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The Technology blog and podcast: Podcast 179: Protect yourself online

For this podcast, I give you the book, Protect Yourself Online by Matthew Danda. From NLS, its DB/RC number is 52574. Enjoy the review.

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Paypal notification about limited account access

To: TruthOrFiction Subscribers

From: TruthOrFiction.com Team

Re: eRumor Alert – Paypal notification of limited account

PayPal has Limited Your Account Until They Hear From You- Fiction! & Scam!

You may have received a very official looking email that allegedly came
from PayPal.Com and warns that your account has been limited until they
hear form you.

Links are included in the email to contact them.

This is a scam and Paypal.Com told us that they did not send this email.

The Links in the email could direct computer users to a phishing site.
Phishing is a trick to get computer users to submit personal and
financial information to awaiting criminals.
The risk of infecting computers is also high if computer users go to
those websites.

For more details go to:


Jared Rimer
The Technology blog and podcast

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DNS issues in regards to our domains

Hey folks,
We may have some line of some DNS stuff that was causing our web site
and services at jaredrimer.net to continue to have issues. The bulk of
the matter is that the agency which took responsibility of doing the
work, did not do it right. If you have DNS issues, they should be
resolved in the morning we hope. Please write me through jaredrimer.net
if you continue to have issues.

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Technology blog and podcast, podcast 178 is now available

On this podcast, you’re going to be told about the article I published just todauy in regards to MegaUpload. My thoughts on the situation. RSS feed for the podcast right here for your enjoyment. Let me know what you think.

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U.S. Government Fears End of Megaupload Case | TorrentFreak

U.S. Government Fears End of Megaupload Case | TorrentFreak.

This is an interesting article. I wonder what will happen in this kind of a case? Take a read on this article, and comment if you wish.

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Maintenance at Ultrahost complete

We have just been moved back where we came from. This means that the
web portion of the maintenance that needs to be done is complete. I
can’t discuss what they found, but with each situation, it is usually
bad when you need to be moved around. Luckily, issues were discovered
early, and resolved. Any questions, give Jared an E-mail.

Jared Rimer
The Technology blog and podcast

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Ultrahost maintenance

Here’s something I think people need to know about. It effects the
domain here, and so I’m passing it along.

Planned Server Maintenance

In order to provide our customers with the most reliable and secure
service possible, it is necessary that we perform maintenance on some of
our web hosting servers in the next few days. we have been made aware of
a security vulnerability that we feel is important to take necessary
precautions to prevent potential future issues. during this process,
some services may be unavailable for brief periods. We will do our best
to minimize downtime. if you have any questions, please contact support
by opening a support ticket, sending email, or calling by phone.
UltraHost appreciates your patronage and we look forward to serving your
past and future web hosting needs. Thank you again, and we apologize for
any inconvenience this may cause.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I’m glad that they are not disclosing too much, but at the same time,
letting us know what is up. Great job guys.

Jared Rimer
The Technology blog and podcast

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