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Tech podcast 303

RSS has this as well as Mixcloud. Enjoy!

Here are the show notes.

Hello folks, welcome to podcast 303 of the technology blog and podcast series.

I’d like to start the podcast with something that came across my desk. This first segment deals with Swatting, and its a very interesting topic as now we’ve got a very interesting story that has a happy ending. Facebook cybersecurity exec victim of swatting call is the name of the article that sparked this discussion. When I retweeted this article, I got some likes and a conversation from someone who has been effected by swatting. The individual, whom I’m not naming talked to me about some things he’s been doing to learn, and he wrote an article A decidedly creepy story of how social media can impact your life. I told him my story of someone who had been wanting information from me, but yet, that individual was talked about on my podcast, and had to serve some time. He was able to gather that I’m blind, however, that isn’t top secret as its posted on my personal page, among other places as well. I sent some related articles his way which were written by me: Bullying, Is This Just a Disability Problem? and Can Social Media Really Be Bad for You? People need to think about their actions no matter whether they were targets of social engineering or swatting, both can have their own consequences. I think we really need to continue the conversation, and I’d love to hear from you on ways to curve the swatting and social engineering epidemic that has plagued us for way too long. Knowing that swatting has been a dacades long problem as of late isn’t going to make me feel better, thats for sure.

Next, I found someone with an interesting braille question, dealing with a contraction we’ve known for the longest time. While the contraction in question has not changed from English American Braille to Unified English Braille, the question was asked why the word here was spelled out with the “er” contraction and not the “dot 5, h” as we were taught. I’m curious on whether we have found an issue with the book with an error, or whether it was written that way by someone who doesn’t know the rules? I’m not going to speculate, but I’m putting it out there.

Next, Marty at Blindfold Games comes on the podcast to discuss his company Objective Education. I talk to him about some of the popular games, some that have dropped off, and about the new company. He gives his contact information at the end of that segment.

Finally, contact information as a whole, and a teaser on whats coming up on the next available podcast.

The podcast runs you 76 minutes, and I hope you enjoy! Thanks for listening!

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Tech podcast 303 was released on January 14, 2019 at 12:45 pm by tech in podcast announcements.
Last modified: January 13, 2019.

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