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audio game hub

Hi all,

My phone was showing a large amount of app updates today, one of them being audio game hub. The biggest change is that all of the games are going paid unless you want to watch adds. The other is that all casino games will remain free. That is what it shows in the notations for the update. The app version is 2.0.13.

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audio game hub was released on July 13, 2017 at 2:44 pm by tech in accessibility newsand issues.
Last modified: July 13, 2017.

Comments (6)

  1. Comment by tech date 19 July 2017 alle 18:09 (),

    I can confirm as of yesterday, all games now require the add to play, and it was playing adds on a couple I tried. When I first installed the new version, it gave me the old games for free, but now not any more. I’ll continue to look at the games that are new. Take as much time as you need, we’re just fine here.

  2. Comment by crashmaster date 19 July 2017 alle 17:47 (),

    Well you are not alone.
    A lot of reports have been going in audiogames.net no official responce but its a confirmed bug, I mean the words confirmed and bug were not mentioned in the thread but the dev and executive teams are responding and have been the last couple days.
    I would usually be a bit more proactive but with the death of my old grandpa which started beginning of june and has ended just now, I am holding off any real pr work at least till tuesday after the funeral at which point I need to contact people about this terms research positions and things.
    And ofcause its not over, it will take 5 days to register this and there is a process to go through, so if I don’t seem that interactive, there is a lot of behind the scenes admin which means while I will get through the work I need to, I won’t be doing anything much more on top of that for the moment.
    Sonar are not exactly the kind of people to directly contact me unless they think its needed, the fact they are handling this thing themselves without me having to chace one of the teams on things at least means that things are going.

  3. Comment by tech date 17 July 2017 alle 20:21 (),

    Well, it wasn’t a complaint per see, but something I observed. Can’t play any of the new games, the old ones are not effected. I can do the tutorial, but playing, it asks me to listen to an add to play one time, and says that there are no adds available and returns me to the same menu. To me, that makes it unusable, and I put some money for chips as I busted in blackjack, as casino games are free. Just an observation is all, hopefully, this will be fixed.

  4. Comment by crashmaster date 17 July 2017 alle 19:37 (),

    Unknown, I will look in to it no one else has complained.

  5. Comment by tech date 14 July 2017 alle 15:15 (),

    Shaun, the add support does not work. It says that there are no adds on the one game I got to see the option for either playing after listening to an add, or buy. I was able to play the tutorial, but the add option plays no adds, it says that no add is available and returns me to the menu to pay, tutorial, or listen to an add.

  6. Comment by crashmaster date 13 July 2017 alle 20:36 (),

    Well this confirms to me that audiogame hub is no longer being rejected by apple.
    As for the state of things, yes thats what was in the beta I tested.
    All games are addware supported unless you buy.
    You can buy 1 game, all games, or subscribe monthly to yearly I think.
    Not sure how much of that is in the game or not but there you have it.
    Strangely no word from other places.
    So I can only assume that its working.
    To be honest though unless I need to I am not going to immediately push this, as I have other things on my mind.
    Basically if you havn’t been reading my blog my grandpa is in the final stages of heart failier.
    He was found on the floor of his bedroom last week.
    As you can imagine, this has thrown my life as well as others in family into well a lot of a mess.
    I will try to get through as much as I can but thats the way it is for now.

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