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Sirius XM to Buy Pandora in Bet on Streaming Music

Hi folks,

The radio connection live group has notified me about this, and Herbie posted the article below, and I thought I’d post this along.

Sirius XM agreed to buy Pandora Media in a deal valued at about $3.5 billion, including debt, as the two sides face increasing competition from Spotify and Apple Music.

Source: Sirius XM to Buy Pandora in Bet on Streaming Music

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blindy.tv to be closed on October 1

Hi all,

I saw the following tweet on my twitter, and thought people should see this.

Brandon B, RT @BlindyTV: Due to accelerating degradation of our existing automation software, and the lack of time/interest to rebuild it and continue editing new content, it has been decided to retire the BlindyTV service on 10/1/18, at 12:00 EDT, after nearly 6 years of broadcasting. Thanks, everyone. 29 minutes ago, TW Blue

I’ve listened to this network through RS Games at times, and I thought it was very interesting what they were doing. For those who have enjoyed the network, I’m saddened to see it go. I like the idea of what they were doing and I don’t know what software they were using, but sometimes, you’ve got to make a tough decision.

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The tech podcast on overcast

Yesterday, I got an email stating the podcast is available on overcast. You can always go to the tech podcast page on anchor for all the details.

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Tech podcast 289: who has been scamming me, IOS 12, transit app, and a guest discussing things too

Hello everyone, welcome to podcast 289. Jared reveals who has been the culprite of the scammy behavior. Apple releases version 12 of IOS. Transit app has put back a feature, but after the podcast segment, I got a chance to look and connecting lines is not accessible. Finally, I invite Jennifer on board to discuss the revelation of Julia’s behavior, and I use Jennifer as a blocking mechanism to show how easy it is to do that no matter the situation. Contact information is on the blog, and at the end of the podcast. I hope you’ll enjoy the program.

download from the RSS (56mb)

This podcast is also available on Mixcloud. Go to Mixcloud here.


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Ipad and IOS 12

Hi folks, Here is a guide to the Ipad and IOS 12 for those who have ipads that will update to version 12 which is slated for some time today.

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Good news, what have we found now?

I’ve found two articles with some good news impacts within my RSS feed that I’d like to let people know about. Russian hacker pleads guilty for role in massive botnet schemes is the first, and Latvian hacker sentenced to 33 months in prison for scareware scheme is the second. This is all great news, as it shows that the law is starting to work on our side and we are going to try our best to detur criminals away from the hacking scene and to do some good I hope. I know its a slow process, and only time will tell what will happen. Great job!

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Tech blog releases news on IOS 12

IOS 12 is coming

Hi all, OIOS 12 will be out on the 17th. In preparation, Applevis by tradition releases several different blog posts. The Accessibility Bugs Introduced and Resolved in iOS 12 for Blind and Low Vision Users highlights whats fixed, whats broken, and what may or may not be applicable for one user. Next, Apple to Release iOS 12 on September 17; Bringing New and Enhanced Features and Performance Improvements breaks down what the new features might be of interest. I hope you all enjoy this post, and the info provided.

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Technology podcast 288: something thats bothering me about going after cybersecurity, Equifax one year later, and an interesting malware with a lot of file types being effected

Hello Everyone, RSS and Mixcloud have the podcast. If you would like, please feel free to contact me. Here are the show notes for this program.

Welcome to podcast 288, I’m hoping you’ll enjoy this podcast. Why are we going after cybersecurity companies, and not the people who are actually doing the hacking? Articles I’ve read pose this question, and its your job to go find those. Next, Sound, Fury, And Nothing One Year After Equifax is discussed as we have more questions in regards to Equifax and one year later. Finally, Why don’t we take a look at A Closer Look at the Locky Poser, PyLocky Ransomware as we learn about file types that are encrypted that I’ve never heard of. Contact information is at the end of the podcast, and I hope you enjoy this podcast.

Download the audio (59.7mb) directly off the RSS feed.

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Apple event from September 12th

OK, so I was looking for a post on applevis, and I found it finally. Rounding Up the “Gather Round” Keynote is its title, and it’ll give you all the details. I don’t have time at the moment to read it, but I plan on it. I hope each and everyone of you have a great day. I’ll be back later with some articles, and commentary if something comes across my desk.

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Card skimming suspects caught

Hi all,

Researchers implicate online card-skimming group in British Airways hack is the article for this time, and this is always great news to see. Keep up the great work! Lets catch these people and see what charges we can press against them as a deturant.e

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How to combat the long lives of zero-day vulnerabilities

I just read this article today called How to combat the long lives of zero-day vulnerabilities and I didn’t know vulnerabilities can last 6 to 9 years if not patched. This is something I’ve never known before and I didn’t think it was this bad. This was definitely something I thought we should pass along.

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September patch Tuesday from Trend Micro

As promised, Trend Micro has released their article dealing with the patch Tuesday. I’ve also rebooted and it wanted to update and restart. September Patch Tuesday: Windows Fixes ALPC Elevation of Privilege, Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities is the name of the article. Just passing this along. Enjoy!

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Stitcher now has the podcast

Hi all,

Stitcher now has my podcast. Here is that link if you wish to have it.

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Anchor update for the evening of September 11th 20:00 hours

I’ve got an update for all of you that might be of interest as we iron out the bugs. Thanks for your support!

Hello folks,

Anchor has submitted my podcasts to other directories. Here are the links to them if you wish to subscribe.

As of the time I’m putting this post together for you, Google is not working, but do keep the link around. This is what was sent to me.

Also, I put the audio directory back on this server, and it looks like that may have fixed some redirect issues that I’ve seen. I’m always working on getting things as seemless as possible. Thanks for your continued support!

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Its time for patch tuesday once again

Patch Tuesday is here and Brian has this blog post covering the details. I know Trend Micro will probably submit something, and I’ll post something when they do. I believe its going to be over 60 patches if I remember correctly? Flash is no better, and can 2020 come soon enough?

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anchor update for September 11

Hi all,

This is a learning experience for all of us. I’ve just updated the information you need page on this blog with this RSS feed. The redirect may be causing some side effects, including:

  • The inability to receive podcasts.
  • A mixture of different episodes.
  • A URL not found when putting the technology.jaredrimer.net/audio in your podcast feed.

This is all a learning experience, because I need to know how to proceed if I want to use anchor on other platforms for my other podcasts.

I appreciate the messages I’ve gotten about the issues.

Some of the comments are dealing with the file names, and I do not have any control of them. I upload it as my file structure, however, it renames the file and that I need to look in to.

Please continue to let me know of any issues so I may enquire in to what is happening. Thanks for reading!

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Anchor distributes podcasts

Hi all,

I just received an email from Anchor this morning that the technology blog and podcast is now available on a service called Pocket Cast. I’ve never heard of them, however, I want to take this opportunity to let them know that they are welcome here.

This is ghe link that is provided for pocket cast for people to click on to subscribe.

This is the link to use to go to my profile on Anchor where other links may be of value to you.

This link is for the RSS and I’m interested to know if people are subscribed to the old feed whether it picked up the latest update for podcast 287. Someone told me they didn’t pick it up but yet I uploaded it yesterday.

Welcome aboard!

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Have we done enough about foreign problems?

I have two articles I’ve read as of late. Both come from Cyberscoop. ‘We simply haven’t done enough’: Facebook and Twitter execs testify on foreign influence campaigns and NSA official: Foreign hackers have ‘pummeled’ U.S. by stealing IP are the two articles. Both have their opinions, and both read well in the fact that this is a difficult problem. Part of that is attribution, and the other is once we know who it is, there is no way to prosecute the purps, or if there is, its going to be a long process. I’m going to post these two as part of this post, and I’m curious if there is a solution to this? Lets discuss.

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A group looking to evolve, whats next?

According to Cyberscoop, they are reporting that a well known group is looking to continue unebated. Analysts expect Lazarus Group to evolve, clean up opsec is the name of the article, and you can comment on this on your own time. There’s no way I can keep up with each and every article, but this group interests me, because they always come out with new things. Check out this article and let me know what you think.

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Should we be tired of sorry?

eeShould be sorry with sorry? Why you should be fed up with the cycle of FUD talks about how there are issues keeping the government as safe as possible because each office has their own budget dealing with threats. They use the same software we do, but yet, they have more targeted threats that we may not necessarily have. This was a great article to read, and I’m curious on thoughts. This is because we don’t really know the issues the government face, but it is more of a problem than we do. Thoughts?

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