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Something of interest in regards to cybercrime

Edited to make some slight corrections and added and E-mail address.

Hi folks,
I saw something on twitter about a project in regards to cybercrime so I reached out. I got a call this morning from an Alicia Good. If you’re in the Georgia area, they would like to hear from you. Here’s a snippit of the E-mail which will tell you more.

A major cable TV network series will be taping in SAVANNAH, GEORGIA this fall. The show seeks to help VICTIMS of all types of online crimes, big and small such as stalking, identity theft, hacking, bullying, harassment and revenge get justice they deserve. While doing research on cybercrime experts,I discovered your Twitter handle and wanted to see if you could help us get the word out to the community and victims of these crimes and injustices. I’ve attached a flyer for your review and would LOVE to hear any suggestions you might have on finding these stories.

Attached was a flyer, but since I mainly target a blind audience, I’ve asked for some other ways for you guys to check this out. If you want to call, please call (310) 954-5892 which is a call to Los Angeles. You’ll ask for a guy by the name of Phil. This is their facebook page where you can read more and like their page. I did talk to them about my stories of cybercrime, but right now, they are only interested in a small subset in Georgia. To E-mail, please contact them at castinglaw at gmail.com replace spaces where appropriate and remember to put the at symbol. They hope to branch out if this takes off. If interested, please get in touch within the next two weeks. Thanks.

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technology podcast 196 is now available!`

Hi folks,
Podcast 196 is now available on our RSS feed. Here are the show notes.

Podcast 196 has technology news in the Security Aspect that might be of interest. Banks: Card Breach at Goodwill Industries is one article, and Card Wash: Card Breaches at Car Washes is the other. I demo how to turn on do not disturb and how to change the time when it comes on. The contact information is at the end. The entire podcast is an hour and 4 minutes.

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An open letter from FreshBooks founder Mike McDerment

Hi folks,
I received the following in my E-mail. Its An open letter from FreshBooks founder Mike McDerment which talks about raising funding to make the service better. In earlier podcasts, I’ve talked at length about how when i started with Freshbooks, they weren’t accessible, but yet, things have improved and the app they have is even accessible. Here is the freshbooks segments from my podcasts which are archived on Sendspace so that if they wish, they can listen to them. I want you all to go over to the Freshbooks folder and download the segments for yourself if you don’t believe me This is a great company, and this company is really doing the best they can. They even helped me understand the app in which i downloaded and had some questions. My support ticket with them even proves that they are knowledgable about accessibility, and will do the best they can. They passed along my feedback, and I bet that they will update the app with my suggestions. One of the updates on freshbooks itself delbt with accessibility, and I praised them on it. If you don’t have an account, you may sign up for one. If you want to give me credit, please use my referal link which will give you instructions. If you wish, and you have trouble, give them my name, Jared Rimer, and I’m sure someone will help you sign up over the phone. This is great news, I hope they continue to get the money they need to make this service the best it can be.

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windows update silverlite new build

Hi all.
this is a small note, Microsoft has released a new build of silverlite in a critical release.
No idea why all the article says is that a new build was schedualed to come out today, why it was not released within the next montths updates is strange, but I guess since its cross platform its the way it is

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technology podcast 195 is now available!

Our RSS feed now how has podcast 195. We have phones, and a conference I’ve promised for some time now. Enjoy!

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Security Now for this week

I’ve really neglected the blog, but I want to come in and let you know that podcast 463 of Security Now is a Q and A as well as news and commentary. Leo is out again this week, only 5 questions this week, but lots of news and discussion. We hope you enjoy the show.

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Security Now podcast 462 is now available

Hi folks,
Security Now is now available. On this podcast, they talk about different things dealing with storage solutions. Click on this link to download it thanks to sendspace. They talk about news as well. One of the things was something Bryan Krebs posted entitled Microsoft Kills Security Emails, Blames Canada and they cover this. Leo is not there, but one of their people do the podcast. Feel free to check this podcast out. Its an hour and 42 minutes in length.

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