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patch Tuesday february

Hi all
Here is your patch Tuesday roundup
Ms released several updates for security bypass man in the middle, remote and other info attacks.
All of these cover windows and office.
additionally update 4 of visual c 2012/2013 runtimes is out and this is needed as well as to fix security issues to fix some runtime errors.
A new security client update is out, and updates to the kernel and graph engines.

Note, this has happened on 3 systems so far so I think the instructions are valid.
On both 32 and 64 bit systems this will happen and you need to follow each of these correctly.
1 on both
Run windows update as usual and install all updates.
You will receive a weird error at some stage and be told to restart, do so.
Note on some systems the system will take ages to restart but will eventually do so.
Run windows update
On x64 systems there will be an important update to run
check it if its not and install it.
you should now have no updates to install.
if you have a virus def to install you can do this if you want.
check for updates
install the important ie update.
and you should be good to go.
On x86 systems, after first restart you will have 2 updates to install.
install them and restart.
Keep going back to windows update and installing the 1 important update till it goes away restarting all the time I had to do this 5 times on each system.
Finally install the ie update and you are done.
A small note, flash was released earlier this month.
You may or may not as the case may be after updating flash need to remove flash activex and reinstall it on all platforms mine wouldn’t play videos, it still doesn’t play anything bar youtube but it stopped playing that.
To get flash the easiest way for us is to go to codecguide.com and follow the flash heading click download then download and or run the 2 msi installers.
you will have to close down your brouser before they actually install but they will work.

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Fwd: [Audyssey] 10 years of IGDA Game Accessibility Special

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> b=OmB0bGosA0yWzD6H21KjFS7xxtof2ZEYdv+h2KrYCoqd0kjgOtOpfTp+IWOaZ4sgAo
> SgE5XelPq8N8M2meQzm3DHG7Cb4sd6e2M6JezVEWlRdHDsTaSgcyABAMc5d6CsUwvmdP
> 1mPq0czWMslxKXNew6Hs2ZieFAA0DWKg7XunXybi5o6IvUD2bhjRvRpny3I/yfrreIVo
> Vdo6UFrRixv9kCk2evGKw+aGEBJs7rB5F85s/VwRZexS39NtYlI12W5cIW+/CaVU2A82
> 53QhRAtIkiPPsPKZMg7ln/ZEcZtvEqqcbFpgScrWIpJsBs0++z4LiaxkWlsOmaGGDTK4
> rrIQ==
>X-Received: by with SMTP id jh5mr47367816wid.15.1423582341658;
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>To: Gamers Discussion list
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> root\@localhost for details. Content preview: Hi guys,
> This year I’ll be attending the Game Developers Conference
> in San Francisco,
> where I’ll be participating in a Panel Discussion on the
> subject of 10 years of game accessibility. Here’s a
> description of what
> it will be about: […]
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>Subject: [Audyssey] 10 years of IGDA Game Accessibility Special Interest
> Group Survey at GDC
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>Hi guys,
>This year I’ll be attending the Game Developers Conference in San
>Francisco, where I’ll be participating in a Panel Discussion on the subject
>of 10 years of game accessibility. Here’s a description of what it will be
>In the ten years that the IGDA’s accessibility group has been running we
>have seen many advances in the field, with awareness growing, and more and
>more developers considering accessibility for gamers with disabilities. But
>there’s a long way to go, with work still needed to remove barriers in
>areas such as hardware, software, third party tools, online communities,
>education and policy. We will be taking a retrospective of some of the key
>achievements and developments over the past ten years, and with your input,
>also look at the next important areas to focus on, providing a roadmap of
>how all of us can help the industry move towards greater inclusion,
>allowing the entertainment and quality of life benefits of gaming to reach
>even wider audiences.
>*quote end*
>For this Panel session we would love your input! We have designed a tiny
>survey (just 4 questions!) on your view of the past 10 years of accessible
>gaming, as well as a possible way forward. We kindly request everyone to
>please take 5 minutes to fill in this survey. The results will be presented
>on the 5th of March during the Panel Discussion, as well as in a printed
>hand-out. Of course we will share the results through this list too!
>Please use the following link to access the survey:
>Should you be in the vicinity of San Francisco in the week of the 2nd of
>March and you would like to meet up with members of the GA-SIG, gamers and
>other GA-enthusiasts, check out the following schedule:
>Thank you very very much for filling out the survey!
>Best regards,
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>You can make changes or update your subscription via the web, at
>All messages are archived and can be searched and read at
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