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windows update is a dog!!!

I have various opinions on windows update.
Sure it keeps me up to date but for the last few months there have
been a bunch of errors.
The first one happened in june/ july when it according to the logs
tried to validate a obviously non validated or corrupt data file from
march 2012.
This required stopping windows update, then cleaning temp files,
software distribution folders etc then restarting again.
Then last month just before the certifficate updates windows update
failed again with a configuration error eventually leading to the now
all familiar 024402f codes for the interupted data synk.
Again the same as above.
Today for at least 15 minutes windows update failed because it had a
serverside access violation.
leading to same error code.
The the thing that really maddens me is that windows update will
happily corrupt the datafiles on the system it has run.
so this morning I got an antivirus update, no problem.
about 8.
I checked again at 9.
I tried on the win7 system I had, error!
I wasn’t going to try on the other xp system.
Then I finnished training about 10.30 today.
Tried the other xp system.
tried the other 2 system, error!
To fix this if you were unlucky to get caught in it.

using services.msc find and stop the automatic update service or the
windows update service depending on your os.
Now stop background inteligent transfer, or bits.
Using something like ccleaner clear all temp locations.
Restart bits
Restart windows update.
on win vista and above, check for updates as usual.
wait an age.
on xp and lower.
1. if you have the microsoft update icon, click that.
if not
http://update.microsoft.com is the link.
click microsoft update
click start
click continue
click check.
click find all optional.
eventually it will sort itself out.
hide all updates you don’t want.
My question is why windowsupdate is so unstable and so sensitive to change.
I know it had its issues, hardware id errors and the like.
But lately this has become flipping crazy!.
To feck up any fecking system it wants to just because you run it at
the wrong time seems a bit harsh.
To be honest if there was an alternitive program to hack into
windowsupdate and behave just like that but not use any ms
components, I’d take that.
Now, I suppose on friday when I finally get to work on my remotes I
will need to check for errors.
I actually am annoyed now.
There is no mention of when windowsupdate flakes.
It doesn’t mater if it decides to fudge up for an hour or 30 mins.
I know things fudge I am an admin of several remote networks, and a
local lan or 2.
But why does windowsupdate when it fails corrupt its entire systems?
You basically have to reformat windowsupdate just to make it work.
And even if they solve the issue you still have corrupted files.
I’m sure there is probably a less time consuming and data loosing way
of clearing windowsupdate.
I understand all that switch from microsoft and personally if my
family and myself were not so locked into windows programs and had
spent so much cash I’d switch over to macs or something.
The reality is though that I have spent far to much on windows to ever switch.
there is no support for windows games in a mac unless I run a vertual machine.
If I am going to run a vertual machine of a windows os I may as well have a pc.
Saying that I am seriously thinking of getting an ancient windows box
for games.
it won’t be that fast but it may have to do for the older games.

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Last modified: October 16, 2012.

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