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A telecom company breached, mongo DB to blame from blog The Technology blog and podcast

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A telecom company breached, mongo DB to blame

When is it going to be time for people to learn especially those who set this stuff up that databases that hold information that is crutial to the business to configure it properly? According to this dark reading article CenturyLink Customer Data Exposed this can’t be good. The fact that the database is connected to the Internet is bad enough, but according to a conversation I had with some folks online when told about this is that there is no other solution. Companies that are large or have multiple call centers need to have a way to have access to all of the customer data to make changes, verify information, and the like. Its not like MENVI where we store it, its amongst a few people who are on staff, and thats it. Hundreds of people need access to this information at these companies when you call in, so I understand the challenge.

Who at these companies are responsible for this type of thing? We need to have them answer these questions, and I’m sure that they;’re answering now. This should never happen, and if it does, let it be a mistake that is quickly remedied. Don’t leave it open for months on end for someone to find, especially a hacker. Luckily, it was a researcher, and it can’t be all bad, but what if it wasn’t? What if the database was to be found to include all customer data? The phone company covers multiple states. How does that look? Lets hear your thoughts.

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A telecom company breached, mongo DB to blame was released on November 3, 2019 at 7:00 pm by tech in article commentary.
Last modified: November 3, 2019.

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