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I’m back!

Hi all.
Ok guys and we are back.
Right now I won’t post any personal stuff as I will be doing that later on on my other blog but it was a good break.
Sadly weather has been really bad here.
I got rained on twice, and lost one other afternoon due to a tropical rainstorm but over all I came back with enough food to sink an ocean liner and I enjoyed things a lot.
Updates, well bar the usual updates that are always released, including a codecguide update it looks ok.
Skype and adobe reader have updates to.
Saying that if you use windows 10, it seems that unless you have a codec pack or something that you don’t ever have to update your computer ever again because it just does it while you use the thing.
Bar a update role up for win7sp1, why they release an update at all is beyond me, and an update for nvda to fix some word crashes nothing new has happened.
I have loads of casts, loads of recordings to go through, email etc.
It looks like a lot of the windows updates, office ie, windows.
I am not sure exactly what they exactly are
However from a quick look through.
It seems the same things again.
Notable exceptions seem to be netlogon, wpad, active directory, smb server, dns, win pdf, and another server of some sort.
I am still going through things in fact I will be doing so for a while so don’t expect any actual posting for a while.
This is to just say I am back and online and I will write in the other blog smeveriss.wordpress.com later when I am done with things.

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Tech podcast 247 is now out

Hi folks,
Tech 247 is on our RSS feed has podcast 247 on it. Here are the show notes in case the RSS feed does not have them on it.

Welcome to tech 247. We take from the show notes from WCT16 which as also taken effect and released.

Hello folks, Perkins allows us to talk to you about the Individualized education plan or IEP for short. They contacted us asking if we could publish this talk. TVI: Effective Collaboration is the page where you can learn more and check out what else Perkins has. We thank them for allowing us to post this to our site. See you on another edition of the podcast!

We also have money identification talk and my thoughts on the Ai Squared joins VFO, home of Freedom Scientific and Optelec press release. Hope you enjoy the program!

Hope you enjoy the cast.

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Social media assignment

Lesson 6 talks about social media in the universal class course dealing with internet specialist 101. I feel i did well in this. The lesson asked to discuss three types of social media, and why one would use them. I use several, and one was not discussed as part of the lesson. I discuss why i use them and what they’re used for. Do you use social media, and if so, why?

Three types of social media include blogs, facebook, and twitter. I have all three, in fact, I also have podcasts. All are used for various purposes, based on the persons needs.

I have a blog located at https://technology.jaredrimer.net which discusses what I’m reading, my thoughts and opinions on various tech topics. I even have a contributing author who also posts things of interest. The blog links to various articles, and I’ve even shared lesson 5’s assignment there as I thought it would be cool to share what I write and learn about as well. The site also has an RSS feed which people can subscribe to so they can get the cast. The podcast is released when time allows, and may or may not include links to other articles. It covers various different types of things such as demonstrations of technology, my thoughts and opinions of articles, and even listener contributions. The RSS feed is https://technology.jaredrimer.net/audio if you wish to subscribe.

The blog also has an RSS feed. https://technology.jaredrimer.net/feed may be used to get the posts delivered to your RSS reader.

My facebook and twitter post my blog posts, as well as anything else I chose to post on it. I’m very selective on what I post, and when searching for my name, you’ll find things on me. My web site also has public links should you wish to check it out.

I use social media to get word out about my podcasts, and other things. One of my twitter feeds is specifically for one of my projects White Cane Travel. Each account created by twitter must have a different E-mail address. Rules only prohibit one facebook account which is fine by me.

Facebook is not just for posting, but for groups as well. I know of many groups on there, one of which I’m a part of. Twitter doesn’t have groups per se, but they have lists.

The lesson is a bit out of date, as Linkedin is not discussed. While I have an account on there, it is more of a professional network. My achievement of passing the work safety 101 course I took there is posted there. I use it to put a presence of what I’m doing professionally, and I sometimes post articles people should read. I’m very selective there.

Another form of social media which I use which is not discussed is Youtube. I subscribe to various video channels to get info. I have not posted a video yet, and I’m not sure what to use my channel for. Some people post personal things, while others post more professional things. The choice is all up to the user.

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Protecting yourself from hackers

Hi folks,
I’m on a site called universal class, and it has various kinds of courses you can take. If you’ve got a library card, you’re signed up for the premium plan, you can take as many courses as you want, limited to 5 courses, and I’m taking one that is preaching to this blog. The course is entitled Internet specialist 101, and I only scored an 18 on one assignment because I was not clear enough. However, thats not why I’m writing this blog post. I’m writing it to share one of my assignments, which was lesson 5’s assignment on what to do to protect yourself from hackers. I’d like to share my assignment with you in case you’d like to comment on it. Below, is the assignment, and feel free to comment on it as you see fit. Thanks for reading, and enjoy the blog and podcast!

One of the things you can do to protect yourself from hackers is to install an Antivirus program. The Antivirus program is designed to pick up files and processes that may not be safe. This is done through pattern analysis, where the program is designed to look at what the file does, and if it thinks it is suspicious, it will remove or quarantined the file so your PC does not fall victim to whatever the file does.

The other thing is to install a firewall. Windows comes with its own firewall, and after XP service pack 2, it is turned on by default. Your router may have one by default and it may be on, so with that, plus the one for your PC, you should be fine. The firewall asks about connections outgoing, and will analyze traffic coming inbound to the PC. Zone Alarm was the first firewall known for the PC which asked about every process, and it learned over time.

One of the things not mentioned in this lesson is being careful what you visit. Today, websites can be compromised, even the legit ones. My own web site had a script on it, and the site turned bad, and my provider was contacted. After signing up for Google Webmaster tools, I learned about what the issue was, which is what I had thought. The web site was flagged as it was compromised. The Antivirus software such as Trend Micro has web analysis so it looks at the traffic and can block behavior that is melicious without compromising the good part of the site.

I have never clicked on adds. Being visually impaired, I tend to leave the add networks alone. While I do run one, I run one based on the site, and I even look at the site first. Add networks such as double click have recently been known to have some issues with add delivery and can pose a problem to users. It is suggested by the lesson to be careful what you click. For those of us who are visually impaired, it is best to be careful what we press enter on.

E-mail is another aspect of a problem. More and more spam is coming in, and a lot of it can have content not healthy to the computer. The lesson talks about making sure you don’t open the files, and to question what is sent if you are not sure. On my technology podcast, I talk extensively all the time about being careful on what people should open, and highlight what is out there to protect ourselves. Steve Gibson said in one podcast, there is no such thing as 100 percent security, and that is so true.

That completes the assignment, please have your thoughts in the comments, and enjoy!

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Ai Squared joins VFO, home of Freedom Scientific and Optelec

In the better late than never department, there was a press release from a company called VFO, who baught Freedom Scientific and Optelec some years ago. This press release entitled: Ai Squared joins VFO, home of Freedom Scientific and Optelec which was released on June 14, 2016 has got people speculating about Window-Eyes and Magic leaving the market. As a long time Window-Eyes user, GW Micro’s division of AI Squared has not said anything confirming this, and my source indicated to me that Freedom Scientific said there were no major changes right now. Someone indicated to me through text message on Tuesday that Window-Eyes and Magic will be leaving, and I have not seen anything since. As with the Serotek making changes, podcasts are unknown (June 2014) and serotek update: the truth hurts (December 2014) nothing much has happened with the company. Yolu can even search the blog for AI squared coverage and find some posts I’ve published in regards to AI Squared’s commitment to Window-Eyes aas a flagship product and the Microsoft Office version. If I hear anything else, I’ll be sure to let you know.

What else to read:

There may be others, but this is some of what I’ve covered. Lets keep our eyes and ears open, depending on how you use your PC, and I’ll be giving my initial thoughts before i read the press release Tuesday evening in podcast 247. Thanks for reading!

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Tech podcast 246

Tech podcast 246 is available and has been for yesterday. It covers Freshbooks, Reminder Guru, and more. Get it from the RSS feed on this site.

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good bye, good bye, I’m leaving

Hi all.
There is no news this week as such but I thought while I had a little time before the madness which marks the end of week pack that I’d update you on what has been going on this week.
Sonnar news.
Well a userbility meeting was conducted yesterday.
We talked about the direction of the company.
On the subject of audiogame hub there is no news, nothing new has come out of the meeting as such.
Other than the fact that some new game prototypes have been delayed because of them being substandard to company guidelines.
Most of what was discussed was involving business mainly.
One thing that was discussed was our strategy within the markets.
Most audiogames devs seem to come from europe, with hubs in aisia, japan and the us with smaller local points through the western world and a smattering out of the east.
So I am trying to get the direction of the company to go in that direction.
We have 6000 downloads from last month alone.
Also was discussed more representation online as its not fully been handled, as we have handled most stuff on a local level up to now.
I want such things as video/skype/teamtalk conferences, a presence on social networks and more on forums as well as support networks.
Fact is I am not only the tester, I am the first and only tester in the local new zealand branch and that needs to change.
Next was the scrapping of the tv event as when we dug into the idea we didn’t have enough to do it, and the market we were aiming for was not the right one.
A few general experience tweaks were discussed like the feedback from the pg13 podcast.
If someone wants to put this at applevis do so but I havn’t decided exactly if I will put this up or not as nothing was really released, its more where we are going.
I havn’t the time anyway to process everything.
I have today and tomorrow to handle things.
On to updates.
out band office updates, adobe update for acrobat, codecguide updates and the like.
For those using windows 10 and up as long as you don’t care about updates it appears your programs are updating on the fly.
I logged into my windows 10 system today to update all my programs before I went away only to find that they were allready updated and running.
I only had to update the codecs and that was all.
For us pre 10 users microsoft has put out another diagnostics update for win10 upgrades.
However we are going to see this stop or at least I hope we do when end of july comes round.
Maybe they will leave us alone.
The good thing is with gwx not in tasks it appears ms can’t force us to download updates to 10 but we will see what happens this patch tuesday.
Sadly I will miss patch tuesday
I was hoping to get it updated this week but oh well.
laters all

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