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The technology podcast, podcast 284 is now out!

Hi all,

On this edition of the podcast, we’ve got a lot for you this time.

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Here are the show notes for everyone’s perusal, and I look forward to seeing you on another edition of the podcast!

Hello everyone, welcome to podcast 284. This podcast has been in the making for almost a month, but it is well worth the wait. Here’s what I have for you. First, I tell you a story about a gentleman who got kicked off of a phone line, and this gentleman claimed to be an independent artist who isn’t doing anything anymore. The activity that got him kicked off is quite interesting, however, do you believe what he has to say in this story that I give you? Next, a teaching moment. This teaching moment is two stories in one in a related form. Third, Phishing and Social Media, Will it Over Take Email? This article was very insightful. Next, a youtube video: The rapid growth of the Chinese internet — and where it’s headed – Gary Liu which was quite interesting. Next, discussing innocent things that could gleam personal information, which includes a 5 minute segment from Michael in Indiana. Michael in Indiana talks about what types of things he hears about while he helps moderate on a telephone line. My comments on that and contact information are at the end of this podcast which lasts 84 minutes. Thanks for listening, and enjoy!

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