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Post mortem, an outage across the network on April 29th from blog The Technology blog and podcast

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Post mortem, an outage across the network on April 29th

Yesterday afternoon between 3:30 PM and 4 PM US Pacific time, I noticed that we were completely down. I was getting mail issues, and even troubleshooted by putting my phone on LTE to determine if there was a block or if something was going on.

After some investigating, I determined that with ATT wireless and broadband, I was not able to access the web sites at all.

I put in a ticket, and determined that one of the people at the company could access the main web site just fine, while another staff member also on ATT could not access the network.

Since I have access to a VPN thanks to this contribution blog post I connected to it and was able to send out mail and continue working.

A little after 9 PM, my phone was able to connect to the network, since it was not connected to VPN so I switched back to my network.

what can we learn?

Sadly, when calling ATT at 5 PM, the guy who assisted me said it was the provider. I couldn’t trace root because it timed completely out after the second hop leaving ATT’s network. They indicated that they were outside the network, but I doubt it. I can’t completely prove it, but working in this industry for many years, providers blame each other when there is an outage.

To make this interesting, I’ve been getting email about a potential hack and tarnished reputation. One hit one of my sites on the 28th, and one hit another on the 30th. I can learn that there is extortion attempts, and I’m not fooled. More on the tech blog about that later on today.

I did learn that all of ATT across the country was effected by this outage and everything looks to be OK now.

Effected by the outage? What was your experience? Please contact me through my tech address at tech at menvi dot org and let me know. One person indicated while I tweeted out updates that they were able to access the site they’re on just fine. Lets work together so we can fix problems like this.

Make it a great day.

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Post mortem, an outage across the network on April 29th was released on April 30, 2020 at 11:00 am by tech in General commentary.
Last modified: April 30, 2020.

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