may not know. Please be caucious with links you see and if you find a suspicious link, you should get out of there, and not download anything you are not expecting. News stories and the blogs will be safe, but I do not think that people will just post a video claiming he is alive, or things like news conference videos without an accompanying news story. Live on Steve, you’ll be missed around the world.

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