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Why new driving safety technologies are really dangerous.

I just read this article entitled: Why new driving safety technologies are really dangerous and there are some really good points here. First of all, the worst I’ve seen deals with the cab drivers who drive us around who really don’t know where they’re going, on a phone, and we have to pay them to take us where we’re going. I think the hang up and drive mentality is the right way to go, although, it could get real interesting if they finally do go that route. The comment boards await you.

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new office 2010 service pack, watch out

Hi all.
firstly it seems like everyone likes the blog because of my batch
scripting article.
I guess an identity insurance or any big company would need scripts.
They also should keep their systems updated.
Speaking of updates there is a rather large 500mb update for office 2010.
its office sp2.
You need about 10 mins to download and install this if you have broadband.
dialup users beware.
A reminder to backup your data and create a restore point before doing this.
Its interesting that ms chose to release an update now now the new
metro type systems are out win8 and office 2013.

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security, and product reviews

welcome to another rambling post.
before I start I appologise but I forgot to post the last post I
posted ages ago so you may have to read that before yesterday’s post
because I only emptied the cue yesterday.
A few things today.
1. dvdvideosoft free studio package.
I have been using this for ages to convert youtubes and other things,
the converters and uploaders work there are a few other things that
are not accessable but most of those you don’t need anyway.
The dvdvideosoft stuff is extremely robust and light wait.
The software is fast and secure and contains no spyware or anything
though please subscribe to their program if you think you can afford
it so they can keep making a good program.
The latest program installers are web based, and this allows
installing everything you want and nothing more though the standalone
installers are only 60 mb.
I have not seen standalone installers though, for the latest updates.
This should not be an issue unless you happen to have 200kbps
broadband or dialup.
The main reason I did not include or recomend the software was mainly
because of the effort to configure it for the end user.
it came with a toolbar, and several other spyware apps.
later on they tried using conduit a known spyware and several other things.
Then they tried using the open candy program, and still do with the
ability to install uniblue software to your system.
I complained and they did change, at once point it got so
inaccessable I had to pull out my modem to install.
This was resolved next version and I can happily recomend it to you
the user because no extra junk is installed or offer files.
2. files not deleting because of security.
Today I downloaded a update to winamp and did a delete on the exe
file after I was done.
it refused to delete saying the program was in use
How to fix.
1. wait 2 mins and restart.
2. try to delete again.
If this does not work.
go to the program and open the properties dialog.
there is a status box if its been downloaded or if its secured, hit unblock.
you may need to alt tab out and in as buttons all go away and then
you can hit ok.
Next use your av software to scan the file its probably what is going on.
msse was scanning the file in the background with its shield scan but
obviously got stuck.
once the scan is done you can safely kill the file and it will go away.
later all

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this week in tech

welcome to the twit.
Thats what I think I wlll call the posts I do or at least for this week.
I would usually post this on my personal but no one comments on it anyway.
This week, I got the next part to my tv.
If you have been reading my smeveriss.wordpress.com site you will
know that due to the digital switchover, I sorted out a 24 inch sony
tv with bracket for 450 bucks and got it screwed to the wall.
Due to wiring and other signal things, I didn’t get it fully
installed as many things need to be routed and this included the
buying of a high gain antenna.
The antenna has arrived, and is ready to install.
Thats where its at.
later on this year I will get the old analog unit removed and start
using digital.
on a sad note my new philips unit decided not to charge, though I
did also upgrade it.
so its been taken to get replaced, though who knows where philips
actually exists, could take a while.
I have spent the week mostly testing games, the series of games is
called deathmatch.
The basic plot of this is the mutant human /experiment gone
wrong/infection / zombie type of deal.
I have been assisting with the sfx and its interesting to say the least.
going through ships fixing things and other such things.
The game is switching to a new engine and interface which itself is
interesting to say the least, I also am on the testing team for that
as well as a few other things and its interesting to get in from the
design point of view and just give stuff when I can.
Thanks for your comments.
I will try to write more detailed tech posts about what I am doing in
tech with my life, and other things.
note, that my wordpress at smeveriss.wordpress.com will probably
where the everyday stuff will go, stuff that is not really for this
thing though to be honest, since few things get posted these days
maybe I can slightly bend things though its a challenge to attempt to
write detailed posts as detailed as my scripting one.
Since that post I have not bothered with the linux vm much, but thats
not that I won’t come back.
later all.

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Chinese woman reportedly electrocuted by iphone?

Seriously? This article indicates that it has been reported that a Chinese woman died because she used her phone while it was on the charger. I know someone personally who uses their phone while it is charging, and they have not yet been electrocuted. The Iphone has matured, and I highly doubt that plugging a phone and using it could electrocute people. I have used my N6650 while it was charging with out an issue. I posted this to TWIL’s wall on facebook, and I’ll post it here. What do people think of this?

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articles of interest and other news

Hi all.
Well this time round I have a few interesting tidbits to share.
The first started last week while I was flicking through stations at
1 am in the morning.
Aparently there is an app that will give a max of 3 cents an hour for
allowing adds to be displayed on your phone and associated addware.
The adds would display on your lock screen and every time you
unlocked your phone, you would be in a sence clicking the add and get
payed for it.
its called lock it and is for iphone and android.
Its an interesting concept, I remember a program called epipo used in
1996 by various friends online to get adds, look at them, etc etc and
get payed for using your system for advertising when not in use.
There are lists where you can subscribe to get product reviews and
adds now andget payed for them.
The concept is good, in general the lock screen is an empty space as it is.
However after 2000 it was the end of the world as far as good junk mail was.
I remember getting subscribed to several mp3 lists and drive lists,
getting offers but due to what I had not being able to take advantage of them.
I also had a subscription I got put on that had my system play random
music when I was not doing anything and ask me to rate it in the end
thanking me for participation and asking me for my personal info.
it then dissapeared from my system.
the site went to that it was going to, and a few days later I got a
cd which I have somewhere with interesting music.
Between those days and now it was good.
Wouldn’t dream of doing that now though.
To be honest I think spam mail should have the same rules as junk mail has now.
For example you recieve local store coopons in your mail box and
other local adds and leaflets I have no issue getting those and
cupons, etc in my mailbox as unsolissited mail after all I get that
in my snailmail box, I don’t read half of it but sometimes I do.
I know that in most cases they are from lagit companies.
Spam mail is anything bar normal junk mail.
In all the spam mail I have got I have not seen anything local or anything.
its a pitty that this happens.
Offline we may get pamphlets of stuff most of which we may glance
through even if we are not interested during our drink break, some we
may just chuck others we may comment on first or whatever.
Spam mail spyware and addware based adds we just don’t comment on,
they are not local, and mostly are aimed at stealing identity and other stuff.
Its a shame spam can’t mirror the offline junk mail and be treated
the same way as that.

In other news I have gotten a new philips digital recorder.
almost everything up down foreward and back is opperated with 1
controler like a gamepad with a central play button.
record and stop are on the right and it comes with an external microphone.
The site and some features are not accessable but its more accessable
than the soni.
the soni has a dimple to record and a stop button with a dot and a
few other features.
I also saw a panasonic which looked interesting to but some of the
buttons are flush with the case.

Project wise I have been working on some sound and game testing.
and thats proven a challenge as you need to think of what you want to
do and what to use, etc.
and thats about all the tech this week.
Due to spam on my posts, trackbacks are going to have to die.
you wana comment to the posts I write then do so directly.
Sadly, due to comments containing suspicious links and obvious spams
and other attacks I have had to do this.
later all its time for my boiled egg and toast.

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comments on some posts

Hi all
welcome to another posting by me.
Firstly I’d like to apologise to anyone who has sent me personal mail or comments to the blog.
I have been lazy no I should fraze that.
I am proud to be a lazy person sometimes.
Anyway I have been doing things that do not involve me checking my mail for like the last 3 days or something.
I may not even get to it tonight either it all depends.
Anyway lets take the posts as they come.
Firstly a bit of house keeping.
Incase there are lagit spammers that read the blog.
I know who you are.
You can’t just come round and have a username like download my crack or suck my f**king dick in your message title and then blatently coppy my comments verbatum or others comments.
Seriously if this goes on I am just going to disable trackbacks like perminantly, heck I may even just not allow comments and that will be sad for everyone me included.
Its because of you guys that I have actually committed myself to write in my personal and this blog more than I have been.
So don’t spoil it for everyone else.

On to the posts.
first oh hell lets just stuff both these together.
To be honest ms already got it bad if this gets rid of the spammers that use hotmail and sometimes gmail and other web addresses or at least brings it down some I’m all for it.
Next what is to much info.
Its interesting however, I was doing some law studdies some time ago and its amazing what is out already without the net to add to things.
Firstly your phone number country and address are legally accessable to everyone it just depends where to look.
Next, though you may use names for password questions food types, teachers names, etc or whatever, you can easily find things without the net.
The only real way to secure is to have different passwords and a pasword manager.
There are arguments that password managers can also be hacked to and could be used to collect passwords.
If you write down the passwords get them stolen or lost or if you have a master and forget it you are done anyway.
Most sites use 2 factor and ssl or at least https with ssl.
Nothing is perminantly secure.
The net well lets face it has been to free and open for to long.
Sure we have been able to pirate our music and software, but hackers and spammers have been able to do more than that.
We all knew the net could not stay the lawless wild west that it was, eventually it would have to become organised.
Will it?
Eventually I think the net will model the real world it sucks but its the way of the world.
What is privacy?
In a world where anything can be accessed either by you or someone else.
Thing is, how you live with it.
Its why I don’t have a facebook and only use a twitter to check for others tweats.
I have a wordpress blog in which I post to those that read this blog my general rants and weekly happenings.
I don’t disclose anything that I would regret usually and sumerise things.
I am to lazy to write long convoluted posts anyway.
Generally though most of my life well the large things I share as a way for people that don’t know me to see what my life is like.
I don’t share everything though, most of that is simply pointless and the rest I don’t share.
Gone are the times where I have the time to actually post.
I used to but it always seems to be getting just that bit bussier.
sertain things that will be revealed when they happen in the next year or so will make my life even bussier still.
Right now though these things are a bit tmi.
Right now that is.
after they happen it won’t matter because they have happened.

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Before You Share, Ask Yourself “Is This TMI?” | Blog Central

There have been posts on my personal blog recently. They did not reveal much, even though there was something going on in my life that could be something that should never be posted. You should check out this article. Its well worth the read. To comment, do so, then when you get the 2nd page, submit it again. I guess there’s a review process now. Why its in another language I can’t figure out, but check out the article.

Before You Share, Ask Yourself “Is This TMI?” | Blog Central.

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Microsoft conspires with the NSA in spying on its users – World Socialist Web Site

This article, and one i tweeted and put on facebook today should be taken with a read. I think we’re doomed in the privacy department now. Already tweeted it at TWIL and it hosts.

Microsoft conspires with the NSA in spying on its users – World Socialist Web Site.

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microsoft and its stupidness

I sometimes ask why people do things in general and this is one of them.
Msse the security essentuals program ms releases is in the most part
quite good.
However, in the effort to make it more feature rich ms added a lot of
extra features this round.
extra net inspections and stuff.
Virus auto submit and some archive scan improvements.
In principal these are good features.
in the case of ms though they are not.
msse almost never uploads a submit, I only have seen it do that twice
in my lifetime.
and at any rate I’d prefur to do it myself.
and anyway I want o know whats going up.
Then there is all the other issues caused that I have been having
since the updates last week.
My suspician is that software submit is happily poling msse for an
event where you have a virus all the time.
This effected hardware function, cpu, performance and sound playback.
after turning that and in some cases on my slower systems the archive
scanner things improved a lot.
Its also worth noting that if you turned off all features bar the
core shield the system would still state protected.
You can scan archives anyway once you extract them as its usually the
running of a file that could be a virus.
and don’t use attachments.
if you are unsure about a file, scan it before running.
Using lagit sites does help to.
Its clear that ms is trying to please everyone.
and its clear from the scanner that turning all the extra bloat does
not hamper its function one bit.
Saying that compaired to other av solutions msse still has my vote
for now anyway for simplicity, silent running with hardly a false
alarm, and also well it gets the job done with its small footprint.
Dropbox is another thing to be carefull about.
it has a tendency to have a new version and then upload an older version.
this can cause issues.
if you get an old version downloading view the release notes and get
the latest from download.com because that seems to work.
later all

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July’s Patch Tuesday fixes 6 critical Microsoft flaws | PCWorld

July’s Patch Tuesday fixes 6 critical Microsoft flaws | PCWorld.

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GW Micro announces Social Eyes

This Press Release talks about an up coming release. The introductory price is going to be $25. It will later rise for $50 and this is a yearly price. Someone mentioned GW and said they weren’t interested because this program they were running was costing them $21.95 a month. I didn’t know until GW replied that the introductory $25 will be a yearly cost, not a monthly cost. Check out the release, and the accompanying video to learn more about Social Eyes. Pre orders are being taken, and it should be released soon.

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emails and keypass

please if you can try to send a valid email when you comment to posts.
I do try to reply to all comments but without mail I will have to
make a general reply.
However from what I have recieved replys from it seems what you guys
want from me are text based tutorials.
or at least tutorials.
To that end I put up the following tech update.
I was going to podcast this but as usual I have been snowed under again.
After looking at lastpass which is ok I guess keepass and passkeeper
I have chosen keepass.
Keepass is a open source password manager at keepass.info.
Its for the most part accessable.
it takes a bit to get used to the configs, hitting new will make a
new database, you have options to edit save and other things.
You have groups and such to move things to.
up and down arrow to different groups, tab to a groop.
Right click menus could be a bit more accessable but thats ok I guess.
For those that use it what plugins if any would you recomend.
I will relook and retest maybe tomorrow or may be not.
probably not as I don’t need much more than what is built in.
later all

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re: writing scripts and stuff

Hi all.
well its good to see that at least someone is reading this blog.
or at least is commenting on it.
I need more of these, well at least on my posts I can’t say much about the others that are not mine but still.
I really should write more on here, its not that there is nothing but tech things have dried up a lot.
Pending is my new digital recorder though not much is really in the pipeline.
Speaking of things I really should be doing more podcasts.
what do you want me to do them on.
I will have to use dropbox and the files will have to go away every few weeks or so depending on the size but whatever.
comment back.
or email me
sm dot everiss at gmail dot com
The comment system has some issues I will try to get those sorted out.

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