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tech articles for today

just went through the articles.
the tor thing is interesting, right now I am a bit against the authorities because of their
stance on the piracy issues.
so I am a bit of a rebel in that reguard.
as for the eye thing, its just another article talked about which shows promise but nothing more.
the question would be if you could be made to see if you never saw in the first place.
if you had an accident or something and lost your sight its one thing but if you were born prem like I was and lost it then never seeing although visual systems still work I don’t know if that would all pan out.
although research I did last year indicates that even the blind still have visual input switched to other sences meaning if vision was restore it could in theory go back to normal.
theory and practice is a different thing.
and I am sure getting a status on a bit o fcode that sys that its working is a different thing to actually running the code.

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TOR is talked about in a book I’m reading

Hi folks,
I’ve got a brand new podcast, which I’ve mentioned here before called the Books Podcast. On this podcast, the books read are talked about in podcasts, like this podcast which hasn’t had one in quite awhile. I also have an accompanying blog which posts books my co-host Janet and I are currently reading, whether it is for the podcast or not. That may be our choice. The current book I’m reading is This Machine Kills Secrets: How WikiLeakers, Cypherpunks, and Hacktivists Aim to Free the World’s Information by Andy Greenberg. It is not available on BARD as of yet, but maybe soon as some of the books on the podcast recently appeared there. In chapter 4, this book is talking about the Tor (anonymity network) which Steve Gibson talked about on Security Now a weekly security podcast which I subscribe. More recently, I published an article talking about how TOR now has services on it, just like the normal Internet. The difference between these services and the services you and I use are the very different. The services on TOR can’t be traced, so illegal activity such as child pornography, drug sales, and more can go on without law enforcement supervission. Chapter 4 of the above mentioned book is talking about this very thing. Here is the blog post I posted on the books blog about This Machine Kills Secrets in case you don’t want to go to Amazon right away. Byron Lee recommended this book, and so far I’m enjoying it. Things like TOR, or any anonymous service you may choose to use is only as secure as the users using them. I don’t think I’d personally use it for every day use, but I’d sure keep it in mind in cases i could see a use for, but not at the current time. I find it interesting that this book brings it up and some of the things that were discussed in articles and Security Now being in this book. The article in question that goes in to detail is Walkthrough Of Tor, Silk Road, Deep Web – from the Business Insider is the article I mention where the link to the article is within that post. Is this a coincidence or could TOR not be as secured as first built? I’m going to continue to read this book to find out, and I’d be interested in your thoughts. I recommend you use the comment system if possible or to send me an E-mail. View our about page here on the blog for contact information. The comment boards await you.

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DURHAM: Duke researchers will offer ‘bionic eye’ for the blind | Science/Technology | NewsObserver.com

Here’s an article of interest.

DURHAM: Duke researchers will offer ‘bionic eye’ for the blind | Science/Technology | NewsObserver.com.

This is an interesting article. I don’t know if I’d qualify, but this is an interesting step. Over time, I’m sure it will improve, and this will turn out to be good overall. What are your thoughts?

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How Can Social Engineering Training Work Effectively?

I just read the blog post How Can Social Engineering Training Work Effectively? It is a nice read, seeing that threats today are getting more complex. It isn’t just social engineering we need to worry about, it is the persistant threat of what is happening. For example, if someone calls you up asking for a number, but yet your gut knows they shouldn’t have it, you shouldn’t give it. Thats social engineering. They want it for a purpose. They want it to be able to either call and harass them, or to do harm to them. You can listen to what they have to say, but overall, you need to have the right decision made. Thats just on a personal level. The business level is much more complicated than this example. There is more at steak in regards to company secrets, source code, company directories, etc. which can play a part in to an attack. In my case, someone wanted a phone number to someone I knew. I do not give out personal information about anyone unless that person tells me it is OK to do so.

On my books podcast I am making sure that members are anonymous if they wish. One podcast, someone said I could keep their first name (i.E. Jared from California) in the audio, and text, but they did not want to provide contact information to members. This person is a Philmore Productions customer who said yes to publishing the review, and no to having information published on how to contact them which includes their Philmore Voice mail number. My technology podcast (as time allows) is more of a public podcast, but we would allow you to use a different name which you go by if you wish and all of that is discussed before the podcast is taped. A lot of people don’t understand how giving out information whether personal or business can hurt someone. I can understand, and i want to help where I can. The article linked here is more for business, but I did want to mention here that it is not just a business problem. Please be careful out there, and do what is right in your gut, or your heart. Don’t be forced to put out information you don’t want out there. Once done, it is hard to undue.

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a good thing

Hi jared.
I could have made a comment but being semi co admin on here has its privilages I guess.
Actually I could still make a comment but posting an article is more rewarding if the ability are avalible to you.
Firstly magnatune is sertainly something I will continut t watch its good that they will go out of their way to handle things.
Sadly its not everyone that does this like that.
I mean its not expected that people would pull a chunk of time to correct things test things thouroughly through several tools and several oses, linx on linux, chrome ff and other things.
Sertainly not in this detail.
Being disabled yourself does help I guess.
There are to many people that have autoresponders that may or may not respond or that will fix the issue and not tell their users.
There are some companies that won’t even fix things.
its good to know that in the face of all the streaming and other laws that there is a label that actually gives a fuck.
Now if that spread to all comercial companies or at least a large load of them I wouldn’t have all this anger at the music and film industry which I do.
its heartening that someone would take the time out of their night or day and actually fix their site and test it like this and then email you the customer with something like this.
Even when I handle support through ms and some others I may get contacted, or may not.
If I do there is a chance that fixing the problem will cause more issues.
In one case, I ended up reformatting to fix a problem which was small which became a big problem after support got to it.
then they expect me to fill out their servey and get off their spammy news lists.
sadly I suspect once you get big enough its not required that the bosses or devs sertainly no big people need to even touch the client side system which it should be at least able to handle.
I have seen the series undercover boss.
the bosses in that series were so out of touch with the worker side and client side they had no idea what was going on till they got there.
it may be the curse of the large company, however its interesting at least.

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Magnatune upgrades their site, accessibility issues found, E-mail fixes them

August 21, 2013:
Woodland Hills, CA

to: Magnatune record label team for a job well done

OK, so I’m going to ask this question. How many of you have had some accessibility issues with a web site. You politely send an E-mail to the contact address on site, and you get a response of the nature of that they appreciate the feedback, and it’ll be looked in to, or nothing at all? Magnatune released a new web site in the midst of album releases. Magnatune web site completely rewritten goes in to some detail of what has changed and what is coming. I downloaded the Magnatune music under the old web site which had some accessibility issues, but were managable. What I mean is, there were graphic links but the information within the links made it clear what was happening. Not all the graphical links, but I did find a few.

On the 20th of August, I sent the following E-mail to John, the programmer of Magnatune.

Hi John,
I was looking at Jay Kishor’s album, and noticed that the site is changing which is a good sign. Unfortunately, the site is not accessible anymore. Once I go in to the album, I can’t find the download link, because it seems you have them in tabs now, and the graphics are not labeled for screen reader access. The web site was accessible before, even the download link on the old page was accessible because the link clearly said download, although it was in link form. I want to bring this to your attention. The artist page itself seems accessible where the CD’s are clearly labeled, but once selecting a CD, the graphics say unknown.

Jared Rimer
The Technology blog and podcast

That same evening he wrote back.

Thanks Jared, I’ll try to get that fixed tomorrow.

Today, August 21, 2013, I received the following E-mail with the original on top, and his response underneath.

> I was looking at Jay Kishor’s album, and noticed that the site is changing which is a good sign. Unfortunately, the site is not accessible anymore. Once I go in to the album, I can’t find the download link, because it seems you have them in tabs now, and the graphics are not labeled for screen reader access. The web site was accessible before, even the download link on the old page was accessible because the link clearly said download, although it was in link form. I want to bring this to your attention. The artist page itself seems accessible where the CD’s are clearly labeled, but once selecting a CD, the graphics say unknown.

Ok, I’ve spent quite a good amount of time going through all the pages and adding alt= tags on everything. I’ve used the Firefox Accessibility Extension, as well as Google Chrome’s Accessibility Audit, and all pages now pass. I’ve also browsed the site using the text mode browser “lynx” to make sure it all works w/o graphics and also w/o javascript.

Please let me know if you run into any problems or can find any areas that could be improved.

As someone who suffers from poor eyesight, this is really a topic close to my heart, and I want to make sure this is done well at Magnatune.

Best wishes,


This blog post Magnatune for the blind was posted today, and gives some details and links to specific tools John uses. This is a webmaster who really wants to hear from his users of his site. Magnatune is a record label, and I have paid them quite a bit of money for a subscription each month, and this is a nice sign. I’m still in talks with John, and he encourages E-mail. They like the fact I broadcast Magnatune on a dedicated server, and it is the stuff I like. You can find that server by going to this Magnatune server page. Thanks John and team for a great job well done. You should be commended for a job well done. I am a tech columnist, giving my thoughts on tech that interests me, and I think it is time for a payback. May you have great success in your journey, and please let me know how I can help.

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you’d think they’d learned

Hi all.
Really this streaming thing is crazy.
A lot of stations play copywrited music.
ok scratch this.
every comercial station and amiter station plays copywrited music, no music, etc in fact they talk about copywrited things.
This is just counterproductive.
how else am I supposed to know what is good to buy.
I aggree companies like pandora may have issues I guess, but really simply put there are more ways round mainstream music than there were last year.
Lets see all that chip music, opensource indipendant label stuff most of it not even heard by people.
gegs of stuff exist.
In fact there is probably no need to play comercial music at all or buy it!
In fact let me go a step further, that if the industry wants to fecking own themselves I have no issue about letting them go right ahead.
A year ago or so I would have fought it tooth and nail but really there is so much round, there is no real need to fight.
Though I wander why people are pirating and not buying.
I just looked at some comercial music vs indipendant music.
lets see comercial vs indi.
pros, good quality most of it is ok cons, price.
why charging 30-40-50 bucks for the album.
Where in fecking hell does the extra cash go who the fack is it for.
indie music 10-15 bucks is max price.
mostly its between 0.25 and 10 the average being at 5-7 dollars but mostly its betwene 0.5 to 4 dollars most stuff is a dollar.
So assuming 10 bucks is all the songs in the thing.
and ok take say 5 bucks for the cd case and covers, heck maybe another 5 for the artwork.
ok and maybe take say 10 for the licence to the companies.
but oh wait in sertain cases the prices can drop down to 10 bucks if the people want it in some chain stores which blows that thing right out the field.
And then there is the rumour that the artests don’t get anything back as such and its all for the companies.
And to be honest in that case are they wandering why people hate them that much.
I still maintain the opinion that if someone does something with anything be it book, music or whatever the author should have a say in what is done if its big enough.
Ofcause this really is not a good year for sensable heads good its election year for nz.
Because of the crazyness over the kim.com thing, the government is going to spy on its people for nothing but a knee jerk reaction to grovel for the big corps and I thought we were indipendant.
Ofcause thats the problem right there.
the government we have is however crappy the only one we have the rest seem to have some issues.
I really don’t know what the fuss is about let the facking industry die allready so we can get on with our lives.
I’d feel better ofcause if any penalties for breaking the law went to the big corps to but thats unlikely.
And its unlikely to work anyway.
The torrent law has netted only a few people for the simple reason that people are smarter than that.
hiding yourself for one thing and not doing it for another both easy things to do.
This new law will the the same as the rest, hard to inforce unless everyone hacks into everyone else.
Thats fine but if you make something to do this prity soon your systems get hacked people take over your program then its worthless to you at any rate.
Technically its alegal to even use sendspace or dropbox but no way they will right now inforce it.
Then there is the reading mail thing.
Even before that sertain people can get their emails posted publically its watching what you put up that sadly translates to what you print offline as more and more of it is digitally archived.
I don’t have an answer to this.
Clearly the industry is again trying to justify an analog existance.
Half these laws were made and let through because those artests here and maybe other places were hoping for the digital industry to grow.
I am not saying it is but not fast enough.
Streams are the only way we can listen to things now, and sometimes only reason we buy things at least I do.
And then there is the radio stations I don’t listen to at least my locals online.
I listen to the internationals and most of them play copywrited stuff.
maybe they can can the entire net and radio and have us using 386 computers that would solve copywrite.

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Making streaming a felony comes back, again? What crap!

OK, here we go again. This article from the watch dog group entitled: Don’t make streaming a felony is back. Looks like the folks in office haven’t learned what happens when the Internet finds out about what they are up to, and this is no different. As I’m broadcasting right now, the music I play is not copywritten by the 4 major labels. The music is Magnatune owned, and they encourage people to play their music, and they encourage people to use music the right way. They have a lot of great music. To get my broadcasts, please go over here to get them and subscribe via RSS. I encourage it. Click on the watchdog and put your two cents in. We definitely need to fight this again.

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ms updates

ms has released a lot of updates, for windows and office exchange.
most are for various kernal and other remote drives as well as an ie
update and a certifficate update.
In this is included rereleased dotnet updates as well as a fix
to office xml signature certifficates where adding in one such
certifficate to a document could cause an error.
and thats it.

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nsa article

Hi all.
Well just read the nsa article.
In theory jared I aggree with you, if you havn’t done anything wrong.
But what is wrong.
To be honest I don’t think the definition of what is wrong is the same for everyone.
For standard people pirating, stealing, killing, etc.
for the companies.
pirating their materials stealing, however this excludes rival companies, because thats what law suits are for.
And users because charging loads of cash for stuff is what they do and other junk.
Oh and if you pay them enough they don’t care.
Government, pay them enough and it doesn’t matter.
If you are put on a system you are guilty because a computer says so.
you ellect them and they do what the fuck they please.
And if you are guilty thats fine you have something to answer for.
if you have not broken the law then you are still guilty.
Here for example there have been several security breaches in government systems ranging from public terminal access to info being submitted that shouldn’t have been to preasure to submit info that was not supposed to be.
Point is, if you have done something wrong its not fair really.
And if you havn’t there is a chance you will be guilty of something you havn’t done because of a leak in a system.
I don’t trust the democracy and freedoms as I used to.
It doesn’t matter what sort of government corrupt or not. some are more clear than others or some are more packaged up but still essentually mean the same thing.
And the fact is if you are big enough it doesn’t matter what you break or who you kill, because you can pay your way out of it.
Saying all that they don’t get what they want mostly at least in a democratic place.
For examples with the laws, vary little has actually been charged.
Most of the cost of the penelty to the people charged with our piracy law covered the trile costs, about 300 bucks then the cost of the songs pirated which have never gone over 10 bucks.
Then a small payment for damages which is round 100-200 dollars right now, a small insubstancial some.
The biggest payout was 500-1000 dollars which in the scheme of the seasoned criminal is not much and even some of the mega pirates a small sum to dish to continue the good fight.
So there is a lot of hype to.
There was the new smacking laws a couple years ago.
Hardly anyone is charged with this and a lot of hype was over that.
I am not saying it could go totally bungeyed but for now the people’s voice is just that little stronger than the companies and corrupt governments.
Its not that strong though and we need to watch.
We can’t make it change but hopefully we can find some coman ground to compromise a little at least.
In a fair world the inocent would stay inocent and the criminals would be guilty as heck and go straight to hell.
Sadly being inocent doesn’t mean you are not already in hell.
and being guilty means little these days.
At least nonofficially.
I am just sad the industry is taking all the worlds governments with it.
There is only one solution, one more world attom bomb bio war and that may be the end of us.
I blame all the terrorists.
if we didn’t have 911 I don’t think this crazyness would have got started.
ofcause you could argue we were to complacent and maybe thats so.
However seeing all the cracks at least locally worries me no end.
I grew up in the 80s and early 90s.
Then freedom was real freedom.
The us had the nukes and you didn’t mess with them.
The middle east was rarely talked about, and terrorism was low.
There was no copywrite law suits and everything at least for the user was ok.
After 2001, it changed slowly to the point it is now.
Even the disabled are in this crazyness.
we need to fight to get some access and that is not sertain even now.
All the copywriters and others.
I once brought an itunes album just released to see the prices.
The price cost more than the store, could have cost more than the discount I’d get in the chain stores I usually get my stuff.
And it made me wander, if the prices for things are more than or equal to cd prices then no wander people pirate.
The net is however living up to its reputation of mirroring the world which I suppose does mean something although we havn’t got all of it yet.

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NSA hunger demands 29 petabytes of data a day | ZDNet

What do you think of this? I think this makes a lot of sense, and I’ve always said I’m not worried about my activities, especially if I didn’t violate the law. Comments welcome.

NSA hunger demands 29 petabytes of data a day | ZDNet.

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another weekly article news thingy

Hi all and welcome to another one of these tech wrapups.
Firstly it appears that obama has decided after all that leaked info scandle to curb the nsa and other agencies data collection laws and activities as reported 7 am nzst on local national government radio stations.
This in itself does mean that someone at least is seeing some sence.
I firmly hope that this pushes our spy agency bills back some as well.
Though it did take a wistle blower to make it happen which it souldn’t, I mean someone to betray his government just to change things just does not sound right.
Still what is done is done and for now that means at least for now some stuff will go in our favour.
In other news, as reported to my inbox from the foundation snippits articles, it appears that someone still fains inocence when pirating even knowing they will get caught torrenting.
Doesn’t matter who has done it you still get the fine and go to jail and other junket.
If it makes you feel better you can probably bill the other party for your fines and stuff and get your cash back.
Point is, torrenting has been opened up and watched by the big companies, its not safe to do that anymore.
at least in nz website transfers are still as they were.
And there is enough of them.
I am happy that they don’t target dropbox and other file shares.
There are loads of groups, most for game colaberation and system backup for my use or to maintain other systems in the network.
I do put fully functional software that is licenced in there for backup.
I also share updates and other registered software with a folder for some network maintainance.
I also share material which could be concidered copywrite for game projects, stuff is moved round a lot before the group decides what to buy etc.
no point buying useless stuff.
Email well thats a sore point.
Everything you put online weather it be mail blogs, etc can be used against you and you need to treat online as you would do offline its as simple as that.
My issue with spying on mail is spammers and identity theeves.
They take your stuff and then you are in trouble and it doesn’t matter what you say because the government says you are guilty, go to jail, fined maybe dissapear.
The bad guys are always found out but it takes time.
We are not as bad as some other countries but still there is potentual.
I mean if I am in government or something if I can put someone away and out the picture it means another step to my ruling over the country, its business.
I am not sure if I’d do that but if I was on a quest for power maybe I would do it, its legal.
not that I am on a quest for power however my point should still stand we are setting a dangerous president and thats bad enough.
And now for a small note to the end of the blog.
the cyber bullying article is interesting, I heard about it on the news and thats good what happened.
unfortunately the link to it is broken.

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2 charged in cyber bullying death

Edited to correct HTML. Woops!

2 charged in cyberbullying death is an article about a Canadian teenager who committed suicide after being bullied after a crime. This is just tragic, and I thought the blog should see the great news that came from this. Its always good when crime does not pay, and technology was used to bully the teen.

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skype 6.7 warning

Hi all.
this message was posted to my lists on skype.
Upgrade at your risk.
If your options are set and you won’t need to change them then its fine.
If you do you will probably need jawss or something to havigate the
options dialog as someone in their infinate wizdom has removed the
accessability subsystem, classic views and buggered up the options dialogs.
Ironically there is a lot more web content which is fully accessable
on the skype main screen though not much of it is usefull.
Its a pitty they didn’t make the options web based or went back to
the options they have always had.
here is the message.
just upgraded to skype latest 6.7.
Note that if you have 6.6, you may as well stay with it till i get
this resolved .
You can go to 6.7, but it appears that ms in its infinate wizdoom has
removed the accessability menu and classic options as well as
accessability options and access to the options with control tab.
I am not sure if you can track tickets however I have sent a queary
to ms access support and the ticket is
I do hope to get this sorted out.
Else I will be downloading, skype 6.6 from ms site.
Well to be truthfull I don’t necessarilly need to downgrade as all my
options are set and everything in skype works as expected just the
options and extra accessability stuff is missing.
For the ammount of time I use it, its neither here or there.
The only time I load in to it is when I want to talk.
there is a lot more web based content within the app which itself is
interesting, however you’d think it would get better and not worse.
at least I don’t have to use skype as my msn client just yet ms seems
not to have closed its msn nets down here yet and I am still able to
use miranda-im thank god for msn and other networks.

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the article wrapup for this week

Hi all.
Well I was going to release articles as they came to me but well time was never on my side.
Today, nothing seems to be happening and the secondary terminal in the computer room seems to have been left active so I may as well use it.

There were a lot of things to think about.

Firstly there is power.
A fuse blew on wednesday night and we were without power for 4 hours.
I started wandering ” how long for power and what could I do with an extended power outage like in christchurch one ariea in the south island that had a major earthquake.”
And I have realised how much we depend on power, oil, other things.
Without power I have a few books, the piano, maybe a few card games and a walk or 2.
I don’t have the following.
long storage of food in a fridge.
the ability to cook food in side my house though I have a bbq.
The ability to have lights on at night that are not candles or gas powered.
In the short term I have a phone, a couple laptops with a few hours battery and my bopits, and my clocks.
Everything bar the clocks will eventually die.
The clocks have been on the same power cells for about 10 years and run out every 10 years or so.
Online life has meant we can do anything we want like write this blog, play games and other stuff.
However sometimes I think we forget what it was like before.
The scarey thing is I can’t think of how to live without power, the net, a fridge and all the things that we need to survive.
Yet humans did survive without power, the net, houses, etc not to far in the distant past.
In my early life before I got a computer, before the net we found ways to survive without the tv, without the net.
without using much power.
Now we have smart phones, tablets, computers, etc, etc.
to turn off the power, we may as well kill ourselves.
Its the blessing and curse of advancement.
Maybe this is the theme for this weeks editorials.

Second on this week’s agender came from an article from last week on the inovation of screen readers from a now no longer emploid fs person called criss something I forget.
It was his view that we had gone as far as we would ever go and that all the readers and such were to make cash for big companies or some such.
this started a general accesability discussion on the nvda access lists.
My view on the subject is more packaged stuff and maybe a few extra things who knows.
the stuff is in the archives on the nvaccess.org or nvda-project.org sites they both go there.
People may find it interesting.
Going on the news this week is the continuing death throws of the music, book and other industries that try to stop the digital age by hanging on to their old and out dated notions of copywrite and not upgrading.
This time at least here and maybe other countries they are succeeding on making the local spy agency spy on our own countrymen in nz.
This is just another slowing down of the death of a giant that should have gone to heven at the beginning of the milenium!
The fact it hangs on and the fact they have made a large effort to move to digital, a fact that for the most part is a good thing they still hang on to their past and I wish they wouldn’t.
Its inevitable now though.
Death is soon and we my dear readers are powerless to stop it.
I’m not even angry anymore.
I don’t feel like killing them and their families anymore.
I just wish they realise its time to die and be reborn rahter than drawing it out for us poor consumers.
Please continue upgrading.
I’d be happy with this change if I knew that it would be the foundation for a better world but I don’t think it is.
Worse is the local government’s track record of info disclosure and the fact they seem to have countless breaches in the system.
Basically, they are leaking like a tin boat.
So if you are against it all you are guilty.
if not then it doesn’t matter because all your private data will leak to the net.

This actually brings up a fair point.
What does privacy mean.
What is the meaning of being private, does the notion of that even exist at least in the big citties.
Even before the net a lot is publically avalible.
your bank number ird info etc at leastt sertain parts are known.
Sertain facts about your family, address, name location and stuff are avalible.
that was even before the net.
Your email address is not really private either.
Your skype isn’t your messengers are not and your twitter and facebook sertainly is not.
Even your passwords are public if you really want them.
I think privacy died with the net.
Security is another thing that died with the net.
security is only good till someone gets in again.
thats why we have updates.
I think for most of us security is the ammount of red tape you are happy to have in your way to use your system and nothing more.

Yesterday I got a call from one of my uncles about an issue with 2 boxes which brings home what I am talking about.
his desktop which I have not done anything with decided to not be activated and a few other things.
though he had cleared it of any viruses that come up on his server from time to time and his laptop has a probably dead wireless card though not sure.
technology is intigril for us and our lives.
without it we will never exist.
not rightly anyway.
Also on this agenda was something on flashing android devices, aparently a podcast I heard by a guy called bill dengla demonstrates why one should install custom kernals on your android system.
As you can guess this is not the end of this, there is a bit more info on it. he also does flashing of android devices.
I am to lazy to get the info for him right now.
www.billkd.net/root is the page you can get more info on it.
the cast is somewhere on the jamin jerries network though I have not got the link here.
I’d write more but I have to do more things.
later all

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Virus alert: Incoming fax report

This comes from truth or fiction, check it out.

To: TruthOrFiction Subscribers

From: TruthOrFiction.com Team

Re: Virus Alert – Incoming Fax Report

You may have gotten a forwarded email with the subject of “INCOMING FAX REPORT” alerting you that you have a report regarding the June Payroll.
It also contains links for you to click for your report.

The links in this email will direct you to a trojan virus so do not click them.

This serves as a reminder to keep virus protection current and not click links in emails from sent by those you do not know.

For more details go to:

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