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Tech podcast 329

Tech podcast 329 has been out, and I believe I’ve neglected the blog. I believe I released it last week, and I apologize for not posting!

I’vll have some big news to share after I do some more development on one of my web sites I may have talked about. Enough of that for now, the RSS and mixcloud should have the podcast.

Below, please find the show notes for this podcast. Truly sorry for the fact I didn’t post it when it was published!

More later.

Released November 5, 2019

Welcome to podcast 329.

  • How can we keep ourselves as safe as possible when databases that companies hold them online? I completeluy understand the aspect of why they need to do so. It isn’t possible for them to store it like I do, and its just becoming a problem. A telecom company breached, mongo DB to blame is the blog post referencing this segment.
  • National Cyber Security month is now complete. Why? In this ever changing landscape where everything is online must we have only one month to teach how to be as secure as possible? Please check out my blog post penning this topic: NCSAM is over, shall we stop teaching for my written thoughts on this important topic. Its something we should be discussing, and we should be discussing it all the time.
  • I found an article through dark reading, and instead of covering that, I think we should try to discuss it in a different light whereby we ask how consumers can be safe in this time of major security problems. It isn’t just the entity that we shop at that should be the main problem, it is in both things. Merchants need to fix their security, but shoppers need to be careful and some tips are discussed on what we can all good.
  • Dice world has some interesting updates and I tie that in to other games and the accessibility landscape. There is always something to learn and I’m happy to see what happens as we continue to grow.
  • Michelle Dyer was a dear friend of mine. I let the domain go because I was under the assumption that the domain was not needed. Family contacted her closest friend, contacted me, and I’ve relaunched the domain on October 31st. Due to some other technical issues I could not fix, the domain is now relaunched and I only made some changes to clean some outdated info. Please click on this link to go to the Michelle Dyer Memorial page where you’ll find tech podcasts to download that she was a part of. We thank each and everyone for your continued support of my work.

The track I selected for this podcast comes from the artist Ehren Starks from the depths of a Year. Contact information is also available at the end of the program. Thanks so much for listening!

Thanks for your understanding while I try and catch up!

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Tech podcast 329 was released on November 12, 2019 at 10:00 pm by tech in podcast announcements.
Last modified: November 12, 2019.

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