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Working on my last podcast

After doing some thinking, and some consulting of people I talk to, I’ve decided that podcast 174 will be the last podcast on the technology blog and podcast. This is mainly due to the fact that now a days, I’m taking other people’s content, (with permission) and reposting it, or talking about the same subject which can get boring when it comes to security. You’ve noticed the posts dwindling on the blog as of late, and I’m thinking that because its pretty much all the same, and I’m not enjoying it anymore, its time to move on. After podcaast 174 is released hopefully before the beginning of June, I’ll keep it up for some time before removing everything. My AMW Reloaded podcast is taking my time, and that is where my energy is. My tech at menvi.org E-mail address will stay, because I do have something coming to it each week, so you can always E-mail me there. I’ve done this podcast off and on since 2006, in March, and now its approaching June of 2012 and I’m bored with the cast talking about the same security issues. So while I’ve tried to find something different to talk about, like Lastpass, there isn’t enough for me to keep going, although I’ve seen more on the driving cars lately. I’ve definitely had fun doing the podcast, and part of me will be missing it. I’ve had to remove my self from Kim Komando’s newsletters because I can’t keep up. Help Net Security was a great newsletter, but I removed myself because of time. This decision I’ve been weighing since the beginning of the year when podcasts slowed down. Usually, that means it is time to end it, and thats what I plan to do. I’ve enjoyed my time blogging here, and I do hope you check out my other podcasts.

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Last modified: May 29, 2012.

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