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articles for this week

I am glad that its more than just me that does not like the new
combined mobile/desktop win8 os.
I see no reason for ms to keep win7 start menu, win7 startmenu is really good.
On that note, we should be boycotting all tablets with windows on
them since ms seems not to care to make them accessable.
The only good thing that will come out of win8 is that uia seems to
control everything including access with out any mirror driver.
Speaking of which I really need to put up a ticket for nvda not
speaking status bars and other download progress bars in ie 9 still.
I am pleased to find ie 10 a lot faster than 9 is though.
Still, for what its worth, I’d probably just stay with 7 for now or even xp.
What was wrong with xp.
Its a perfect home desktop system.
I think ms should have 3 aditions of their system.
Windows tablet, can be win8 as it is now.
Windows desktop can be win7 as it is now maybe with a few extras. and
maybe windows home though pro seems to be a good all round os for
home and business users.
Vertual machines a side on that front though, I think ms has made
something worse than vista.
I got a chance to fiddle with vista and it is not that bad.
The normal start menu is rubbish but there is still a classic menu system.
And if you bashed all graphical content the system would really run
really fast.

I wander if ms could or someone could make a windows for blind or
other disabled users.
We obviously need screens for sighted users but menus are the thing.
Ok, I like bits of the ribbon, pull down menus for items I can
stomach and learn to like.

Part of the metro failing is that we are not ready for it yet.
Ms should leave this till win9 maybe for another 5 years or so.
Eventually we will have touch screens everywhere.
For now though win8 can fork ooff.
And if win32 goes all windows apps will be screwed over totally.

On to other things.

I don’t aggree with card companies threatening banks.
However, I do aggree something needs to be done.
Clearly these banks are not keeping up with security and there should
be something on that note.
Spam accounts should be shut down, and security updated.
Suing for it though is not the way.
A law that tells banks to shut down is another thing though.
Saying that its coman sence.
If my major network got hacked, I’d shut it down, fix it find out
what happened, if anyone responsible inside the company, deal with it.
If not, deal with whatever the best I can.
Suing the bank.
Guess I could but then I am just putting the problem to some other bugger.

There are so many cloud based networks around, one of the issues
with clouds and the reason I am uncomfortable with putting my account
for windows on live, even though google has yahoo and aol access,
though I don’t use all features, well clouds are good targets for hackers.
I blame all the different dns systems on the fecking antipiracy laws
which have come up, torrent laws,etc.
I never thought about this till now but this was bound to happen.
A trogen dns, yeah I can see that.
Sadly the best dns servers are the ones your isp uses, secure or no.
If they break, then its your isps problem.
I guess if you have a secure cloud in google, live, trend micro and
other services then you are ok but still.
If you want to use a dns server other than your own, if you need to
log into it then you are at least secure.
If it has ssl or tls and you can get a certificate on that then its good.
I do feel partly for those that got infected.
Why I say partly is that there are probably loads of idiots that
clicked on links in email or something.
I have no sympathy for those.
Its good that the government is allowing people to clear their systems.
Maybe thats a good idea to use a secuire cloud or your isp or both or
However a problem still remains.
With all the blacklisting that will go on.
I won’t be supprised if some people infected after cleaning get
charged large bills, get blacklisted, go to jail get fined and get
general flack from the government for nothing.
Its sadly usually what happens.
The idiots will get off scot free, the government is smart enough to
know they won’t change.
But those that are not well.
I always have a sinical viewpoint where security, the law and any
authority come into play.
Its usually for the intrest and gain of those with the power.
Us consumers generate vary little ammounts of it.

On the visa thing, I think if I was a bank and kept getting hit like
this all the time, I’d just stop using visa all together.
I actually know friends on businesses that don’t allow visa, or any
credit/ eftpos card company access because of complience costs and
hacks like this.
They kept getting hit with well stuff.
Eventually they decided to just use cash or direct internet banking.
One things for sure, I think a lot of people will start using paypal,
paypal is a major target already.
and when that goes, it will be paying loads of cash to transfer over the net.
This is only going to end in tears.

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