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microsoft to discontinue journal

Hi all.
Windows journal has been round for ages .
Its been on all windows oses through xp to win10 build 1511.
The .jnt file format is well not secure and microsoft has decided to discontinue it.
But what if I need it.
You can still get it as an extra download if you need it.
Here’s the thing though.
Onenote from onenote.com yes you heard it right folks, onenote from microsoft office is a free program now.
I know you can get simple drawing on this program so lets hope things improve.

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Assignment 6 of the ABC’s of technical writing

Hi foolks,
Some days ago, I completed the assignment for assignment 6. In the lesson, it talked about different ideas of making sure you were able to do the task, and the assignment asked what method you’d use to complete the tasks assigned. I got a perfect score, and here’s what I wrote.

One aspect of being a technical writer is making sure the information you are delivering is understandable to the end user as best as possible. As shown in the example in my last assignment, I tried to make sure you could open word, type a document, and save it for the first time. Most people may not know how to open a program, especially if they have never used a computer before. Making sure the steps are thorough is going to help in the long run. If possible, I would try to include images and break up the manual like I did when I wrote it so they can take a break to digest the information. I also would include a table of contents like I did for this book so they can find the information they are looking for.

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Window-Eyes 9.5.1 is now out

From AI Squared.

Be Ready for Windows 10 Anniversary Update with Window-Eyes 9.5.1

In the coming week, Microsoft will begin to roll out the Anniversary Update for Windows 10. With Window-Eyes 9.5.1, our customers will be able to access this latest version of Windows 10. Window-Eyes 9.5.1 also includes numerous stability and performance enhancements for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Office, and numerous other fixes. Download Window-Eyes 9.5.1 to get a fantastic screen reader experience!

Read Me

For a complete list of Window-Eyes 9.5.1 new features, improvements and changes, please refer to the Window-Eyes 9.5.1 Read Me.

Download your upgrade

If you have purchased a Window-Eyes 9.2 upgrade or have an active Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA), you can download the upgrade for free at http://www.gwmicro.com/upgrade or activate the Check for Updates option in the Help menu. It will not count against your SMA.

Window-Eyes 9.5.1 will be available for you to download, but SMA customers will not receive an installation DVD. You may purchase a DVD by contacting Ai Squared.

Try Window-Eyes

If you don’t currently own Window-Eyes, you can get it for free! For anyone who has a valid license of Microsoft Office 2010 or higher, Window-Eyes can be downloaded for free at www.WindowEyesForOffice.com. If you don’t have Office 2010 or newer installed on your PC, you can obtain a free 60-day evaluation of Window-Eyes here: http://www.gwmicro.com/Window-Eyes/Demo/. If you haven’t tried Window-Eyes in a while, give Window-Eyes 9.5.1 a try for free today!

Order your upgrade or SMA today!

Call us today at (802) 362-3612 or email us at to place your order.

Non-English versions are released after the English version, so please check with your local dealer for availability in your language. For those outside of the U.S., contact your local dealer.

Aaron Smith

Web Development * App Development * Product Support Specialist

Ai Squared * 725 Airport North Office Park, Fort Wayne, IN 46825

260-489-3671 * www.aisquared.com

To insure that you receive proper support, please include all past correspondence (where applicable), and any relevant information pertinent to your situation when submitting a problem report to the Ai Squared Technical Support Team.

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a special announcement

Hi ok.
To all, a new version of the codecguide pack is out.
Skype has a new version.

As you may have or may not know depending on your email list or forum of choice, judging by my list traffic generated in the last 2 days, we are in final week of updates and preparation for the end of win10 free upgrade on friday.
Shortly after that for nvda users a win10 essentials update will be released.
On the same day thats released win10 redstone version 16.07 build 14193 will be going live.
From various trackers we can say now that win redstone is in rtm with no major changes to hit the boards for a bit bar rc users in insiders.
After that update day 3 weeks after the actual nvda version supporting redstone will go live.
On the day of the update you will be given an option to upgrade.
There is a techtalk presentation a day before that all goes live.
For the rest of us, rumors are abound that gwx will be removed, or at least stop transmitting and I am interested what that actually means.
I have not seen any major windows updates this week so either an out of band update or maybe something else next week.
essentials version 16.08 comes out august 2.
There are dev snapshots for this with latest fixes released on the 21st of this month allready.
Sadly this is more hype, the only good point is for all those of us not wanting it we should be getting left alone.
For all disabled users there is a month’s extention and will be a page on the ms site somewhere come friday to upgrade to windows 10 at that point of upgrade free offer end.
For all those that really want it, get it now.
For the rest that are following with the band waggon, if you can hold up just for a few more days the nag screens should stop.

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Email is the future

Hi jared.
So many posts for various things.
Something to think of as I sit in the dining room, the sun on my back, trying to remember to type on this really fucking crappy laptop keyboard on the battery, while due to something my brother has no idea about clearing spyware on his computer, well I need something to do.
So yeah, its important for us to get really good at emails.
I know that these are becoming big, several stationary companies have bankrupted because no one wants that much paper for their printer solutions.
Email has meant less letters and traditional post companies have to adjust or die.
So yeah its important we write effective mails now.
One thing that we tend to do or at least I do, is take the meaning from text.
For example, I start assuming things that is until I talk to someone.
Your name or whatever you write can paint a different picture to well how you speak till I speak.
Many of us think that we can rant and moan at someone via text and well its just texting its not by voice.
Some can take things the wrong way.
Thing is audio and video communication is probably the best thing to handle things still and directly coming to people well.
But we have messaging, twitters, and email and we need to try to be writing to the conditions.
Also at least for me, when I was at school and university I depended on my spelling check program to much.
You check every document autocorrect helps to.
Problem is you get lazy, who gives a fuck about spelling if the computer will do it for you.
Who cares about doing math if your calculator does it for you.
Why in fact do anything if a machine will do it for you.
At the time I thought it was just dandy, people would tell me I spelt badly and I’d tell them to “fuck off!!!”
However that line didn’t stay, after uni, with job prospects going by the wayside, and with a new system, I decided I didn’t need an expensive office licence and got jarte for simple processing.
I use notepad for a diary, the rest of what I use is audio, and ofcause the web and email.
I havn’t touched a spell check or a office program in the last 10 years, strangely enough I started to spell ok again.
Not perfect but enough so I don’t look like a complete wanker.
I havn’t touched a document in years.
I do wander especially with our ever so helpfull applications if we are getting to much help, so much we actually can’t be bothered thinking how we write.
We have spell checks on our computer, forms to help, predictive text and the list goes on.
The tools are good if we need them but we are using them far to much.
I used to be an utter bastard, back then though I couldn’t give a fuck and I am sure if I ever start this business stuff again I will be back to that way again in no time.
I am not sure what the answer is, but even if the help is off knowing it exists encourage misuse of the tool.

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Effective E-mail communication, assignment 4: different styles of E-mail

In lesson 4 just submitted on July 23 and graded, it asked us to write a sample E-mail in the conversational, formal, and informal tones. This is a made up station name, based for this assignment, and as far as I’m aware, nobody is named here that I know of.

Jared Rimer
Effective E-mail Communication, assignment 4: tone of E-mail
July 23, 2016

This assignment asks to write an E-mail in three methods, formal, conversational, and informal.

Subject: Thanks for broadcasting with us
Dear Mr. Jones,
Thanks for applying to our Internet Radio station, the Jams. The staff hopes that you will enjoy your stay here. We definitely look forward in your show format, and your starting date which you put in your application will be fine. Please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or concern.

Hello Mr. Jones,
We are happy you applied to our s station. We are looking forward to your show, and you’ve been approved for starting. Please let the staff know if you need any assistance.

Hi John,
Thanks for applying with us. We’ve approved your application, and we look forward in you starting with us. If you need help, just let us know.

Taking from the other assignments, I’m naming it, and tagging it in such a way to remind me what I’m to do in case I get interrupted during the assignment process.

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Effective E-mail communication: assignment 3: principals of use

Principals of use was discussed in assignment 3. The assignment asked us to discuss ones we could use. Here’s my assignment for that one.

One principal I think I’ll try to incorporate is the E-mail subject line or what the lesson calls headline. While I personally read every message, as the subject line may not be enough or not read it all, I know that we are communicating with sighted individuals who use their eyes to read, not their ears. Their eyes tell them what they need to know, while access technology does not read the entire subject line, depending how long it is. I don’t think i’ve ever used more than 7 words in my subject lines, but I like the idea.

I think being clear on your E-mail is important. Number 2 of this lesson talks about how some E-mail is written in such a way where someone needs to only come in on certain days, and work from home other days, while showing respect to the supervisor. I think thats important.

I also think that not sending E-mail while angry is a good idea. You may send a bad impression. That may or may not backfire against you and your image depending on what the situation is.

The final thing I think we all need to do is make sure we spell people’s names correctly. I definitely need to work on that by using my access technology to go through the person’s name letter by letter. I misspelled Sean’s name when writing him. Sean is an instructor with universal class who teaches the internet specialist 101. I ended up reading his name once, and vowed to spell it correctly. He never corrected me, but I made it a point not to write Shawn or Shaun, once I realized that I needed to change the spelling. I think he never sent anything about correcting me as Sean is spelled differently, but yet the synthesizer says Shawn or Shaun the same.

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Effective E-mail communication: a business E-mail that gets read

In lesson 2 of the Effective E-mail communication class, it talked about business E-mail that gets read. While I based it off of something true, and I didn’t include a subject line as discussed, it still passed. Here is such an E-mail as part of this assignment.

Dear Joe,

Thanks for calling me today to discuss opening an E-mail address elsewhere due to your difficult situation on sending E-mail to someone.  We've discussed a lot of things, and I want you to take the time to think about them.  

First, we discussed the different ways E-mail accounts are done, and the fact you can't just leave it open.  This is the perfect point to get home, and I feel you understand it.  

Second, we discussed different services and why E-mail may be difficult for you.  You use a telephone system, and this can have some challenges.  

Please let me know how i can help you in the future in communicating by E-mail to people who are having trouble.

Jared Rimer
The Jared Rimer Network, where everything is listed in one place.

I feel that this would be read, and this conversation actually happened today. I feel Joe understood what his delema is, and if I had his address, I’d let him know and remind him about his options and how he can proceed.

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Effective E-mail communication, assignment 1, E-mails that bother you

On the first assignment of this class I started but now deciding to share about, the instructor asked us to describe E-mails that annoy us or what annoys us in regards to E-mail communication. Here is my first assignment of this course.

The most irritating E-mail I get are the E-mails that don’t seem to have proper structure. Recently I delt with a company who did replace my item, and I was very nice to them. However, maybe I’m bias, but I didn’t think the E-mail was written well at all. Here is one such E-mail.

Dear Jared Rimer , Thank you so much for your communication and letting us know the problem. We do appreciate it so much. We are so sorry to know that the item was not make you satisfied. Could you please take a photo of the item and tell me your order number? No hard feelings, it’s just our routine work and will also help us find out the exact reason for the problem in order to avoid the same problem again. And we will surely give you a most satisfactory solution for you. Thank you so much for your help and understanding. And we sincerely believe nothing can be a problem with communication. Best regards,

I don't even know who I was even talking to.  I agree that effective communication should be part of solving any type of issue whether an item became defective, or whether we're writing a letter for a job purpose.  If you are dealing with the public, you should have people who are fluent in the language.  

Another example:

Hello, I’m so sorry about the inconvenience caused to you. This is an exception. How about I give you a coupon code that value $6.99, and it only for the purchase of our products, Could we trouble you place an order again with this coupon code .If you don’t like it, we would like to refund $6.99 to you to show our sincerity. What’s your idea?Do you agree with me? Any question or problem, do not hesitate to contact us. It’s our biggest pleasure to serve you. Look forward to your reply.
While I take these from E-mail through a buffer my access technology provides to put it in here, the best regards, and looking forward to your reply are where they should be on their own line. However, I have no idea who I’m dealing with, and of course, I can’t even call them by phone which is another pet peeve of mine.

What does this tell me about the sender?  It tells me that they are trying to help a community and their language is not as good as someone who speaks the language.  I don't expect perfect, but I would like to see it done enough to understand.  I don't see this with all E-mail, I see this type of thing more with companies outside the United States.  

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Internet specialist 101: E-mail and when is it best used

Going back in to the archives, I’m posting assignment 3 of the Internet Specialist 101 course. On this course, we learn a lot of things, but this lesson talked about E-mail, what constitutes an E-mail address, and ways to use it. The lesson assignment asked why we would use an E-mail address.

The E-mail address given is one of many for me, you may use it if you want.

An E-mail address is established in two parts. The first is unique to you, while the second is unique to the ISP or site you signed up with. For example, my address is which has my first name, and personal.jaredrimer.net is where it belongs as part of my sub domain on jaredrimer.net which is the TLD on the site.

I use my E-mail address for communication, get on lists with another, and I also use it for business. I rarely use BCC, but have when needed to send a message to staff as well as a corespondant. I mainly use the to field, or the carbon copy field. I personally do not deal with confidential stuff, but if I did, I would use BCC more. In fact, today, I’d use a file sharing service such as sendspace, or dropbox, to send a link and make the recipient download it.

Most ISP’s and mail providers have limits on attachments, usually about 20mb now a days. Back in the day, attachment sizes were 10mb. I use attachments all the time, and am causcious on what I open because of the virus problem which really got started after Melissa, Nimda, and Code Red in the early part of the 2000s era. In fact, Code Red took out superior-software.com and what was the beginning of MENVI which was hosted there until 2005. Now, I run a network and am aware of the security risks of what is going on.

When I started with E-mail, we did not have anything to worry about, and web sites were basic. Now, we must be careful what we open, what files do to our PC’s, and teach people every day what is up in the security field.

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updates and things

Hi all.
Ok guys for those of us not on 10 it appears ms seems to be continuing to update our oses.
windows 7and up not sure about 10 has just had a roleup update including a lot of fixes to several things.
Its not a win10 rebuild but as far as I care its close enough.
also the latest routeen java update is here 101 is recomended ofcause if you go to oracle directly you can get 102 if you know how.

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The ABC’s of technical writing, assignment 4: 5 types of writing techniques

Hi folks,
There is no assignment 3 as part of this course. There is an assignment 4, and then we go to 6. I did give the instructor something to read as something for 3, which they may read or not.

As part of the 4th assignment, it talked about different types of writing styles. The assignment asked to discuss 5 different types that were important to you and it was to be 3 paragraphs. I think i had some fun with this one, as I took a portion of a book I wrote a long time ago, and then talked later on on how I could improve on this work after taking this course. I only took from one section, but it took the assignment in to a third page. While the one blog post was over 600 words, word indicated this one was over 1000. I put my name, assignment number, and what it was as well as the date for my sake as I saw it done in another course and thought, why not. Its part of good organization, which a tech writer needs to have.

If you have any comments, please feel free to share. I’ll approve the likes, retweets, and so forth so that people can get credit for sharing. I don’t mind that, and I see we had that on the last assignment I submitted here.

I hope you all enjoy this one, I think I’ll do good on it. It was worth 40 points so I hope this will do. The assignment will be after the jump.

Jared Rimer
ABC’s of technical writing
Assignment 4: 5 writing techniques and why they should be used
July 20, 2016

I think the first writing technique that should be used is the writing like you talk. I’ve tended to write that way especially when explaining something, and I’ve never had any complaints. For example, here’s what I did when I wrote my book many years ago to explain how to save a document for the first time.

 Let's create a simple document in Microsoft Word.  To open Microsoft's Word do the following steps.  But first, before I give you the steps, let me tell you that most computers these days have a Windows logo key on the keyboard usually next to the control or alt which opens the start menu.  You can also do this by doing control+escape.  Now, do the following to open Word.

 1.  Control Escape or Windows logo key.
 2.  Hit the letter p to open the programs sub-menu.
 3.  Hit the letter m several times until you hear or see Microsoft Word.
 4.  Hit the enter key.

 Notice it took 4 steps to open Microsoft Word.  We can create a shortcut to the Desktop so that you can open it in one.  We'll do that later.  But for now, if you haven't hit the Enter key on Microsoft Word, do that now.  It should open if installed correctly.  Microsoft Word has the extension of .doc.  Each file has an extension which is unique to a particular application.  An

application is a program that you use to do your tasks. Some applications open several types of files. Microsoft Word is an example of this type of program. Let’s type a sample document into
Word now. You can type anything you like. When you’re done with your document, return to this manual. To save this particular document, we need to access the file menu which we do by
hitting ALT+F then the letter A. You could, however, arrow down with the arrow keys to find the item named “save as” and press the ENTER key. A property sheet appears with the following

 1.  Name edit box.
 2.  Save as type pull-down combo box.
 3.  Save button.
 4.  Cancel button.
 5.  Look-in combo box.
 6.  A list view of all directories and file names in the current format in a particular directory.

 We want to be in the name edit box.  Here let's just save it to the hard drive which is usually the C drive on a computer.  A computer can come with multiple hard drives, but usually only come  with one.  Just type a file name like test document and press enter.  Unless an error dialogue appears, your file is successfully saved.  From now on, use the open dialogue by pressing the key combination CONTROL + O to open it.  It's the same type of property sheet as the save as dialogue box.  If you forget the file name, just SHIFT + TAB over to the list view and select the file from there.  Also, from now on, you can save by simply hitting the key combination CONTROL + S to save it a second time.  With Jaws, a property sheet is a dialogue box.

Since I was explaining this from a perspective of using access technology, step by step seemed to work as most computer users are not aware of keyboard steps, although a person who is disabled would be more apt to using the keyboard than the sighted counterpart. It really depends on your target audience, but being clear to all audiences;l is especially important.

I really think that getting to the point is very important. With the above, I could probably shorten it quite a bit, but this was written many years ago and I even used the PC to remind myself how to do it, then wrote it as I did it. I’m not exactly sure how I would rewrite this portion of the chapter again, but it is definitely something to consider since word has definitely changed since this was written. I agree with the lesson when it talks about telling the reader that the power button to the PC does something with the electricity, in fact, I have no idea what it does except that it boots up in to Windows and that is what is important. Today, I could include screen shots of the various dialogues, with the text descriptions as shown above.

Using examples of someone using the product is definitely important. As described above, I actually did this, although I never saved the document, but described the dialogue so the user can visualize and see what it looks like and then talk about how to save the document. I could simplify this by talking about what the dialogue has and then tell them how to save it without going in to any detail on what each aspect of the dialogue box they see or hear is.

I take spelling very seriously. I’ve even seen courses here that have some errors, and access technology is not going to tell me what it is, but the ear will as it reads the document. I’ve notified instructors on errors, and thats because I know what it might be. They’ve thanked me, but a well thought out, spell checked document will definitely go a long way.

Punctuation is important. While I use punctuation in my writing, I should learn when to use certain punctuation. I use commas, periods, question marks, and even some exclamation points, but i don’t know when to use dashes or hyphens. Sometimes I use a semi-colon, but not sure if I use them correctly and that is definitely important.

In the above, I did not use any type of technical language that could not be understood. I kept it simple, and straightforward. If you’d like the whole book for review, I’d be happy to send it. I did not use a thesaurus at all for the book, I thought it all out and people enjoyed the work I put in to it.

Enjoy! The boards await you.

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Was BARD down because of a DOS attack?

Hi folks,

On an earlier post I was requesting people report to me if they were having an issue with getting to the library of congress web site along with BARD. Shortly after I posted that, I reached out to my cooperating library who confirmed that there was an issue with BARD, and there was no ETA for its return.

On July 20, 2016: on a thread from apple vis entitled Anybody else currently having problems with Bard? which was used to report the last couple of days issues, indicated that the site was recently under a denial of service attack or Denial-of-service attack. (wikipedia)

I want to stress that we do not know if it is true whether BARD was attacked or not. What we do know, is that it would take a lot to take the full Library of Congress sites down, and the full loc.gov domain was down during BARD’s outage. I personally could not get to BARD or the Library of Congress.

According to the Wikipedia article, it says: “In computing, a denial-of-service (DoS) attack is an attempt to make a machine or network resource unavailable to its intended users, such as to temporarily or indefinitely interrupt or suspend services of a host connected to the Internet.[1] A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) is where the attack source is more than one, often thousands of, unique IP addresses. It is analogous to a group of people crowding the entry door or gate to a shop or business, and not letting legitimate parties enter into the shop or business, disrupting normal operations.

Criminal perpetrators of DoS attacks often target sites or services hosted on high-profile web servers such as banks, credit card payment gateways. Motives of revenge, blackmail[2][3][4] or activism[5] can be behind other attacks.”

We do not know if anyone has taken responsibility for any type of DDOS attack, or whether this was the case at all. We do know that BARD will go offline from July 29th through August 1st for scheduled maintenance. The post is to the books blog where I also have a podcast when time allows. I felt to post the announce from BARD there in case people don’t have access to the site, and need to get info to friends or family.

I wish people would be careful when saying the site was down because of a DOS attack, as if it turns out it wasn’t, it may look bad for the person, and then they’re not credable. For example, someone posted to the thread saying: “It was a denial of service attack that caused the outage. Luckily, Bard is
back and all is fine. Just keep in mind that if the site goes down, it’s
nothing anyone is doing, it’s not you or anyone else doing something to
cause bard to go down. I’m glad it’s back too.” A DOS is caused by someone sending traffic to the server that holds BARD or the library of congress. This comment commenting on the subject of the last few days says: “Actually, a denial of service does mean that someone is attacking the site.
That’s the point of a DOS attack, though why anyone would target BARD is beyond me. Talk about childish. Never fear though, there’s no way to accidentally do this and it takes many machines coordinated by a group to even try to hit a system as large as the Library of Congress.” I think this poster is absolutely correct. A script kitty wouldn’t be able to do that, this has to be a large scale attack to take down the whole network.

Maybe the library of congress will post something about what happened, maybe we won’t find out. I’m hopeful that people realize that attacking the library of congress has large implecations that effect a large community including the disabled community who uses the library of congress which provides books in recorded and other formats to print disabled patrons who qualify for the service in the United States and abroad where the patron is abroad either permanently or living there now.

The comment boards await any comments if anyone has any thoughts.

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The ABC’s of technical writing, assignment 2

On assignment 2, not formatted right as I did it on a mac instead of the PC, but still got my 30 points. On the assignments, it wants us to discuss two aspects of technical writing and what would be expected of each. It was to be in two paragraphs which I did, but it came back as one.

One aspect of technical writing is the software documentation. Software documentation includes any aspect of writing material associated with the particular software product. For example, you have an internet browser, and in the browser, you have different options and other things that need to be documented for the user so they can read about how it works. This would be put under the user documentation aspect of the technical writing umbrella. The other aspect of technical writing is the full on technical writing which programmers would use to document their progress and what it means for others to work on the project as well. This is good for open source projects which use an API (application program interface) where it hooks in to other parts of the net. The other aspect of technical writing is blogs. Blogs can be used to communicate hidden features of products, or to generate conversation about certain aspects. I’ve shared lesson 1 of this course, and other assignments from other courses I’ve taken here. Interesting thoughts on what I’ve written and other views. I do not share the lesson text, I just share my assignment only. You can check out the blog at https://technology.jaredrimer.net to see how i’ve incorporited this.

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pokomon go and other things

Hi all.
To jared and the rest, the reason I have not commented about pokomon go is that I have not any opinion on it.
So should we be concerned about it.
Firstly refer to the posts on cybercrime.
This is the beginnings of vertual reality using the real world as the primary navigational element is not new dimentions did it, to some success on the ios devices.
Now, this new tech will be abused there is no doubt in that but so will technology.
This is a new fad, and it may take off.
So we will have to get rules round that.
So we start with the advantages.
1. a community of people playing together potentially chatting, talking, moving round, getting points, etc.
This reminds me of the ugio trading card cartoons and the trading card promos on chip packets.
Sure you ended up making junk food which was bad but you did make cash, my brother used to sell trading cards online till the promo ended and the market dried up.
On a similar note my cousins and I would look for game cards my cousins mainly and buy them.
If you knew to go you culd buy them cheap, it always got to the point where you were missing that card etc.
For me it got me closer to the family.
In this game thing I could see potential advantages.
1. going into a shop or place supporting the game, say a gym and working out, getting fit, and getting your char fit to.
Actually having this equate to real time.
Buy in game perchices, ie food, real food as would be in game with trading cards maybe, right packaging, etc.
Seeing posters at game locations of actual locations and logos and collecting those.
Having to interact in real time with people and stop using your phone or device to do that.
Progressing in real life while progressing in the game life to.
Getting jobs or related things in the game but also in real life, getting payed cash and game points.

Ok, utopian fancies asside this sadly doesn’t happen damn us humans!
It should but its not.
This pedefile is just the tip of the iceburg.
Marrages have broken up and jobs have been lost.
People are trespassing into others properties just to get points or because they are not watching where they are going.
People will kill to play the game or find things in it.
In one case dead people have been found in trains.
We all know that phubbing a commen english word in some paper for using phones all over the place is happening.
People are not talking they are glued to their devices more than ever.
This reality game is promoting antisocial and violent gbehavior just like the rest of the net is doing and technology in general.
What does that mean?
I don’t know, firstly we spend so much time on our devices even my dad does when he should be talking that it doesn’t matter.
Fact is, I doubt the advantages above will ever happen.
We will have to probably restrict the vr world and I wouldn’t be surprised that this orgmented reality may become alegal and people banned from using the game.
Its just to dangerous to use.
I must say though having grown up playing trading cards with friends that it was cool to get the card and some related thing weather it be a chocolate bar or a gimic or something.
I remember when I used to like some movies like indipendance day we have some old disks, models, etc floating round the house.
Its impossible to know where this will actually go though.
On the tech side while its aparently fixed, the program uses your gps location and potentially your google account, giving those that play and developers and others maybe access to email, and everything else you own.
Thats always a contentious issue, its happening on a government level but the fact it can be misused is high.
I still have people that talk about privacy with things like medical records and credit cards like it was before the net.
Privacy is just one of these old fashoned words that died with the net.
Your email, personal data, passwords, credit card in fact everything you own is public to someone and or everyone it doesn’t matter.
My only issue thing I’d have would be identity theft or those taking advantage of this or that.
Or modifying things.
Also if you don’t need permition for that extra access it may be safer to get access to what you need and not all of it.

What will need to happen is that services need to get access to what is needed but not just have all access to dump information even if they don’t use it its unnecessary at best and could be a problem for you at worse especially if you never meant to access that in the first place.

On another note, its close to the end of july and ms really wants you to get windows 10.
For those that have allready read this blog you should allready have removed it.
In this case once the windows 10 app pops up in the trey, kill it from task manager.
restart your computer after updates are installed and recheck updates which will take a bit longer than usual but should be ok.
Ms has not done the changes usually needed to get it staying active so they may not be bothering this close.
Again, a poor whimpy way to get us on 10 its actually easier for all of us to remove the update than installing 10.
The way I showed earlier, we can do it in such a way ms is unaware we even have done so.
And even if they are they can’t tell us that.
No settings are changed either.
For all of those on 10 allready skip this next part as its not for you.
For those that want to upgrade, you may have a slow time of it in fact you will have to upgrade again next week ro 2 when the next redstone build comes so good luck.
To the rest of us, those that are happy with our computers, you will be happy to know that the time of the microsoft gwx trogen is finally coming to an end.
Microsoft will end the upgrade for the win10 program with in the coming week or so.
Remove the update if it appears you have been fighting this long on your legal coppies of windows.
I am happy its finally over.
Hopefully in 5 years microsoft will update things and fix things.
Else for me no more new computers if I want to stay legal that is.
my i5 duel works, I could see myself with an i5-7 quad with 8-16gb ram, a ssd and hdd combo, dvd or blueray player, though dvd would be fine, wireless, and thats about it.
I need usb ports but thats it.
I have no bluetooth devices to speak of and thats the way I like it.

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Convicted child predator arrested for allegedly playing Pokémon GO with kids – Naked Security

Now, this takes the game in to a whole new level. Looking at twitter, I came across this article which has some links to what the game is, its goals, and more. I did raise the issues to a security guy per my last post which I sent Trend Micro. The game should have accessability for all and I’m not against that, in fact, according to the gentleman I talked to on twitter, it would benefit everyone. But this article, which will be quoted below, just puts a bad wrap on those who are trying to get the game accessible for the disabled, and the public at large. Like I said in the last post, I don’t think its a good idea, however, if it benefits everyone through haptic feedback and audible cues, the sighted would be paying attention to their surroundings as well. Its an interesting thought, but this, this article, just makes me wonder what the industry will do.

…in violation of his probation terms … on the lawn outside the county courthouse … which houses the probation department.

Source: Convicted child predator arrested for allegedly playing Pokémon GO with kids – Naked Security

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Librrary of Congress site down for me, anyone else?

Hi all,
I am looking to find out if anyone can get to the Library of Congress web site. I was going to go on BARD to look up something, and the page says it can’t be displayed. Bard mobile indicates there’s an SSL issue from here. I can’t even get to loc.gov’s site. Can anyone comment and let me know if they are experiencing the same issue as I am? checksite.us also reports they can’t reach it either, but I have no further information besides this. Anyone have any ideas or saw anything leading to the potential outage? Thanks.

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Cybercrime Overtakes Traditional Crime in UK

Hello folks,

I saw this through Krebs on security, Cybercrime Overtakes Traditional Crime in UK is the article. It was posted on Krebs two days ago. I found the article quite interesting. I wonder why it is the UK where it is so high, when those of us in the United States have been breached, even myself twice in one year? Is that not considered cybercrime when 21 million people’s information is taken? Thoughts are welcome.

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coffee code

Welcome to this here article.
Someone shoved it at me today and I thought I’d share it
Basically just for a laugh some guy decided to have a http language for
coffee machines.
It was just for a laugh but it sort of became some standard.
Now I want one of these.
I can imagine such things as getting coffee from a server, and get an
error 404, out of coffee, ie you need to fill your machine.
Or something like that.
I guess you could hack things to.
My issue is, that unless you could teleport a cup to your location, you
would have to be close to your machine to get it.
If that was the case it would be easier to get your coffee.
On the other hand if you were blind, had a coffee machine, loaded it,
had some convayer to get it to your desk you could request a cup when
you wanted.
I am unsure if I would use it.

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Pokemon Go

Hello folks,
Apple Vis has an app directory entry for Pokemon Go which they put as inaccessible. I totally get the reason for putting apps on their site that isn’t accessible so that the community who searches or finds it is aware of the fact the app will not work for those of us who are high partials, or rely on voiceover as a whole. I like the fact they are doing this work. In the comments, they mention that they have contactd the developers to include us as disabled people within their app, and I like this idea as well. Don’t get me wrong, the fact that this work to include us is great. The thing that bothers me about this game is the real world issues that the sighted community have had.

According to what I have heard on Security Now, although I have not heard the whole episode, Pokemon Go had some permission issues which got corrected. If that isn’t bad enough, Pokemon Go, Real World Risks of Apps (Trend Micro) (July 11, 2016) and I wanna be the very best, that no one ever was, (Los Angeles Metro’s the Source) (July 12, 2016) which raises some concerns. If this is true, and people can be around people’s protperty, and they see one of these things as they’re walking around, they go in to someone’s yard, or other parts of the property they aren’t supposed to be, this can be a big problem. While us disabled people wouldn’t necessarily be doing that, the fact we use devices to help us walk, and detect things, as well as other odds and ends, pose a bigger problem. Using a cane, and a phone, the way I understand it needing to be, may pose other issues for the disabled population.

I do not know if it is a good idea for this particular game to be accessible. To be fair, I do think if possible, all games should be accessible and those who want to play it will. I have not really gotten in to pokemon, but I am understanding the work that people should do if they would like to play it, and I’m sure some disabled people including some blind people would love to play this game. I’m curious on what others may think about this topic. The blogs are open. Thanks for reading!

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