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comments on the casts and other things

Hi all.
Well welcome to another issue of something.
I have decided just because I can that I will comment on things as they come up.
Never fear your crashletter will come back but who knows.
Firstly it does seem that those on win7 and 8 seem to have issues with windows update taking ages to update.
I took about 5-6 hours waiting for it to handle itself with another hour to handle on all systems.
Others took 8 with no joy one user saying it basically took all processer power and sat.
I am not sure, some users claim ms is trying to get us users updating to windows 10 with these delays or something of that nature.
Especially with the upgrade cycle for free upgrades so close to its end that wouldn’t surprise me.
Especially with the fact that today I read online that pc sales have slumped by as much as 15% in the first quarter.
Aparently people are just not buying.
Everything from incompatible software to just liking what they have.
My big beef is that I really hate it when people say you need the best thing out to run the best things.
This is probably true if you are a gamer but I have clients that buy the lowest bit of junk you can find so they can run things as they want.
Sure they will have their powerhouses for something else but even so.
My other beef is software and hardware compatibility.
I know I will have to replace one of my screen readers and while I think I have managed to get upgraded or rid of all my personal software and hardware that doesn’t mean others havn’t.
I also have no need to upgrade as of yet.
I know full well that some businesses have only just now upgraded from xp to 7 so thats a problem.
The latest amd and intel cpus havn’t been doing so well either.
My other thing is that your hardware needs to work on something it is designed for.
Ie if it was designed for xp then xp is the best way to keep that going if vista then its vista or 7.
If its win 7 then 7 or 8 maybe.
If its 8 then 8 to 10 maybe.
My point is that you will need spaciffically designed systems for 10.
I have hit it off at both ends of the scale.
I have a powerhouse which probably could take 10 and a midrange which could probably take it.
I have a low range which may take it to.
I have however several systems that after going to 10 and even with several reformats are slow and really bad.
2 are not counted because they are old and dieing/dead but still.
I have however delt with a powerhouse modded beast with an ssd and hard drive, a full quad i7 a 2gb graphics and win10 up from 7.
This modded powerhouse works just great.
My other issue with windows is that I think microsoft under estimated the number of users that will hit its servers.
Its only on a major patch tuesday that updates spike and overload the servers.
Also I found an end of support life cycle to windows 10.
currently its april 2025.
So I doubt that this is the last version of windows period.
In fact ms will eventually have to do something about that thing.
I myself am contemplating the future of where I go vs security.
In the old days I had dos then windows 3.11
Jump to win 95 with its completed os and wow cool.
Jump to 98, more updated and better off.
Then jump to xp.
Ditch dos mostly but even so its ok.
Vista, pass but still could use it.
7 again if xp was not out of support would have passed but happy I have done so.
8 and 8.1, never liked the interface, sorry.
I have major issues with 10.
Firstly I am not an app centric user, I mean I still use symbian and like it.
2. I don’t appreciate my account being converted from local to ms as soon as I sign into an ms online app like the store I’d really like it sepperate.
3. all these ribbons and crazy start screen.
4. they made the shut down sound go away.
5. online ms account things and universal apps.
Never used them, never needed them, so why upgrade to it for that.
I have been a keyboard user since dos, no way in hell you will make me go up.
And this time I have several users saying otherwise.
Next, will I ever buy another new computer?
I don’t know, I really just want to stay with windows7 even after its support ends.Its stable and works, I don’t have to muck round with it and its fine as it is.
Becides the privacy hype generated, I was never brought up in the app era and I see little reason to change now.
With my dad retiring and within a few years after that my mum, cash is a problem.
And also drive.
Without a propper job I have no idea if updating is on my list of things to do.
People say that you are digging a hole for yourself that you need to get your head out of the sand, and continue with the world.
Excuse me if I don’t laugh!
I am not moving!
If I was moving I’d have a job, and a reason to upgrade.
As I see it if it don’t break I am not upgrading and I may just buy another something that continues to do what I want.
There is a lot of old stuff out there.
I don’t know maybe I change maybe not.

Rant over.
The other thing That I listend to on the casts was about phone cyber crime.
I would recomend that users buy a uniden or philips cordless phone with tts and call features for accessability.
Every time someone calls me I get a loud voice telling me the number.
If its private, oversease or really long I either don’t answer it or if I do am wary of what I am dealing with.
Ofcause on the other hand I instantly know exactly who I am being called buy, so no supprise family or friend calls.
They are always surprised that I know them by number first and call them by name instead of just saying hello.
The uniden I have handles answering services and usb handsets though I have never fiddled with this.
This also has big buttons and is really cool.
Oh and its really lite.
One feature I like with uniden stuff hands free, cordless and corded that if you leave it off the hook it will eventually beep loudly enough that a user will notice so thats good.
I think I payed 50 bucks for mine.
However for about 100-200 bucks you can get the fully studio kit with 2 phones, a console with loads of features, the works which is not to bad.
Apart from a few batteries I have had little issues with them and they are stable and sound good.

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