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So you would have thought they would have learned but guess not

Hi all.

I was going to write some small article on how the industry seems to have gotten slightly better but guess I have to rant first.

Again, people are trying to stop streaming companies.

I aggree with the principal, but we are still not fully active with the infrastructure yet.

Youtube does have copywrites and stuff on their site, the ip thing in the us never happened, surely they know its a lost cause.

I mean streaming is how I buy stuff.

Torrents and file sharing I can understand though really don’t care.

Websites, hmmm maybe.

But streaming, thats nuts.

Also what does that mean to file lockers like dropbox shared folders and maybe password protected web and ftp sites.

The world is going crazy.

Today I looked at a digital store and found  no advantage on buying the digital or the cd versions of an album.

That is the cd version is expensive but in some chains can drop to as low as 20 bucks maybe even lower.

In digital at least in the place I looked it was about the same.

Tracks cost 2.50 each.

So again they are putting digital looking like the cd business, and its not going to run really.

They are thinking of this all wrong.

The only good thing on that front was that an add of an album said that it had a digital coppy avalible which i didn’t see before so maybe they are trying but not fast enough.

I really hope this doesn’t happen.


On the accessable front, I didn’t notice how much access costs.

Sure if you go the comercial rout even for blind users it costs loads and in a lot of cases you still need jaws, etc.

But, increasingly there are opensource and freeware programs and some shareware that only cost 30 bucks or so.

The most expensive home software I have seen on the net is about 40 bucks sometimes 60 bucks.

Some toolkits are at 600 bucks but only in the extreme case.

There are loads of free resources round the place.

You just need to have a look.


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So you would have thought they would have learned but guess not was released on December 2, 2011 at 1:24 pm by crashmaster in general-updates-and-announcements.
Last modified: December 2, 2011.

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