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IOS 11.4 is now out

Hi all,

This apple vis article talks about IOS 11.4. Some interesting new features we have. I’ll see about getting my phone updated. Please feel free to talk about this one and let me know what you think.

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Comments to posts

Hi jared.
Firstly a minor admin notice.
Due to the fact I couldn’t get jetpack to update because of some sort of extraction error I had to completely kill and reinstall it.
If something is screwed with jetpack or wordpress settings please set things to how you want.
I have tried to set things that should be set right, but I am only human.
Thanks, crashmaster.

Specter and meltdown.
Yeah, this is old by a few days from us cert.
Is it a problem?
judging from firmware updates to the new hp remote box that came out today it seems its patched.
Just remember all that have them, if you get an update to your firmware please install it.
Please check your updates the way you do them from your manufacturer’s site.
Chances are the automatically installed software will do that when you run it but if not or you removed it, you need your machiens serial number or something to get access at least for hp units.
2. android.
Nothing is secure, be carefull where you go this thing will get fixed like everything else even if its not done allready.
Next government sites.
You’d think they would be secured, but yeah our government has been blasted because sites were not secured right.
And even if they are secure, overload that site and you may get information which is not yours or worse.
I havn’t had issues with non secured sites, but have had an issue where all benifits were cut because of a system crash.
I reported on time my situation it was noted down and shortly after that I was traveling.
I get back and am told all benifits are cut because I didn’t report.
I ring contact centre.
The data did come through but the system crashed so the output never made it.
The system was fixed, but as my situation did not go over the benifit expiry date no one thought about fixing the error and a lot of error messages got sent and that was all.
The opperater said after a pause of a minute that checks with the customs computers proved I was back and my data matched and that there in fact was no issue and the errors were just errors.
A sinical version of me though could be fooled into thinking that the data never made it and they were covering their rears.
The issue was fixed, and I was told to call back if there was an issue.
Here is the issue, after going through not only 2 step, but voice, photo, police, security, and several address checks, codes both via paper, voice and in person as well as email, you’d think if the system was nice and secure that if it screwed up someone would be able to notice it but I guess not.
Sadly an open system like android will be prone to more security issues than closed source, opensource is good, faster upgrades, faster patching, better security, and full user interaction, but the same things that make it fast are security holes.
Its the risk you take with your stuff there is nothing different.
Do I trust local and national government systems, I don’t say with my data, I do trust that they are secure enough I don’t have to worry about them if they don’t work.
Ofcause, while I need to access them the times I really need to directly access them are rarely to almost never and only have to be for security, varification checks, revarification and or if I need to travel, or update passports, address details, or services.
Most of this is automatic and so I am confident it works, ofcause if I forget my password thats a problem which I probably will since I hardly need to access the system.
I do have an access pin which I hope I never forget.
I do have questions but I just hope I don’t forget those.
There is always a ballance between user and security, you need to find it then you may be fine or maybe not.

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Meltdown and spector are not done, what’s next?

In news I read today, Meltdown and Spector are not done yet. From Cyberscoop, we have an article I’m passing along Tech giants reveal new variant of Meltdown and Spectre vulns and I’m curious on what Security Now has to say about it. This can’t be good in the long term. You’d think the patches were a start to this, but people aren’t done trying to pick these vulns out. The A.J. Sunday Retreat talks about the Meltdown and spector as we knew it, but now, there is more than we know. This aught to get very interesting.

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Did you know that Android is vulnerable? Research shows its not getting updated

In a recent article we learn that android is not all that secure because they aren’t getting updated. On the flip side, IOS and PC’s are just as bad, although PC’s don’t have to worry about it that much if you use it responsibly. No one is updating their Android devices, new data shows is the article, and you’re ready to click through to read it at your convenience. Let me know your thoughts.

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Confucius is now back, did you think it was dead?

In an article entitled Confucius Update: New Tools and Techniques, Further Connections with Patchwork – TrendLabs Security Intelligence Blog and this is quite interesting. This is the beginning I think of a bigger problem we’ll have to fight.

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Running a government site? You should be ashamed of yourself for this: especially if you’re the pentagon

So I recently read an article on Cyberscoop that talks about the government, more specifically, the pentagon. You’d think that security is important when it comes with the government, however, they have proven not to care that much. Pentagon’s websites need better security, Wyden says is the name of the article, and this can’t be a good sign. Self signed certs is not the way to go now a days. You need an authority to sign certs. Check the article out, let me know your thoughts.

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If you live in California, you’ll want to read this

Hi all,

While perusing the tech news of the feeds I subscribe to, Cyberscoop was the one that wrote up a story dealing with a California Breach. The article Hackers steal PII and payment info of thousands of California residents in company breach was posted May 21, 2018 and its something we Californians need to be aware of. This can’t be good. I have a very bad hunch that this is only going to get worse, and sadly, there is nothing we can do as a whole to stop it except to not do business online. Sometimes, thats the best thing, because we want services only available online. I’m not saying that we should completely stop, but with all the breaches coming, how can we learn how to protect ourselves? This is not going to be good, but I hope that we can find a solution. Thoughts?

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Comments for this week

Thought I’d lump everything into this thing.
1. dictation is it secure.
Sure, are your habbits secure?
Would you yell your credit card number in a public place to all that can hear.
The same is for medical information.
I would assume you would set things up when at home, or in the place if thats how you handled things.
There are just some things you type in even if you can dictate, its commen sence.
Sadly while not secure info exactly I have heard people yell conversations out in the bars on their phones or in cafes or other eateries.
Not only is it diskirtious and really insecure its annoying as muther fucking god!
We don’t need this.
If used properly then dictation is a usefull tool.
Put it this way, if you get crushed to death by your chipper because you decided to unstick a jam by putting your foot in it and giving it a shove?
Probably if its broken but if by the action you breaking it further by doing that it probably is your’s.
With technologies like dictation a lot of the owniss should actually be on the user.
Now if that info is online and gets hacked via dictation thats another thing entirely but I do think users need to use their ai systems a lot more well like you would do normally.
The net is almost the same as real life and should be treated as such.
Your identity is public, your information is public, I am sure some government agency is reading this post.
Thats what we all should be thinking, big brother is watching.
That means don’t be an intire fucking idiot, don’t be stupid.
This is the real world we are talking here, sadly some just choose or believe its not.
Text is a terrible medium to write in at any case voice is the key but there is a risk in everything.
2. klango.
I used it back when dialup existed and yeah I remember it all.
At first it was fine but as forums and groups grew out of proportion things started to go wrong.
I never used it extensively, but there were rumors of bad management, hackers, bad admin staff, one rumor from a user to another said that after reporting that after a particularly bad time with arguments with another user an admin told them to go kill themselves.
Ofcause rumors in these places like any electronic board are rife, so are banns for no reason, bad admins and the like.
I kept out of people’s way but as links broke and badness came out of it things improved klango died.
With twitter going the way it seems to be and facebook not far behind klango may rise up again it was a good platform I wish it could be continued and upgraded.
With the event of win10 and other things, privacy is a big thing, but choosing what we have on means we choose to share things like location, speech data, update information etc.
Using a modern system from windows to apple to android means to have the interactive experience we have we need to send a lot of data gigs and gigs of it.
And that data will be stored and sadly used for adds and addware because we as users want to be as low cost or free as we can.
Nothing is free even if they say it is.
And while I don’t care for adds, I do view adds and promotions for things like my shopping mall, bits for the paper, things like that.
The issue is that if I am having adds I want them for my city for things I recognise not forign adds. and ofcause the dangerous ones always exist.
You can’t control internet adds etc.
I mean we all get spam snailmail, and sometimes we read it.
In 1996 to 2001, spam email actually worked like normal junkmail.
If junk mail that we recieved via post came via email maybe once a day and not all the time, then I’d read it.
All those catalogs and whats on things.
Another issue with all this is that we try to fix what is not broken.
Most of the security is not in fact a virus, hacker or ransomware attack.
Its that we need to be carefull within ourselves and not be half asleep especially online.
And with that I will go and sleep myself.

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Klango closing May 24

Hi all,
On this posting through Klango.net they announce their closing as of May 24th. OI saw an email saying I had a new message. I’ve not personally used the service in many years, and have not used the oftware in some time. I did look at it and saw some cool things, but then stopped using it. I thought it was great for those who used computers, yet wanted a simpler interface for browsing the web and listening to audio. I was able to listen to my internet station through it, and found the messaging cool. How many have used it, and what do you think is next?

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Technology podcast 277 is now available!

Hi all,

The technology podcast, podcast 277 is now up. I know I’ve neglected this blog for quite awhile, and I hope to get right back in to it really soon. Today, I finished up the work on the podcast, and our RSS feed is having a copy of it as well as the mixcloud. Please find below the podcast’s show notes where links may be given.

Welcome to podcast 277 of the technology podcast series with Jared Rimer. Is diction a security risk, especially when it comes to habits as dictating medical and other history that you may text to someone that you feel isn’t a problem? A podcast I heard dealing with the disabled braught this up, and I thought about it. Its quite interesting, and the security experts call this a trade off. Next, we have a 6 part series dealing with cyberland, and its many adventures. F-secure posted this in their youtube channel, and I thought it should be shared. Next, T-Mobile Employee Made Unauthorized ‘SIM Swap’ to Steal Instagram Account is discussed. I’ve also put similar thoughts out on the phone lines. Finally, our contact information. I hope you’ll enjoy the program as much as I have, and I’ll be back soon with another one.

Thanks so much for listening!

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