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GW Micro Expands Its Accessibility Services – GW Micro Now Provides Web, Software, and Document Compliance Testing


Fort Wayne, IN (April 28 2014) – GW Micro (www.gwmicro.com) announced today that it has expanded its services beyond software and hardware for people who are blind or visually impaired. It will now be offering services to organizations who are required to develop, procure, maintain and use electronic and information technology (EIT) that is accessible to people with disabilities. GW Micro’s accessibility services will also be available to any person or organization who is interested in making their websites, documents or software accessible and compliant with Section 508 standards, the Americans with Disability Act (ADA), or the internationally recognized Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0.

Many organizations are required by law to have accessible EIT as mandated by Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act and the ADA. “We continue to see an increasing demand for accessible websites, software, and documents,” said Dan Weirich, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for GW Micro. “There are few companies who have the knowledge and experience to help resolve these issues, and we know GW Micro can fulfill this need.”

GW Micro develops and sells a screen reader, Window-Eyes, which makes the computer accessible via speech and Braille to a person who is blind or visually impaired. Weirich noted that GW Micro is the only screen reader company to provide these services. “Many times, organizations will be required to do testing and determine if their website can be accessed by a screen reader user, and since we develop the technology, this is a great fit.”

The National Federation of the Blind (NFB) has recommended GW Micro as a Web Accessibility Consultant (WAC). “We are excited to see GW Micro add their expertise to this area of the marketplace,” said Anne Taylor, Director of Access Technology for the NFB. “We have had a long-term relationship with GW Micro and are happy to recommend them to organizations that need to ensure they are compliant.”

Parties interested in receiving a free initial consultation can call GW Micro at (260) 489-3671 or email . For more information about GW Micro’s accessibility services, please visit: http://www.gwmicro.com/Accessibility_Solutions/.

Dan Weirich, VP of Sales and Marketing

(260) 489-3671


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Microsoft Warns of Attacks on IE Zero-Day

Hi folks, Yesterday, Brian posted this article entitled Microsoft Warns of Attacks on IE Zero-Day and there is plenty of stories similar to this. GRC’s Steve Gibson talked about how there could be more issues after XP stopped issuing updates, and I guess this is the first of many. While I’m one who is not running XP, there are many that are. I hope that people can find another browser to use besides Internet Explorer. I know I.E. 6 is the most light weight, and later versions are slow and sluggish, and even those may be at risk as well according to this and other similar stories. This could be a big issue I want to bring people up to date with.

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Philmore Productions releases upload tool for the voice mail system

Earlier, I hinted at a voice mail system upgrade for Philmore Productions. The company released its upload tool on April 26, 2014 and the show at 773-572-7700 option 1 has all the detail. It works exactly as discussed on the show, and the site is simple. I helped with some accessibility issues and questions, and they were implemented. I got to upload file 20 of the Magnatune song of the week project on board 235 of that system. Hopefully, there will be more to come if the need arises.

Right now, the system uploads wave, mp3, and wma. If there is a need for more, the company plans on upgrading the tool.

You must have an account on the system to upload, as it asks for a box, password, where the file should go, if board what board, and the file. This will beat MyTelespace, as we can only upload to greetings, we can’t upload to boards or name tags. If you’re a Philmore user, please feel free to check it out.

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Philmore Productions to release an uploading tool for the voice mail system

Hi folks,
I don’t have any information, but it looks as though Philmore Productions will be releasing soon a tool to upload to the voice mail system. This is been a long wait, I think its been needed for awhile. My Telespace was built with it, buut it doesn’t allow us to upload to bulletine boards. I’m going to wait and see what this will be like. I onluy know this because I sent the wrong podcast number to Philmore for SN, and he did mention he posted it and mentioned it on passing. Each system develops differently, and I can’t wait to see what this tool will be. Great Job, Philmore, we’ve been waiting for this. More when it is released I’m sure.

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Security Now podcast 452

Security Now 452 is now available through sendspace for a limited time right here. Steve answers some questions and of course they catch up on the weeks news. Feel free to get it and check it out.

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Window-Eyes Now Available In Japanese – GW Micro Expands Computer Access to Millions of People Who are Blind or Visually Impaired


Fort Wayne, IN (April 21, 2014) – GW Micro (www.gwmicro.com) is proud to announce that Window-Eyes is now available in Japanese. This expansion will enable millions of people who are blind or visually impaired in Japan and Japanese speakers around the globe to access their computer via speech or Braille.

GW Micro’s dealer for Korean and Japanese translations of Window-Eyes, Neo Access, created the Japanese translation. “We are excited to provide the Japanese version of Window-Eyes,” said Founder of Neo Access, Young-Gwan Noh. Neo Access will offer the retail version of Window-Eyes, as well as technical support and training for the Japanese version. Noh, who is blind himself, noted, “The first release of the Japanese version of Window-Eyes is just the beginning. Japanese users will be able to explore a whole new world of computing that they have never experienced with other screen readers. We will continue to update the Japanese translation of Window-Eyes as new versions become available to ensure full and continued support for our Japanese customers.”

In January of this year, GW Micro and Microsoft announced a revolutionary endeavor that provided Window-Eyes for free to anyone who had a valid copy of Microsoft Office 2010 or later. For the first time, a professional screen reader had been made available for anyone around the globe, eliminating economic barriers for people who are blind or visually impaired who need access to a Windows PC. The Japanese version of Window-Eyes is also available via the Offer for Users of Microsoft Office. “We continue to develop and deliver a solid product that expands the opportunities for people who are blind or visually impaired around the globe,” said Doug Geoffray, Vice President of Technical Support and Product Development for GW Micro. “And we are extremely happy to be able to provide computer access to people who are blind or visually impaired with Japanese as their primary language.”

The Japanese retail version of Window-Eyes can be purchased starting today from Neo Access and the version of Window-Eyes available via the Offer for Users of Microsoft Office is available for download today at www.windoweyesforoffice.com. Customers using Window-Eyes via the Offer for Users of Microsoft Office are encouraged to read all of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) at www.windoweyesforoffice.com before contacting GW Micro or their local dealer.

To purchase the retail version of Window-Eyes or to purchase training and technical support on the Japanese version of Window-Eyes, users should contact:

Neo Access
2nd Floor, 116-8, Sadang-ro 23-gil
Dongjak-gu Seoul 156-817 South Korea
Phone: 82-2-6959-2250
Fax: 82-2-6959-2270

GW Micro, Inc. (www.gwmicro.com) has been a trusted pioneer in the assistive technology industry since 1990, and continues to lead with innovative, customer driven solutions, including GWSocialEyes, the accessible desktop client for facebook.


Dan Weirich, VP of Sales and Marketing

(260) 489-3671

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curity Now podcast 451Se

Hi folks, I neglected to talk about Security Now podcast 451. This temporary link will give you a download of the program which continues the heartbleed discussion. It also talks about true crypt. Feel free to download the file and give it a listen. Enjoy!

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Hi all.
Well jared its good the site is up and running.
On an interesting admin perspective, it appears it broke the wordpress updates as there was one waiting for me to install yesterday.
amwrl still looks to be down.
Yeah I have had a few trogens in my time.
One thing I have noticed with win7 is all the automation I get.
sometimes the network disconnects then reconnects again or after running something or something the system may just log off partly and I have to hit enter to log back in.
After scanning for malware and finding nothing, my theory though not sound is that every so often there is a crash somewhere.
Windows fixes it by killing things most of the time it needs no interaction or little interaction from the user.
On the other hand I’d like to know what went but at the same time I am happy that I don’t have to troublechute when it happens.
If something really fails in windows I usually see an action centre alert, in most cases its sent for analisis.
However while updating systems I have had the system boot, crash and reboot then warn me about say the video card has stopped working.
The system tells me please update to fix things.
Its sertainly a different thing now we are so interconnected with the cloud now.
Its a curse and a blessing.
Its a blessing because you get everything but its a curse because you never know what is going on.
Its safe to say falier rates seem to be down.
At the same time I know I have control in xp full control.
in 7 I can if I want but I don’t really need to which although it can be frustrating at time is really good for the admin side.
I have for example been testing a lot of html files and beta programs, if one of these crashed, I think a couple did, the worst I will usually expect is having to relogin and just hit enter to do that.
In xp I could have everything crash on me.
Still, enough pc chatter its easter sunday, most sleep the sleep of the dead but I am up because I have slept enough and I want to do things.
Ok truth is I had a party and have to catch up but you get the idea.
I thought you had some sort of virus.
I have only had a virus outbreak 10 times in my life.
Here they are in order.
1. in a win xp sp1 system, I had issues with the primary network and had to turn off the firewall in the system, I forgot to turn it on and got a virus.
I was able to clear it ok the router was the issue and got replaced I have only gone through 4 routers, now, the 4th one works the 3rd one probably works but had some issues anyway its g class yuck!
The next time was on my grandpa’s old win98 system.
no security because he really is no good, it got hacked but its got nothing worth hacking on it.
it got a virus and loads of bad things happened to it.
Its fan died and it exploded before I had to do anything about it.
Third time, my brother got infected by a university server, apparently when a system gets hit its almost intractable every 6 months or so the servers are reformatted all networks are restored every sumester but even so with all strict rules stuff can get in.
4th one could have been avoided.
My brother wanted an mp3 converter.
Merfy’s law had it that I was away somewhere.
He got a program av mp3.
It had a lot of trogens.
I had to use trend micro high jack this and some other stuff on it to kill it.
He could have just rang me, the open source one I use was on my hard drive server in the next room.
5th one was unknown, html function went for no reason had to reformat.
6th one, again unknown after a virus scan on my xp system yesterday something went nuts.
I have java on all systems, I use firefox on my win7 box, I am not sure about my brother but assume he does, he has chrome and some other stuff he uses and he may use it.
My dad does not my grandpa does not, I have had it on there because its supposed to be more secure than ms java not sure if that’s true or not.
This one could have been avoided.
a cousin got a free screen saver which looked really cool.
It was a virus.
I had a site for free screen readers somewhere could have given it but I don’t generally keep those sites round.
Not sure about this one, it was in the early days when I tested several security toolbars and other programs.
extra windows were blocked, a magazine I got that from died shortly after the program went live no idea if that was the cause.
This one happened after I decided to install several new security modules.
They didn’t play nice and mangled ole function.
3 systems needed to be reformatted to fix that.
The company for these was gone when I went back to report the bugs and the magazine I got it from has decided to no longer distribute cds after that.
So conclusions hmmm.
This one is more user error rather than anything else.
If something goes wrong ask me don’t jump to conclusions.
It also helps to tell your users not to panic.
Message appears on screen something about the printer going wonkey.
Cause corrupted printer firmware, broken cable due to some connection issues.
Solution replace cable, install new drivers and firmware
Panic solution
install and run several virus and malware scanners.
modify a lot of stuff push this that and other buttons on the board.
Load the system up with 200 security programs, javas, other software of all sorts.
botch a system reinstall.
My solution.
Try the printer on my end.
check it.
Fix it.
5 minutes.
Look at the system fix it 3 days.
2 to clear it
1 to fix all the damaged files.
Happy I am not!
It annoys me when say you want to set a printer and the fucking user just hits this that and everything else bar what they are supposed to hit.
Thank god a lot of stuff is automated.
Half the security updates over the last year are caused by users that have issues with things.
On another interesting point a lot of newer software will use java or componants of.
firefox for me and some games.
Its fair I probably load to many runtimes including java on each system.
Its probably insecure, wastefull and such but my idea is to avoid the dreaded this program requires *.dll to run.
If its all loaded it shouldn’t be a dumbo about it and get my users annoyed.
Now if only windows would do what Linux does.
1. start Linux
tell it to install say thunderbird or just type it in.
or any command.
If its there it runs it.
if it isn’t it does not say this program has a missing dll.
it says this program requires the following packages and lists them.
it even gives you the line to install required packages.
it may now just install required things now.

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Some things of interest that happened while we were down

Well, while we’ve been offline, we’ve had some interesting posts come through I want to talk about. I’m going to condense it in to one post for everyone to read at their leisure.

  • 3 Million Customer Credit, Debit Cards Stolen in Michaels, Aaron Brothers Breaches is an update to the story I saw and talked about on this blog. 3 million is still a lot of people who were effected, and its better than the 40 million that were effected by Target, and I’m glad for that. I would’ve been happier if it was the 1.5 million or so I initially saw, but investigations always turn up something different. I hope for the peoples sake that nothing happened like fraud during this time. Seems as though there were two different breaches, which makes it hard. Thats too bad.
  • Critical Java Update Plugs 37 Security Holes is something you should take a look at. Thats a large update. If you don’t use Java, remove it. Thats what people are saying to do.
  • Hardware Giant LaCie Acknowledges Year-Long Credit Card Breach I don’t remember if I covered this off hand, but a year long breach? This is just gone too far. When I read this, I was like “WTF?” How could a breach go unnoticed for a year? Well, I hope that people are OK, and that no fraud took place.

  • Crimeware Helps File Fraudulent Tax Returns in the better late than never department, this I think is the most important article you read. While tax day has come and gone, this should not be surprising in the least. Criminals will do anything to get at your money, be careful and stay safe as you can.

We covered heartbleed before this recent downtime, so that is it. Some big time news. Comments? The boards await you.

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What happened during our downtime?

Hi folks,
I think it is time for an explanation of what happened during the time we were offline. Shaun was partially correct in that the big issue was the heartbleed bug. That was patched on the server the week the news was out about it and only lasted a few hours. This was a lot different.

Let me make this clear that we still do not know what really happened. I can tell you that there was a report of a trojan somewhere. We don’t know where it came from, nor how it was found and removed beforehand. I was tipped off on Sunday, the 13th, of a bounce claiming that the IP was blocked. I thought nothing of this because IPS get blocked all the time. On Monday, the 14th., I was talking to someone, and found that this was a bigger issue than we thought.

On the 14th, I evidently submitted two tickets, but only intended to send one. This lead to an investigation. The provider acted quickly, and did the best he could. It was confirmed that something was on the server, and that server is still offline today. On my live journal page, I was trying to keep people updated with updates. I really think our provider did the best they could in getting us back and operating in a matter of days instead of weeks.

I was told that to provision a server, it takes weeks. The contact that was contacted happened to have one not being used, and we were moved to it. I was fielding text messages and one call during this time. I really commend the support staff at the provider level and their support staff for getting us up quickly. We’re truly sorry that something as bad as a trojan could knock a server which operated well offline. Sadly, this could happen to any provider whether it is a small provider or big one. I did reach out to a security guy to ask some questions for my own knowledge. I’m not going to sit here and publish everything I find out, as this is not who I am as a person who does podcasting and blogging. Should you have any questions, please write me at tech at menvi dot org, or call me. We look to be stable once again, and for that we’re greatful. Have a great day.

As you can see from these posts, we really don’t go in to any type of detail, but I try to give updates. Its always good to provide updates where people can read what is up, and I am doing that here. Again, I want to thank the people at the hosting provider and the provider above him for helping get services up and running as quick as possible. Keep up the great work.

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Here we go again

Hi all.
Well here we go again with another wrapup of the weeks craziness.
Firstly I am back.
the 10 days away can be found on my personal blog at smeveriss.wordpress.com
Lots of articles are round.
I won’t comment on all of them because to be honest, I really have not much for to much of them.
Updates for flash and ms, most of the updates for windows this year centred round office.
java 8.05 and java 7.55 updates came out yesterday.
No issues have been found on any of my machines with this update, however after a scan for viruses, then the install on my primary xp box it decided to be bad and die.
With xp out of support, the machine is in limbo.
No idea if I will bring it back or if I will never bring it back or bring it back as Linux or what.
After using 7 for a few years now I needed that little push to get over to 7 and I got that yesterday.
After spending 5 minutes finding minimal solutions to some outstanding issues I think I won’t be going back to xp at least for net surfing.
There are several reasons those on xp should update to a new system that is not xp and security though one of the things is not one of the factors I’d choose.
I hate fully the reasons Microsoft says you should update the system.
There are a few reasons.
Especially if you get a faster computer, there is the speed and boot time especially with solid state drives.
With a lot of newer stuff things improve keyboards etc.
My Toshiba hybread for example has a touch keyboard which although still a keyboard, requires almost no effort to press the keys in fact pressing the keys like I used to press keys is a thing of the past.
The fact that instead of hitting the keys but touching instead its a learning experience for me I also don’t have to do to much to type at speed.
2. Wireless, especially for those that are coming from old 150mbps n wireless and anything from g and lower should find an increased internal transfer speed with files, updates, and other things.
Your 100mb net connection is toast compaired to the 300mb n wireless.
Now if you get a 1g net card and a duel wirelesss for your desktop then ok but for most users with laptops 300n is standard now.
Quieter, your xp box may be noisier than what you have.
This new laptop fits over my cooler desk much better.
There are still a few issues that are outstanding.
1. compatability.
Especially with some older direct sound games its still an issue for 3d fx.
If you have an internal realtech card 3d soundback for vista in compatability mode may work for you.
If you are running a 64 bit os and not a 32 bit one like I am now you will not have dos support to play your old games like eamon and any modern ones that run in dos.
Soundrecorder is a bit of a sticking point however if you have xp you can get sndrec32.exe and load it somewhere 64 bit systems will get an error about registry on load but no issue after that.
I have 7 with uac off so bar the start search menu its the same as xp is.
For the average home and business user I would not go over 7.
I am not saying 8 is bad but there is more hastles for you, uac needs to be turned off fully or adjusted, if it is done the way ms does it then metro apps have to die to.
If you don’t want to or don’t use metro apps then turning those off would be fine.
The latest reported update has ms releasing updates for 8.1 with added features.
The ability to start apps documents music, etc with desktop bydefault or metro apps.
The ability to boot to the desktop automatic or closing apps going to the previous app and or the desktop and a few other things.
Ms is finding out the hard way that consumers now have choice and are moving.
A tablet with windows is not on everyone’s hit list in fact only 1% of all users use that os on a tablet.
apple and android are winning out.
2. pc users are going 7 or simply just getting a mac or going Linux.
27 % of users businesses still use xp.
Its possible ms may go out of business if they don’t make their users happy and they are trying to do just that.
If I were ms I’d go back to either a 7 or xp interface, and then leave the desktop alone!.
And I wouldn’t beaf up uac to much the way its going on in 7 means at least I can turn it off easily enough.
Or at least I’d have a trusted list or trusted drives or something.
Sadly its the older programs that probably have issues more than newer ones, also if you need to change system files for stuff then you have an issue.
The newer stuff should be ok but there are reports of programs needing 4 or more prompts to install and not one.
If ms is so set up on getting using uac then we should get the android system.
Ie I update flash.
I will get flash, requires the net, plays videos.
Install or not.
Or openoffice.
A suite of office components that does word spreadsheeting and presentations.
needs java the internet, and whatever else.
Or I could install my offline game I know needs no net or something and be told something like sound recorder, requires the internet, email, system access.
That’s obviously a virus, obviously I could still load it if I wanted but it would be on my shoulders maybe it would be blocked as a matter of course unless you manually unblocked it.
The way ms is securing is becoming a headache for users.
Being a tech I sympathise fully.
On my system that has a lot of older programs on uac is off.
On my other systems uac is on but those systems run vary few old programs and mostly modern ones.
A user on that system will usually never see uac at all unless he is changing something or updating something whit itself doesn’t have a digital cert.
they all use 7 ofcause.
I do like the incremental update system they are using though for those of us that traditionally needed to wait for an update need only update to the next increment in series of os updates.
Potentually as long as you went to the next increment you could continue receiving support for your os infinitely as long as you keept the updates going and did the version updates.
I think though ms should abandon 8 and get 9 out and fix their ass quickly.
I do hope ms rethinks themselves, though as their plans were noble their methods were not as noble and to be honest if they don’t we will have more issues.
Ms should return to what it does best being the desktop environment.
Lets have none of this tablet noncence from them.
At least lets not try to have them the same interface expecting people to run things that way.
Even some blind users I know complain about the start screen and these are honest techs.
Yeah read that, its a doozy
no ways about it.
In fact I am sure it was why this site was down for 2 days when I returned.
open ssl is updated, as I understand it it will be the smaller companies that will have to struggle.
As I understand it recreating your inscription keys is the hard part and not updating the systems.
I doubt I’d stay off the net because of this though.
From radio nz this way up podcast it appears all big companies, google, paypal, ms, amazon etc have already patched themselves by now.
Your smaller to medium sized website may not have.
As I understand it you can’t just role out the update, you have to change your key directly with each server and its estimated that this could take at least a year minimum.
maybe 2 or more.
Its known now though I wouldn’t be to concerned about the hackers making a free lunch on this.
The fact is keeping your passwords updated, and watching activity is one thing, its best practice and the net should be safe.
One thing is good that has come from this if you can call any of this good is that open ssl authors have received several million in donations to continue their work.
This has highlighted that opensource people including those that run our security actually do need cash to keep going its not all free.
If you can then go for it.
There is a fear that someone will make it closed source.
Yes the net has been a bit weak and yes in the future there will need to be more regulations but making it closed is just a bad idea.
So much community driven stuff makes up the backbone of the net from 3d printers to programs I think it would bee wrong to close that all down in favour of security and cash.
Lets hope that out of all of this that opensource is pushed more than conercial stuff or at least in equal parts now.
It already is but I was not aware till now that most of the net is actually opensource.
My early and limited history in fact states the net is us controlled and run by us government.
These books are out of date now though.
Its conforting at least to know that the net as stable as it can be is just a large Linux node.
It sertainly stairs ms in the face with some of its oses.
If it wasn’t that games were the factor or that I had spent a lot on games and other things in the past I may have gone with Linux and a windows vm.
may still eventually do that though I need a hardware vertualised system, and this laptop is not that good for vms.

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More Heartbleed coverage

Well, I listened to the Security Now program I posted a link to on my last post on this situation. It does not look good, and sadly, we can’t do anything but stay off the net. I do not think anyone will be staying off the Internet just because some critical bug was found by researchers. One server that was effected could be somewhere that you are hosted. Heartbleed Bug: What Can You Do? is an article by Brian Krebs who talked about what we can do. Sadly, if this is what it takes, than we must try. They have said that we do not know if anyone has exploited this bug yet, but now that it is known, criminals will go ahead and do that.

One thing that Steve mentions in the podcast is that there was a similar bug with DNS, although he didn’t know or remember what it was. It was quietly patched, before talked about. Unfortunately, this came out, and now everyone is scared. I always say that we should be as careful as possible, but this is so out of our control, we can’t do anything.

I highly urge everyone to get a copy of Security Now. This Sendspace Link will give you a copy. If you want to read transcripts or see show notes, Go over to the Security Now page via GRC’s web site. He is one of the lucky ones that aren’t effected by this, but tons of people are. Stay safe.

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Final CSUN coverage commentary from blind bargains coverage

Blind Bargains is done for now, and i listened to the rest of what they had. Here are my thoughts of what interested me.

Hi folks, Here is the roundup of the rest of the stuff from Blind Bargains that I found personally of interest. For the full list, visit the audio index of blind bargains. I’m condensing this post in to one, so that it saves space.

There are a couple more I found interesting, but not enough for a comment. Feel free to check these out, or anything else, and let me know what you think.

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Adobe, Microsoft Push Critical Fixes

Here we go with security updates from Adobe and Microsoft. This article from Brian goes in to detail. Adobe, Microsoft Push Critical Fixes is the name of the article.

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Heartbleed in the news

Hi folks, we have a big thing coming that seems to effect a lot of servers around the world. They are calling it heartbleed. Brian Krebs, and Lastpass, among others have written articles about this serious bug which was found by researchers. ‘Heartbleed’ Bug Exposes Passwords, Web Site Encryption Keys comes from Brian. LastPass and the Heartbleed Bug goes in to detail on how Lastpass specifically works as well as giving information on how they run. I think this article is also worth the read. Sadly, we can’t do anything but be as secure as possible. Please check out these articles for your information, and we’ll catch up soon.

As a side note: This Security Now podcast which is available through Sendspace through a limited time, talks about this in detail. Thought I had it for listening when it came out, but I didn’t. I’ll be checking this out. You should too.

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Technology podcast 189 for April 6, 2014

This podcast is packed, and I’ll let the show notes speak for itself. You may get a copy off the RSS feed for yourself.

Show notes

Welcome to the Technology Podcast, podcast 189. In this edition of the podcast, Teletender is discussed as it pertains to my opinions of the service. Philmore Voice Mail talks about what happened in regards to the potential patent case. We reached out to Teletender, but have had no response. We have a review of an interesting product, the Honeywell WIFI Talking voice thrermostat. We pass along the search results we searched for honeywell voice thermometer search results as there are items that may be of interest. Here is the Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat with Voice Control web site which gives you links to buy from a few different places. Prices may vary. Finally, final thoughts and a track from Magnatune, we’re not evil to end the podcast. We hope you enjoy this 1 hour 23 minute podcast and we’ll see you on another edition of the podcast coming soon.

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One big reason we lack Internet competition: Starting an ISP is really hard | Ars Technica

One big reason we lack Internet competition: Starting an ISP is really hard | Ars Technica.

This is an interesting article about providing internet to homes and businesses. Take a look if you wish.

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Fact-Checking Experian’s Talking Points

This article posted last night entitled Fact-Checking Experian’s Talking Points makes things real interesting. Now, I really don’t know what is happening, but yet, neither does anyone else. I hope that there will be something coming out of this case, and Experian comes out and tells the truth of what happens. I just hope that my info wasn’t taken, or anyone elses, for that matter, and if it was, it wasn’t used at all. We know it was sold, but thats all. Very confusing.

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U.S. States Investigating Breach at Experian

I’m glad to see that states are getting involved to find out why a guy got lots of money to allow people to search on millions of us. This article entitled U.S. States Investigating Breach at Experian is an update to a story I saw off of Brian’s blog. I’m glad he’s continuing to write about this. I mentioned when posting the last one, that my credit card company had told me that Experian is one of the three major credit reporting agencies. This definitely doesn’t look good for them, thats for sure. Wonder if we’re going to be getting some money maybe? Something for the trouble that we have to trust this company? I personally would love to see the states force this company to pay iup for all of the people that were looked up since they baught the company that was allowing this criminal to be paid for looking up our personal information. I guess I can dream, but this will get interesting. This article was posted on the 3rd of April. Let me know what you think pro or con.

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Android Botnet Targets Middle East Banks

I’m a bit behind, this article posted on the 2nd of April. Android Botnet Targets Middle East Banks is written by Brian Krebs, and he talks about this malware. Since Android is pretty much open, this type of thing is going to happen. I’m not saying that Apple may not have something slip by, but when you’re so wide open like Android, you’ll have tons of programs like this one. What do you guys think?

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