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Hi all.
Should have commented on this earlier but i have been busy.
First, the streaming thing.
My dad seems to aggree with the industry but he still buys stuff
rather than downloads it so I don’t expect him to think of anything else.
This is another short term thing for the industry again.
Yesterday I was more pissed than I am now.
Firstly torrents were a big thing, now its streaming media.
Don’t they advertise on that, its sometimes the way I get my music,
listen then buy.
Surely they know that if this all goes, no one will download anything
really because they are scared of getting done, videos, youtube, why
bother, we can’t even use that now.
Forget the fecking net.
In fact we should all go back to floppy disks and tapes.
In fact lets smash all our computers and not bother.
Prices will just go up and up because they want cash and it will all
fucking die.

Seriously though, we really need to think about the issues.
We need to start moving from cds to electronic media as fast as we can.
Currently it seems you are dammed both ways stream, you go to jail,
torrent, you go to jail.
maybe later net radio you go to jail, download, you go to jail.
So buying at really dear prices music you havn’t even heard before, hmmmph no.
So if we are all going to fecking jail anyway, then we may as well
pirate, since everything will be alegal anyway we have nothing to lose.
And thats sad really.
There are not enough digital stores.
We only have itunes really, maybe a couple other stores, bandcamp, cd
baby and maybe a few other recording companies are going digital but
its not enough.
Yes I aggree we need these laws badly.
But not now, we are still not ready, the infrastructure is not in place.
We don’t have the market
We can’t make it faster either.

The whole economy is having issues.
and yet we still gripe over all of this.
maybe we are giving it more attention.
Lately on dvds there is coppy protection so I can’t even extract audio.
Since I can’t access the dvd menu to play the stuff audio extracted
from the dvd is all I need to listen to it.
I realise the issue with pure audio on someone’s system for uploading
but now I can’t ever play new dvds without sightlings.
At least stuff you buy and own has not got this restriction yet.
The other issue is the fact you as an industry push the use of your stuff.
office for example or windows.
prices range from 100-1000 depending on what you want.
If you can’t afford it, then cracking is the only thing you can do.
You are pushed to use standard things and if you move away from those
to other cheaper, more legal and resonable priced software it seems
like its frowned upon.
So if you don’t buy cds then its probably frowned on to.
I however don’t think the small fixes the industry is doing will fix
its problems.
Cash to get a reasonable recording setup has gone down.
for around 10000 or less you can get something set up.
you only need a computer, external sound card, maybe amps mics and
maybe a midi keyboard or midi instruments and maybe an interface or something.
the point is you don’t need that much to make things work for you.
Its happening already, free music exists everywhere.
Loads of things are going for that and people are making their own things.
There are no insentives to not pirate either.
There are even more to pirate now than not.
Bar itunes there are just about no outlets.
Heck I wouldn’t be supprised if itunes was not allowed to sell things
because the companies wanted to keep dvds and cds selling.

On to the children article.
I really think its over the top, where children need to be protected.
The same protection will need to be for everyone.
Its a bit impractical I know but it would sertainly make the net feel
safer at least in the minds of its users.
Since online world mirrors our offline one, different crimes,
different shops, different everything and ofcause its always busy,
never closing, no holidays, etc.
We really need to start treating some if not all the net like the
world it mirrors.
However giving the responce to the article I just rote about thats
not going to happen accepted for some years if ever I think the law
for the protection of children should just die, loads of people lie
about your age which is one of the dangers on the net.
This law strengthens that concept which is not what we want anyway.
Ok I am off.

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Last modified: October 22, 2011.

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