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guy from wired.com gets icloud hacked

Hi all.
Well a guy from wired.com got his icloud hacked.
there are several articles that tell how its done.
these are some of them but there are more





This is a serious business.
holes in amazon now resolved and holes in apples customer support
phone service enabled hackers to get billing address and credit card
info so they could hack into the system.
It should be coman sence and to be honest I have some misstrust in
relying on the net as a hole.
I have 2 hard drives 1 external for every day and 1 other for
backing up things.
Yes the cloud has dropbox which has quite not much just stuff that if
I lost it I’d be pissed but nothing bad.
Don’t link your facebook and or twitter.
in fact don’t use either if you can help it.
Don’t do any micro blogging or anything like that I don’t.
read http://smeveriss.wordpress.com for my rant.
I am moving away from here for anything large like this.
Reason is because this is a family site I can’t rage.
If you are a child and read this don’t click my blog link just the articles.
if you read this blog first and want to continue hearing my rage full
out then go on to smeveriss.wordpress.com
Remember you can comment.
please comment on here and my blog.
is my aol email and an msn
is my current msn
shaun_everiss is my skype.
See, I don’t keep secrets.
I have nothing online to hide.
If someone decides to hack my wordpress and rage then I may rage back.
I am bored enough to do so and one day someone raged at me on lj.
I raged at him for ages and ages.
the blog is dead but if you ever read it then you would know what my rage is.

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guy from wired.com gets icloud hacked was released on September 30, 2012 at 10:23 pm by crashmaster in general-updates-and-announcements.
Last modified: September 30, 2012.

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