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Happy New Year from the Jared Rimer network

As the new year is starting, I’m interested in hearing your predictions. So far, my prediction on Philmore Productions has been wrong, but I feel with the many mistakes this company has made, its just a matter of time. You can’t be in business with as many mistakes including trash talking this company has done.
The landscape discussed in podcast 300 has changed, both for assistive tech as well as security and other aspects of life. I’m curious on what thoughts you have on what might change. Main Menu a program as part of ACB Radio’s channels, had a show for year end. The whole team was a part of it, and it will be on the RSS feed as part of their podcast feeds.

In podcast 300, I covered the last several years of content, and how we’re trying to branch our content out to cover lots of stuff. I’m curious on what content you’d like to see?

My predictions:

We may see breaches that could effect one country as a whole, if other breaches has not shown that to possibly be the case.

We’ll see at some point, a shift in the way assistive tech works with the computers of the future. We’ll probably have a bigger threat landscape, and the assistive tech companies, no matter which one, will have to double their efforts to make sure our data is as secure as possible, and the software we use is patched from any potential vulnerabilities. If it wasn’t known, GW Micro had a main script that was changed and it caused a big issue on who did it, and I don’t know if we ever found out. Since GW Micro’s closing, people may try to go after JFW or NVDA in the same way, figuring out how to push an update that could do something we as users don’t want. We’ve got to figure out how these things can be prevented.

I’m curious on your thoughts, so please post those comments.

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Happy New Year from the Jared Rimer network was released on January 1, 2019 at 8:30 am by tech in general-updates-and-announcements.
Last modified: December 15, 2018.

Comments (2)

  1. Comment by crashmaster date 2 January 2019 alle 11:49 (),

    Well predictions are just hard to predict.
    Breaches certainly.
    Changes in accessibility, maybe.
    To be honest with only dolphin and vispero the only 2 comercial companies on the block, dolphin lagging behind in some software stuff and with visparo always changing its name, and everyone in the work places and governments behind jaws and its reasons for existing, who knows.
    I do feel we have reached a platto of sorts where accessibility is concerned though.
    Voice recognition and that sort of thing, including voice security, fingerprint and dna tech maybe but thats about it.
    I doubt we will see the really good devices dropping price any time soon.
    With all the revolations about facebook etc, the idea of the social networking as the be all end all is probably going to drop.
    Rumors are allready abound twitter and maybe facebook could have issues keeping going, who knows.
    Now with the china security issue and government goings on, its more uncertain what all that actually means to us poor consumers who hardly know much of it.
    Its probably a given sadly that the next issues we will have to worry about are not the next virus, or hacker issue will be the security updates to fix these issues and others that say they will fix things.
    There are devided opinions on some forums for the blind about windows 10.
    The first is its a really good system.
    The other is that with the 6 monthly essentially rerelease of the os, people are on the fence especially with the 2018.9 disaster.
    The bug that wiped out files even in places they weren’t supposed to, well that.
    All the extra bugs of late from apple to microsoft means people are probably more concerned on if the next update shoved down their throats will give them a system to even use.
    For me, I am still on win7, and trying to get myself to update but still on the fence.
    One thing’s for sure though before I update from symbian, I am going to have to seriously think of updating the laptop mainly because software is changing a lot.
    Job wize we will move to more smart phone technologies thats a given I can allready see this.
    I have also seen a shift in audiogames for the blind.
    While the majority come from the us, a lot of stuff comes from europe, some from china but a lot from japan.
    There are rumors that boys of 12 are putting out comercial grade games and thats alone something to be scared about, I mean games that have the power of what the games we have and more sounds and everything.
    As for a shift in how we use computers I am not sure.
    What I am seeing is that the shift seems to be away from accessibility so we have to fight to keep things where we can access them rather than a shift to more accessibility.
    The new universal accessibility isn’t necessarily the next great thing, its not stable, and needs a lot of work to get it up.
    Then you have the newer way with firefox, trying to deny access to the os so its more secure.
    Thats fine but deny access to the os and authors have to reinvent the wheel and some of them are just not up to that.
    And if they do that, accessibility all over again.
    Then there is mozilla’s shift on accessibility, that it is a security risk because of how its structured right now.
    Mozilla keep sying they will change this, meanwhile its driving away its user base.
    For example firefox is now not what I use, waterfox works using the outdated but stable platforms, eventually this will change to using both new and old tech but even so, throwing out the old, stable technology for the newer and more secure but unstable technology is a step back for the consumer.
    Sadly I can see it happening again.
    What will be interesting is what google does when windows switches from its edge engine to a chromium based web engine.
    Skype is using a newer web engine and while I have no need to use it right now even for those that had issues they say it is begrudging a little faster and gives them web access type functions.
    I predict I guess that a lot of the older menu based apps will die and even some of the ribbon ones and be replaced with stuff which is either all web or has a web component in them.
    We also rely so much on the cloud that I also predict that there will be a major could hack at some point in the near future, its only a matter of time till amazon, google or something get their databases lifted its the way of things.
    From a consumer type deal, ie us blind guys, for most of this year, there will not be any change.
    A lot more prototypes are out there for new tech, but nothing that will fix to many things.
    However I guess a personal prediction maybe for me is that due to failing eye health, it may mean losing my eyes.
    That in turn is probably going to make me read into more of this tech a little closer, firstly because I am a geek but also because I may need some of this in the future both as something I literally need but also as a job opertunity to test some of this.
    Put it this way if someone told me I needed to get rid of my eyes to test all this new stuff I’m not going to say no.
    Not just because the need, but the cash, who knows.
    I don’t think to be honest that much more over what happens will continue as much.
    Of course, you guys in the us have trump to worry about, half the family support him the rest don’t know what to think.
    Then there is china, all the other wars and europe and its fragility.
    The next war is coming, it all depends where you are and if it will matter to you directly but yeah.

  2. Comment by tech date 3 January 2019 alle 11:44 (),

    Shaun, this is quite interesting. I guess we’ll see how it goes but yes, I fear the breaches and how bad it could get.

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