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a good thing

Hi jared.
I could have made a comment but being semi co admin on here has its privilages I guess.
Actually I could still make a comment but posting an article is more rewarding if the ability are avalible to you.
Firstly magnatune is sertainly something I will continut t watch its good that they will go out of their way to handle things.
Sadly its not everyone that does this like that.
I mean its not expected that people would pull a chunk of time to correct things test things thouroughly through several tools and several oses, linx on linux, chrome ff and other things.
Sertainly not in this detail.
Being disabled yourself does help I guess.
There are to many people that have autoresponders that may or may not respond or that will fix the issue and not tell their users.
There are some companies that won’t even fix things.
its good to know that in the face of all the streaming and other laws that there is a label that actually gives a fuck.
Now if that spread to all comercial companies or at least a large load of them I wouldn’t have all this anger at the music and film industry which I do.
its heartening that someone would take the time out of their night or day and actually fix their site and test it like this and then email you the customer with something like this.
Even when I handle support through ms and some others I may get contacted, or may not.
If I do there is a chance that fixing the problem will cause more issues.
In one case, I ended up reformatting to fix a problem which was small which became a big problem after support got to it.
then they expect me to fill out their servey and get off their spammy news lists.
sadly I suspect once you get big enough its not required that the bosses or devs sertainly no big people need to even touch the client side system which it should be at least able to handle.
I have seen the series undercover boss.
the bosses in that series were so out of touch with the worker side and client side they had no idea what was going on till they got there.
it may be the curse of the large company, however its interesting at least.

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a good thing was released on August 22, 2013 at 7:52 pm by crashmaster in general-updates-and-announcements.
Last modified: August 22, 2013.

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  1. Comment by tech date 22 August 2013 alle 20:11 (),

    Yes, I do agree with this. I don\’t buy physical CD\’s much anymore. Last CD I baught was from Maer Brennon who I heard on sky.fm, but at the same time, it was new age. I hope you\’ve checked out my programs, I can give you some shows if you would like. Magnatune has gone out of the way to do this and I think it needs to be commended.

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