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Windows8 as it is and probably will be

Hi all.
By now if you have read the blog you will know that I speak my mind.
If I think things are forking bad then they are and frack anyone else
that thinks differently.

Such is windows8.
The only good thing win8 seems to have is everything under uia or
user interface automation.
That means no more mirror drivers or dcm or anything.
Over that all the feature upgrades are just that, not really usefull.
I have been reading reviews and the only thing that may be usefull is
the cloud account access.
I have issues on having all my personal details associated with my
windows live id.
Sertainly I won’t lose all my settings, but the fact that I trust an
online server to a international server is a bit stomach lerching.
The fact msse is included in the os is maybe the only other up as
well as the metro shortcuts.
I will however be getting classic shell and maybe other things.
I really hope someone finds a way to turn metro off.
THe win7 start menu is only good because because if you don’t want to
bother with it you don’t have to.
The visual metro system is just that.
A pile of freeking shite!!!
We can’t use it, or at least easily.
I don’t know about dolphin stuff, but win8 holds no real intrest for me.
If we all switch oses, then android will be what I use.
One thing I’d like in windows is the ability to use a vertual machine
as an interface.
Have say windows8 as the core but use a win xp or win7 vm of some sort.
I still use xp and its really good.
I may update to win7, just may, but win8 has audio limitations and
other junk that I don’t care for.
You can’t even use other midi synths on it than the stupid ms ones.
The only way I’d use win8 would be to have metro turned off and the
standard win7 or xp menus and programs appear as normal.
Nvda still doesn’t support uia in ie9 right no progressbars and the like.
And I am in two minds to upgrading to win8 at all.
The only silver lining is that I may be getting a desktop with win xp on it.
It also appears that toshiba, the manufacturer of my laptop seem to
be giving out oem versions of win xp although no idea how long that will last.
With the win7 phone being fully inaccessable to us I dispair the
accessability on win8.
The text based os may be out dated but we still use it.
The only good thing is that support should carrow over to at least
2020 meaning that hardware drivers etc will still be made for win7
meaning we have at least another decade before we need to upgrade again.
My only issue with this is the fact that previously the blind have
been 1-2 os versions behind.
Now we could be 3 or 4 or well never catch up.
I have threatened that I would use pirated coppies of windows just so
I could continue to work accessably.
This won’t happen with win7 but using xp or 7 coppies pirated or
otherwise is still on the cards unless win8 gets hacked to actually
work for us.
Maybe I will wait for win9.
If I had to do it all over again, I’d skip ms all together.
apple seems to have the market as well as android and still can be accessable.
Linux, well has never progressed to the point where you can plug in and go.
But thats just me.
Right now though, unless something improves, I will probably just
stay with older tech.
I don’t need anything over what I have now so won’t need win8.
laters all

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Windows8 as it is and probably will be was released on March 15, 2012 at 1:54 am by crashmaster in general-updates-and-announcements.
Last modified: March 15, 2012.

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