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Braille2000 2.274 introduces new options for percent code usage

For Immediate Release:

December 30, 2019 11:05 AM US Pacific time 13:05 US Central Time

We’re happy to release a new Braille2000 release for those of you who use percent codes.

Assignment 18 illustrates an assignment whereby you’re handing out documents, and each document needs to be on a separate page. Those documents that have a second page need a running head.

To accomodate this, there are new percent codes which have been introduced, and this update understands these.

  • %interpoint   (declares the document to be interpoint mode)
  • %pager        (begins a new braille page WITHOUT a runnning head
  • %page1        (begins a new front-side page, used in an interpoint document)
  • %page2 and %page 3 are similar in regards to Interpoint transcription but %page1 may be used the most

This update released today understands these codes. While the lessons tell you to use single sided mode even for electronic delivery, the final lesson which is 20 stresses to using single sided. I could see us using this mode for our work when we do interpoint work.

The update can be done by doing the following:

  • Hit alt+p for panel, and m for file management.
  • Tab to fetch software update.
  • On that screen select Braille2000 2.274 which is dated 12/30/2019
  • A dialog will pop up to tell you that B2K needs to be closed. Close it at your convenience, and the update will run.

As per usual, contact Bob or I if you have any questions or concerns. The percent code aspect of Braille2000 is going to be a helpful edition and I’ve been using it for my lessons. Between the simulated Braille when needed, and the percent codes and these new editions, we’re having a fine product. The Talking Edition can also be used to check to make sure that the formatting you wanted is used as intended.

Thank you Bob, for your hard work and dedication toward this valuable service toward the blind transcriber. My hope is to get people interested in a different method of doing this work, and this edition adds to what we might need.

Contact the Braille2000 team by going to our site and finding the method that works best for you.

Thanks so much for your time and interest in our product!

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What have you gotten for the holidays

Hi all,

Hello all, hope the holidays went well for everyone. What did you get for the holidays as far as tech is concerned? For me, getting my new phone was much needed, and I’m happy that I got it.

I got some other non-tech related items this month, but I also know that I enjoyed a couple of other devices like the sonos speaker and the Google Home which I got when I moved where I am now residing.

If you’d like to show off what you got for your holidays, please do so. Use Wetransfer or any other file sharing service and send me an email with the audio. I’ll be sure to check it out and consider it for future inclusion to upcoming podcasts.

Of course, during the holidays, i’ll be working on my B2K and braille transcription web site and assignment, and hopefully will be submitting 17 before the new year.

This assignment has been a lot of fun. Always learning new things.

Thanks for reading and participating this year on the podcast, and see you soon!

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The Worst Hacks of the Decade

It’s been a rough 10 years in cybersecurity—and it’s only getting worse.

Source: The Worst Hacks of the Decade

Security Now for Christmas which was taped on Monday will cover this, but I saw this today. I wonder how worse it can get now? Just reading a few of these and using headings to see what the rest was makes this interesting. I believe we’ve covered all of these through the years.

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Technology podcast 332: Iphone 11, Awards, and Braille Transcription

Welcome to podcast 332, the final podcast of this year. I hope you’ve enjoyed this years particular podcasts. We’ve got this on the RSS feed as well as on the telephone line.

I know I’ve neglected Mixcloud as of late, I really need to start posting there like i have been before. If you’re one of my mixcloud subscribers, tell me where I left off, and I’ll make sure to catch up if you only hear tech stuff.

Welcome to the final edition of the technology blog and podcast series for 2019. Trust me, we’ve got a lot more coming, but this is the final podcast of 2019.

  • My initial thoughts on my brand new, Iphone 11.
  • Brian Krebs gets an award. Several other members of the security field was also mentioned as needing the award more than Brian, but CISO MAG Honors KrebsOnSecurity is the article Penned by Krebs.
  • I have a segment on Braille transcribing as a whole in particular to Braille2000 and not specific to the assignment as a whole. I found this quite interesting, even while I did the talk.

In the first podcast of 2020, I’m going to talk about a company I feel we should’ve had around about 10 years ago if not sooner than now. Its an advertiser of TWIT, and boy, if it doesn’t fit my needs, I feel it may meet others. We’re going to start with that, and even more as we continue the transcription course, my Iphone 11, and who knows what else we’ll cover by this podcast as next year gets started and beyond. Until next year, thanks so much for listening to this podcast, and I’ll be seeing you very soon!

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Braille2000 2.274 brings new functionality, fixes

For Immediate Release:
December 22, 2019: 11:23 AM US Pacific Standard Time
JaredRimer.info’s Braille2000 Transcribing as a blind person
Braille2000 LLC

Today we’ve braught a new feature to Braille2000 in regards to unicode lookup and inserting. This dialogue was mainly a graphical interface, but a text representation has been introduced with the update released very early this morning. It also fixes Dagger support in the Braille translation.

The interface for the unicode lookup is very nice, It was introduced after I wanted a list of the most common codes. I have a very short list of items that I’ve used through my lessons, but then I needed more. This lookup tool can put the characters directly in to your Braille document, and also we can take the decimal number (alt+number) or unicode number or other set. that might be available within this tool.

I’m not too familiar with all of this, however, if the decimal check box is unchecked, the system gives the unicode number which is different.

We had some major issues with transcription in regards to the dagger and double dagger. I’ve never seen these characters until assignment 17, and there are several in there. The assignment teaches formatting of various kinds, with footnotes and other notations. The write up on 17 will be done after I submit it to the proctor for grading.

To get this latest update:

  • Hit alt+p for panel and select file management (m) and press enter
  • Tab to fetch software update
  • The update will be dated 12/22 2:03
  • Press enter
  • B2K will tell you that it needs to close to be able to update

The update will run and download and it’ll then install over itself. The version number is still 2.274.

If you have any questions, please contact Bob or I, and I hope you enjoy these changes and new functionality!

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Donald Trump gets impeached, what does this mean for tech?

OK folks, I don’t mean to turn this in to a political debate here, but we all have heard that Donalt Trump, president of the United States, just got impeached. While this blog doesn’t touch politics as a whole, politics and technology have mixed where court cases have been involved or something like Russia or some metaling or lack there of have been talked about.

The point of this blog is not to turn this in to a political debate, I’ll let other blogs do that. I’m wondering what the potential impeachment process will have on the technology field and whether we’ll see more or less trouble with hacking, breaches, and the like because of it?

I’m not ready to think about that right now, I do have other pressing things that are more important to me than worrying about that indirectly, but it is crossing my mind as I hear discussion in regards to this whole ordeal of whether something like this would have an effect on hacking and other tech related activities.

Donald Trump is the third president in U.S. history to be impeached. We do not think he’ll be removed, and that has been stated. When President Clinton was impeached, there was none of this hacking business going on as much as it has been for the past several years. This is why I’m bringing it up now, because of the events of the last several years since this president was braught in to office by election.

Thoughts on whether this will have an effect on the hacking scene is welcome. Thanks for reading.

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jaws 2020 has been released

According to this earlier posting on Jaws 2020 I was confused and decided to be caucious on the ordeal of the release.

Seeing its near the holidays, I decided to call Vispero to find out the information so I know how to proceed.

Jaws 2020 is released as of the press release I blogged about. I didn’t get a letter as discussed in a podcast, but it also seemed like it was available.

I know we’re not receiving CD’s or DVD’s this year, so if you want it, you’ll need to go get it.

I’m happy I decided to go get the information as I’d like to use 2020 as it seems to have fixed some things with Google docs which I use.

I’m hopeful that the upgrade will be taking bplace either this week or next week, for me, but I thought since I was thinking about it, I’ll post this and make it clear that the update is out.

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Tech podcast 331

On this podcast, NVDA gets updated and its a breeze! Assignments 17-19 are talked about and I want your thoughts. A webinar that caught my attention, and web design and why links are all over the home page.

Its up on our RSS feed and I’ll see about getting it up on Mixcloud.

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Apple Releases iOS 13.3 and iPadOS 13.3 with Some Fixes for Blind and Low Vision Users, but also a Regression to Smart Invert

I know I’m a little late. Call it a little more late than I intend. On the 10th of December, Applevis released a post that talks about the release of 13.3. When I got my knew phone, I noticed that it needed an update, and I promptly got everything up to date.

On a future podcast, I’ll talk about some of what I’ve noticed with my new phone, and I still have quite a lot to do with the setup of the phone. Here is the link to the blog post from AppleVis and I hope you enjoy your day!

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Iphone Its going to get interesting

Between last podcast and the release of this one which should be within a day, its been busy. Part of this journey was getting a new iphone which was desperately needed. My Iphone 5S has outlived its usefulness finally dying a horrible death because it couldn’t keep itself from shutting off wen unpluged. The phone is 100 percent, but I knew the battery was a issue.

I’d say as I said at the end of the podcast that I’ve gotten my money’s worth. I really don’t want to buy phones every year or two, and while we didn’tget money for mine, I’m OK with it. Should it be needed in an emergency where I need to have something, it may be able to do the trick,or maybe not. Whatever the case is, on upcoming podcasts, I’ll talk about my use of my new phone, the 11.

I hope that everyone has a good one, and I’ll be releasing the podcast soon.

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10 Ways To Legally Get Free Internet At Home (And In Public)

On the 12th of November, someone emailed me about this particular article. 10 Ways To Legally Get Free Internet At Home (And In Public) which I’ve finally gotten a chance to read. Since it has been awhile, I thought I’d finally take a look.

While Net Zero has been around for quite a number of years, I’m honestly surprised they’re in this list.

This is only a resource. I’m not saying you should go totally free, read the entire article and decide how you want to proceed.

I enjoyed reading this article, and maybe someone can find the information of value as we look to proceed in todays digital age.

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FTC Warns of Ongoing Scam Spreading Scary Terrorism Allegations

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) warned consumers today of an active scam campaign targeting potential victims with letters designed to scare them with fake money laundering and terrorism allegations.

Source: FTC Warns of Ongoing Scam Spreading Scary Terrorism Allegations

This is only a portion of an article I think people should see, especially during this time of year in shopping online and in store. Please be as careful as you can.

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Braille2000 2.274 update 2274 120-5-19

For Immediate Release:

Braille2000 LLC
web site

We’ve just released 2.274 which has support for a percent directive dealing with numeric page numbering I.E. 17-10 which is written #17#10 in braille according to the instruction manual. Also, it supports telling ctrl+qt options for verbal feedback of setting. the options such as line, paragraph, and the tell as sections.

Run the updater as follows:

  • Pannel, file management
  • Once there select software update
  • It will be dated 2.274 for 12/5/19.

    Please get in touch if you have questions or concerns!

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Assignment 16: I passed!

Hello everyone,

A full report will be available when i get to this on jaredrimer.info and the transcribers section. There wereissues in regards to the header. Since there were four pages, thats 4 errors and I understand. I could’ve done that.

Next is a groupsign error for a contraction. This is the ST contraction. I found it, but am not clear on it.

It was accepted and I’m happy about that. It took a long time to do.

We got exact because of this assignment.

Questions? Get in touch!

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Phil Raistrick, Founder of En-Vision America, Dies at 78

Blind Bargains is reporting the sad news of the founder of En-Vision America passing away on November 20, 2019. I knew of the ID Mate and I also knew of the Script Talk programs they run. I don’t think my pharmacy that I use has Script Talk available, but I hope to use it one day.

I just wanted to take this opportunity of passing this news along.

To read more about the company or any links, please go to the article directly.

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Bard express throws errors, fixes in the works

Hello all,

I just saw the following from BARD support today. For those who use the BARD express and have it installed currently, you aren’t effected. Any new users may receive a waring about it being from an unknown publisher.

This is because the certificate expired on December 2nd. NLS is going to precure a new cert and will release an update soon.

Here is the official email notice from NLS directly.

Hello List Subscribers,

The software that certifies BARD Express as “safe to install” expired on Monday, December 2, 2019. The expiration of this certificate does not affect current
users. It does, however, impact patrons who install BARD Express on or after December 2, as they will be warned that the software is from an unknown
publisher. The software is safe to install.

NLS expects to procure a new software certificate in the coming weeks, at which point an update to BARD Express will be released, and users will no longer
receive this warning.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

The BARD Support Team

NLS should be ashamed of themselves letting the cert expire and not replacing it on a timely manner. It is too dangerous today to have software that is not signed as required now. I hope the fix comes sooner than later.

While this is specialized, we have to hold all companies that provide software responsible to fix their software whether its an expiring cert, or if it is a bug that effects functionality.

This can’t be good practice, and NLS is run by the government so I don’t expect any better.

If I hear any news, I’ll be sure to pass it along.

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Braille2000 and non-maximized windows


The bug I talked about in the latest update that got fixed was in regards to non-maximized windows. As a blind user, the window should be maximized so that you get the best possible outcome, regardless of screen reader. In the release today, Bob fixed logic that would not remember window positions when the system was not maximized.

We’ll be implementing telling cues for changing settings as speak as as well, more on that soon.

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New 2.274 now available

For Immediate Release:

New! 2.274 with telling of what you’re changing to i.e. reading as explicit, as cells, or words. I’m realizing we can do more, and I’m sure it can be implemented if requested as telling goes. Set the option, get confirmation like tell the line, ctrl+qtl reading line numbers. Its a work in progress, and I’m sure we can get this to work the way we want over time.

What do you all think? The release was posted today.

To update: go to the panel menu with alt+p, hit m for file management, then tab to get software update, and press space. 2.274 is the only thing on the list, so tab to OK and say OK to the dialog telling you that you need to close B2K to install the update. If you’re working, close it at your convnience, and it’ll update when you’re ready.

A very interesting window resizing bug cropped up especially when two monitors were involved. This is mainly for the sighted, i’m currently looking for more details on that one.

I’ll post more about that later on.

Have suggestions? Please let us know. Without you, we can’t do it alone.

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