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podcasts no more

Hi all.
Well all podcasts are gone.
Reason, aparently dropbox will not allow casting and will bann users probably for ever that do it.
So, if I have any recordings, they will probably not stay up for long.
the good news my podcasts have dissapeared from the coolblind tech folder, so that probably means they will get processed.
I was able to release an official recording finally so that is basically finnished and the casts have no use.
I had a look at webhosts but 000webhost has now got recapcha which fucking bad news in itself.
So for now I won’t be posting any audio worth my ass because I don’t want to be banned or anything.
What I may do is upload the file to sendspace while I am transfering it to coolblind tech which will probably be where my files are going to be posted, as this will probably do if I ever get a cast.
the other thing I could do was get a share for audio recordings but then I’d need funding to buy space for use.

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talkie type official

Hi all.
this is just a small post that the podcasts page
has been updated with 2 new files.
The first is the official cool blind tech submition I am making with
a more or less clean version of the talkie type test run.
Again not as clean as I would have liked but I have been doing test
reruns all day.
The other is just a mucking round with machine testing, I hope you
will at least if you have followed things, will know whats going on.
On that note I am going to leave the casts up there for a couple days
then delete the duplicates especially because some of the info is incorrect.
is the website to look at the talkie type program.
as well as a kick start campaign its actually got its own page under
the projects link.
it appears the submition to tidbits never made it and once it does if
it does it will be to late to handle the campaign anyway.
You have the best part of a week left now as I post this.

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another cast

here is another cast of me doing some actual running and testing of the program for talkie typer on various cpus.
I will be doing another cast tonight with this.
the link to all my casts will be for now
Ofcause if things fill up or the casts go elsewhere they will be dropped.

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Technology podcast 181 now available

The RSS feed has podcast 181 which includes Magnatune, Freshbooks, and SN 421 with permission. Enjoy!

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talkie typer

Hi all.
this is a small cast I am putting out via my dropbox right now.
its going to coolblindtech right now, and is a cast promoing a new kickstarter project that looks good.
the link is

here is the short piece I submitted to the cbt site along with my file.
a full cast is coming, and will be here soon.
well as soon as I can get the program to look at.
The following files should acompany this cast.
more info on the cast should be at the following audiogames forum post.
I will also put the origional email I got.
the cast has one of the demos mentioned in it, but you can include both demos in shownotes as well as the kickstarter and descussion forum thread if you want.
one thing to tell you is that this cast is not finnished at all.
I am still waiting for a copy of the program in its current state so I can test it out on my 2 wrigs, win7 and winxp, I may even test it out on multipul units to see how it performs, since it is supposed to be for those just learning.
what I have is with the material I have.
the kickstarter campaigne is about 10 days so 9 days now on the day I submit.
I hope to do a full review, the software seems to be the old style user pay software, pay what you want, when you want, or not at all if you don’t want.
from the email I recieved, the links are
Demo 1: http://youtu.be/qW4hqjD-x8g
Demo 2: http://youtu.be/lGbs6SqP364
Kickstarter campaign page: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1642636077/talkietype
some more info from this continues on
I’ve been volunteering in the VI community for a few years, and most of the students I’ve spoken with groan when I ask about their experience learning the computer keyboard. Besides not enjoying their experience, they only had the opportunity to use the software at the state school for the blind (because it was cost-prohibitive), and many relied on their TVI.

The goal of the TalkieType project is to provide a more enjoyable learning experience which is affordable, fun, and doesn’t require 1-on-1 instruction. Students who do have access to a TVI will be to use that time for other tasks. Being affordable is a very important aspect of this project, and any family which can’t afford to pay anything won’t have to pay.

the intro email follows as sent yesterday to the nvda descussion list on freelists
Some might consider this spam, so please accept my apologies. I thought that some people on this list might be interested in hearing about some new software to help non-visual users learn how to use a computer keyboard.

It’s called TalkieType and its < http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1642636077/talkietype>Kickstarter campaign has only 10 days left. If the project meets its modest goal, it will be made available as pay-what-you-want software. One of the stretch goals will make TalkieType completely free and open source.

I truly believe that this project can make a difference in the community, and I’d really appreciate your support by either pledging or helping me spread the word.

More information about TalkieType can be found on its Kickstarter page: < http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1642636077/talkietype>http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1642636077/talkietype
I really don’t have much to show for it but this is where its all going
this is more a promo cast rather than a full podcast.
both of the videos are basicly the same as eachother so you are not missing anything.

thats it guys.
remember as of posting you have 9 days to fund this.
this should be quite good.

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and another adendum

Hi all.
Yesterday ms released a revision fixing detection and info issues server side which have seemd to fix the issue of the office updates not detecting as installed properly.
so you won’t have to hide or even install the updates all the time.
if you have hidden the updates they won’t show as such.
the issue is for now fixed

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adendum to yesterdays post

Hi all.
just thought I’d quickly add some extra info to yesterday’s post as I was so tired when I put it out, that I just couldn’t be bothered.
when you update you will find on checking for updates again 2 office updates that will not go away.
as far as I can figure out from the logs on xp and my 7 boxes they are installed.
and after downloading and running all files directly they definately are installed.
so why they are being reported as not is just bogus.
hide them to stop them coming up all the time.
Most likely this is some sort of bug so expect a rerelease or adjustments.
if you are not subscribed to ms update notifications via mail it may be a good idea to do so.
and also the www.twitter.com/windowsupdate fead always has mostly updated info.
a reminder for the power users among you that the revisions tab is the last header on the update article page and should be your first port of call when loading updates or if anything goes wrong.

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updates for this week

Hi all.
this is a quick post.
not much happened this week on the tech front.
adobe acrobat reader, flash and shockwave as well as java, and windows all have updates today.
at the end of your windows update session you may find a couple office updates that continously appear.
its safe to hide these, as they are installed.
or say they are.
directly running the files tells me that they are.
little else happened though I have been doing remote coms with my new webcam.
other casts were started but not finnished.
testing of some games and other goodies went on as well as more alter aon stuff.
and thats it.
I know, I should really write something on my personal, and maybe I will do that when there is something to write about.
later for now

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The Wristwatch making a comback?

OK, now I’ve seen it all. The Wristwatch making a comeback and they’re getting smarter is the article. Now I don’t think it is a good idea for watches to do web browsing and E-mail and everything else phones can do. Oh my.

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Window-Eyes 8.3 is now available!

The announcement from GW Micro follows.


GW Micro is proud to announce the release of Window-Eyes 8.3. This maintenance update includes support for Windows 8.1, better support for Windows 8 modern apps, provides numerous speed improvements, and enhances the Window-Eyes 8 feature set. All Window-Eyes 8 customers are strongly urged to install this update to address some performance issues discovered after the release of Window-Eyes 8.2.

If you own a copy of Window-Eyes 8.0 or above, you may download an upgrade to Window-Eyes 8.3 for free from GW Micro’s website. To get started, select the Check for Updates option from the Help menu in the Window-Eyes control panel. Alternatively, you can open a web browser and navigate to http://www.gwmicro.com/upgrade, enter your serial number in the edit box provided, and select the Check for Upgrades button.

If you would prefer to obtain a CD-based copy of your Window-Eyes upgrade which can be installed without the need of a previous version for $20 (free shipping with US postal mail), you may do so by contacting our orders department at 260-489-3671, or via email at .

All eligible Retail, Dongle, Everlock, Payment Plan, and Evaluation versions of Window-Eyes 7.5.x and 8.x (for both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems) can be upgraded to Window-Eyes 8.3.

Upgrade pricing information for Window-Eyes versions less than 8.0 can be found at http://www.gwmicro.com/Catalog/Upgrades/.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter (http://twitter.com/gwmicro) and Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/gwmicro) for the latest news and updates.


I’m not going to take the time to link, so copy and paste any links if interested.

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Nymi Is A Heartwave-Sensing Wristband That Wants To Replace All Your Passwords & Keys | TechCrunch

This sounds interesting. I wonder how accessible something like this would be?

Nymi Is A Heartwave-Sensing Wristband That Wants To Replace All Your Passwords & Keys | TechCrunch.

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ashes to ashes, dust to dust

Hi all.
Yesterday I decided to test 2 things.
1 mushclient and mush z I havn’t worked out mush client fully yet though I played with the alterian system using mush z which was what that build was written for.
I also played with the mess emulator in apple2e mode downloaded a load of disks but descovered that only those that come with the emulator speak so wasted some time.
in the middle of all this, my systems crashed, and then I lost my way bigtime.
such that I just stopped recording.
I could go on about how to handle stuff, though most of it is just coppying stuff round folders for the most part.
in the case of mush-z download and install.
then download mushclient use 7zip to extract it or something and then cut and paste the folders and programs over mush-z to update the client engine.
otherwise as long as you run the update script every so often it won’t matter to much.
with the emulator, its on the audiogames.net general board.
the only thing I can say about mess is that for ease of use you should download the frontend for the disk selector else you will have issues you are supposed to be able to load 2 disks at once but I never got it to work.
I did load a disk and play with it but the fact is most disks unless they talk or are developed with echolink synth for the 2e or have text talker.
on the disk.
I have confirmed it will run in xp and 7 though.
I have tried only 32 bit, but 64 bit should work to.
the only disadvantage I can see with the game menu frontend is that if you have loads of disks in it you will start getting to many items.
maybe eventually we will get a better catogry view of things or something but right now there are not that many images.
the package is being updated all the time so is worth a look
www.gammon.com.au/files/mushclient is where you should find everything you need get the last version of the installer for mush you can see right now that 4.90.
www.allinaccess.com/mc has the extra plugins and gammon has extra plugins to.
one thing to note is the mush-z packages have not allways been updated so you will get things like extra libs for jaws to be loaded and such.
you will also have to associate the mcl extention with mush -z
I was going to write a really long article on programming the system but I am behind as it is and really I never was able to handle it all that well.

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