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phrase game and other things

Hi jared and all.
the link for the phrase game I mentioned is.
On the subject of the streaming thing its a bit bizar, the music
industry is supposed to be using this for advertising.
Who will buy their music if we can’t listen to it anymore.
Who will use youtube, the net, etc for that matter if we all will be
going to jail for verious reasons.
This could spread to books, software, etc.
The only places free of this would be things like private ftp
servers and shared dropbox folders maybe file lockers that had
limited downloads would be safe.
I think they are losing the plot downloads are the future not cds.
And if prices go up for everything especially if that is the case
then there is a good chance we won’t get much to do with the net.
If the industry didn’t want us to advance then they should have sued
ms for making windows 95.
If we kept using dos, floppies, modems, and tapes we would never
achieve what we can now and it wouldn’t be a problem I wager.
I wander how long before the net dies fully.
You can forget everything.
There are opensource industries now, its cheap enough to buy what you
need you don’t need to much.
maybe 4-10 grand and you probably will be set.
And its not like you need that much a soundcard, midi keyboards,
interfaces, a good computer, a mixer if you want.
And maybe 2-3 bits of software.
And if you get a mac most of that is ready for you to use as it is.
and not to mention the free stuff.
On the subject of the protection of children, I think this sort of
protection should be somehow extended to everyone.
It sounds quite good but the implimentation is quite buggy.
It encourages children to lie, we already have people liing, those
that want to harm children for example which is how this probably got started.

On that note since this post is going to blog to, the following was
updated today.
msoffice compatibility sp3, an optional for win7, ie8 compatibility
lists and the latest security certificates.
thanks for reading.
SOrry about backlogged things but I have been bussy this week.

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Last modified: October 26, 2011.

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